15 Signs Dad-To-Be Enjoys The Milk Bags More Than Baby Will

The milk bags are full. Like totally engorged. A barely-there B cup spent nine months swelling up to C’s, then D’s and then maybe even more. Yikes!

Hey, those bulging boobs are for the baby - after all, that’s how she’s going to eat, right? Even though a growing bra size means it’s getting closer to being a breastfeeding mama, dad-to-be doesn’t completely understand the correlation. Well, he is a man. What did you expect?

Okay, so you expect that the soon-to-be-baby-daddy will respect you, and your growing bosom. But, he’s all hands all the time. And when he’s speaking to you, his eyes never make their way up to your face. As far as he’s concerned, you’re Pamela Anderson slo-mo jogging down the Baywatch beach in a sexy red swimsuit. That’s not so bad, is it? You’re somewhere in your third trimester and are feeling more like a whale than a woman. His handsy ways are only showing off that he still thinks you’re hot – in a major way.

So, back to the baby. You know she’s going to enjoy those magnificently bountiful ‘bags’ that you’re hiding under your maternity sweater. She’ll latch on (after some practice) and sip away, much like you do with a good bottle of Pino. Even if you’re feeling like they should be off limits to everyone who isn’t your baby, you’ll probably notice your guy’s jealousy. Whether it’s two months or two weeks until your due date, check out some of the signs that dad-to-be is enjoying those milk bags more than the baby will.

15 Teenage Tactics

He might be 40, but suddenly he’s acting like he’s 14. Think about those teenage boys from way back in your high school days. Chances are you can remember those early years when the boys still looked like – well, boys – and the girls were suddenly women. Seemingly overnight (or more like summer vacation), the girls went from pigtails and overalls to having their periods and wearing bras. The bras were the part that every boy noticed.

It was as if those young teenage boys had never seen breasts before. Sure, their moms and teachers had them. But, those were a totally different category of boobs. They were innocently unaware and immune to adult breasts (except for the ones in the SI swimsuit edition). When the girls suddenly blossomed, the boys were spell-bound. If you think really hard, you can probably remember that look. You know, the one of sheer delight. Now look at your guy’s face. Does he have it too? If so, then you’re seeing a sign that he’s enjoying the view.

14 Trail Of Drool

He’s sneaking peeks, and you can’t tell if it’s your milk bags he’s adoring or maybe you just have the rest of your peanut butter and pickle sandwich stuck to your chin. How do you know if he’s totally into you (and your milk bags), or he’s thinking that you’re more of a side show attraction at this point? Firstly, you aren’t – a side show attraction that is. Yes, you’re getting bigger. And yes, that bump is sticking way out. But, your baby-daddy thinks you’re gloriously gorgeous. Or, at least, he should.

Secondly, he's sneaking a peak at your breasts. You’ll probably notice a trail of drool from his mouth to wherever you are. This is his not-so-subtle way of saying, “Whoa! I can’t believe how awesome my woman looks. And, I can’t wait to play with those. Like right now.”

13 He’s Handsy

Everyone is touching you. Seriously. It seems like someone has their hands on you all of the time. From your BFF’s constant “Congrats you’re prego!” hugs to the elderly lady at the grocery store who begged to feel your pregnant belly, every person around you wants to cop a feel somehow or someway. You’re wanting some personal space right about now. But, you also understand the draw that a pregnant belly has.

Even though there are plenty of people who are reaching out to touch you, your guy is the biggest offender (unless you enjoy it, then he’s your biggest source of fun). You know he’s all about the milk bags when he can’t keep his hands off. He went from a gentle brush every now and then to a full-fledged boob-in-palm grab. He’s caressing them, he’s pinching them, and he’s holding on like he may never see such glorious breasts again. Um, after breastfeeding, he may not.

12 Someone Wants A Sip

Somebody wants a mouthful of fresh, 98.6 degree mother’s milk. Oh yeah, and it’s not your baby. Okay, of course the baby does. But she’s either not here yet or she’s way too young to ask. So, that leaves dad. He’s curious and wants to know what the big deal is about human milk. After all, he drinks it from a cow’s teet. So, what about yours?

This masquerade of constant curiosity is more than a simple question of taste. It’s a sign that he wants to be closer to those milk bags. He’s way into them and wants to get even closer than he already is. If you’re still thinking that, “How about I try a sip of that milk of yours?” is an innocent question, offer to squirt or pump some into a glass. Chances are that he’ll refuse. He wants it straight from you. Hmm, wonder why?

11 Buying You Bras

Aw, that’s so sweet. Dad-to-be just came home from a Saturday mall excursion with a VS bag. And, it’s all for you. Yeah, right. More like it’s all for him. He bought you a blender for your last birthday (so that you could make him protein smoothies before work) and got you a gift basket of mustards from around the world for your anniversary. Basically, he’s just not that into buying frilly and feminine presents. Now he’s handing out lacey little underwire numbers with ribbons and bows like their mini chocolate bars on Halloween. What gives?

Your guy is so enamored with your breasts that he wants to see them every way possible. He’s totally down for the no bra, no shirt (and nothing else at all) look. But, he’s also been fantasizing about what you’ll look like in the same gear that Gigi Hadid sported on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

10 Talking To Them

You find yourself saying (or thinking), “Hey, my eyes are up here mister” at least 10 times a day. Every conversation seems to start and end at your bust-line. Whether you’re talking about the baby’s name, how you’re possibly going to save money for college, or what you want for dinner, his eyes are fixed. He can’t seem to look away. A loud noise. A fire. You yelling at him. Nope. None of those things will distract him right now.

Here’s the thing – he probably doesn’t know he’s doing it. He knows he’s looking at you. And, he thinks that’s good enough. He may even in some small way believe that his eyes are meeting your eyes. Those milk bags are just too magnetic for him. He really can’t stop. If your soon-to-be-baby-daddy is starting to get a neck cramp from looking down at your cleavage, you know he’s way more into those boobs than baby will ever be.

9 Personal Paparazzi

Daddy-to-be is a proud papa. Ah, that’s not referring to his unborn baby. Sure, when the kiddo is on the outside he’ll beam with joy. But, for right now he’s super-proud of what his lady has going on. He thinks your tata’s are the greatest things since – well, since he discovered beer. And, sometimes just looking at them once in a while isn’t enough.

He’s so enchanted with those milk bags that he’s taking every chance he can get to capture them (digitally) forever. Okay, so he’s not exactly taking nudie pics (um, maybe he is – as long as you’re all good with it). But, he is snapping picture after picture of you wearing a hot cleavage-bearing dress or a tight maternity T. As long as he isn’t posting the breasty photos all over FB or Instagram, take his paparazzi ways as a sign that he’s enjoying what your pregnant body has to offer.

8 Oversharing With Friends

Yes, you’re about to roll your eyes when you hear the words “locker room talk.” But, boys aren’t always graceful and eloquent when it comes to how they speak. If you’re baby-daddy is obsessing over your new pregnancy boobs, chances are that he’s talking them up to his bros.

Let’s start with the respect factor. If your man loves you and his booby banter sounds something like, “Man, my wife looks amazing. Pregnancy really works for her – if you know what I mean,” he’s not exactly bragging in a kick him out of the bedroom type of way. He’s proud of you, and he kind of wants the world to know about it.

Keep in mind, he’s probably not going to tell you that he’s telling his friends about his brand new find (and your newly growing assets). How do you see this milk bag-loving sign? Maybe you happen to overhear a supposedly closed conversation. More likely, his friend’s wife or girlfriend will fill you in on what he’s said (after her guy spills about your bod).

7 He’s Jealous

No, your guy isn’t jealous of your rapidly growing chest. Even if he’s a push-up addict, he does not want pregnancy-level boobs. He’s into pecs, but that’s it. When it comes to your milk bags, he’s jealous of one very teeny, tiny person – your baby.

This booby to baby jealousy will kick into high gear right after birth. Your S.O. had so much fun playing with them during your pregnancy, and he doesn’t want to give them up. Obviously he knows that the baby needs to eat. He wants his child to be well-fed and healthy. At the same time, he’s giving off dirty looks when you say no way to his touchy advances. You’re saving those milk bags for the person who they’re intended for, and he might struggle to deal with that. Eventually he’ll get over it and make peace with that little milk thief who you just gave birth to!

6 Softly Sleeping – On Them

The soon-to-be dad in your life is all about your milk bags. That’s in a 24-7 way. When you’re awake, when you’re asleep, when you’re kind of groggy. How can you tell if he’s more excited about them than your almost-baby will be? When he won’t let go, even to sleep, you know that the attachment is super-strong.

You’re snoozing on the couch, taking that much-needed afternoon nap. Suddenly you feel a head of hair brushing against your breasts. What’s going on? Your guy isn’t trying to get romantic. He just wants to be close to you – or, at least part of you.

Fast forward a few hours and it’s night-time. You’re sleeping and again you feel that gentle brush of your baby-daddy’s head. Your breasts aren’t pillows. But, your man doesn’t seem to understand. If he’s constantly resting on your chest, you know that he wants to get close to them all of the time.

5 Constant Chatter

He absolutely, positively won’t shut up. Every topic you bring up somehow morphs into breast talk. You talk about registering for your Shower. He brings up your boobs. You tell him that you’re thinking about ordering in for dinner. He says he’s thinking about your boobs. You whisper, “Honey, I love you.” He says he loves your boobs.

You change the subject from your chest, and ask him to focus on what you’re saying. What’s his response? “Babe, could you put that low-cut top back on? I really like how it looks with your, um, eyes.” He’s non-stop talking about them, and won’t stand to be stopped.

Clearly, there’s only one thing on his mind. Your boobs. When your man is constantly chatting you up, and the only chatter that you hear has to do with your breasts, you’re seeing a sign that he enjoys them more than just about anything else.

4 Naming Them

Yep, that’s right. He just named your milk bags. He’s stopped calling them boobs, breasts, tatas, taters, fun bags, milk bags and titties. Now he’s actually picked out two names, one for each side.

Tom and Jerry, Mario and Luigi or Romeo and Juliet are always on his brain. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t have spent more time naming them than naming your soon-to-be baby. Not only is your guy talking to his friends and you about your growing bust, but he’s also talking to them, too. After all, they each have their own name. So, why not chat them up a bit?

When your soon-to-be-baby-daddy stops just looking and gets on a first name basis with your boobs, you know he’s hooked. Will he keep up with the name calling after the baby is born? Maybe. Or, maybe he’ll suddenly feel silly saying, “Aw, junior is eating from Laverne. Or, is that Shirley?”

3 Sly Little Looks

Sometimes your guy won’t do the totally male thing and awkwardly stare at your chest. Yes, he’s spent plenty of time talking to your breasts. But, at some point he stopped dropping his jaw. His eyes aren’t bugging out anymore. Does this mean he’s over your new assets? No way!

Sure, outright looks (you know, those noticeable ones that are obvious beyond compare) show you that he’s into your pregnant body. But, those aren’t the only ones that show you that he’s uber-excited about your milk bags.

The two of you are sitting down to dinner, or maybe you’re watching a movie on the couch. You feel his eyes on you, and not in a totally creepy way. He’s giving you one of those sly little looks. And, it’s super sexy. It’s subtle and doesn’t say, “Whoa! Those puppies are big. Like, really big.” Instead, I says, “Mmm, I like what I see. And I love you.”

2 Hot Hookups

Not only is your guy into the passing booby grab, but he wants those babies on him, all over him and under him too. You’re looking for subtle signs that your man is all about your milk bags. You find a few. But, that’s not it. When he’s into romance 24-7 and is constantly looking for a hookup with you (in the linen closet, on top of the kitchen counter and in the car), it’s obvious that he’s happy with what he sees. Oh yeah, he’s also happy with who you are and how the two of you are together (it’s not all about looks).

You’re already pregnant, so the baby-making sex isn’t exactly on the agenda anymore. You spent plenty of time getting hot and heavy before you conceived (during your ovulation days, that is). Now that you’re building a baby bump, things have kind of cooled down. Until your cleavage began to spill over. Now he’s back on the romance train and ready to go all of the time.

1 He Tells You

There’s no subtlety in this one. Sure, he’s given you looks, stares and even ogles. But, the biggest clue that he’s completely, 100% infatuated with your breasts is that he says so. He doesn’t just constantly talk about them to himself or make random comments here and there. He takes a firm look and tells you just how amazing he thinks they are.

Maybe he just says, “They’re looking nice today” or he might give it up for a more detailed discussion. Any way he says it, you know that he’s enjoying what you have to offer. Will he go ahead and tell you that he’s enjoying your goodies much more than baby will? Um, probably not. Keep in mind, right now all he wants to do is tell you that he’s totally into you.

His show and tell boob comment may not even come out like you expected. While some guys are all about the locker room antics, others are shy and sweet. Telling you that he loves what you’re growing (and we’re not talking about the baby) may come out as nice guy, and not boastful bragger!

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