20No Interest In Toys


Play-time is more important than many people realize. Babies do not need fancy expensive toys to play with. Babies can play with age-appropriate toys bought from the store, or even play with items found around the house such as the strainer from the kitchen and a wooden spoon. Believe it

or not, playing with toys can help improve your baby’s concentration, social development, memory, attention span, muscle strength, mathematical thinking, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. If baby stares off into space, seems uninterested, or makes no attempt when it comes to playing, it could be a cause for concern. By playing, babies learn how the world works around them and learns cause and effect. Babies will start having interest in objects and playing from an early age. However, if he has not shown any interest in objects or toys by 9-12 months old, it is an indicator that baby may be behind.

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