15 Signs The Kid Is An Angel

All of us love our children equally. From Mom's perspective, they're all individuals and perfect and beautiful in their own unique way. But at the same time, every Mom has that one child, that one kid that we see has something special going on. It could be kindness, humor, a wise mind beyond their years, or maybe something inexplicable that sets them apart from their siblings or from other children their age. We struggle to come up with something, a name or feeling that we just can’t pinpoint. Then we think to ourselves, what it is that makes them different, not just unique? They're special in a way that most kids, heck even most adults, are not. This is truly amazing and miraculous!

These kids have a love of people, things, and life that is close to perfect. They shine from within wherever they go, and whomever they touch is never the same again after having met them. People say it’s like they're happy and warm inside after having met this child. We love them not just because they're our children, but because we are proud to have brought such an amazing human being into the world. Sometimes we even want to emulate them or think, why wasn’t I like that at their age? Then we realize, most kids are not like them. They are almost angelic, shall we say? How does a Mom know her kid is angel material then? Here are 15 Signs the Kid Is An Angel:

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15 He Sleeps Through The Night From An Early Age

What parent doesn’t dream about this and say to themselves, he's an angel! But seriously, this is a rare thing indeed, so much so that when baby does sleep the night pretty much from the beginning of his little life, Mom and Dad are overjoyed, and almost afraid to share news of this lest they jinx it. Also, there's that thing called family and friend envy, if they had kids who took ages to sleep the night or even nap in the day. That would be most of the Moms and Dads out there!

There is also something so angelic about seeing a little baby’s face peaceful and calm while asleep. All the movement, crying and gurgling noises which are cute to a huge degree, do also wear down Mom during the course of the day. Now she can truly relax, and enjoy her bundle of joy snuggled in his bassinet crib and dream of all the things he will one day do.

14 He's Intuitive And Knows About Things That Are About To Happen

Most Moms have met a child that is highly intuitive and can sense things about people before these people talk or reveal themselves to adults around them. This type of child has his own inner compass of determining who is trustworthy, who is judging him and his family and who is kind. Some children even have what is called a “sixth sense,” just like adults around them. They look to a door before it opens as if to say, come on walk through, they know things about people that they have not overheard and, in general, they're comfortable with things outside of the ordinary.

They're open to new things. They don't take things for granted. They're dreamers looking through telescopes asking questions about life, and curious about things that they can’t see and touch. Many children have questions in this realm, a truly angelic child will go beyond the everyday questions.

13 He Eats Well And Is Open To New Foods

Wow, a baby that eats and loves veggies is truly miraculous! But seriously speaking, it's true that babies will eat whatever they get a taste of. So as long as Mom introduces fresh fruit and vegetables right from the beginning, chances are they will gravitate towards that instead of sugary snacks and processed foods. Still, there are some babies that will have none (or hardly none) of the fresh stuff. Some babies will have a little bit, but turn up the nose towards the majority of foods.

The kid who is an angel eats everything that is put in front of him without a question, raised eyebrow or protest. This baby is a rare breed, as most babies will put up some sort of fight at some point. This is why if Mom has a baby like this, it's important she count her lucky stars. She not only has a healthy baby, but one who is easy going and makes life simpler for her and the rest of the family.

12 She's Not A Fussy Baby And Can Entertain Herself

Ah, what a treasure and help it is when Mom’s little toddler will not only play quietly, but can play by herself! This is a feat that is not easily accomplished, unless of course said toddler is off exploring her surroundings, and in the process of taking down some of the furniture or scribbling on the walls, or those silent times a Mom dreads when she wonders, oh no - what’s she doing? But a little baby or toddler who can play properly and safely with her toys is a godsend for the busy and harried Mom who has so many other chores to do or maybe other children to care for.

This also shows an inner peace and resilience. It’s important that children learn how to depend on themselves and solve their own problems slowly from a young age. Mom is there to show and model positive behavior, but slowly as baby gets older it's her responsibility to regulate herself.

11 He Hardly Cries, Only Gets Annoyed

This is such a relief to Mom and the rest of the family. If baby is able to calm down without hysterical crying and still express his deeply felt emotions, everyone wins. This is something rare, however. Usually a baby who doesn't cry makes everyone suspicious that something is wrong; he is holding back his emotions, or that something is wrong neurologically. That is not always the case. There are just some kids who are “chilatto.” They're easy going, calm, orderly and they don't like to ruffle feathers or get their own feathers ruffled.

Thank goodness for these children. They make their families’ lives so much easier. And particularly if they come from a family where they have siblings who are difficult, they are truly Mom’s little “angels.” These babies usually grow up to be very introverted and quiet kids who take in the world and make sensible decisions.

10 Her Smile Brightens The Day

Then there is that baby that all Moms know. It could be a Mom’s best friend’s baby or her cousin’s. This baby just can’t stop smiling, and her laugh is loud, joyful and full of life. A real belly laugh that fills the room with joy and pleasure. Someone could be in a rotten mood and hear this little one laughing and all their stress dissipates in seconds. This kind of baby is what religious or spiritual Moms would say is a gift from God truly.

She knows how to cheer up even the most cynical of human beings, and a person just wants to be in this baby’s company and soak up some of those sunshine rays. What it is that baby is radiating is genuine love and pleasure in being alive. There is something beautiful and pure about that on so many levels. A lot of family and friends would call her a Buddha baby and if she's cute and chubby, all the better!

9 Mom Can Take Her Anywhere

Imagine having a cooperative baby who travels well? Some of us have that. This is the baby that sleeps in the car (and then still sleeps at nap time and bedtime on schedule), or amuses herself by looking at the scenery, and doesn't act out in the shopping cart, stroller or portable car seat, unless she's hungry or needs to be changed. Indeed, this child is a miracle. Most little ones will fuss at least some of the time in car, cart, stroller or pretty much anywhere in public. It's bright. It's loud. It's hot. But the miracle or angelic baby manages all this in an incredibly easy way.

They could give adults tips on managing anxiety and stress in shopping centers! Moms who have babies like this are grateful and excited that their little one can go along with them on errands. This cuts down on a lot of stress for all involved.

8 He Has The Cutest, Loudest Longest Laugh

Ah yes, that wonderful, amazing sound of a baby’s loud long gurgling laugh! It's a joy to hear and see. Moms everywhere, and even people who don’t have children, will hear baby laughing like that and it will bring a smile to their faces. Cynical people everywhere are transformed by a baby’s laugh which is so pure, beautiful and inspiring that it helps the adults around them forget about their problems, stresses, and learn that laughter really does have a magical and mystical power to it to transform the adult soul.

People learn best when they are happy and relaxed. Babies do too. And this is why there is something holy about it too. When a Mom stops to think about it, it's truly the simple things in life that become important after she brings life into the world. It's in these easy and present-centered moments that she really learns about the power of love and beauty and all of that comes through in baby’s laugh.

7  She Is Very Clean And Washes Her Hands Regularly

Oh my goodness. A toddler or little girl that washes her hands willingly AND without a fuss? She actually likes to! This is another rare breed of child, as most kids will protest cleaning themselves up, boy or girl. After all, it's more fun to play in messy paints, with crayons, in dirt, or even with toys that have God knows what kind of germs on them. Moms are constantly reminding most kids to wash their hands after playing, after eating, after using the toilet. It turns into a rant that a Mom wants to record and replay multiple times of day for her tired children.

So when she sees she has a child that not only washes her hands regularly but actually LIKES it, praise the Lord! This child is an angel from above! One less annoying thing Mom has to repeat over and over to her tired children and anyone else who's in the vicinity.

6 He Is Quite The Daredevil But Never Gets Hurt

We all know a child like this. He pulls stunts like racing down the driveway in his tricycle at full speed, jumping off the top of the slide, or sliding down said slide backwards, and what happens? Mercifully, he is fine and does not get hurt. Some people would say, that child is lucky, others would say that he knows how to play in a calculated way so that he is not risking his safety. The child has personal insight and instinct.

There is something otherworldly about a child like this. Most kids blindly stumble into things where they sometimes get hurt. A child with foresight like this knows exactly what he's doing and, while Mom is having five heart attacks watching his near misses, he enjoys the challenge and is fine each and every time. Perhaps a child like this has some sort of view of the future? Maybe he can tell just what's safe and what's not? No matter, he is someone to behold.

5 She Is Nurturing Towards Other Kids

Ever see a little toddler girl behaving kindly towards her sister or friends at daycare? She goes beyond the call of duty and checks up on friends who are sick. If injured, she sits with the friend and offers comfort. At home, this kind of child is right up beside Mom the second someone gets hurt to offer her help. She is constantly on the lookout for children who need her - underdogs who don’t always know how to defend themselves. Kids who don't talk as well also rely on this type of child to make their wishes better known. And teachers and Moms tend to love and rely on this type of character to help them if they need support and help for other children.

She is like a little Mother Teresa and believes herself from a young age to be ministering to others in a special way. She not only doesn't mind, but this is where she shines. This is also an example of an angel child. And there are many boys like this too.

4 He Wants To Be Mommy’s Helper Around The House

What about the little boy that helps his Mom around the house with chores, and not only when he's asked? Some toddlers (yes, even boys), love to be Mommy’s little helper. They will do everything from taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them in the basket, drying dishes, cleaning up counters after baking, and sweeping the floor. They love to feel needed, and love order, neatness and organization.

And if a Mom has a house that is disorderly, a child like this is a great gift. He will help Mom organize and clean which is good for the whole family, while Mom teaches him about important life lessons and how important everyday life skills are to one’s independence. The younger he gets used to doing and helping with chores, the easier it will be when he's an adult. That's when his angel character will serve him the best. Who wouldn’t want him for a roommate?

3 She Is The Peacemaker In The Family 

Similar to the kind child on the playground, this angelic child’s persona comes out at home as she becomes the peacemaker to her siblings’ fights. Even in a toddler or very young child, a Mom will notice these babies aren’t happy unless their siblings are getting along and Mom is not yelling either. They'll crawl or walk over and put themselves in the crossfire of the disagreement to try and stop it.

Parents appreciate this angelic presence as a child like this teaches her siblings how to get along, how important peace and family is, and helps cut down on fights and blow ups. This sets the tone for the adults in the house as well, and these children are given the positive label of “old soul” to describe how much they seems to understand from such a young age. When they impart this wisdom to the rest of us, it's beautiful and leaves us with much hope and love.

2  She's Interested In Having Moral Discussions

The child who is very interested in religious and moral issues asks a lot of God questions. Or she's interested and reads a lot of holy books and stories, all to figure out what makes the world function the way it does. This is definitively a child that is curious about spirituality and spiritual dimensions, as well as what their place is in the world. There's always something uniquely pure in thought and mind about a child that questions the material world and is concerned about all living things.

Often times she will ask hard questions, but it's important for her to get it all figured out so she can make up her mind where she fits in it. This child could grow up to be a religious researcher, a nun, a minister or anything else in a religious capacity. She also gets complex things. As a baby, nature fascinates her more than toys in most cases.

1 He Was Born Near Christmas (Need We Say More)

Ok maybe this is silly, but most Moms would say their child born at Christmas is angelic due to the time of year he came into the world. Strangely enough, many December babies are givers, not takers, and are happy easy going babies who get along great with the rest of the world. Could it be due to the fact they get two sets of presents, one on their birthday and one on Christmas Day? Who knows, but they are definitively in the angelic realm as the universe had them come in the world at a particular time of the year when most religions and cultures celebrate gift giving, love and helping others.

Many Moms name their little treasures like David, Christian, Michael etc. to mark their entry into the world at a certain point in time. The important thing Mom can stress to their child is that the holidays are a time of celebration and giving, and make sure they don't become materialistic in their ways of seeing the world.

So there are just some examples of signs you know the kid is an angel. There are many more, but one gets the idea. These children are attached to things that last, and they form strong bonds with those around them. It's beautiful to see, and most Moms lives are transformed even more intensely with babies like this in their lives.

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