15 Unfortunate Baby Name Fails Parents Should Avoid

While it's true that parents have the right to name their children just about anything, we'd like to think that the chosen name is in the child's best interest. For instance, you may have heard of the mother who ate tons of orange jello during her pregnancy and decided to name her child Orangello? No, it wasn't a birth certificate typo. We wish it was.

Most likely this name has endured much ridicule and poor little Orangello has no come-back for her cruel classmates, but "Thanks Mom, thanks." Hopefully that mother ate more brain power foods during her next pregnancy and stayed away from the orange jello!

Most of you probably know that Oprah was supposed to be Orpah, but we know her as Oprah. If you think about how our world would be different with the Orpah magazine or the Orpah show or even the Orpah book club. Makes you think doesn't it. Two little letters did all that.

Another bona fide misspelling is Antawn Jamison. He's an NBA player whose family decided to roll with the typo claiming it made him more "distinctive." Apparently he didn't exactly appreciate the distinct and constant misspelling of his name. When he had his own son, he name him Antwan Jamison, Jr. Not an official Jr. according to the laws of junior hood, but nobody dare says a thing!

We've got some big laughs for you in this post. Here are 15 of the most unfortunate names and ways to notoriously misspell them. Enjoy!

15 Poor Mister Ennis


This is just very funny and very unfortunate. His name could be Paul or Patrick, but we'll never know now. Forever, this poor soul's name will be etched in our mind as P.Ennis. That doesn't need explaining, but it sure does require a good laugh!

When you really stop to think about it, there is no reason the editor absolutely had follow the rules in formatting the year book. I mean, why not write out his entire name as Paul Ennis or Patrick Ennis or whatever it is. That would have saved this poor man the embarrassment of being listed as a body part...and THAT one out of them all!

Situations like this kind of lead you to believe that it wasn't accidental by any means. Maybe the editor and this fellow had an ongoing feud or some beef with each other. The yearbook was just one more battle zone.

14 Woman's Life Ruined Over typo


After you've given birth to five children with your loyal husband at your side, you automatically assume the world recognizes you as a women. The "I am woman, hear me roar" kind of woman, no doubt. Well, assume or not, what really matters in the eyes of the law is what your official documents say (birth certificate, passport, etc.)

One English woman found out the hard way that England still chisels all their official records into stone tablets rendering them impossible to change.

She first noticed on her birth certificate that some sleepy, probably hungover, careless typist checked the box for male baby rather than female. She didn't think much of it, but soon found out that doing business in any other country was impossible. Also, her 23-year marriage was considered invalid because it was technically two males, which until recently wasn't recognized.

A quarter of a million dollars later, and she's still fighting the General Registry Office. Apparently they don't have erasers in their budget.

Note for typists, our lives are in your hands!

13 Unfortunate Name Pairings


No, just no! Seriously parents, how could you not think that from naming your child Michael it wouldn't son be shortened to Mike? Michael becomes Mike, Daniel becomes Dan, Peter becomes Pete. You see where I'm going with this. So, again parents, how did you let this one pass you by?

It's common sense that when you have an interesting or unusual last name (that can be perverted especially), you need to be hyper vigilant in guaranteeing your child's name can't be twisted.

You don't want your precious baby to be made fun of in school. As in the case of poor Mike Litoris, you don't want your child's name to be spread all over the news for people to laugh at!

All we can hope is that the pronunciation of his last name is not what we presume it is.

12 Anchor Man Can't Get Over Pet Pig's Name

Most likely you've seen the video that went viral about another Chris P. Bacon. If not, Chris P. Bacon was the name given to a handicapped pig. His owner saved him was sure death, built a special pig-wheelchair for him, and he now spreads the news of his little pig friend.

The most popular video about this little pig is more focussed on the reporter, though. One news anchor was caught completely off-guard by this pig's name, and totally lost it on air. He couldn't even finish the report because he was cracking up so much.

Now, that was a pig. This Chris P. Bacon is clearly a learned man. Big difference. Given that his title is technical score advisor, he's probably a pretty smart guy. Also, given that he chose to list his middle initial on the credits, he probably has a super huge sense of humor. Still, you want to ask his parents if they are jokesters or simply lack a serious sense of foresight.

11 Foreign Names Always Get Mangeld


For those of you who have watched any sports team play any sport ever in the history of playing sports, you know that jerseys don't write names phonetically. Good thing they have numbers, right?

In the vein of football, the handsome Brett Favre has always gotten attention for his name, or rather the odd pronunciation versus the spelling. We ask if it's spelled wrong or are we saying it wrong.

The answer is that his name is French most likely said something to the effect of "Fav-ruh" or "Fahv" with silent R. We here in America love to change the pronunciation of our R's from on coast to the other, so of course we put an R where there shouldn't be one then blamed the French and their fancy language.

10 Typo Causes Nonstop Problems For This Man


England strikes again! Well, technically it was Manitoba, so the blame falls on Canada. Since the two have decided to share a queen, we're going to cast equal blame on England, as well.

For one man living in Surrey, B. C., a minuscule space allegedly separates his last name into two words. According to him, his name is Jack MacKay. According to anyone in a records office, his name is Jack Mac Kay.

The government is trying its hardest to pin the error on his mother who originally wrote the names on his birth certificate. Jack is fighting this accusation, though.

He thinks it's silly that one little typo by someone who was unsure of the space in a surname could cause this many problems!

9 Typo Versus Mispronunciation


A well-known story has been circulating about how our beloved Oprah got her name. The popular story is basically that someone spelled her name wrong on her birth certificate. It was supposed to be Orpah and is was spelled Oprah.


Let's set the record straight. She was indeed named Orpah after a woman in the Bible story of Ruth. Her mother and especially her grandmother thoroughly enjoyed this particular story.

As time went on, people had trouble saying Orpah and it eventually transformed into the Oprah we know today. So, on her birth certificate, She is Orpah Gail Winfrey, but we know her as simply Oprah.

8 Regrettable Name For A Teacher


We can't pick on last names in the same way that we can first names, but we can point them out to you. When you have a funny or unusual surname, it shouldn't dictate the type of career path you follow. It does stink when your chosen career doesn't exactly line up with your name.

Mr. Perv sort of dealt with this unfortunate phenomenon. As you've probably already guessed, the word "perv" is slang for pervert. I'm sure we all know what a pervert is. Not someone you'd want within 5,000 miles of your children that's for certain.

I'd like to think that Mr. Perv chose to be a teacher despite the odds that were against him simply because of his name. Not a lot of parents would voluntarily assign to their child a male teacher with the name Mr. Perv, but it seems that he might be one of the good guys.

7 Writer Fired Over An NFP

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies

Another MLB player causes one writer some serious grief...or at least his name does. Domonic Larun Brown is an outfielder that has played for several teams over his career. His name is definitely spelled uniquely and it is not a typo, accident, or misspelling. That's simply the name he was given.

During a write-up, one local news writer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania made the epic mistake of including a little "explanation note" in his article, which ended up getting him in big trouble.

Given that Domonic's name does appear to be another typo, this particular writer wanted to alert his editor of the typo-esque spelling.


NFP stands for "not for publication" - but it, in fact, did get published by mistake. Thankfully, it was only published online and not in print. A few screenshots were taken before it disappeared from the internet forever, though.

May we recommend sticky notes for that writer from now on?

6 Having One Too Many I's

Torii Hunter Signing

I before E except after C, but what about too many I's? Hawaii seems to be totally jumping on the multiple I bandwagon and they're way cool. So, it may the thing to do. Apparently Torii Hunter's mom thought it was. Actually, it was an accident, but he still made something big of himself and used his real name to do so.

For those of you who don't know, Torii is a major league baseball player and a victim of a birth certificate typo.

The story is that his mom meant to write "Tori" rather than "Torii." In her exhausted state of mind (you know after birthing a future MLB star) she mistakenly jotted down two I's in his name. Unfortunately she did this on his birth certificate, so either she started a new trend or just gave him a name everyone misspells.

5 Non Traditional Spellings Can Lead To Depression

You wouldn't think that your name could cause you any real harm, but recent research proves differently. Harm in the sense of doing damage to one's level of confidence and self esteem. It's not exactly the name in itself that intrinsically causes the damage, but rather the response of others to a particular name, more importantly how it's spelled.

For instance, the name Olivia is currently one of the most popular, names in North America. For parents who still love the traditional sounding name, but are tired of the traditional spelling, they invent a new way to spell it.

Aliviyah is an example of this. A re-occurring and possibly damaging situation is people constantly second guessing Miss Aliviyah on the spelling of her name. It doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Evidence shows that eventually these doubtful expressions slowly influence a child's own self-doubt and self worth.

Might be a good idea to think twice about that nice spelling you've had your eye on.

4 Unisex Name Confusion

Do you have a name that when read aloud everyone clearly knows you're definitely a woman. Maybe you have a unisex name like Pat or Chris that leaves people guessing. Perhaps you're one of the unfortunate souls who has a beautifully traditional name that has just one letter that throws people off.

One young woman was given such a name and was frequently called by a man's name. Let me explain. Her name is Dyanne (common spelling is Dianne or Diane). To many people it looks an awful lot like the male name Dwayne.

So, on more than one occasion, "Dwayne" was scheduled to make an appearance for an appointment or meeting and in walks a lovely female. Was she lost? No, not in the least. But she eventually got super annoyed at people not reading correctly.

3 The Name Fits Too Perfectly


Often times, we become our names. For example, girls named Grace sometimes grow up to be incredibly graceful women (Grace Kelly). Men with strong historically relevant names like Troy become these incredibly valiant men. It's not a guarantee that we'll become our names, but it's happened before.

Sometimes this isn't always a good thing. As in the case of Saad Maan. Although he does indeed look very down in the dumps, we'd like to think that he's not a depressed person. Maybe this is just a really poor representation of his true personality, but the camera takes its subject at face value.

Also, his name is clearly from a foreign country given the spelling of it, so we English-speaking people are probably saying it all wrong anyway!

2 Silent Letters Cause Problems

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals

A few years back, a Dominican Republic native, Jhonny Peralta entered the spotlight of MLB for a short while. Everyone was in a fuss about his name asset's pronounced "Johnny." People had a very hard time accepting this apparently.

Rumors spread about the origin of his name. There was a rumor that his parents were really bad spellers. Another one blamed a typing error on his birth certificate. The truth is that none of these are the reason his name is spelled that way.

In the Dominican, is an incredibly common spelling of the tradition, "Johnny." That's where he was born, and so he has an original Dominican name. So, not only can his parents spell, but there was no typist to blame either.

To have a little fun with the big spelling controversy, Jhonny said that his name was correct. It was everyone else's that was wrong.

1 The Notorious And Miscellaneous Y


If there is on letter that people get the most annoyed with when it comes to unique or unusual spellings, it's probably the letter Y. It can take the place of I or AH or EE and the list goes on and on. The letter Y is pretty much a wild card for parents to use at random wherever they choose.

Brothers Laynce and Jayson Nix both have a  random Y in their names. Apparently their parents really loved the letter...or were forced to love it. Their father's name is Laynce as well. He was supposed to be Lance, but a typo changed all that.

Over the years, the silent Y just became a family thing. Obviously Laynce is named after his father. Jayson come two years later, but couldn't escape his own silent Y. It must just be a Nix thing.

And so the wild card Y lives on...along with many funny and unusual names!

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