13Needs Mom Too Much

Babies and young children need their moms, but newborns need them more and it is impossible to split ourselves into two. If mom is planning on going for those Irish twins, she may want to start detaching her baby from herself now.

One of the first questions parents need to ask themselves when trying to decide if their first baby is ready for another one is how dependant are they on mom? Are they still young enough where they rely on mom for every single thing? This would mostly rely on if

your first is very young when you want to start trying to conceive. It is possible to breastfeed while pregnant, and even to breastfeed two babies at the same time, however it may change the relationship.

There are some cases where the hormones from pregnancy could affect the taste of your breastmilk, and some babies will refuse to nurse, or go on a nursing strike. If the baby still relies on mom for a lot of these tasks, it is going to be incredibly hard to help them make that transition, especially if it is done all at once.

This doesn’t mean that mom needs to stop ignoring her fist baby, please don’t do that, just start teaching your little one to be more independent.

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