15 Signs You Are Ready For Baby #2

The first time a woman plans for her first pregnancy, if it is indeed planned for, it can get a little overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary because everything is brand new. First-time mom’s don’t know exactly what to expect no matter how much time and effort they put into researching pregnancy, birth, and what to expect when expecting. For first-time moms, it doesn’t even really matter how many other experienced moms wind up on speed dial because everyone’s experience is different. After the first time, everything seems to come so naturally.

So how is one to know when it is time to start considering expanding the family? There are so many things to think of when it comes to adding an additional member to the family. Is it financially viable? Will it bankrupt the household? Will it cause sibling rivalry? In this day and age, though, is anyone ever really ready for another baby? It’s best to look at things from the bigger picture and go from there. When it comes to financial burdens, no one is ever really ready. Moms have to look at all the signs and add them to together to see if the timing is right, and if things all add up, then it’s time to start planning for baby number two.

15 You Find Yourself Wanting To Babysit More Often

When moms bring their first born home, they usually don’t end up with much free time for quite a while. They are always busy with feedings, diaper changes, bath time, and everything else that comes along with bringing home a newborn. Babies grow up and change. The older they get, the less time consuming they become. As babies grow, their needs will change. They will switch from bottles to soft food, to regular food. Moms will feel the need to check on them less and less. They will switch from crawling to walking, and then to running.

If a mom starts to notice that her little one is growing older and isn’t satisfying her baby requirements anymore and that she’s starting to tell her friends, and even people she hardly knows, that she will babysit their little ones more often, than maybe it’s time to start planning for baby number two.

14 The First Born Is No Longer In Diapers

With some moms, when they have their first child, they enjoy the time they have when it comes to changing diapers because they see it as a way to bond with their baby. The way some moms see it, their first born is still considered a baby as long as they are still wearing diapers. Once their first born is potty trained, they are no longer considered a baby. Unfortunately, babies don’t stay itty bitty forever.

Once moms realize that their first born baby has grown to the level of a toddler and is now using the grown up potty and if they miss that one-on-one bonding time to an extreme, maybe it is a sign that they are ready to start thinking about having baby number two.

13 You Get Excited When You See Other Babies

Sometimes it’s enough of a sign to tell if it’s the right timing to have baby number two when being around other babies brings lots of excitement, joy, and happiness. Women can sense within themselves when the timing may be right to add an addition to the family. Some women will hate to be around babies, while others will want to be surrounded by them.

When a mom is thinking about extending her family, she should try to sense what her maternal instincts are trying to tell her. Are they telling her to steer clear of the little ones? Or, are they telling her to be near them more and more? If she finds herself drawn to them, she should take that as a sign to grow her family and try for baby number two.

12 You Find Yourself Browsing The Baby Aisles

When moms have their first baby, they often get sick of shopping in the baby aisle. They get sick of buying the diapers, the receiving blankets, the bibs, pacifiers, and everything else that comes along with caring for a new baby. However, as they grow older, moms start to miss the cute and tiny items. They miss how cute the little shoes looked on their baby’s tiny feet. Without realizing it, they find themselves pacing up and down those same aisles once again.

They start looking at the diapers, the bottles, the blankets, and all the other cute little items again and start to get a longing for what they once had. If moms find themselves taking this familiar trip then maybe they should start taking it as a sign that they might be ready for baby number two.

11 Discussed Expanding Family

After parents have their first child they will sometimes see where they want to go from there. They usually decide whether or not they want to wait until their first born gets older before having another baby, or even if they want to have another baby at all. They will decide, together, as a family if they will be able to handle more than one child. Sometimes life just happens, and the decision to have another baby gets decided for them by fate. Other times, parents will take precautions and make the decision together.

If after being discussed, both parents agree that timing is right and everything is on order then take that as a good sign that it’s more than the perfect timing to get ready to have baby number two.

10 First Born Seems A Little Bored 

Some parents know from the beginning that they want their first born to have a sibling right from the start. Other parents make the decision along the way. It can be good for kids to have someone that they can grow up with and relate to on a very close and personal level, someone who will understand them more than anyone else ever could. At one point, maybe a parent thought they only wanted one child, and then saw other families playing together and decided that they wanted that for their child too.

Whatever the reason, if all of a sudden, parents find themselves dreaming about wanting their first born to have a permanent playmate than it’s the perfect time to get ready for by number two.

9 Started Budgeting For A Baby

When women become first-time moms, they seem to also become budgeting geniuses as well. They also might know, before they even have their first baby, whether or not they want to have more than one kid. It’s hard to save money with a new baby because they are so expensive. Between buying diapers and formula for some moms, babies also happen to grow super quick, so they require new clothes very frequently which can become quite costly.

If a new baby is already being budgeted for, there is a very big possibility that it is almost time to start expanding the family. If parents set a certain goal for themselves, say to save ten thousand dollars, and that goal is met then that family is definitely ready to for baby number two.

8 You Love Watching Baby Shows 

There is just something about seeing babies on TV that can make moms yearn for the days when their first born child was just a tiny newborn. Just being able to hold them and shush them to sleep in their arms was enough to make their hearts melt. Moms can sit there all day and binge watch shows about labor and delivery and thinks back fondly to the first time she got to hold her son or daughter while forgetting about the tremendous amount of pain that she was in.

If a mom catches herself strolling down memory lane and reminiscing about a time before her toddler learned the word no, and now she so desperately wants those days back, then that mom may be ready for baby number two.

7 You Feel The First Born Is Too Old

Some moms don’t want to see their baby grow up. They wish they could stay tiny and adorable for the rest of their lives. Not to mention, when they are a baby they aren’t old enough to talk back yet and yell the word no repeatedly. Let’s face it; kids grow up way too fast. One day they are being brought home from the hospital after just being born, and the next thing you know they are off to college and paying their own taxes.

If a parent that longs for those sleepless nights, late night feedings, and feels that their first born has gotten to the age where they don’t need their parents as much anymore, then you may be ready to start working on baby number two. Some women crave that time when a baby is totally reliant on them and thrive off of that.

6 You Miss Being Pregnant

Some women loathe the feeling of being pregnant because they can’t get over the morning sickness, the aches and pains, the big belly, and all the other uncomfortable feelings that get associated with pregnancy. While other women love the feeling of being pregnant and creating new life, they feel like they are glowing and are positively radiant.

If a woman decides that pregnancy is her thing, and she is getting excited over just the thought of feeling a baby flutter around inside of her tummy again and that she is in the right place to be able to bring another child into this world, then she is more than ready for baby number two.

5 Excitement Over Baby Showers

Baby showers can be fun at times, but when a woman starts to get overly excited at them then she most likely has baby fever. She may start to wonder about what she may get as gifts if it were her shower instead, and what games she may host. She may even be planning out her guest list in advance. Maybe her firstborn is starting to get a little older now, and she is just very excitable about all the new things available to moms these days.

If situations start to play out like this for a mom, and she begins to fantasize about what her own baby shower will look like, then she is ready to start planning for baby number two.

4 Actually Buying Baby Items

It’s one thing to browse the baby aisle, but a whole different situation to actually be buying baby items. If a woman is already purchasing items for a baby, it is pretty evident that she is clearly thinking about having another baby. It is even possible that she has already made her mind up about having another baby. It is said that shopping for a baby during early pregnancy is a sign of bad luck. So what does it mean when a woman shop for a pregnancy that hasn’t even happened yet?

Hopefully, if a mom is already shopping for baby items she is buying gender neutral colors, this way no matter what the gender of the possible baby is, it won’t go to waste. If this is the case then a mom like this is ready for baby number two.

3 Stopping Birth Control

If a couple has had the conversation about whether or not to stop using birth control this could decipher whether or not they are going to be adding to their family. It’s a big decision to make, and it shouldn’t be something they rush into. It also shouldn’t be a decision that one person makes without telling the other because then that would be like entrapment.

However, if a couple decides together that going off of birth control would be an okay thing to do, then the timing would be right to start trying for baby number two. The couple doesn’t even fully have to decide right away if they want to go right into trying to conceive. They could try to let it happen naturally. One of those, if it happens, it happens type of things until they are truly ready to make a decision.

2 Playing Around With Names

When names start to catch a mom’s attention out of nowhere, she may just be thinking about naming something. With moms it could be anything, from trying to name their car to trying to name their child’s favorite toy. But when moms start playing with human names, they just might have a baby on the brain. If a mom would ask her partner what they thought of a certain girl’s name or boy’s name, they may just want to pay attention because that name may just pop up again in the future.

If this situation sounds familiar to any parents, then this may just be a sign that it’s a good time to start working towards baby number two. At least at this point, if this situation describes anyone, they are already a few steps ahead of everyone else due to the fact that they already have their baby’s name picked out and ready for use.

1 Considering Moving To Make Room

If, as a family, a couple decides that it may be time to start looking for a bigger place to move to, that is a sign that changes may be coming for that family. Usually, when family’s move to make room, it is because they are adding an additional member to the family, or are considering adding an additional member to the family. It is always a good idea to check out places that have enough space for an expanding family before that expansion actually happens.

There is nothing worse than trying to cram everyone in tight living quarters, especially if there are little kids running around. As a family, if moving to new locations to be able to create a bigger living environment, then you are more than ready for baby number two.

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