15A Hairy Situation

For any new parent who hasn’t heard of hair tourniquet syndrome, not to worry - they aren’t alone. This occurs when a strand of hair becomes tightly wound around a baby’s finger or toe, potentially cutting off blood circulation.

Scott and Jessica Walker experienced this first-hand when their 19-week-old daughter Molly

was crying and they couldn’t figure out why or how to comfort her. The Kansas couple finally undressed Molly due to fear that she was over heating and made the surprising discovery of her misery - a hair tourniquet wrapped around her second toe.

Scott Walker shared this experience on Facebook, hoping to enlighten new parents. As a result, the post was shared more than 16,000 times. Fortunately, most experts agree that hair tourniquets rarely pose a serious risk to babies and young children - but at the same time, many parents are unaware of the fact that they can occur.

While difficult to prevent altogether, they are relatively simple to remove. Parents are advised to use something thin yet not sharp like a bobby pin to slide between the hair and skin until the tourniquet breaks.

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