15Watch How They Handle Jealousy

Watch how they react to a smaller baby getting all of their mom’s attention. If they react negatively, it is also a great teaching tool, and you can help your little one adjust by having frequent visits with smaller babies to help them get used to the idea of sharing mom.

The biggest concern a lot of parents have when it comes to bringing in another baby is they worry that their first child will show an ugly side of jealousy. This fear is well justified because jealousy is a major problem when it comes to introducing a new baby. There

are thousands of resources available to help a family who is struggling with some jealousy from their older child. If you need to assess whether your little one has a jealous-streak, then the best thing you can do is test it out.

Do you have a friend who just had a baby? Or at the very least someone younger than your little one? Invite them over and spend some time with the little one while your child is in the room.

Jealousy can be a big problem because it may lead to your older child regressing in development or acting out in a negative way as they try and gain more of mom’s attention.

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