15 Signs Of A Miscarriage Women Mistake For Something Else

When a woman is especially baby crazy, and happily discovers that she finally is expecting a child, it is unspeakably heartbreaking when a miscarriage happens. Expectant mothers go through so much effort to ensure a comfortable and healthy pregnancy, because they invest so much energy, time, and patience into bringing a new life into the world. When a miscarriage happens, it can feel more than just the rug of life is being pulled underfoot a well-meaning mama.

Unfortunately, miscarriages can be evil and sneaky, as some of the very symptoms that show up can be mistaken for something else. It is a sobering thought, but many symptoms experienced by women who end up having a miscarriage shortly after, are also typical symptoms of an average pregnancy. One thing to keep in mind is the timing of experienced symptoms. Most miscarriages usually happen under the 12th week mark.

Expectant mothers should be on alert about how their body feels from day to day, communicate any concerns about their health and experiences with their medical provider, and not stress out. Staying positive and keeping oneself healthy can help make the difference between an unexpected miscarriage, and being more prepared for whatever may come during a pregnancy. Professional support and information is available to any woman in need.

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15 No More Nausea

Morning sickness, which despite the name doesn’t happen solely in the morning but at all odd hours, is definitely a sure sign of pregnancy. After suffering through nausea and vomiting seemingly endlessly for the first trimester, it can be a huge relief when the symptoms go away finally. Some women suffer nausea and vomiting through the second trimester too.

However, if a woman is under 12 weeks pregnant and suddenly the nausea and vomiting stop, she might end up having a miscarriage. So yeah, if it’s not one thing, it’s another to deal with. If the morning sickness signs end a bit earlier than typical, it might be a sign the pregnancy is ending earlier too. Women should definitely make a point to talk to their medical provider, if they have any hunches that something isn’t right, and not have their concerns easily dismissed.

14 Itchy Face And Rash

itchy skin

The mask of pregnancy can make a woman suffer an itchy face and suffer pigmentation changes. Thankfully, there’s nothing like a little concealer and clever contouring with makeup to help hide blemishes. Hormones can cause a woman to break out into acne, suffer itchiness, and break out into rashes that come and go.

However, if a pregnant woman goes from having little to mild rashes and itchiness, to going full throttle with extreme breakouts and annoying persistent itching, it might be time to give the doctor a call. Some women have experienced unbelievably itchy faces and rashes which did not subside within a short period, and had a miscarriage shortly after.

Sometimes the body’s hormones can be so out of balance, because an unborn baby in its early weeks of gestation is treated by the body as a foreign invasion to be rejected.

13 Terrible Night Sweats

Hot flashes and night sweats are not just possibilities for women experiencing menopause. When a lady gets pregnant, hormones can cause her to have problems with keeping a comfortable temperature. At times an expectant mom might feel chilly, even if the weather is moderate, or feel hot all of a sudden. Hormones are just funny like that, with how they make an impact on a pregnant body.

If a mom is suffering really bad night sweats for more than two to three days consecutively, it could be a sign of an impending miscarriage. In addition to waking up drenched in sweat, women have also experienced metallic tastes in their mouth and severe headaches too, right before they ended up losing their baby shortly after. Symptoms that stay persistent should get checked out, in order to rule out an early termination as the source.

12 Metallic Taste In Your Mouth


Pregnancy makes really weird things happen for a lady. If it wasn’t enough struggling to keep food on the stomach thanks to morning sickness symptoms, expectant mothers also have to worry about their food tasting strange. Even if mom has a particular fancy for a certain food item, or is dying to have a food craving satisfied, weird metallic tastes in the mouth can make any woman spit out her favorite food in a heartbeat.

Hormones are the usual culprit that makes a pregnant woman have a bizarre or strange taste in their mouth. Some women complain that it tastes like they have a strip of aluminum in their mouth, or tastes akin to a battery. Ruling out pica, or psychosomatic symptoms, metallic tastes in the mouth could also b a symptom of oncoming miscarriage.

11 Flu-like Symptoms

Pregnancy causes the immune system of a woman to be suppressed. Therefore, it so important that pregnant ladies take care of themselves, keeping stress to a minimum, keeping away from sick people, and eating healthy. If a woman becomes sick or experiences flu-like symptoms, the health of her baby could be at risk. Infections and illness during pregnancy can end up with a trip the emergency room or intensive care, if a lady is not careful and does not act quickly.

Flu-like symptoms are also a sign that a woman could be miscarrying. Since the body treats an unborn baby as a parasite, until the baby well establishes itself within the womb, miscarriage is a strong possibility under 12 weeks. Older women who are pregnant should take extra care with themselves as well, because they are more likely to miscarry too.

10 There's Oozing

Mom’s body is constantly renewing itself, discarding of old and unneeded cells, and creating itself anew as baby grows in her womb. Discharge is going to happen, as the lady bits are efficient at self-cleaning and self-regulation. However, if discharge is unusually thick, pinkish or dark brown in color, and is happening in larger amounts than usual, it could be a sign of trouble.

If mom engages in the horizontal rumba while pregnant, discharge can be a side effect from mom’s activities. Any unusual colors in discharge, or increased amounts that don’t subside after a while, could be a sign that the body is preparing to reject the pregnancy and end in a miscarriage. Experiencing severely painful cramps, dizziness, and bad tastes in the mouth with discharge could be a sure sign the pregnancy might not make it.

9 Early Cervix Dilation

Getting it on while pregnant can be risky and lead to early cervix dilation. Some women are also born with a predisposition of having an incompetent cervix. If the cervix is incompetent, or weak, it is more likely for a baby to be born preterm, or for a miscarriage to take place. It is also more likely for a woman who is pregnant with a weak cervix to potentially suffer an infection.

Getting adequate prenatal care and taking precautionary measures during pregnancy is so important, in case there are symptoms pointing to a miscarriage. If an expecting mother experiences severe cramping around the abdomen, feels a heaviness like baby is bearing down, and experiences heavy spotting and clots, chances are a miscarriage might be on its way. Being aware of physical changes within the body can be a clue as to a pregnancy’s progress.

8 Extremely Tired

Pregnancy is really hard work, even if it doesn’t look like it. After all, much of what is going on is hidden away within mom’s body. Since most moms still keep up with work and home responsibilities while taking care of their nutrition, exercise, and health, it can be tiring. Baby takes up a lot of energy to grow, and hormones have a significant effect on mom’s energy levels and feelings of tiredness.

A mom should make time to get rest when needed, taking naps, or just sitting down and putting her feet up. However, if mom just can’t seem to shake off feeling always wanting to lay around in bed and finds it hard to keep moving, it could be a symptom of oncoming miscarriage. It is so important that an expectant mother keep track of how she feels daily, and notice any unusual changes.

7 Back Pain


Feeling aches and pains just goes with the territory of being pregnant. Thanks to hormones fluctuating, that pesky uterus has to undergo some growing pains. After all, mom’s body is in a flux because it is preparing itself to transform to make room for baby. Cramps are going to happen now and then like no one’s business. Back pain is a definite reason to enjoy time with a hot water bottle, get massages, and make time to relax.

If back pain comes on super suddenly and is so severe it feels debilitating, mom might need to brace themselves for a possible impending miscarriage. Back pain that hits especially hard in the abdomen, and sometimes even in the lower back as the ultimate most painful cramps ever, might be a sign something is amiss.

6 Spotting

Pregnancy really creates some interesting phenomenon in the body, especially when it comes to the lady bits. If Mother Nature wasn’t funny enough, creating confusing symptoms thanks to hormones, some things that are normal in pregnancy can be a sign that something is going awry.

Spotting is typical early in a pregnancy, as a sign that the egg has implanted itself. Spotting is also typical for some women who are a few days away before starting their menstrual cycle. Normal spotting is usually a light pink or brown in color, and nothing to worry too much about. However, if a woman is spotting for a 3-day period, and the spotting is a dark pink to almost red in color, or even dark brown in color, it might be a sign of a miscarriage.

5 Cramping

Pregnancy is certainly a huge adjustment, as moms learn to deal with feeling more tired, experience bloating, and feel cramps too. As the unborn baby begins its journey of development in mom’s womb, organs have to shift around and make space. More blood is pumping through mom’s heart to provide support for mom and baby too.

Even if mom is not overexerting herself at work or home, cramps can come on pretty strong. If mom suddenly feels like the wind is being knocked out of her, because she is doubling over with some real painful cramps, there is good reason to be concerned. Extremely painful cramps that don’t subside can be a sign of oncoming miscarriage.

If mom is experiencing some pretty painful cramps that won’t let up, coupled with discharge, or feeling overly exhausted, she should consult her medical provider right away.

4 Can't Sleep


Thanks to fluctuation of hormones in the body, a woman may have changes in her sleeping cycle and everyday habits. Being pregnant can be a good reason to get excited, have some anxiety, or have a hard time sleeping. If an expectant mom is suffering from insomnia, and she is under the 10 week mark of pregnancy, she might want to keep one eye open.

Unfortunately, even if mom is the night owl type that hates to sleep, sleep is needed to stay healthy and balanced for both mom and baby. If mom is having trouble sleeping, and additionally suffers extreme migraines, weird tastes in their mouth, or cramping she might want to get checked out. Women who have suffered non-ending bouts of insomnia during early weeks of pregnancy have suffered miscarriages shortly after.

3 Blood Clots

If a woman is not early into her pregnancy, or doesn’t think she is pregnant, there may not be much reason to freak out about experiencing blood clots. After all, thanks to the typical aches and pains of the uterus’s ebb and flow, blood clots can result from having a menstrual cycle, or thank to tears to the cervix.

However, if a woman is definitely pregnant, seeing blood clots with a significant amount of frequency and considerable size may be reason to worry. The lady bits are pretty efficient at taking care of their health, but if an infection sets in, or there are tears, blood clots can result. Passing blood clots that are large in size coupled with strong cramping may be a sign that a miscarriage is on its way.

2 Can't Keep Anything Down

Experiencing vomiting and nausea is a common side effect of getting knocked up. However, it can also be a sign of a terminating pregnancy. If a mom is constantly having a hard time keeping anything down, it might not just be happening because of food-borne illness or hormone fluctuation.

An expectant mom should look out for foods that might irritate her, so as to reduce her time spent in the bathroom if needed. Mom should also realize that certain foods are more risky to mom and baby’s health during pregnancy. If a lady is still not past the half-way mark of her pregnancy, and finds herself suffering vomiting and nausea without end, she should go to the hospital. Not only is a miscarriage possible, but not being able to keep down food can rob mom and baby of necessary nutrients and energy.

1 Bad Migraines

Headaches can strike for various reasons. Things like stress, poor diet, light, and hormones are all capable of effecting a pregnant mom. Stress is never a good thing for anyone’s health, but especially an expectant mother, because of hormonal responses that can negatively impact baby in the womb. Pregnancy can be stressful and exhausting for a mom, as her body gets adjusted to having a new life growing inside her.If a woman is suffering from never-ending migraines, she should get checked out by her doctor pronto. Severe debilitating headaches that do not let up could be a sign that a miscarriage is about to happen. If mom is not only having pounding head pain, but is also experiencing severe cramping, flu-like symptoms, or a bad taste in the mouth too, the risk of miscarriage is even stronger.

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