15 Shocking Stories Of Babies Who Were Switched At Birth

It’s heartbreaking. It’s surreal. It’s drama. It’s a tragedy. It’s a thing that we thought would only happen in a well-written plot of a TV show or a blockbuster movie. Unfortunately, about 28,000 babies every year get switched at birth.

Unlike a TV show or a movie, babies that are switched at birth is every parent’s nightmare, and every swapped child’s horror to find out.

These stories frighten every parent. These are the stories that we would not want to happen to us or our friends. These are stories of real life nightmares that we would not even wish upon our enemies. These are stories of parents who unknowingly lost their child. These are the stories of a child who never got the chance to grow up with their real parents.

Lucky are the mothers of children whose accidental swap are discovered right away. But for the mothers who raised someone else’s child, and for the children who grew up with complete strangers, lives will never be the same again.

These are incredible stories about accidental switch at birth and how these babies found their way back to their real parents will break parents hearts and astonish them at the same time.

15 Drunk Nurse Switches Newborns


Sophie Serrano had been questioned for years if her daughter Manon was really hers because the child had frizzy hair and darker skin, unlike her parents.

As the suspicions grew, her husband finally ordered a paternity test when their daughter turned ten. The result shocked them both – neither matched.

It turns out that a supposedly drunk nurse made the switch in 1994. The two babies had both suffered jaundice at birth. The hospital had only two jaundice incubators. One was in use, so the girls had to share one.

Both moms noted that the babies returned to them had different hair lengths, but they were told that jaundice treatment shortens or extends hair.

They took legal action against the clinic, but after both families met, neither mother wanted their child returned and decided that the best way to go back to their normal lives was to cut all ties.

14 Rich Baby Switched At Birth, Endures Life Of Poverty

Imagine finding out that you have missed a life of luxury because of some unfortunate twist of fate. This is exactly what happened to a Japanese man who had been switched at birth.

While the other baby grew up as the eldest son of a very wealthy family, he grew up as the eldest son of a very poor family, struggling with his education, lived on welfare, and had to work as a truck driver. It would be 60 years later before anyone realized the mistake.

The younger siblings of the baby who was given to the wealthy family noticed their brother did not resemble any relative, requested a DNA test and access to hospital records. Investigation revealed that on the day the babies were born, the midwife took them for a bath and returned them to the wrong mothers.

Although the hospital had paid the real prince for damages, he had lost the opportunity to meet his biological parents because they both had died before the switch was discovered.

13 A Mother’s Instinct Unveils The Truth


When Maria Lorena Gerbeno gave birth via c-section to a 6-pound baby on September 30, 2013, her motherly instincts told her that something was wrong when they later brought her child and told her that her she had delivered an 8-pound baby via breech birth.

She questioned the doctors, but they had told her she was mistaken, brushed her off, and didn’t give any clear answers. Three weeks later, she went back to the clinic for a routine check-up.

She met Veronica Tejada, a mom who gave birth the same day as she did. When Veronica told her that she was also skeptical about her daughter’s weight, they pieced the puzzle together. Lorena made a criminal complaint for a DNA testing that confirmed the switch. In light of the investigation, the clinic has admitted to the mistake.

Thank goodness, Lorena listened to her mother’s instinct and got to the bottom of her fears. The new moms swapped and were reunited with their biological child quickly after the mix-up.

12 Someone Else’s Twin


Two weeks after three baby girls were born, they all suffered from pneumonia.

The girls, Nina and Kasia Ofmanska, identical twins, and Edyta Wierzbicka, were treated in the same hospital. Somehow, the hospital staff lost their ID bracelets and in the shuffle, Edyta was sent home with Kasia and Nina was given to the wrong family, separating the twins.

Nina grew up as Edyta, and Edyta grew up as Kashia’s supposed fraternal twin, Nina.

One afternoon in Poland seventeen years later, Kashia’s friends were startled to meet a girl in a club who looked exactly like her. A common friend gave Kashia her lookalike’s phone number later in 2000.

But when the two finally met, they saw the uncanny resemblance. They have similar moles on their hands and a clubfoot defect as children. It became apparent that something was amiss. Genetic testing later confirmed the mistake.

11 Deliberately Switched Because Of Heart Problems


The world turned upside down for Kimberly Mays when she was 10 years old.

The man she knew as her father told her that she was not his daughter. He told her that she and another girl, Arlene Twig, was mistakenly given to the wrong parents.

Arlene had died at age nine after she did not survive a high-risk open-heart surgery, but the blood test done before the operation showed that she was not related to any of the people she grew up with. Thus, the Twiggs began their search for their real daughter and they found Kimberly.

The Twiggs claimed the Mays deliberately switched the babies because they were aware of the heart problems. The situation became even more complicated when a nurse claimed that it was the doctors who ordered the swap.

What followed were years of confusion for Kimberly. She now had two homes – the one she grew up in and the one that was hers suddenly by birth – yet she felt that she did not belong anywhere.

10 A Father’s Suspicion


Patrick Lawrence felt that something was wrong the day his wife Ellen gave birth in 1971. He looked at the newborn daughter that she was holding and knew that the baby was not their child.

When he shared his suspicions with family and friends, they brushed him off, saying that a child’s looks can go back generations.

Against all odds, he went to the hospital where his wife gave birth and pretended to be a student doing research on birth rates. He found out that two girls were born 5 minutes apart on November 25.

He later mentioned this to his wife and asked her if she remembered any detail about the other mother. His wife told him her name was Fanny and that she lived on a Farm.

He found their real daughter, Josephine, who curiously had the same name as the baby they brought home, living on a semi-detached farm. After blood tests proved Lawrence instincts were correct, each baby took their rightful home.

9 From El Salvador To Texas

When Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas found out that the baby they brought home to Texas from El Salvador was not related to them, they feared that their son had been switched and snatched for sale to child traffickers.

In May 2015, Mercedes gave birth to a baby boy five weeks before her due date via caesarean alone while her husband was away for a month. The child was immediately taken to the hospital nursery.

When a baby boy was returned to her the next afternoon, she knew that something was wrong and yelled that the baby was not hers. The hospital staff insisted that it was. Suspicious, she accepted the child.

Four months later in Texas, she could not shake the feeling of suspicion and had a DNA test. When the mistake was discovered the couple immediately returned to El Salvador. Their biological son was quickly found after testing the babies who were born on the same ward where Mercedes gave birth.

The babies were returned to their real parents in 2015.

8 Not Raising My Son Right

In 1990, Margaret Clinton-Parker faced a heartbreaking decision. Should she return the child she had raised in order to get back the baby she gave birth to? Megs knew right away that she simply could not give up Gavin, the child she raised as her own.

Sandra Dawkins, who raised Megs biological son, Robin, felt the same way. Both single mothers had already bonded with their sons and decided to keep the boys they raised.

Both moms kept in contact and the boys grew up living each other’s lives. As time went by, resentment grew between the two mothers, both questioning how the other was raising their biological son.

When Robin turned 15 years old, he decided that it was time to be with his birth mother. He left Sandra, the mom who raised him, and moved in with his biological mother Megs and Gavin. The decision broke Sandra’s heart.

7 The Mixed-Up Twins


Two female friends, Janeth and Laura, walked into a butcher shop where Janeth’s boyfriend’s cousin, William worked. Laura was surprised to see that her colleague in an engineering firm, Jorge, was working there. She greeted him, but was surprised when he didn’t acknowledge her. That’s when Janeth told her that it’s not Jorge, but William.

Laura was baffled. The man named William looked exactly like Jorge.

The following Monday, Laura told Jorge about his double in the butcher. Jorge laughed and told her that he did have a twin, Carlos, but they did not look alike. Laura showed her a photo of William and he was astonished. The most amazing part is the man who was sitting beside his double, William’s brother Wilber, looked exactly like his fraternal twin, Carlos!

When Jorge showed the picture to Carlos the same day, both of them realized they had been living with the wrong twin! Investigation revealed that Carlos and William were switched from their identical twins, Wilbert and Jorge respectively, and were raised as fraternal twins Jorge and Carlos, and William and Wilbert. The mix-up led to an incredible reunion 24 years later.

6 Too Late For The Truth


For years, Paula Johnson had lived blissfully with Callie, the little baby girl she gave birth to. The same could be said for Kevin and Whitney Chittum with their daughter Rebecca.

Three years later, when Paula asked the supposed father of her little girl, Carlton Conley, for higher child support, the world as they knew it would never be the same. Carlton requested for a paternity test, and the result revealed that Callie was not their biological daughter.

Kevin and Whitney Chittum would never know the heartbreaking truth that Rebecca was not their daughter. Hours before the doctor’s could break the life-altering news to them, the couple had died in a tragic car accident.

After learning the Chittums died, Paula sued for custody of her child, Rebecca. But, Kevin and Whitney’s parents, fought hard to keep their granddaughter. The judge ruled that the children would live with the people who raised them till they are able to decide for themselves.

5 When Child Support Reveals The Lie


When a 33-year-old mother sued her ex-partner for child support payments, the man denied that he was the father. A DNA test later revealed that he was not the father and not legally obliged to provide child support.

She was even more devastated when she found out that the daughter she had cared for was also not hers.

An investigation revealed that the hospital where she gave birth has swapped her child with another girl born on the same day. When the mistake was uncovered, the other mother had been content to just penalize the hospital, move forward, and raise the child she loved for almost four years. However, the mother who discovered the switch wanted her biological child back.

The disagreement has resulted in a court battle where the court eventually decided that both children stay with the family they are currently living with. The hospital has admitted to the error, but they refused to disclose the details that led to the confusing and shocking turn of events.

4 Let’s All Live Together


Dimas Aliprandi has always wondered why he did not look like his sisters, who had dark eyes and hair, while he had blue eyes and blonde hair. Obviously, something didn’t add up.

In December 2008, when he could finally afford a DNA test at the age of 24, he confirmed that he was not their biological son. It was heartbreaking for the couple that raised him, but they eventually decided to help him find his real parents and their real son.

Further investigation revealed that on the day he was born, he was switched with another boy, Elton Plaster. Hospital records led him to a 35-acre farm where Elton and his real parents lived.

The discovery was shocking, but both boys wanted to remain with the family that raised them and their birth parents. When the Plasters invited Dimas and his family to move into their farm, the Alipandri family accepted. Both families are all living together and feel blessed with the creation of a larger family.

3 Two Mothers One First Name

To stop his pub-and-beer buddies from making fun of him that their newly born baby girl, Nikola, looked nothing like him and that he was not the father, Libor Broza decided to take a secret DNA test.

Much to his surprise, the test result showed that the baby was indeed not his. His wife, now dead, surely did not cheat on him since she also insisted on a DNA test.

The couple from Trebic, Czech Republic was shocked to find out the child they brought home and raised for almost a year was someone else’s baby.

The couple knew that something was wrong. Their daughter was supposed to be bigger, according to the sonogram pictures taken before birth. Plus, the child they thought was theirs had blonde hair, while they had dark hair.

They traced their biological child, who was named Veronika and was living with another couple 20 miles away. The girls were born 18 minutes of one another in the same hospital on December 9, 2006. The mix-up could have happened because the mother’s had the same first name, Jaroslava. Once the switch was discovered, the couples agonizingly decided to swap back.

2 The Foster Care Mishap


In the fall of 1992, a friend introduced Brent Tremblay and George Holmes, remarking that they looked curiously similar. Not knowing that they were related in any way, the two became friends. Brent often visited the apartment shared by George and his fraternal twin, Marcus.

Eventually, the two lookalikes thought it would be a great idea to meet each other’s parents. George’s parents started asking Brent’s parents about their son. They discovered that both infants had been in the same foster care, and began to suspect the unthinkable.

Their suspicions led them to arrange for a DNA testing, which confirmed the George and Brent were the actual twins.

As it turns out, when Laura Cain gave birth to identical twin boys, whom she named Marcus and George, she placed them under foster care because she was unable to care for them.

After marrying Randy Holmes, the twin’s father, she and her husband got the twins back from the foster home, having no idea of the mix-up and that the real Marcus was adopted and raised by Jim and Carroll Tremblay as Brent.

1 When Friends Uncover The Truth


As soon as she saw her friend walk in the mall where she worked, the sales assistant tried to greet her with a kiss, but the woman refused. Surprised, she immediately called her friend, confirming that the woman who just walked in was not her.

She immediately realized that the two needed to meet. Later that evening, the two women who looked like each other met for the first time, discovering that they are twins who’ve been separated for 28 years.

A DNA test later confirmed the twin-ship and the lives of three women were never the same. Investigation revealed that when the biological twins, Begon and Delia, were born in a Canary Islands hospital, Delia was swapped by mistake with another baby girl, Beatriz. For almost 3 decades, Delia lived as an only child while Beatriz was raised as Begona’s fraternal twin.

Eventually, the twin’s biological mother found out and what followed next was a horrifying and shocking revelation that devastated both families.

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