15 Sibling Photos Hilariously Recreated That Are So On Point

Kids do some funny things when there are cameras present. There’s no telling what will show up with the pictures are revealed. They might be making faces, scowling, or lifting their shirts. When they are with their siblings, it’s even more true. Pictures of siblings are priceless for any parent. Children are only little for so long, after all. Parents have to get all of the pictures they can of their precious children together before they grow up and go their separate ways. But even when children turn into adults, they don’t always branch out into separate directions…at least not permanently.

At some point, kids generally get back together. They’re family, after all! They’re bonded by common parents! When the group gets together and the funny pictures come out and get passed around, everyone has a good laugh. But what’s even funnier than that? When the kids decide the pictures need to be recreated! One shot when they were all little is no longer good enough. They need another one just like it now that they are older. And some of the photos are so hilarious we’re glad they took the time to find the clothes and make the arrangements.

The original sibling photos are nice. Some of them are funny and some strange while the kids act silly and make faces or whatever. But the new photos are downright hilarious. Children grown into adults doing what kids do in photos is just too much to bear for most viewers looking at these shots!

15 Kids And Their Creations

Kids love to eat treats! What’s better than eating a treat? Making a treat and then eating it! So when these kids put together whatever this treat thing is, they were thrilled to show it off in a picture. Even better than that, they got together years later and made the same treat again so they could show it off for a very similar picture. We still don’t know what the treat is and, of we’re honest, the one they made as kids looks better, but at least they’re together again and having fun.

They studied the old photo just long enough to perfect the expressions and placements. Let’s see them make that treat again in another 15 years and see what it looks like then. They need a whole album full of this same picture as they grow and age and they need to share all of them with us as well!

14 Christmas With Siblings And A Bear

Christmas is the perfect time for siblings to get together. When they were little, it was easy. Everyone was always there anyway. They just had to line up and take a picture to please mom and dad before they could open their presents. As they age, it’s harder to get everyone together, but it still happens on occasion. When they all gathered this year, it only made sense to recreate this magical Christmas memory.

They placed the train, grabbed a bear and a bell, and studied their expressions. It might seem strange to us that the brother in the back is holding his sister’s face in this manner, especially in the more recent photo. But to them, it’s just natural. That’s how it happened then so that’s how it has to happen again now in the newest picture. The bear is the only item that seems to have gotten smaller. And maybe the train…

13 Super Siblings

There are siblings that get along and those that don’t. These siblings are all super in some way or another. There’s super girl, super man, and whatever the other two are. Perhaps it’s Halloween and this is how they dressed up. Or maybe this is how they dressed on a daily basis. Either way, it makes their parents happy to take a picture like this.

And then the kids grow up and laugh at the fact that they all were super heroes at the same time. But then they decide to do it again. Why not? Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by some super power or another? Too bad the girl in the picture doesn’t seem thrilled, either now or then. Maybe because the brothers behind her can’t seem to stop fighting even for one lousy picture. Or perhaps because she’s the only girl in the bunch. At least she’s a super girl!

12 The Swimwear Sibling Competition

Once they’re grown up, little sister can still do the splits so it makes for a great re-done picture. They support her in a way that is no less strange. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit more strange since they’re all grown up. Who poses like this? Certainly not three adults. And that’s what makes the picture on point! What goes around comes around, but it shouldn’t always be that way. Some pictures are better left in the past for parent enjoyment.

11  Park Bench Relaxation Then And Now

Sorry to say, but the kids no longer fit on the bench as well as they did growing up. The bench might still be a nice break from a very long hike, but it’s not very supportive to the head and neck like it once was. Now that they’re adults, it might be time to find another bench in order to spread out a bit and get the rest they really need. And maybe they should buy some new clothes while they’re searching for a new seat.

10 Some Like Art, Some Don't

It would be fascinating to find out what’s going on in this picture. Perhaps the boy on the right is a true artist at heart. He’ll draw or paint on anything and everything you give him. So he decorates the walls and mom and dad are very proud. When showing off his displays, sometimes his brother gets shoved into the pictures as well and he’s none too happy about it. The brothers probably had a lot of fun over the expressions in this picture. And that’s why they created it again all these years later.

We’re unsure as to whether or not this photo is recreated or if one brother is still creative and another still rather mad about it. It could go either way on that one. But they have the facial expressions down! So either they studied up on them or that’s just how they look and act, even in their adult lives!

9 Cute And Creepy Sibling Smooch

And then they grow up and get sarcastic on their parents. So much so that when they decide to re-create a sibling photo, this is the one they choose. With their facial hair and fully adult looks the photo turns from sweet to creepy. But the parents and anyone else who sees it ought to get a grand laugh from their attempt at brotherly love through the ages. As they probably did when taking the picture as well.

8 Boys Will Be Boys

It’s downright hard to take a good picture with four kids in it. Especially when three of them are boys. And then there’s the dad, who isn’t really cooperating either. And what’s mom up to? Who knows. The only one who isn’t pulling something is little sister and she doesn’t look like she knows what’s going on around her at all. Is there a reason for the lined up glass bottles before them? We may never know!

Years later, when this family gets together to recreate a picture, this is the perfect fit. They all seem to have a sense of humor, based on the fact that they’re willing to lift their shirts and pose in this manner a second time. They didn’t get the clothes exactly right, but their poses are perfect and prove their point. Pictures with four siblings are never easy, even when they’re adults and fully grown!

7 Four Boys In A Shrinking Bath

Has the tub gotten smaller, though? Because these boys don’t fit quite as well as they used to! It’s okay for four boys to bathe together, but four men? That doesn’t seem to sit quite right. But they have their poses down and this before and after sibling photo is definitely on point…and something their parents will cherish for many years to come in the future.

6 Boys Whose Britches Are Too Big

This picture was screaming to be recreated. The two older boys were into it from the start. They just had to talk their little brother into wearing a diaper and baring it all in the photo. Unfortunately, they talked him into it and not we have these photo pairs to keep us awake at night wondering why oh why they had to pull their pants up so high!

5 Picnic Of Champions

Fast forward several decades and this sibling bunch is still keeping to their old habits. They still love a good picnic on the porch and they still like it fast food style. This on point group even got the right clothes to make the picture as authentic as possible. Couple that with their poses and facial expressions and they can’t get much closer than this. Hopefully, they let a few decades pass and do it again. Because no kid, no matter how old, can get enough of fast food picnics, no matter how hard they try to move on to other joys!

4 Some Boys Never Outgrow Gumballs

Luckily, it’s a funny enough picture that they decided to recreate it years later. The clothes either still fit or they were able to find the perfect fit in larger sized. They’re absolutely identical! The gumball machine is slightly different, but that’s okay. It’s still there and it’s still an odd prop that makes us all wonder. With their perfect clothes and pose, this shot lives on in infamy within their family circles.

3 Ladder Fun At Every Age

At some point, these boys are going to be old enough that this will no longer be cool, but hopefully once they reach adulthood they’ll do another picture in this manner to keep the tradition going and the laughs flowing as the lights go up around the holidays.

2 Nurses For Sisters...Great!

Let’s hope his sister becomes a nurse when she grows up. That would make the adult version of this picture a bit less weird. Little brother doesn’t exactly fit in her nap anymore and he doesn’t really need to see the doctor that often, but she doesn’t care! She wants to plan nurse and he’s nearby so he has to take it! With any luck, he doesn’t talk much because it would be hard to get much talking in with her hand over his mouth.

1 Overall Strange

They had to find overalls that would not only fit, but that they could roll up at the knee for this super cool look. And then they had to be willing to pose in the same manner. The original picture is cute, but also quite funny. The new picture is downright hilarious! We think they should keep this trend going and do another shot like this after they retire, just to have a complete set!

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