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Though diarrhea it is not always due to teething and is usually a sign of another virus like gastroenteritis that needs to run its course, it needs the proper treatment too (gastrolyte or other electrolyte solutions are available in the beginning while eventually working baby up to soups, juices then other solids). Sometime the

pain of teething could bring on some mild gastrointestinal issues. Baby will feel out of sorts and their body will react with some flu like symptoms.

Still, Mom should always be on the lookout for something more serious than teething issues if this continues over twenty-four hours, or if there are additional tooth issues that could be causing a breakout of discomfort in the system. Regardless, Moms should look for all sorts of connections as to what could be bothering their little one, and if there's any doubt, she should make sure to check with her child’s pediatrician.

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