14Are You Ready?

Some moms, even though they want another baby so bad, are wary because they are the ones afraid of losing the special times they have with their first-born.

We have to sneak one in here for the parents. We often think that the hardest adjustment happens to our child, but sometimes it is hard for mom to adjust as well and we need to take that into consideration.

Being the only child, a bond has grown like no other,

it has always been the two of you. It can be hard to imagine welcoming another little baby into the family.

Mom may wonder how she could ever love another little baby as much as she loves her first, is that even possible? Is it possible to split the love in two? Well, no, because you are not splitting your love in two, you grow more space and love in your heart for another little baby. Mom needs to really spend some time reflecting on if she is ready for another little baby. Not only when it comes to enough love, but when it comes to doing the newborn routine all over again. Pregnancy and newborn life is a whole different ballgame when you have a toddler and young child to chase around too.

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