15 Signs It's Twins!

The magical day has arrived. She is staring down at the two blue lines on the tiny white stick that will forever change her life and is overjoyed. A baby. So she happily shares her big news with her partner, family and soon enough, her friends and the rest of the world. Her gynecologist and obstetrician is the next person she speaks to. She is over the moon.

Her first appointment is made for after twelve weeks, when she is about three months along in the pregnancy. This is when she will undoubtedly be experiencing morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, skin glowing or blotchiness etc. She may also be getting these symptoms a little more intensely and wonder if her body is handling it worse than her BFF’s. The thing is, there may be a very good reason. She could be carrying twins.

Twin pregnancies are generally officially detected at the first prenatal visit with her obstetrician, but there are some women who say they just know they are pregnant with twins. How is this possible? Put it down to women’s instincts or a mother’s intuition, hormones of some sort or any other number of reasons. Regardless, some women seem to know when their pregnancy is something a little more unusual than the average pregnancy. But not all women have this insight or are sure of what is happening. They may think something is wrong, or just want to know if they need to double up on everything or not? For those women, here are 15 signs it’s twins:

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15 Bigger And Earlier Baby Bump

One big clue that Mom-to-be could have two little bundles of joy growing inside of her is her stomach being a little bigger than average at the beginning of her pregnancy. No, she is not putting on extra weight from those salty or sugary food cravings, but is due to the fact there are two little babies growing inside of her instead of one. How exciting, but sometimes Mom can worry! Will they have room to grow? Will they develop alright? Will there be other problems in utero? Yes, sometimes with multiples certain risks do go up, but yes, from the beginning the babies have enough room to develop in utero and nature will take care of things and help them develop separately and bond together. The woman will also be monitored very closely if twins are suspected, so that any related medical issues can be taken care of and baby and Mom will fare the best way possible

14 Pregnancy Symptoms Are More Intense

Yep. Nausea, tiredness, vomiting, bloating. The usual, but now times two. This is what a lot of women pregnant with twins may sometimes experience a lot more of. Thankfully, as in single pregnancies, it is usually temporary and only lasts the first few months as the woman’s body adjusts to the pregnancy. She may also be hungrier and more emotional than usual. These are just general guidelines though. Some women won’t notice anything or some will have more intense symptoms even with one baby growing inside! But it is important if she has unusually intense symptoms to check with her obstetrician and follow up with her medical team. They will follow her more closely to make sure no complications develop, as sometimes in twin pregnancies this does occur. Chances are excellent that she and babies will be fine however. In today’s day and age with multiple pregnancies happening more often, there are great medical break throughs to help the woman if problems do develop even early on.

13 Blood Tests Confirm It

Keeping in mind the symptoms of both signs above as well as a positive pregnancy test, she now knows she is definitely pregnant. But the pregnancy test will not test for twins or multiples. The only way she could know if the pregnancy is a twin one is by doing a blood test. The pregnancy blood test will confirm the pregnancy and will give a pretty accurate result to tell her if the pregnancy is with multiples. How will she know this? The HCG level will be higher. This is usually in conjunction with having more than one body growing inside her. This test will most likely give confirmation to the woman that she will be the happy Mama of two babies in nine months’ time. From that point onwards, she will get extra attention and medical care to make sure both babies are developing normally and that there are no difficulties.

12 The Girls Become Extremely Tender

Yes. Breast tenderness, or rather extra breast tenderness can indicate another little future cutie patootie growing inside of her! Many women, pregnant or not, have dealt with this unpleasant side effect every month when it is their menstrual cycle, either before or during their cycle. Well, this same side effect happens when they are pregnant, and may start even earlier in twin pregnancies than in single ones. It can be really uncomfortable. The best thing the woman could do is make sure to eat well, and make sure she is not retaining too much water. This will help with swelling. The other thing she could do is make sure she has a good maternity bra or two. This will give her breasts the support they need to feel comfortable, and she can go about her activities with no issues. This will help decrease any discomfort or pain as well. While she is shopping for maternity bras, she needs to also consider buying some nursing ones if she is planning on breastfeeding.

11 Extreme Intolerance To Certain Foods

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In pregnancy lots of different side effects occur. One of them is intolerance to certain foods. Sometimes these are foods that the woman loved, like coffee, chocolate, meat. These can be SO intense that even thinking about them can make her want to vomit or even gag. The smells of these foods can cause gagging, nausea or sickness. She also could develop allergic reactions to certain foods like rashes or other kinds of symptoms. Now in a single pregnancy, these symptoms can be intense at times too, but usually they are not that bad and fade out after three or four months. With a twin pregnancy, they can stay for longer, sometimes midway through pregnancy, and the intensity is stronger so that it may take her body longer to recover from a bad food experience. This is another sign she could be expecting two babies in the future. Of course this happens in single pregnancies too, but is a lot less common.

10 Uterus Just Keeps Getting Larger

This next sign is generally only visible to one’s obstetrician, midwife or medical care practitioner. They will measure her uterus on regular prenatal visits and will pretty much see right off the bat if her uterus is very large for the month she is due. Of course, other reasons will be ruled out for this as well, but the most common reason is a safe and exciting one. It is due to her carrying more than one baby. A family history will be taken as twins tend to run in families. The couple will also be asked (if the doctor is new to the team) if they have done IVF treatments, as this is another common way women become pregnant with twins. The sooner her medical team knows she is pregnant with twins, the sooner she and her babies can receive the best medical care possible. There are risks to babies and Moms in twin pregnancies, but if Mom is in the best possible health and is being closely monitored, all will work out fine.

9 Needing To Pee More Than Usual

Yes. All of us who have been pregnant remember how the first thing most of us did when we got to a new place was ask where the bathroom was. After all, in an hour’s time, we would need to visit that facility at least five times. Now some women need to pee more than others, and of course it is recommended women drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and fight off bouts of nausea. This, well, kind of exacerbates the problem of peeing. However, even with that, if the woman’s water consumption is not super high, and it seems she is never leaving the toilet facilities and pretty much has to set up shop in there, it may mean that two babies and not one are growing inside of her. She’ll have to watch her liquid intake and adjust her work and social schedule around that, and know that all the temporary inconvenience is well worth it. At the end she will have two wonderful gifts to take home.

8 Tiredness Rules The Day

A pregnant woman has a harder time getting up in the morning. As the hormones adjust, her body can be all over the place. Usually though, after a difficult start and some afternoon tiredness where she may feel like napping (and sometimes need to grab a few z’s), usually she will be able to make it through the day without too much of an issue. However, with a twin pregnancy the tiredness is so intense that the woman has difficulty not just getting out of bed, but even making it through breakfast and her work day without closing her eyes. She may need to not only go to bed earlier at night, but take a ten or a fifteen minute nap once or twice a day. She could also see if she could eat more frequent  and smaller meals in the day to boost her energy. As long as she listens to her body, she and her babies will be fine.

7 More Uterine Cramping

As the woman’s body adjusts to carrying around more weight as the months go by, different pains in the body will spring up. A pain that is most common in pregnancy is round ligament pain. This pain manifests itself in symptoms like more uterine cramping. When a woman experiences these kinds of symptoms more often, she most likely has twin babies growing inside of her. She’ll need to take regular rests and stretch breaks. The stretches will need to be gently and slowly done. Things like taking short walks, doing prenatal yoga and lower impact aerobic activities, all with her doctor’s ok, will mean that she will begin to experience less physical discomfort and pulled muscles than previously. If she really is in a lot of pain even with doing all of the above, she will need to see the doctor to rule out any other complications as to why she is experiencing these symptoms

6 Heart Working Harder Than Usual

Another way to tell that she will need to double up on all things baby, will be found out only at one of her prenatal visits. When she is getting examined, the obstetrician, midwife or medical care practitioner will check all her vital signs and general health. Of the things they will look at is her heart rate. If it is beating harder than it usually does, this in conjunction with the other symptoms here if confirmed, will most likely mean she is pregnant with twins. The body will need to work double time to accommodate two human beings growing inside of her. It also stands to reason that the heart will have to pump blood that much faster to accommodate the growing babies inside of her. The woman’s body will need blood to nourish her and two little ones, so will be working more intensely and that includes her heart.

5 More Emotionally Unstable

Hormones pretty much have their ways with us women from puberty onwards. Of course, this does not mean that women have no control over their bodies and minds. It is just that they need to be aware that hormones do fluctuate with their menstrual cycles and in pregnancy as well. There are times they will be feeling super emotional and other times they are feeling in control. However, in a twin pregnancy women can feel more unstable and more prone to tears as those hormones kind of run around haywire in their bodies. It is not their fault. A lot is happening to grow those two little lives inside of her. She needs to take care of her mental and physical health. If ever she feels her emotions are out of her control to handle, she should not hesitate to speak to her doctor about what other kind of help is out there.

4 Babies Move Earlier

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Feeling one’s baby kick for the first time is truly an incredible once in a lifetime experience. Babies are even kicking in the first few months in utero. The only difference is that women cannot feel it. Baby is too small so it only feels like gas or something else. As women reach between the 18th-22nd week, they can usually start feeling the baby kicking. It has been described like a butterfly fluttering around inside, or like a balloon popping. It is incredible to see as baby grows how much Mom and baby can bond through the kicking. Baby will begin to respond to the sound of their future Mom’s and Dad’s voice and any voices that they hear on a regular basis. With a twin pregnancy, what ends up happening is women experience baby kicking at an early time, such as 15-16 weeks. This is usually another hint that there could be more than one baby growing in utero. It is both an exciting discovery to make, and she gets to enjoy “talking” with baby sooner.

3 Women “Just Know”

Another common way women “know” they are pregnant with twins is that they describe having a gut feeling that two babies are growing inside them, not one. They may see it in a dream. They may feel it as they know twins run in their families and their chances are higher and in this case are the next ones in the family ushering in twins, or they may just look at all the more exaggerated symptoms of pregnancy that they are getting and put it all together. Yes, there is always the chance they are just having a more intense single pregnancy, but chances become greater and greater that they are carrying multiple babies and that they need to take extra care of themselves and their bodies during the rest of their pregnancy. People may think they are exaggerating and a little crazy, but no matter. This is not the first or last time they will be reminding people that they know what is best for themselves and their baby. They need to get used to saying it as early as possible so that they will do what is best for themselves and their babies right from the beginning.

2 Their Partners Or Family Sense It

Sometimes their partners, parents (the future babies’ grandparents), or other members of the family are able to sense it too. They may also have a history of twin birth in the family and remember a female family member experiencing the same symptoms as their significant other. They may have had a dream in which they see events unfolding, or they may just be putting together all there partner’s symptoms as something a little more unusual than regular pregnancy symptoms. No matter what, a woman needs to trust her team around her as well as her instincts. They are most likely right on the mark, and then she and her partner can seek out medical confirmation, and ask the doctor to see what is the next step they can take to continue a healthy pregnancy. Above all, staying calm and being patient is the way to go. They need to tackle the symptoms one at a time if they are bothering her, and she needs to rest as much as possible.

1 Ultrasound Confirms It

The final thing that will confirm whether she is pregnant with twins is the best physical proof there is: the ultrasound. On the ultrasound she will see the fully formed babies on the screen in front of her and her partner in her doctor’s presence. The ultrasound will only be done in her medical care practitioner’s office. The equipment is not available anywhere else. This would probably be her last step after looking through all the other signs to rule whether she is pregnant with twins. It will be a glorious moment for sure when the woman and her partner find out that they will be the happy parents of not one, but two bundles of joy. That moment is one that will be in their memories forever. It will be a moment they will relive for the rest of their lives. They will probably even tell their children the story of how they saw them on that ultrasound.

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