15 Shocking Whisper Confessions From Women At The Gyno

As if going to the gyno wasn’t already awkward enough, these ladies cranked up the embarrassment factor times 10. There is nothing like the morning of a gynaecological exam. We definitely need to shower no matter how late we are running. We also have to take some time checking out our nether regions making sure they are groomed to our satisfaction. We primp and prepare because we know that very shortly there will be another person gazing and examining a part of us that only our partners see.

My guess is that these doctors have seen it all. Having said that, anytime an unfamiliar set of eyes is peering into our vagina, as we are spread eagle, there is just a feeling of discomfort that is hard to get past. The other sweet part about this spread eagle situation is that we get to have tools and fingers and swabs all stuck up in us. Not only do we let the gynaecologist look at our poonanny we also let them touch it, spread it open, examine our discharge, and put a giant cotton swab in there for our yearly pap. The doc gets to massage our breasts and ask about our sex life. By the time we leave their office they know their way around our lady parts better than we do.

While our gynos are doing their best to make sure everything is alright down there, every once in a while there may be a moment of extra discomfort. These ladies from Whisper bare all about their uncomfortable gyno moments.

15 Let It Rip

Ohh girl that sucks! I think that is one of the most common fears women have about going to the gynecologist. This has to happen all of the time. I wonder if, when this happens, the doctor keeps on going. The other option would be to step out of the room for a minute or to stop the exam and maybe proceed with the breast exam portion until the smell dissipates.

Along with farting at the gyno I always hear women confessing their fear of pooping on the table when they have a baby. FYI doctors are used to women pooping on the table during childbirth. If we have an epidural, we may not even know if we pooped until someone tells us later. The thing about the farting in the gynos face and pooping during childbirth is that shit happens. People just don’t like to talk about it because it’s embarrassing AF.

14 Craving His Touch

She accidentally moaned a little. That’s great. I bet that doctor was super-hot and had an appealing bedside manner. Hey this woman hasn’t gotten any in a while and she’s taking it where she can get it. We all know that much of a woman’s pleasure comes from within her mind.

Anyway, this doctor knows his way around a vagina so he knew just the right way to maneuver his professional hands to make sure that she was taken care of in a gentle and respectful way. It’s not every day that a woman moans during a gyno exam but I could see it happening to some women under the right circumstances. I bet her husband got lucky that night.

13 Sometimes, Dad Is Just Too Big

She is one lucky lady. I mean if her man is big enough to bruise her cervix he must be very fulfilling. That’s only if the bruising isn’t painful, of course. She is probably the woman in the drug store sheepishly buying the 50 pack of Magnum condoms. I’ve never heard that erotic toys bruise the cervix but I guess if the insertion has enough force behind it bruising is the final result.

It’s surprising that this gyno made the assumption that her husband’s penis couldn’t possible leave her in that condition. Shame on that man for not believing that this woman was just getting her freak on with her loving husband. He automatically assumes she is getting all kinds of wild with intimate toys.

12 An Insensitive Comparison

That is awkward, and terribly insensitive. Something is going on medically within this woman that could change her entire life. What ever happened to having a good bedside manner? Do they have any interpersonal communication classes in medical school or are they so focused on all the other classes to care? Sometimes I wonder if some of these doctor’s think of us as real people instead of one of many patients who come through their exam room.

If anyone spoke to me like that about my reproductive organs, I would never want them to touch me again. I would never sit on their exam table again. I would make sure that they knew that no part of me is comparable to Swiss cheese. Speak up sisters. Talk to the management at the doctor’s office. They want to hear about this sort of thing. I have reported poor medical treatment before and each time the office manager went out of their way to make things right.

11 When Aunt Flo Tags Along

That would be awkward. If that happened to me I think I would reschedule. How can the gyno appropriately check things out if there is blood flowing out of there. Also, think about this. If one were to get a gynecological exam while having their period, at what point would one take the tampon out?

If we took it out before the doctor came in, we would bleed all up on the table. If we waited until it was time for the exam, then would we ask the doctor to divert their gaze as we pull out the tampon then hop off the table to throw it away. The worst option of all would be to leave it in and have the doctor pull it out. Eww.

10 Pulling Herself Apart

What a way to introduce yourself. Just skip the hand shaking and name exchanges. Don’t bother to give him a medical background or ask him any questions. Just lay there and spread it. This girl was getting down to business. I wonder if the doctor did his regular introduction or just skipped the small talk since she was spread and ready.

I don’t know how large someone’s labia could be that she would think that the doctor would not be able to pull them apart on his own but those labia must have been pretty gigantic. I get it. People are people. We all do weird things when we are nervous that we look back on and think wtf. This would definitely be one of those moments.

9 The Hot Doctor

Who would go to a gynecologist who is the husband of a friend? That could make things awkward when they all get together. I mean I guess this guy is a professional and could handle himself appropriately in a social setting but people are people. If the gyno is so hot that he makes her wet then she should find another gyno that is not hot, is not her friend’s husband, and does not make her wet.

At least find one who isn’t her friends husband. If she wants a hot gyno who gets her wet that’s her prerogative and I’m not going to judge. Many of these awkward gyno moments could be avoided if these lusty ladies went to a female gyno.

8 Lovely Lady Parts

Well this gyno was not just swimming in a sea of vagina’s. She was taking the time to appreciate the distinctive characteristics that all vagina’s have. What a nice compliment. “What a lovely vagina.” It’s like she was talking about this woman’s vagina just as casually as she would talk about the weather. “What a lovely day it is.”

Well, it was lovely that the lady in the stirrups had no issues and that she got a positive report. I know she thought it was awkward but that gyno could have said much worse. She should thank her lucky stars that she is not having the gynecological issues that some women are going through and accept that she has a lovely vagina.

7 Stuck In A Hard Place

I once got a piece of a contact stuck under my eyelid. Try as I might, I could not get that contact out on my own and had to do to the optometrist. He pulled it out for me and I was on my way. I will tell you what, I knew that contact was in there. I could feel it. This woman had a condom stuck in her vagina and her man did not tell her.

I guess he may have forgotten about it in the heat of the moment. I can’t imagine going for an exam and having the doctor pull some foreign object out of my vagina that I did not know was there. Yeah I can see why that would be embarrassing.

6 When Pressure Turns Into Pleasure

Some women are just more self-lubricating than others. We can’t control the wetness or dryness that our body produces. That happens on its own. It’s like an erection. We can try to think of other things like hairy backs and dentist appointments but if this woman is just hot for doctor’s in general the dentist may not work. Maybe she could think of taking out the trash or painting her nails.

I’m sure the gynecologist is used to feeling wetness down there. They use lubrication on their tools and fingers anyway so maybe he just didn’t notice. If she’s a squirter than that’s a different story. In that case, he definitely noticed and is most likely looking forward to her next exam.

5 Rough Play

Oh my goodness, this is horrible. No woman should ever feel violated by a gynecologist. If anyone is doing something to us that we are not comfortable we need to assert ourselves and tell them to stop! Just because someone is a doctor does not give them the right to treat us inappropriately. I’m sorry that this female had to go through that.

That is not the first time I have heard a woman complain that they felt violated by an insensitive and rough gynecologist. If we are too scared to speak up during the exam, then reporting the incident afterward is completely necessary. Writing a letter to the practice is a good start but I wouldn’t stop there. I’d be making some phone calls to report this as well.

4 Showing Gratitude

I could see how that simple exchange could cause some embarrassment. It all depends on the tone of the conversation and the way things were said. If he said in a sultry voice, “Everything looks good down here,” it could come across as a come on. If he said it in a matter of fact way, then that makes a difference.

If he was matter of fact and she was all cheerleader like, it may seem that the enthusiastic acceptance of the compliment was over the top. Lastly, if she thanked him like a seductress, I could see that that moment would feel awkward if he remained completely professional. Whatever the situation, it’s not every day that someone’s telling us our vagina’s look good. Take the compliment and move on sister.

3 The Love Bites

Hickeys are so embarrassing. There is no reason why a grown man should be leaving hickeys on a grown woman. I can understand getting carried away with crazy sex leading to some bruising, as long as the sex was consensual of course. Having said that, we all know how hickeys are created. There’s no need for that. It’s just trashy.

At least they weren’t on her neck. I imagine during the breast exam the gyno asked about the bruising and this woman had some explaining to do. That could be embarrassing if we are not comfortable talking about our wild sex life. “Well doctor, I got those bruises having rough sex. No, no I am not being abused I’m just a freak in the bed.”

2 Another Day At The Office

I like that. “You’re just one vagina in a sea of vaginas.” I guess that was this doctor’s attempt to make this woman feel more comfortable. It probably would have made me laugh. Imagine if being a gynecologist was our job and we got to the point that we felt like we were swimming in a sea of vaginas. This image of a sea of vaginas is starting to creep me out.

How many times could that doctor have used that joke to help women feel more relaxed? Also, come on, we all want to feel special. How insulting that this woman’s vagina did not have any unique characteristics that made it all her own. Although I do think it’s funny, that could be seen as insulting by some. Every vagina is special in its own way Mrs. Gynecologist. I bet this girl wasn’t getting wet or moaning after this awkward exam.

1 Crossing The Line

That’s a good reason to stop seeing a gyno. It’s a good rule of thumb that if anyone makes inappropriate comments to us then we need to stop seeing them if we can. If a doctor is making inappropriate comments, then we can stop seeing them and we should stop seeing them.

There are plenty of great, well educated gynecologists out there. They care about their work. They care about our health. They care about us. They will somehow make wearing a gown, putting our feet into stirrups, and exposing our vagina’s to them feel as comfortable as it can be, considering the circumstances. We have choices and when it comes to our body we need to feel comfortable with all of our doctors.

Source: Whisper.com

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