15 Peeing Without An Audience

Being a mom doesn’t include breaks, but at the very least you should be able to escape to the bathroom—the one personal refuge of the house—right? Wrong. So wrong. Most moms rarely get the opportunity to use the bathroom without a baby or

a toddler right alongside them.

What are they even doing in there? Mainly unrolling the toilet paper, getting into the cabinets, and somehow figuring out how to fall into the bathtub just out of your reach. And just wait until they discover your box of tampons under the sink! It’s like you have hidden a box of toys from them their whole lives.

Most moms never think to savor those moments alone in the bathroom, relieving themselves in peace, but we all wish we appreciated those moments just a little bit more once they are gone. It really is the simple things that we miss the most from our days before kids.

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