15There's Nothing She Can't-Do, Hear Her Roar!

If you are taking on more than he is, then it is fair to say your partner has been taking your position in the house for granted.

Are you pumping milk while dropping child number one to school, on your way to the bank? Do you also have a party to plan this weekend with an impending work deadline? Are the dishes piling as high as the dirty nappies in the pail?

But, you've done it all, haven't


And, here enters dad, nursing a headache after a long day at work and absolutely famished. Just like that, you transfer your attention from a whole day of child raising to comforting the man who is supposed to share your exhaustion, as you are about to tend to his. If this is the case then, unfortunately, there's something wrong. While you are doing your part as a mother, and a wife (and a cook, housekeeper, professional driver, party planner, etc) dad has been focused on what he can snack on until dinner is ready.

He is definitely riding that gravy train. You have successfully proved to be Wonder Woman, and that you are only at the expense of personal gratitude. So now, mom must wear the cape around the clock, while dad can luxuriously check into work between 9 and 5, and call it quits.

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