Kris Jenner Is Next To Adopt: 15 Signs She Has Serious FOMO

It's all over the news. Kris Jenner is making serious plans to expand her family. And, it’s not by pressuring her daughters to get pregnant. The business mogul and momager has her eye on a little boy to adopt to expand her clan of six kids to seven. She has been visiting adoption agencies in Los Angeles and it’s a five-year-old boy that has stolen her heart.

Some sources say that Kris is already filling out the papers. We say, that she probably already has endorsement deals and a lucrative career path planned for the kid.

There’s probably a KUWTK special in the works that will feature his arrival, too. While it might seem insane for most women who are 62 to adopt a child, Kris Jenner is not your average woman. After all the housewife turned multi-million manager is dating a 37-year old. That’s right, her boyfriend is the same age as her second oldest child, Kim. The Kardashian-Jenners don’t’ do anything ‘basic’. And, we’re sure that when Kris unveils her new child, it will probably break the internet (and cause a spike in KUWTK ratings).

There have been signs that Kris has been desperate for another child for years, now. And, just like Kylie’s pregnancy, we’re sure this is one rumor that will most likely come out in some grand way at the Super Bowl or through a well-placed Instagram endorsement.

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15 She’s Been Desperate For More Kids Since The Birth Of Mason

Mason is eight-years-old now. Yet, it was his birth that forever changed Kris from being content as a momager to desperately wanting more little ones to care for. After all, her children are all adults and she doesn’t have anyone to care for anymore. A source close to the family told ‘Closer Magazine’, “Kris has been desperate for another child ever since her oldest daughter, Kourtney, gave birth to her first grandchild, Mason, eight years ago.” If nearly ten years later Kris still has those same feelings, then this adoption might just be legit. This isn’t a passing whimsy. This is a desire that hasn’t gone away, but has probably only become stronger over the last several years. With new babies being born in the Kardashian-Jenner clan almost every other day, it’s probably only intensified Kris’ need for having a child of her own.

14  She Loves Having Her Grandkids Around

Bouncing off of that last one, Kris has more grandchildren than she does children. Her six kids have nine children between them. Kourtney and Kim both have three children each. Khloe is expecting. Rob has one. Kylie just gave birth at the beginning of this year. Kris is so dedicated to her family that she stays at each child’s house to help them with their newborn. She’s currently at Kylie’s house helping her with baby Stormi. Although judging by all of the photos of Kris out and about with her grandchildren, it’s safe to say that she’s probably spending a lot of time with each of her grandchildren. Her Instagram is also filled with shots of them too. Kris is definitely a woman who loves children and values her family. It’s no wonder that she’d want to expand that by having her own little one to take care of.

13 She Pressures Her Girls To Have More Kids

And, because Kris loves children so much she is known to constantly pressure her daughters to have children. In fact, when Khloe announced that she was expecting, Kris was so excited, because she thought that Khloe would be a failure in that department. “I always thought that maybe Khloe would be one of those women who didn’t have kids and I struggled with that.” Having eight grandchildren is not enough for Kris. She apparently needs to have as many grandchildren as possible and that means that all of her children must have children. Now that Kylie has just had a child, we wonder if Kris will soon put the pressure on the oldest Jenner sister Kendall to have a child. Maybe, by having another child of her own, Kendall will be off the hook?

12 Her Hubby Is Way Younger (And Ready For Kids)

Kris didn’t choose to date a man her own age. Clearly, she’s not looking for a man who is a grandparent like she is and is not looking to have more children. She chose 37-year old business manager Corey Gamble. He’s old enough to have lived his life and focus on his career. Yet, he’s young enough to father children of his own. Corey wants to have a family of his own one-day and has been going with Kris to visit adoption agencies in the Los Angeles area. A source has opened up by saying, “Corey’s fallen in love with a five-year-old boy from an orphanage on the outskirt of LA”. Knowing Kris she has probably taken all of this into consideration from the first date to ensure that she will be with a man who shares her vision of having an even larger family than she has at the moment.

11 She Got Emotional Over Khloe’s Pregnancy

Khloe is the latest Kardashian-Jenner to announce that she’s pregnant with her due date being April 24th. When she announced that she would be expecting, Kris got extra emotional when she heard the news. As we mentioned, part of Kris’s excitement was that she believed Khloe might not have children of her own. Now, the two are bonding over shopping for the new baby. This latest addition to the Kardashian-Jenner clan has made Kris a little jealous and given her a desire to have more children of her own. A source close to the family has said, “Seeing so many of her own offspring have children has made her broody to have another.” Eight years (and eight more grandchildren) after Mason’s birth has only intensified Kris’s desire to have another child of her own.

10 She Wanted A Spin-Off With Her Grandchildren

In 2017, Kris Jenner hinted at the idea that her grandchildren might have a KUTK spinoff of their own one day. The matriarch has already signed several spin-offs from KUWTK, with Kylie’s show being the most recent. While Kris has stated that the grandchildren are too young now to have children, she has hinted that it might be in the works in the future. It’s interesting to note that Kris is looking to adopt a five-year-old. Perhaps, it’s the perfect age so that in several years from now he’ll be old enough to fit into a ‘The Kardashian-Jenner Grandchildren’ spinoff. Kris has even spoken to ‘E News’ saying, “We don’t do a spinoff every single season, so we’ll see. There’s always a spinoff.” Is that Kris’s way of saying that we should expect a spinoff in several years?

9 She’s A Momager

Kris lives for her family. They’re everything to her. They’re also her job. She’s created an empire and has carefully crafted a career for each and every one of her children. She’s so good at it and we wonder if she is carving out the next challenge of building someone else’s career in her family. She’s managed to make a billion-dollar empire out of a reality show and turn something like Kylie’s obsession with fuller lips into a makeup empire. Now that Kris’s children are settled in their respective empires, we can only imagine that she needs a new challenge. She might have to leave her grandchildren’s careers up to their moms’, but if she had another one of her own children, Kris could start another empire by building the career of a Kardashian-Jenner that we haven’t seen yet.

8 She Lives Near Her Children (Or They Live Very Close To Her)

Kris has managed to do the impossible. With six children, she has managed to have everyone live close to one another. Moms, who only have three children, might find that they’re children end up living in different states or even countries. Yet, all of Kris’s kids live within seven miles of her house. Part of that probably has to do with her show. Although, we’re sure that a part of that also has to with Kris’ attachment to her children and their attachment to her. Even though her youngest child is 20-years old, all of her children are constantly at her house or seen crashing there for a few nights. Yet, Kris isn’t complaining. We take it that she likes having a full house and seeing all of her children around. Why else would she have a six-bedroom house?

7 She’s Experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome

Speaking of Kris’ mansion, it feels pretty lonely and empty when her kids aren’t’ around. After all, what mom would want to live in a massive six-bedroom, eight-bathroom house all by herself? Kris felt so lonely that she even bought the house directly across the street from Kim and Kanye’s mansion. On the ‘Steve Harvey’ show, Kris admitted that she misses her daughter and son-in-law. While the Kardashian-Wests were renovating their home, they were living with Kris for two years. We guess that being only six-miles away from Kim and her three grandchildren was too much for Kris. If Kris did adopt, it would at least fill one of the rooms in her house with a little one. Yet, we wonder if Kris would stop at adopting just one child? She does have two houses with six-bedrooms each now.

6 Her Kids Are Her Life

Kris Jenner’s life is her family. It’s the thing that she’s most thankful for. They’re her friends. They’re her job. They’re her everything. She’s not just a manager. She’s a momager. She doesn’t just live a few minutes from her children. She lives across the street from them. Kris’s life revolves her six children. Unfortunately, for Kris, those kids grow up. She’s probably wondering what she’ll do over the course of the next 30 years of her life. Why slow down when you can just have another child? Then, Kris will always have someone to dote on and devote herself to until the day she dies. Some women have always dreamed of being mothers. Kris will make sure that she is always a mother raising someone who needs her.

5 She Always Travels With Her Kids

Ask Kris how her and her family became famous and she’ll tell you, “We’re famous for having four television shows.” As the manager and producers of those shows, that means that Kris is involved in every moment of her children’s lives form their television shows to their endorsements. That includes traveling with them. She’s there on their photo-shoots. Do you remember the time she was on set for Kim’s ‘Playboy’ shoot? She’s also there backstage when Kendall is stomping down a designer runway. She’s even there when they give interviews or are launching a product. While Kris could sit back and let her children be managed by managers and assistants, Kris is a self-professed ‘control freak’. She even joked on ABC news in 2011 that she would ‘get pregnant’ again just to gain another 10% as a manager.

4 She Only Has One Son

Kris has five daughters and only one son. The fact that she’s looking to adopt a little boy might mean that Kris has her eyes set on adding a bit more testosterone to the family. After all, she’s in love with her eldest grandchild, Mason. Having another son would be a new challenge for Kris. It would also open other endorsement deals that might not have been available with her girls. Kris is already an adopted mom to Scott Disick and Kanye West. Both men are the fathers of her grandchildren and have lost their own mothers. These relationships are probably building Kris’ need to have her own son and feel needed again. After all, she isn’t as close to Rob as she used to be.

3 She Loves The Spotlight

Kris Jenner loves the spotlight. She’s been rearing her girls for fame since they were little. That love for being in front of the cameras has come from her own desire to be famous. The former flight attendant lived a glitzy life before her reality TV-fame. She was friends with the rich and famous. She had a nanny who dated Sylvester Stallone. When reality TV became a thing, Kris came up with the idea to put her family on TV. Yet, anyone who has seen the show will know that it’s not all just about the Kardashians. Kris loves to have the cameras on her, too. She’s done her own endorsement deals and interviews just to make sure that she get’s a little bit more of the media attention. Adopting in her 60s is bound to get Kris a bit more attention and maybe even a magazine cover.

2 She's All About The Ratings

Kris Jenner is no fool when it comes to managing a successful television show. There have been numerous interviews where she’s been pressed to answer something about her family and Kris’ reply is, “You’ll just have to watch the show to find out!” Kris knows the element of surprise and that babies and weddings spike ratings. If Kris were to announce on KUWTK that she’s expecting, you bet that the press surrounding her news would definitely make more people tune into her show. Kris would also play with the media hinting that a Kardashian-Jenner baby might be on the way. Although, Kris will never say for sure until she’s nabbed a deal that will see her and her son holding a can of Pepsi or maybe sporting Calvin Kleins. After all, Kris loves being a momager and building empires.

1 She Has No Plans Of Slowing Down

Let it be known that the Kardashian-Jenner empire will continue. Kris Jenner has just signed a 10-year deal with E. That means we'll all get to see more of the family for another decade. Have you ever heard of world domination? Yet, in ten years Kylie will be thirty and we're sure that Kris is not happy about her baby girl growing up and not needing her. On the other hand, if she adopted a five-year-old boy, he would still be living at home within the next decade. For a woman who professes to miss her children when they move out of her house and jokes about having more children, we wouldn't be surprised if adopting might be Kris's next move. At least she would be certain that she'd have another KUWTK spin-off just in case it doesn't work out with her grandchildren. It's as Kris said, the Kardashians are like a faucet that doesn't turn off. They just multiply, even if it means grafting someone in through adoption.

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