15 Signs Of A 'Type A' Mom

Everyone knows someone who is type A. They are competitive and regimented, and they know just what they want and how to get it. They have a take-charge attitude, and they are ready for every occasion.

Throw in a pregnancy or parenthood, and you could knock a type A person off her game for a minute, but you better believe, she has what it takes to take control and live up to the challenge. She'll research and read everything she can find. She'll prepare and plan, make lists and charts for everything from the baby registry to potty training and chores.

A type A mom is a mom with a plan. She's the go-to guide for how to baby proof, and if you get caught out without a diaper or sun screen, she's your gal.

Pregnancy and parenthood can be stressful at times, and a type A mom may not handle those moments all that well — especially if she doesn't have control over the situation. It can be hard for a friend to lend a hand because she likes things done a certain way. She isn't afraid to tell you how she likes things, but sometimes she is afraid to trust that you will do it the way she likes.

At times, a type A mom can be hard to take, but she loves her kids. And maybe even more than anybody, she will work hard and long to make sure that they are safe, healthy and happy.

Here are 15 signs of a type A mom.

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15 Baby Book Library

From the moment that the pink line shows up on a pregnancy test, Type A moms want to know all about pregnancy and parenthood. They read a lot, and it is a lot more than the typical "Google-every-symptom" research.

Type A moms want to know what to expect at every stage, and so they won't just peruse "What to Expect When You're Expecting." They'll devour a library of baby books and probably augment their research with magazines and maybe even medical journals.

For a type A mom, information is her friend. All that research can help her organize, prepare and set their expectations for pregnancy and parenthood — key actions for a Type A mom to get ready for baby. She wants to be ready for everything, and all those books can get her there in no time. It's awesome if a type A mom is your best friend because you have a fount of information at your fingertips.

14 Baby Shower Business

For a type A mom, the baby shower isn't the moment to relax and enjoy a little pampering from friends. It's a key moment in the business of preparing for baby. Instead of looking forward to a day full of silly games and surprises, the type A mom will be making and refining her baby registry, researching for the best stroller and bottles and updating her friends about the most important items.

It isn't a good idea to shop on your own for your type A friend. The registry is the key, and any other brand will not do. Don't even think about showing up with a bag full of frilly girl clothes until the baby monitor and the neutral nursery decor has been checked off the list.

And always remember the receipt. The type A mom knows exactly what she wants, and she has no trouble letting you know when she is disappointed. The baby shower business is serious, so don't stray too far from the list.

13 Nesting Nightmare

Pregnant woman holding a bird's nest

All moms nest before their baby is born. Toward the end of the third trimester, something kicks in, and a woman feels an urge to clean and prepare for the new baby. That's when the nursery gets set up and the house gets clean enough for company.

But for a type A mom, the nesting starts early and goes into overdrive in the last few weeks. If you want to spend time with a type A mom in the last month of her pregnancy, you better be prepared to fold baby clothes or organize the diaper supplies.

Everything has to be ready, and since you can't plan your baby's arrival everything has to be ready today. If you thought maybe that meant she was finished last weekend, you've got another thing coming. There is another list of things to do for this one.

12 Overdue Overdrive

Type A people love deadlines. And a due date is practically a deadline, right? Wrong. Very few babies are actually born on their due date. While a type A mom knows this — of course, she's read it in five or six baby books — she's not really sure what to do with herself once the due date has come and gone.

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be a waiting, and patience isn't exactly the type A mom's forte. She is going to pay attention to every pain, and she may take multiple trips to the doctor or even the hospital in hopes that the time has arrived. If the nesting was bad before, it will be even worse when there is nothing to do but wait.

An overdue type A mom is going to try every trick to get things started, and she's not exactly going to be easy-going in the meantime. Sooner or later, the baby will come and the torture will end.

11 Delivery Deliberations

By the time that the first contraction comes, a type A mom has a perfect plan for delivery. The problem is that most of the time, a delivery doesn't go as planned. You can read, research, prepare, make lists and everything, but you don't know how things will go until they happen. It's the type A mom's ultimate nightmare.

Things could be moving too slow. Or she could be unprepared for how fast things happen. There could be a shift change, and the nurse or doctor could change. Maybe she planned an epidural but it doesn't take. Or the doctor is worried about how things are going and he suggests an intervention.

During labor and delivery, things can go from normal to scary in 10 seconds flat. And it could even land you in surgery at a moment's notice. No matter the planning and preparation, there isn't much that the mom can do about what happens at delivery. Watch out for the type A mom that isn't getting her way. It can make a anxious situation even more tense.

10 Hospital Heartaches

Asian mother holding newborn baby in hospital bed

In the first few days of a baby's life, the type A mom is at her most type A. There is probably a test to determine whether you should visit, and it includes not even hearing a sniffle in the past month. You'll have to wash your hands a few dozen times, and even then, she may not pass the baby to you for a snuggle.

She's working hard to master breastfeeding and swaddling, and if anything isn't going to plan, her stress level goes to level 9. She's checking for jaundice and watching to make sure the baby is breathing while she sleeps.

Her heart is now on the outside of her body, and it's harder to be in control that way. Don't worry. Once she gets a handle on things, she'll be back to her normal type A self.

9 Stockpiles

If you are looking for an extra present for a type A mom — in addition to the ones on the registry, remember — how about a burp cloth? Babies are messy, and that can be hard for a type A mom to take.

Pretty soon, she'll create a burp cloth stash in every room of the house, just in case of a case of the spit ups, a diaper blowout or some other type of spill. She'll want to have cloths nearby for any messy occasion, and there will be plenty of them through at least the next five years.

Some poor babies have terrible acid reflux, and you wouldn't believe the spit up that can come out of them. That's a nightmare for a type A mom, so cut her some slack for the first few months. She'll figure out a method, and an oversupply of burp clothes will help tremendously. Now the only problem is keeping up with the laundry.

8 Packing Passion

The first trip out with baby can be intimidating for any mom, and a type A mom is no different. Luckily, a type A mom knows how to prepare for any event, and she is a master packer. Her diaper bag will be unlike any other; it may not be any bigger, but it will be the most well-stocked of any woman around.

A type A mom isn't the type to forget diaper rash ointment or wipes. Even for a simple trip to the grocery store, she'll be sure to have a change of clothes, an extra bottle or two and enough diapers to comfortably share. She will be the mom to find if you ever forget a snack, even though her maybe isn't on solid foods yet. And she probably even has a clean shirt for herself, just in case.

Like a Girl Scout, the type A mom is always prepared, and many supplement a diaper bag with a second stocked bag in the van, just in case an emergency arises. This is the friend you want to be with on a trip to the zoo or anywhere, really. She'll be well supplied for everybody.

7 Doctor On Speed Dial

Along with a well-supplied first aid kit in the house, the van and the diaper bag, the type A mom is also ready for any emergency with the doctor's number on speed dial.

It may be annoying at first. Any sign of a sniffle or hint of a stomach bug will merit a call to a professional. Since babies can barf on the regular, that can be a lot of calls. The good news is that all those baby books have educated the type A mom on all things baby, so she knows what is supposed to happen and what is not supposed to happen. The problem, though, is the range of realities that can happen in the first year of life. Some spit up is expected, sure, but how much is too much? Some babies fill a dirty diaper multiple times a day, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility for some to do No. 2 just once a week. Figuring out if that is a symptom or just the way things go can be difficult.

A type A mom knows just where to find answers, and she isn't afraid to ask. She's the type of mom who will study the shade of excrement and describe it to make sure that it is OK. This is the reason that doctor's offices have answering services for after-hours calls — to give the type A mom a number to call that can answer a simple question while only alerting the doctor if something is serious.

6 Baby Proofing Pro

Long before a baby can pull themselves up or take a few steps, a type A mom's home is ready for any event. Baby proofing is a sport to her, and she may even complete her first victory lap before the baby is born. There are baby gates up long before the baby can crawl — and usually the kind that are decorative and screw into the wall. You can bet that the outlets are covered, and any sharp-edged furniture was replaced back when she was decorating the nursery.

If you come over during the first week home from the hospital, you are going to have to wrestle with the child locks on the drawers and the cabinets to get a glass of water, and if you want to help by starting a load of laundry, you will have to search for the cleaning supplies, because they will no longer be stored in a bottom cabinet.

The negative of having a type A mom for a friend is that she will tell you exactly how unsafe your house is, and she may even avoid bringing baby over until you take care of it. But the good thing is that a day of baby proofing is actually fun for her, so she will come over and help you when your time comes.

5 Clocking It

All the research says that babies like routine, but in the first few weeks that mostly just means a somewhat stable schedule of diaper changes, feedings and naps. For many families, the baby sets the schedule. But that isn't true for a type A mom.

From the day the baby goes home from the hospital, a type A mom is establishing her routine. She keeps an eye on the clock and makes sure that feedings start on the hour, and she has an order for diaper changes. If the baby naps an extra 30 minutes, the whole day is off, and she'll let you know it.

The babies of type A moms are probably the first to start sleeping through the night, and they probably get a bath every night even though research shows that it isn't necessary at that age. If bed time is 7 p.m., you aren't going to eat dinner with your friend for a few years, unless you want to bring it by at 5. The routine is set, and there isn't anything that can get in the way of it.

4 Catalog Kids

For a type A mom, her kids are a reflection of her, and when they look good, she looks good. Her kids are the best dressed on the block. Their shirts are tucked in; their hair is combed neatly; and they are always ready for picture day.

A type A mom isn't likely to show up at the carpool line in her pajamas, and her kids won't be going out in their PJ's either — unless it is PJ day at school, and that will garner a trip to the store for something new and cute.

You can bet that outfits are picked out the night before, and siblings coordinate even if there are no plans for family pictures. Shoes are lined up nicely at the door, and baby girls wear bows, even if it means gluing them to their heads.

Kids of a type A mom know look like they are straight out of a catalog, and they are always dapper and dashing, no matter the occasion. It's a perk of having a type A mom.

3 Charting Success

There is nothing a type A mom loves more than a chart or a list. They help her plan out her day, and a check mark or star is the ultimate satisfaction for a job well done. So the life of a type A mom's kids can be catalogued through charts.

Luckily, most hospitals start babies off with a chart that logs each feeding and diaper. Most moms put it aside after a few days at home, but not the type A mom. She will document each BM and burp for a few months. Forget which side you used for breastfeeding last? Don't worry; the chart will tell you.

Potty training will be a breeze with a good sticker chart, and when the kids are bigger, a chore chart is a part of life. That's part of the organization that is the daily routine of a type A mom. She wants to know what is happening and when, and a chart is the perfect solution.

2 Competitive Edge

Abrazo de Gol

For a type A mom, every activity is something that you should strive to do your best. She's the soccer mom who has a few suggestions for the coach on who should sit on the bench and who should play goalie. She's the mom at gymnastics who keeps her kid after to practice those cartwheels a few more times.

It's not just about competition — but it is about competition, whether you are competing against yourself or against others. She knows that good sportsmanship is important, but she still wants her kid to succeed, so she's going to push a bit to make sure that her kid has an edge on the competition.

She's proud of her kids no matter what, but she wants them to win too. No matter the outcome, her kids will know the importance of hard work and how to reach for a goal — and those are valuable lessons for any kid.

1 No Help Needed

One sure sign of a type A mom are the dark circles under her eyes. It's not easy keeping up with the kids and making sure they look great and the house is spotless. Plus, for a type A mom, accepting help is hard. You know what is best for your breastfeeding diet, so you don't want people bringing home food. And you have the special way that you like the laundry folded and the dishes cleaned, so you would rather do it than deal with finding a pair of socks in a ball instead of a fold.

If you let your mother-in-law keep the baby for a few hours, she may not chart the diaper change, and she could keep the baby up 15 minutes after bedtime. It could turn everything on its end, so it's just easier to do it yourself.

Unfortunately, a mom — any mom — needs more help than ever when she brings a baby home. And all too often perfection goes out the window. It can be a stressful few weeks or months for a type A mom, but she usually has things figured out soon. She may lose more sleep cleaning up the house after baby is in bed, but she'll figure out her routine and be happy.

The life of a type A mom will be organized and structured and at times things may not live up to expectations. But a type A mom knows how to get things done, and she isn't going to stop until she has conquered each hurdle. She will always come out on top.

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