15 Shady Things You Should Know About Nurses

Nurses handle all types of issues from the most mundane tasks such as changing bed sheets, to complex operations such as responding to dying patients.

Every human begins their life in a hospital. Alternatively, many people also find themselves in a hospital at the end of their lives. To the point, there are numerous times in life where one might be under the care of a physician in a hospital. Typically, the attending doctor is not the only health care professional a newborn or a recently injured athlete will encounter. In fact, most of the patient’s time will not be spent with the main doctor at all.

No matter what the ailment is, the majority of an individual’s time admitted in the hospital will be spent with a nurse. It has been said that nurses are the heart and soul of the hospital. Nurses handle all types of issues from the most mundane tasks such as changing bed sheets, to complex operations such as responding to dying patients. It is true, the very lives of every individual largely depend on the nurses that attend to them hour by hour. All things considered, it comes a complete shock when nurses abandon their professional ways and start acting a bit more shady. From high school level gossip to first degree murder, here are 15 shady things everyone should know about nurses.

15They Have Been Known To Kill

When a family leaves to head down to the cafeteria for lunch, they feel comfortable knowing their loved one is being well taken care of by the hospital staff. They don’t worry simply because they have a tremendous amount of trust in the nurses’ ability to provide quality care. Families even leave their injured brothers, mothers, and children in hospitals for extended periods of time. In these situations, the family has absolute faith in their service providers. However, there have been times where families have been forced to regret their blind faith.

Kirsten Gilbert was a nurse in Northampton, Massachusetts at a Veteran Affairs hospital. The wars that have been fought over the years have been brutal, to say the least. The men and women who return from these wars are often scarred beyond repair. Gilbert committed the heinous act of murder not once, but on four separate occasions.

14They‘ve Been Known To Steal

Most people complain about how much money they make in a given year. Generally, the complaints range from not getting paid anything, to not getting paid enough. According to financial models, products and services become more expensive every year. Still, there aren’t hordes of people running around looting and stealing because things are a bit pricier. No, in fact, most self-respecting people continue to work to achieve their goals. In hospitals, where the tab for many of the supplies is included in the cost of operation, there are tons of useful items just floating around.

This constant flow of alcohol pads, sterile gauze, and cartons of juice from concentrate appear to be too much temptation for some nurses. It has been reported that nurses steal everything from ink pens to thermometers. They even have been known to swipe those socks with the super-sticky grip! Yes, nurses can be true kleptomaniacs.

13Some Nurses Ignore Their Patients

The reason most people choice to go to the hospital, albeit sometimes reluctantly, is to get well. They arrive at these distinguished institutions expecting to receive all the assistance and attention their insurance companies can pay for. After years of not needing to cash in on their health premiums, they expect to get world class care when they finally do. Sadly, sometimes they are in for a rude awakening.

The national nursing market keeps producing younger and younger nurses. It has been said that many of these young nurses have not developed the maturity level needed for the job. They lack so much maturity, in fact, that they have been known to completely ignore problem patients. These nurses, fresh out of college, seem to be more enthralled with the latest social media updates than updating patient charts.

12Some Have Even Abused Their Patients

In many sad cases, there are those who are admitted to the hospital because of some sort of abuse. In recent times, domestic abuse cases have been as rampant as ever. Additionally, victims of other types of violence are continue to be admitted every single day. Some patients require long term care, and are unconscious for long periods of time. With all of these cases entering the hospital, it is a shock for most to find that some nurses actually are abusing patients after they are admitted.

Some of the worst examples of abuse occur in institutions intended for elderly patient care. Many of the patients in these medical centers have illnesses that render them completely unresponsive. It is the job of the nurse to take special care and attention to these patients. Sadly, the opposite has been happening nationwide. Elderly patients are abused at an alarming rate.

11Some Nurses Are Functional Drug-Addicts

Every hour of every day, new admittance paperwork is drawn up for patients coming to receive care after a drug overdose. Millions of people walking around today are addicted to prescription narcotics and their illegal counter-parts. For nurses, access to narcotics is a foregone conclusion. For some, the temptation is too much to bear.

There are studies whose statistics would indicate that an estimated 20% of Registered Nurses are, in fact, drug addicts. Nurses have access to some of the world’s most potent pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are the laboratory produced, chemically purified versions of the hardest illegal narcotics. With constant access and relatively little oversight, nurses become addicted to narcotics at an alarmingly high rate. Ironically, the nurse may find themselves switching roles with those they are supposed to be taking care of.

10They Don’t Actually Care About Nursing

No one likes their job, right? Sure, there are plenty of things to appreciate about being employed, but deep down, it always just feels like work. Nearly everyone wishes they were doing something else between the hours of 9 and 5. This apathetic attitude probably isn’t much of an issue if working in a environment which doesn’t include other humans. However, being an apathetic nurse should be an unacceptable mode of operation.

Many new nurses are thrown into their first job with no experience. They have spent countless hours reading and studying. They know how every bit of a person connects to the other bits and can recite complex medical information on command. Despite their training, however, many nurses only enter the field for job security. Sadly, there are nurses who simply want the job and have no true passion for the patients.

9Some Secretly Drug Their Patients

Anyone that has dealt with the general public as a service provider understands that the job takes infinite patience. Oftentimes, patrons are rude and disorderly for no apparent reason whatsoever. Certainly, there are times when a waitress has wanted to toss an annoying child out of a restaurant. Surely, a dental assistant has wanted to leave the gas on just a little bit longer. Chances are, however, that these things probably did not happen.

When it comes to nurses, sometimes they have a little less restraint while dealing with patients. It has been reported in nursing circles that a good way to deal with a problem patient is to hike up one of their “happy” drugs a bit. Some nurses have a certain degree of freedom when it comes to administering doses of narcotics and other mood-altering medications. Reports indicate that this covert operation is common among nurses.

8Sometimes, They Sedate Patients Without Their Consent

There are times when a patient becomes unbearable for the nurse. In which case, the nurse will request a reassignment, and the patient will receive a new nurse. Sometimes, it becomes evident that the patient is the problem in the situation. Rather than be reassigned, some nurses take matter into their own hands.

Nurses have access to an entire catalogue of drugs that can do almost anything one can imagine. One also has to consider the fact that nurses also have spent years training in the techniques required to be a proper healthcare professional. By combining the two, nurses have devised diabolical ways of dealing with problem patients. Some nurses secretly sedate patients when they no longer want to deal with them.

7They Pass Off The Worst Responsibilities To Other Nurses

Generally, when a person is being taken care of in the hospital, the nurse assigned to the room will take care of that patient’s needs. This means all of the needs that might arise during the duration of the patient’s stay. Sometimes, the duties that need to be performed can be intense. Interestingly, some nurses will actually pass off the worst responsibilities to their colleagues.

One of the worst things that can happen is to receive bad news. Even worse than receiving bad news, is receiving bad news in a hospital. Hearts around the world have been broken by just a few words spoken by their nurse. It is true, nurses carry a great burden when it comes to delivering bad news. Some shady nurses actually pass off this responsibility to newer members of the staff.

6They Gossip About Their Patients

Being a nurse can be hard work. There are constantly tasks to be performed, and they must be performed in a time efficient manner. The nursing environment can be quite hectic at times. However, this has not stopped many nurses from gossiping uncontrollably between one another.

Sometimes, a patient will be admitted that has a particularly interesting case. The patient may have been involved in a high-profile police case. There are also times when celebrities are admitted under false identities, but are noticed by their nurses. No matter the situation, discussing patient medical history is illegal. Furthermore, how would patients feel if they really knew what the nurse thought about their significant others? The rest of the staff already knows.

5Some Even Hide Their Psychological Disorders

Nurses see everything. On any given day, a nurse can encounter a number of horrific scenes. There are gunshot victims, people with life-threatening rare infections, and even grisly dismemberments. At a glance, the horrors experienced by nurses in a hospital begin to resemble the battle scars carried by soldiers of war. All things considered, it’s a surprise that more nurses don’t have a variation of post traumatic stress syndrome.

The fact is many nurses do have symptoms of post traumatic stress. They simply choose the hide the damage their minds have taken over the years. While this is quite an unhealthy practice, it also can be dangerous. PTSD can cause serious mental impairments often without warning. This can adversely affect the judgment of a nurse while trying to care for a critically injured patient.

4Drinking On The Job Is Not Always Out Of The Question

It would not come as a surprise to find out that nursing is a grueling profession. There are long hours and difficult people. On top of that, nurses encounter some of life’s most uniquely awful situations. With all of the carnage and chaos surrounding them on a daily basis, it’s no wonder many nurses turn to the bottle.

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking down a cold beer after a long day of treating those in need. There is probably no harm, other than to oneself, in finishing a bottle of wine after dinner. Consuming fermented grains is one of the world’s favorite pastimes. However, some nurses take the leisurely activity too far. It has been reported that some nurses have been caught drinking on the job.

3They Flat Out Ignore The Concept Of Time

Nurses often have to work long shifts that may extend over night. New nurses, if given a less than preferable shift, are still expected to perform at a high level. No matter what time of the day or not, nurses have to be alert and focused. This constant state of high alert often translates to after-hour activities that probably should be kept more discreet.

When a nurse has an overnight shift, they most likely have been asleep all day. On the other hand, the patients themselves are probably on a somewhat normal sleeping pattern. If nothing else, there are certainly quite hours on the floor. It has been reported that many nurse ignore the concept of time and are often as loud and boisterous at inappropriate times. This often disturbs the patients who are trying to sleep.

2They Can Be Lazy, Only Doing The Bare Minimum

Some people love hard work. They see the value in it and they push toward their goals. Other people see the value in working smarter, rather than working harder. There are also those who would like to get something for nothing, but society generally ignores those individuals. Then there is that special brand of character who comes in to work, whole-heartedly happy with doing the absolute bare minimum. This character exists in every work place and hospitals are no different.

Some nurses have been heavily criticized for being lazy and generally uncooperative. Patients have reported nurses acting bothered by requests and even flat out refusing to perform certain tasks. Some nurses are comfortable knowing they are getting a salary even if they only do the bare minimum. While this may work for those lazy nurses, those who really suffer are the patients.

1They Violate National Privacy Laws

HIPPA is the set of laws that govern the privacy of a patient’s medical history. These laws were put into place to eliminate the unauthorized use of and disclosure of sensitive information. The United States government thought that this was an important stand to take for the American people. Even still some nurses choose to ignore these rules of engagement.

It has been reported that nurses have been given access to, or have illegally gained access to the private medical records of certain individuals. Across the board, the motivations vary. Some nurses are looking for information about former lovers. Other nurses simply get a thrill out of stealing information. In other cases, nurses will view the information of well-known public figures, possibly with the intent to sell their secrets to the media.

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