15 Signs Mom-To-Be Is Having A Boy Or Girl

Having a baby is among the most exciting things that can ever happen to women and couples all over the world. A lot of myths and old wives’ tales have been passed around from one generation to the other regarding pregnancy – from what a woman can eat, what she needs to avoid, and what she cannot do during and after pregnancy.

Some of these strange beliefs include not raising your hands above your head because it can harm the baby, staying away from cats, not having sex during pregnancy, not taking baths, eating certain fruit can cause birthmarks, and more.

Although the origins of these myths are unknown, many people still follow them, even when some of them are debunked. Surprisingly, however, some of them have credibility and science has given a couple of them explanations as to why they are reliable.

Among the many beliefs that old mothers passed down to new mothers, guessing the baby’s gender is among the most highly anticipated aspects of pregnancy. Before sonograms or ultrasounds were invented, people tried to guess if the expecting mother is having a boy or a girl by using strange methods.

You might be skeptical about many of these prediction methods, but guessing your baby’s gender using some old wives’ tale is definitely a fun thing to do. There is no harm in predicting your baby’s gender using a non-scientific method. Here are a few of the many that you can try.

15 Pimple Face = Girl

This belief attempts to explain that dreaded acne breakout many women experience when they are pregnant. If you are glowing, your hair looks like you are a shampoo model, and you are generally looking better than ever or what most people refer to as the rosy “pregnancy glow,” then chances are you are having a boy.

If you are looking like you are among the zombie cast in “The Walking Dead,” no matter how much you pamper and take care of yourself, then you are most likely having a girl. This old wives’ tale believes that a baby girl will drain a mother of all her beauty and will leave her looking tired during the whole pregnancy.

So if you are looking less than your best and your wish is for a pretty, little girl, then your wish might be granted, as evidenced by the uncountable acne on your face, neck, and back, and drab thin hair. Your “not so glamorous” look for 9 months may be worth it.

14 Ring Swings Side To Side = Boy


Pregnancy is a wonderful journey divided into many adventures along the way. If watching the Lord of the Rings is an awesome thing to do, then having a baby is even more wonderful. In the movie, Frodo embarks on a journey to destroy the ring in order to kill its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron. It’s not really about the ring itself, but what the ring can do. In this case, what the ring will do is tell you the gender of your baby. With this old wives’ tale, the test entails a wedding ring and piece of string.

Basically, what you need to do is to tie your wedding ring onto a piece of string, thread, or a piece of your hair. Dangle it over your baby bump, as you lie or sit down - and let the ring move on its own without interfering. You can also hold the string with one hand, hold the ring with the other hand for a moment, lift the string, and then let it dangle over your hand.

If it swings side to side or back and forth, then your baby could be a boy. If the ring moves in the circular motion, then your bundle of joy is likely a girl. This gender predictor is fun and among the most popular for expecting moms, but it is not very accurate. A mom-to-be often sees what she wants to see.

13 Sugar Cravings = Girl

Ever heard that craving a certain food and eating it during pregnancy can cause birthmarks shaped exactly like the eaten food? Then you probably also heard that food cravings can predict the gender of your baby.

If you crave salty foods, or even protein-rich foods, such as cheese and meat, then it’s a boy, but if you crave sweets, then it’s a girl. There is also another variation of this tale. If you are craving vegetables, then it’s a boy. If you are craving fruits, then it’s a girl. It's also believed that if it's a boy, you will love sour, wild, and dry food. Loving orange juice? It could mean it’s a girl.

Actually, though, a craving for everything or anything is a common symptom for expecting moms. The reason is still unknown. However, doctors believe that it's linked with the needs of your baby and you, as well as hormonal changes. What if you are craving everything? Well, it just means you are pregnant!

This has nothing to do with cravings, but here’s another food predictor. Eat a garlic clove. If the scent of garlic seems to seep out of your pores, then you are going to have a son soon. Otherwise, expect a girl.

12 Slower Heart Rate = Boy

At around the 6th week of pregnancy, a baby’s heart will start to beat. About 8 weeks in, if you choose to have an early ultrasound exam, you may be able to hear and see your baby’s heart beat for the first time. If not, then you will probably hear it with a feta doppler during your regular visit for prenatal care.

During your next ultrasound, pay close attention to your baby’s heart rate. That little ticker’s heartbeat can predict if you are having a baby boy or girl. Most people believe that a slow heart rate belongs to a baby boy, while a faster heartbeat belongs to a baby girl.

So how slow or fast should your baby’s heart be for a boy or a girl? A heartbeat less than 140 beats per minute is believed to signify a baby boy. Your baby is believed to be a girl if the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute.

11 Always On The Toilet = Girl

Anyone can suffer from excessive nausea during pregnancy. It’s the most common symptom of a mom-to be. If you are among the lucky ones, then you might not experience this at all. If you are like most pregnant women, then you will experience this, particularly during the first trimester. There are even those unlucky few who experience severe morning sickness way past the first three months of pregnancy.

But did you know that the severity of your morning sickness can predict the gender of your baby? If you are not experiencing any morning sickness or just light nausea, you may be carrying a baby boy. If you feel sick all day though and hurl almost everything you eat, then your little angel could be a girl. No matter if your baby gives you some difficulty, all that throwing up is nothing compared to the feeling of happiness you’ll experience when baby arrives.

10 Straight Line = Boy


You may notice a dark line running from your pubic bone up towards your belly button, or even higher than your navel towards your breasts, during the end of your first trimester or in the beginning of your second trimester. This line is called the linea nigra, which literally means the black line, and is among the most common symptoms of having a baby in your tummy. This line will grow and darken throughout your pregnancy until it looks as if it has been drawn on your stomach by late pregnancy.

This line is due to increased hormone level that causes pigmentation. Don’t worry, this line will slowly fade after you give birth. However, it will linger during the months while breastfeeding your little angel and will usually take 1 year for the dark pigmentation to fade, but the line might not disappear completely even after giving birth.

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the dark line from appearing during pregnancy. It’s advised that you eat lots of foods rich in folic acid and take your vitamins, since studies show that a deficiency in folic acid can cause hyperpigmentation.

There is also an old wives’ tale explaining the linea nigrea. You are probably having a baby girl if the line goes all the way up your belly button only. You are having a boy if the line extends above your navel to below your rib cage. Another version is that you will have a son if the linea nigra is straight and a daughter if the dark line is crooked.

9 Round Face = Girl

When you are pregnant, the body experiences many changes throughout the 9 months your baby is in your tummy. Do not be surprised if your friends and family will start analyzing every single change they notice in your body.

Among the things most people will notice will be your face. Generally a mom-to-be’s face will get fuller during pregnancy, but many people believe that the shape during pregnancy can tell if you are having a son or a girl. If your face looks narrow and long, then it’s a baby boy. If your face is pretty round, then you are more likely going to have a daughter.

Of course this old wives’ tale has been rebutted. The medical community refuted that the shape of the face is a very inaccurate way to predict your baby’s gender. A pregnant woman’s face gets rounder because of the extra water and the fat their body is storing.

8 Sleeping On The Left Side = Boy

Aurora fell asleep for a hundred years when she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel needle. Being pregnant will feel like you are a princess waiting for a prince’s true love’s kiss to wake you up from your slumber. While some women do not experience any fatigue, most definitely feel tired and exhausted all the time during pregnancy.

This sleeping beauty spell usually happens during the first trimester, which is the result of hormonal changes occurring in your body, particularly caused by the increase of progesterone levels. This symptom tends to go away in month 4-6, but it will usually return until the baby is born.

You will usually feel uncomfortable sleeping in your regular sleeping position. As your baby grows, you will find that the most comfortable position is SOS or sleeping on the side. Did you know that sleeping on the side can help you get your much-needed rest? It can also predict the gender of your baby depending on which side you prefer to sleep! Are you sleeping on your right side? Then expect a baby girl! If you are sleeping on your left side, then your baby is probably a boy.

You may also want to pay close attention to your dreams. Myths claim that if you dream of having a baby boy, then your baby’s gender will be the opposite - you are likely carrying a girl. Don’t forget to look at which direction your pillow faces, too. If your pillow faces north, then it can be a boy. If your pillow faces south, then your baby could be a girl.

7   Mood Swings = Girl

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman's hubby and the people around her may need to be wary. She won’t be a pleasant Cinderella during this period. She will most likely relate to her evil stepmother or stepsisters. She will probably look crazy and feel even crazier. I am not exaggerating! The worst part is, nothing a partner does or says will seem right or helpful.

All pregnant women will feel like the incredible hulk when they are pregnant, ready to transform any minute from human to beast. The hormonal changes, particularly the increase of progesterone and estrogen, when you conceive to prepare the body for pregnancy will also make you unpredictably moody. Your mood swings will make you easily irritated or tearful. You will be crying for no apparent reason one minute, and will be giggling away the next.

Your mood, however, can tell you if your baby will be a girl or a boy. If you are more mellow than moody, then you might have a boy. If you transform from the good Dr. Jekyll into the evil persona Mr. Hyde, then you should be ready for a girl. Similarly, if you are happy, like to sing and listen to music, you are probably expecting a girl.

6 Dark Face Patches = Boy

The pigmentation of the skin or dark patches on the face, especially on the cheeks and forehead, is called melasma, which occurs due to hormonal changes. This darkening is common in pregnant women and starts to develop during the first or second trimester. This is really an annoying bane of pregnancy. You are not alone in this since around 50-70 percent of women experience this symptom and in pregnant women, it is referred to as “the mask of pregnancy” or chloasma.

There are many types of chloasma, some only experience dark patches on the nose and cheeks, while others occur down the jawline. If you are unlucky, then you may experience it all over your face, including the lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, and even the neck.

If you look like Cinderella with dark patches of soot on your face, then you are probably carrying a boy. If you don’t experience the mask of pregnancy, it can be a sign of a bouncing baby girl.

5  Bigger Left Side = Girl

Around the 4th to 6th week of your pregnancy, hormonal changes will make your bust more tender, and this will usually last through your first trimester. You can also expect them to grow bigger around 6-8 weeks. You may be able to flaunt a cup or two bigger than the usual size. However, as they grow, they may feel itchy as your skin stretches. You may also develop stretch marks. The same hormones that cause linea nigra and the pregnancy mask will also cause your nipples to grow darker as they grow bigger.

The old wives’ tales have it that these symptoms can tell you your baby’s gender. Inspect your growing bosom in front of a mirror, or ask your hubby. If the right mound is bigger than the left, then it’s a boy. If the left side looks bigger than the right, then it’s a girl. Also take a look at your nipples. If they are darker, then expect that a boy is on the way.

4 Clumsier Than Usual = Boy

If you are starting to notice that you are becoming clumsier during your pregnancy, don’t worry. This is a normal symptom. With everything that’s going on in a pregnant woman’s body, being clumsy is among them. You will find it harder to hold onto items and you may even drop things to the ground by accident. You will also find yourself bumping into cabinets and door frames in your house.

You are going to weigh more than normal. Many women gain around 35 pounds or more before giving birth, which is higher than the weight gain recommended for an average woman – about 25-35 pounds. Most women gain more. You will be temporarily a klutz while you are pregnant because of excess weight.

Atop your weight gain, you will be clumsier because of what people call “the pregnancy brain,” which makes it harder to concentrate. Your center of gravity will also change – the result of the baby growing inside you – adding to your clumsiness.

If you remain “graceful mommy” during pregnancy, then you are probably expecting a girl. If you find yourself falling over everything, then thank your unborn son for making you a klutz.

3 Hot And Sweaty = Girl

Pregnancy is like a buffet. Many  will experience so many symptoms and, according to the long list of old wives’ tales, the various changes that come with being a mom-to-be.

Have you noticed a change in your body temperature? If you are feeling cold, you are having a son. It could also mean you are having a boy if your toes are cold. If you are feeling sweaty and hot, you are having a daughter. Are your ankles or legs are swollen, then perhaps you are having a boy soon.

Check your urine the next time you go to the bathroom. If your urine is dull or light, expect a little princess. If your urine is bright yellow, it’s a little prince. Either way, make sure you drink enough water while you are pregnant.

Are you experiencing headaches? Then it’s a baby boy on the way. Soft hands during pregnancy could also mean a girl, while dry hands suggest a boy. Check your pupils in a mirror for about one minute. If they are dilating, you will have a little man soon. If you are feeling difficulties on the right side of your body, you may be having a boy, while feeling difficulties on the left side could mean a girl.

Similarly, if you are gaining extra weight in the front of your body, it could mean a boy. If you are gaining weight on your thighs and hips, it could mean a girl. If someone asks you about the gender of your baby, you are carrying a girl if your face turns red.

2 Daddy Weight Gain = Girl

If you’ve ever heard of the expression or announcement “we are pregnant” to inform family and friends that a bun is in the oven, then that is exactly what’s happening.

It’s the woman’s body with a little human inside sucking energy, nutrients, and calcium in her body. She’ll be the one with sleeping issues and a baby kicking her tummy. However, it’s really a two-person adventure. Hubby will be playing an important role, too. He will be taking care of mommy, of course. He will be putting up with her mood swings, too! Who else will buy you what you are craving for in the middle of the night?

But, have you ever heard of sympathy weight? Your hubby’s body could tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. If he stays lean and fit, then a son is on the way. If he is gaining weight with you, a.k.a. sympathy weight, then it’s a baby girl in the oven.

If you are on baby number 2 and baby number 1 is still a toddler, notice how the toddler responds to your baby bump. If he or she is interested in his or her younger sibling, then baby number 2 is the opposite sex. If you are just on baby number 1, you will probably need to borrow someone’s toddler. (With the parents permission, of course, and do always return the child.) If a little girl is interested, then it is a boy. If a little boy gives you a belly rub, then you are having a girl.

1  Low Baby Bump = Boy

This is probably the most famous gender indicator of all. If you are a first-time mom-to-be, you could start showing a baby bump around 12-16 weeks into pregnancy. But if you are on baby number 2, then you may start showing earlier since your womb or the muscles in your uterus and belly have already been stretched during your first pregnancy.

And because this is the most famous indicator, there are many ways this old wives’ tale interprets a baby bump. If you are carrying your baby low on your stomach, then you are having a little boy. If your baby bump is high, expect a little girl.

Another version says that if your bump grows up front, it’s going to be a boy. If the bump spreads wider across your middle, then it’s a girl. The shape of your belly can also tell you your baby’s gender - a boy if it resembles the shape of a basketball and a girl if it resembles the shape of a watermelon.

So before you officially know the gender of your baby via ultrasound, you can try and test out these predictors and have fun before you surprise your friends and family with the exact gender of your child.

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