15 Signs You're Ready for Another Baby

Although some women love watching their children grow, it is bitter sweet. When little one(s) are walking, talking and may even be well into their grade school careers, some women can’t help but wonder where their little ones went and how time has passed so quickly.

While mothers love the independence that comes with having older children, they also long for the gentle pressure of holding a newborn on their chest, or wish that they could rock a baby to sleep again. Let’s face it, there is something just so endearing and heart-warming about a little baby. The coo’s, the giggles, the toothless smiles… babies just bring so much joy to life.

As mothers wipe a tear away from their eyes while they’re thinking about the days when their children were babies, someone passes them on the street, pushing a newborn, or they meet someone in the grocery store who is carrying her baby on her chest. It can make some women feel a little pang in their ovaries and a tug on their heart, and they find themselves wondering if they are ready to have another baby.

To top it all off, women who visit friends in the hospital after giving birth might hold that sweet baby and find themselves lost when they breathe in the sweetness of that newborn baby smell. Now their ovaries are really starting to ache, and they're convinced that it is time to have another baby.

Here are 15 signs that indicate, YES, you are ready to have another baby!

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16 Crying When You See Baby Items

For me, I knew that I was ready to have another baby when my husband asked if I wanted to donate my eldest son’s baby gear. The swing, the bouncer, the highchair, the tiny little clothes that his tiny little tooshie used to fit into…

I knew I was ready for another one when I didn’t even stop to think about saying, “Are you kidding me?!? We can’t get rid of that stuff!”

Sure, part of me didn’t want to get rid of his baby stuff because I was attached to it; but even more so, I didn’t want to get rid of it because I knew that I truly and completely wanted to have another baby. Why get rid of all of the baby stuff we already had if we were going to have another little one, right?

15 Wish That Baby You Held Was Yours

If you have recently held a baby and you had a hard time letting go, then yep, you might be ready to have another one.

I remember cuddling my little newborn nephews just minutes after he was born. I got teary eyed, and not just because there was a new member in our family and I was overjoyed for my sister; but because I really wished that he was mine.

I mean, I didn’t want to take the baby from her or anything, but I wanted to have my own little baby again. I wanted to experience that wonderful feeling of holding a newborn on my chest while he slept, hear him breathing in my ear and play with his little fingers and toes.

When my sister had her baby, that really sealed the deal for me: I was ready to have my second.

If you have recently held a baby and you wished that it was yours, you are definitely ready to start trying!

14 You’re Watching Baby Television Shows

There are reality TV shows about everything nowadays, including having babies. TLC has a really popular baby “reality” show called “A Baby Story,” for example.

If you are watching shows like this non-stop and you are envisioning that it is you walking around with that baby bump, in that hospital bed, and then holding that little newborn baby, then you know you are definitely all systems go for another little one! Watching other people have babies and longing to have one of your own is a sure-fire sign that a new baby is something that you want for your family.

13 You’re Budgeting for Another Baby


You’ve analyzed your finances and as far as you can tell, everything adds up and you can afford another baby.

When drawing up your family budget, you have left room for things like diapers, formula, bottles, daycare and everything else that another baby will require, and you not only see that you can manage it, but you are excited as all get out that you can not only afford it, but that you are actually thinking about it!

Babies are a big financial responsibility, and though finances shouldn’t be the only consideration that determines whether or not you are ready for another one, if your finances are in order and you thinking that you can comfortably accommodate those financial needs, then you guessed it; you’re ready to start trying for another one!

12 Want Your Older Child to Have a Sibling

You watch your older child play with smaller kids at the playground, or you see her interact with her baby cousin and your heart just melts.

You can’t help but wonder what an amazing older sister she would be; how much fun she would have if she had a sister, and how much fun her future sibling would have being her younger brother or sister. Then, to top that off, your older child comes to you and says, “Mommy, when are we going to have a baby?”

Gah! Not only is the cuteness and the love making you melt into a pool of goo, but it is also making you realize that yes, have indeed reached the point where you are ready to plan for your second!

11 You Browse the Baby Department

When you are shopping at your local department store for clothing, home goods, or even just trash bags, do you find yourself wandering over to the baby department? Do you look, longingly, at all of the baby items; the clothing, the shoes, the bottles, the cribs, the bibs and every other piece of baby gear?

Do you envision what your future child might look like wearing that cute little dress, or that dapper little collared shirt? Do you think to yourself, “If I were to make a baby registry, I would definitely include these things on it!”

Well, my friend, if any of this applies to you, then another baby is definitely something you want for your future. Talk to your partner and start making some plans!

10 You Get Excited at Baby Showers

Perhaps a little too excited? I mean, yes, everyone gets a bit excited at baby showers. They are so overjoyed for the mother-to-be and they can’t wait to meet the little one who will soon be coming into the world.

But, what I am talking about is not just excitement for the future mama and her future baby; what you get excited about at a baby shower is thinking about the possibility of being at your own baby shower in the future. And then, while you’re at the shower, you start thinking about how yours won’t be a full-blown shower, because you’ve already had one for your first baby; no, you’ll have a sprinkle.

Yes, a sprinkle. Where your family and friends will sprinkle you with gifts, trinkets and love for the baby that you will be having… and then you snap back to reality and remember that you aren’t pregnant right now.

Well, maybe it’s time for you to start trying to have another one!

9 You Stay on Top of Baby Trends

Just like everything else in the world, baby trends are constantly evolving. New products are introduced on what seems like a constant basis. That state-of-the-art car seat you had for your first born just two years ago seems like an archaic relic compared to the car seats that are on the market today.

While you’re keeping tabs on the latest baby trends, you can’t help but wonder which items you would get and which ones you would skip. You also wonder which items you would use with your second baby that you used with your first baby.

All of this planning and wondering and keeping tabs on the latest baby product trends is a definite sign that a baby is something you are longing for.

8 You’re Thinking About Baby Names

While you are in a meeting at work, you are doodling baby names on the back of you notepad instead of jotting down notes from the meeting. Your ears perk up whenever you hear a name that you think would fit a child of yours perfectly. You start thinking about creative ways to spell classic baby names, or what type of names from the natural world would actually work as a name for a child.

You pick out a middle name that goes perfectly with the first name you have picked out, and they both go so well with your last name! And, what’s even cooler is the fact that the initials are totally awesome! And, the name completely ties in with the names of the rest of your family!

Heck, you have even marked names in magazines and baby name books that you like!

There are absolutely signs that you are ready to have another baby!

7 Still Listen to Parenting Advice for New Parents

A few of your friends just had babies, and instead of taking center stage and offering them advice, you are listening to what they are saying and jotting it down in the back of their minds.

You wonder why you didn’t think of a certain technique that your best friend is using to calm her baby down when there just doesn’t seem to be a reason for her crying, and you think to yourself that you are so totally going to use that technique in the future….

And then you say to yourself, “Did I just think that?” Yes, you did!

When you are taking advice from new parents and thinking it’s something you would totally use with your own baby in the future – but your current baby is now a toddler or in grade school – you are ready to have another bun in your oven!

6 Thinking About Going Off Birth Control

You have thought about it in the past, but you didn’t want to have an ‘accident,’ and now you’re really thinking about going off of your birth control, and you really wouldn’t mind if a happy little ‘accident’ occurred. In fact, if you went off your birth control and found out that you were pregnant, it would be the best news you could ever find out!

Thinking about going off of your birth control is a HUGE sign that you are ready to start trying to have another one! In fact, it’s probably the biggest sign that you are beyond ready! Good for you!

5 Feel Like Your Family Is Incomplete

You love your happy little family. You are so content with your partner and your other children, but you just can’t help but feel like there is something missing. You look at your family photos and it seems like it would just be more complete with another baby in your family.

Yes, a baby certainly makes you feel more complete. A baby fills a spot in your heart that you didn’t even know was missing until he or she arrives; however, if you are feeling like a spot in your heart isn’t complete, and that baby isn’t here yet, then I am happy to tell you, you are ready to start trying to have another one!

4 Making Space for the Another Baby


You are pondering the idea of having another baby, but you are a little concerned because of space issues. Where are you going to put another baby?

And then it hits you: If you rearrange the living room, you could put the swing in the corner where the couch used to be, and if you clean out the office, you could easily turn it into a bedroom for a new baby. Where are you going to put your computer and your files, though? Hey, how about turning that unused space under your basement stairs into a makeshift office. Yes! That could definitely work!

You have completely analyzed the square footage in your house and taken measurements of your furniture, and you have come up with a solid plan to make room for another baby. And you know what? – Not only will you have enough space, but you will have more than enough space! That’s it! Bring on baby #2… or #3, or #4…

3 Looked into Discounts at Daycare

Your first child is in daycare and you love it! And now you are wondering how much it would cost if you were to have another baby and sent him to that same daycare, too.

Sure, daycare is expensive, but you have one child in the daycare you are currently using, and child care facilities often offer multi-child discounts. So… you inquire about the pricing with the direct, just in case you end up having another baby and you need to have daycare for that little bean, too.

2 Are You Ever REALLY Ready?

Yes, you have been thinking about having another baby for a while. You have considered all of the things that are involved with having another baby, and then you think to yourself… Are you ever really ready to have another baby? Were you really ready to have your first, second, third or however many other children you had?

You know what? You’re right! You are never really ready to have a baby, no matter how many children you already have. And then you think to yourself, well, why am I going to keep on wondering if I am ready if there is no way to know that you are really ever going to be ready… And then think to yourself, if I am wondering if I am ready, and then wondering if I am ever really going to be ready, then you must be ready to have another one.

1 Had the “Talk” with Your Partner

The #1 tell tale sign that you are ready to have a baby when you speak with your partner about having another baby.

Thinking about having another baby and actually talking to your partner about having another baby are two totally different things. And, if he or she is completely receptive to the idea, then you know what? You are definitely ready to have another baby! Get ready to start trying and to start planning on having another baby! Yay!!

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