15 Simple Life Hacks Every Expectant Woman Should Use

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful times in a woman’s life, but let’s be honest, it can also be one of the most tedious times. That rapidly expanding belly, those aches and pains, the heartburn, the snug clothing, the inability to bend down without feeling like she's going to fall over…

Yes, pregnancy is certainly joyous, but it also presents a ton of challenges. The side effects of pregnancy are many, and they can be experienced soon after taking a positive pregnancy test and last right on up until D-day (delivery day.)

Fortunately, there are some ways that expectant moms can make the trials and tribulations that they experience a little bit easier, and thus make their pregnancy all the more comfortable and enjoyable.

From easing morning sickness to saving money on clothing, there are so many hacks that will make pregnancy much easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. After searching the web for some pregnancy tips and tricks, many an expectant mama will find that there are literally dozens of things that they can do to make their pregnancies a little bit easier.

Well, we’ve sifted through all of the hacks out there, have even tried some ourselves (I swear by Epsom salt for curing restless leg syndrome!) and have compiled a list of 15 hacks that will make the next 9 months of any expectant mama’s life a lot easier and way more enjoyable!

Get ready to be have some of the biggest pregnancy woes eased with some totally simple, and super effective hacks!

15 Ask For A Handicap Pass

Waddling from the parking lot to a store, and then back from the store to the car is a real problem for many pregnant women. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it can also be painful.

Believe it or not, some states actually issue temporary disability parking passes for pregnant women. For mamas who are interested in getting one of these passes, they should speak to their doctor and get a note that says a temporary disability parking pass would be beneficial and should be issued. The mama can then take the note from her doctor to her local DMV and see if she is able to have a pass issued.

If the pass is issued, it will allow the expectant mom to park in handicapped parking spaces, which are located much closer to entrances so that she doesn’t have to make a huge trek every time she goes out.

14 Consider Having Groceries Delivered

As that baby bump grows bigger and bigger, getting around becomes harder and harder. While expectant mamas can certainly try to get a temporary disability parking pass, there are some tasks that they can avoid doing all together.

Grocery shopping is one of those tasks.

Nowadays, many grocery store chains are offering delivery services. What better time to take advantage of this service than when a mama is 9 months pregnant and has to waddle to get everywhere?

Having groceries delivered is actually pretty simple. Just call up a local supermarket that offers the service and place your order. Or, better yet, place the order online. Employees at the store will grab everything on the list and deliver it to the front door! They may even take the goods into the kitchen! Now, this is an ingenious way to eliminate unnecessary aches and pains when a mama is super pregnant.

13 Stock Up On Hair Ties

Are those pre-pregnancy pants getting a little snug around the waist? Many moms run out and start stocking up on maternity clothing when they can’t button their jeans, but those maternity clothes, albeit cute, can get pretty pricy. Plus, because they are only worn for such a short period of time, what’s the point of spending tons of money on a brand new wardrobe that isn’t going to last you?

Instead of dropping tons of money on that maternity attire, grab some hair ties! That’s right, hair ties! When the belly bump starts to pop and those pants start getting difficult to buckle, use a hair tie!

Simply loop a hair tie or a rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants or jeans, and then hook the loop onto the button. Voila! – Now mama can wear the jeans and pants she currently owns a little longer and save herself some cash!

12 Sleep On An Inner Tube

Every pregnant mama says that sleeping becomes a real issue. As their bellies grow, getting into a comfortable sleeping position can become pretty difficult. Of course, sleep issues come at a time when expectant moms should really be stocking up on as much sleep as they possibly can – before their little sleep depriving cherubs arrive.

For women who are most comfortable sleeping on their stomachs, pregnancy can really make it virtually impossible to get comfortable. Sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on the baby, which can be downright dangerous, not to mention the fact that sleeping on a beach ball is pretty darn uncomfortable.

When that beach ball belly gets in the way, grab an inflatable inner tube! The hole in the middle of the inner tube fits that pregnant belly nicely, and the inflated circumference provides a cushy surrounding that is safe for baby and comfortable for mama.

11 Keep A Journal

From as early as the first few weeks into the first trimester, pregnant mamas may start to realize that they are going to need some help over the next 9 months. As the pregnancy progresses, the need for help is going to become even more evident.

While the expectant mama may have tons of people who are willing to help, she may have difficulty recalling exactly what it is that she needs help with when someone asks. And, as luck would have it, she will quickly remember what she needed help with as soon as she is alone and is facing the situation that she needs help with.

To make sure that help can be given when it is needed, pregnant mamas, here is a hack that is going to come in so useful, write it down!

Grab a journal and title it “Pregnancy Help List.” On the pages inside the journal, jot down all of the things that you could use help with. When someone asks if they can do anything to help you, grab the journal and share the requests you jotted down. Genius!

10 Sport A “Hands Off” Shirt

There’s just something about a pregnant belly that makes people want to get all, well, handsy.

For some reason, complete and total strangers think that because a woman is pregnant, they have unwritten permission to touch her belly. For many moms, written permission is required to touch their bellies. However, they just can’t seem to avoid the awkward moment in the grocery store when an older woman comes up and starts putting her hands all over the belly. Some moms may be perfectly OK, with this, but a lot aren’t.

For soon-to-be moms who are in the latter group, they may be inclined to slap the hand of the total stranger who is pawing at their bellies, but instead of risking having the belly touched at all, mamas can make it clear that they have a no-touch policy by wearing a “hands off” shirt.

Believe it or not, many retailers make these shirts, or mama can make her own with an iron-on transfer or some fabric paint.

9 Make Prenatal Appointments More Convenient

Prenatal appointments are such an important part of ensuring the health and well-being of both the baby and the mama. Getting to those appointments can be pretty inconvenient at times.

Flipping through calendars at every prenatal visit to see when the best date is to schedule the next prenatal appointment can be stressful. Too many times, pregnant women become overwhelmed and end up picking the first date that their doctor has available, only to find that the date the appointment is scheduled isn’t at all convenient.

Instead of getting stressed out and having to readjust schedule and reschedule appointments, here’s a useful pregnancy hack, schedule all of those prenatal appointments in one shot!

At that very first appointment with the OBGYN, moms-to-be can save a lot of hassle, headaches and stress by scheduling all of their appointments – right up to their due date! Doing so will allow the expectant mama to pick the dates and times that are most convenient for her. Talk about a time saver and a stress reliever!

8 Make DIY Belly Bands

Maternity pants are great! They provide tons of space for that growing belly, and those elastic waistbands are so comfortable. However, there is one particular, slightly embarrassing, downside of maternity pants, they tend to slide down.

Pregnant mamas can attest that they spend a lot of time pulling up their pants because the elastic waist of their maternity pants is peeking out below their shirts.

Here’s a simple, yet totally effective way to combat maternity pants slippage: Make a belly band!

Grab a tank top and cut the arm holes off with a pair of scissors. Once cut, step into the tank top and pull it up around the waist. Voila! – Added support to keep those maternity pants up, and, if they do start to slip, the tank top will be showing, not the waist of the pants. These DIY belly bands create a totally trendy layered look while providing comfort and security.

7 Get Creative With Hydration

Proper hydration is important for everyone, but it’s particularly important for expectant moms. The fluids mama ingests support the baby, and of course, she needs fluids to stay healthy for herself.

Though staying hydrated is so important during pregnancy, drinking nothing but water for 9 months can get pretty, well, boring. In order to ensure that she and her baby are getting the necessary fluids, pregnant moms should get creative with the way they get their fluids.

Many doctors recommend drinking milk, as it not only ups calcium intake (which is also super important,) but also provides vital fluids. There are also some other pretty clever ways that mamas can ensure they are getting the fluids they need. Make ice pops out of natural fruit juice, make ice cubes out of natural fruit juice and use them to chill drinks or suck on them, eat water-dense fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe.

These clever hacks will keep mama and baby in good health, and aren’t as boring as drinking straight water for 9 months.

6 Kiss RLS Away With Epsom Salt

There are several undesirable side effects of pregnancy, but for me, one stands out the most, restless leg syndrome (RLS.)

When I was pregnant with my second son, RLS crept in like an unwanted guest who squats on your living room couch and just won’t go away. Out of both of my pregnancies, RLS was the worst symptom I experienced, by far! I felt like I had pins and needled and spiders crawling up and down my shins. I had this uncontrollable urge to move my legs, and it got worse whenever I would try to relax… and even worse when I tried to sleep.

The constant creepy crawlies coupled with the inability to sleep made me a very, very unhappy camper.

And then I discovered Epsom salt. You know, that big box of salt your grandparents kept underneath their bathroom sink (at least mine always did.) I massaged the salt into my legs and rinsed them with lukewarm water, and I felt the results almost instantly! Needless to say, Epsom salt became my new best friend.

5 Ginger Is The Cure For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be a real drag. It can come on at any time of the day (why do they call it ‘morning’ sickness anyway?) can make it virtually impossible for an expectant mama to keep anything down and can make her spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Fortunately, there are some ways to relieve morning sickness, and for many expectant mamas, ginger seems to be the cure-all. Ginger helps to settle the stomach, which makes the feeling of nausea subside. Some women say that ginger actually allowed them to eat again, and keep their food down!

To ease the morning sickness, try ingesting ginger in a variety of ways. Drink ginger ale, try ginger cookies, grind ginger root andput it in a class of ice water with some peppermint, or brew it into a tea and drink it. This refreshing and mild spice has been known to work miracles.

4 Alleviate Pain With An Ace Bandage

As the stomach expands, aches and pains are bound to set in. Most pregnant women experience pain in their lower backs at some point in their pregnancy, and that pain usually starts to kick in toward the end of the second trimester and can last right on through to delivery.

It’s easy to understand why back pain is a problem that many pregnant women experience. As the belly grows and becomes heavier, it puts more stress on the back, which leads to aches and pains. Supporting the weight of the stomach can actually help to alleviate the pain.

When I was pregnant with my second son, backs aches were brutal (not as brutal as RLS, but brutal, nonetheless.) My doctor recommended purchasing a support belt. However, those suckers can be pricey! Instead, I wrapped an ace bandage under my belly, and it really worked wonders! Of course, I made sure that it wasn’t too tight, and it sat just underneath my stomach to give me the added support that I needed. With that and one of my DIY belly bands, I was good to go!

3 Download Pregnancy Books

Expectant moms like to educate themselves about what they can expect during their pregnancy; and who can blame them! Their bodies go through so many changes, so it’s no wonder they want to know what’s going to happen, or what a certain symptom could be related to.

Reading up on pregnancy-related literature can make the 9 months of pregnancy more enjoyable and a lot easier, but all of those books can get pricey. Of course, the expectant mom can visit her local library and take out a copy of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ but she’ll have to renew it. And, if she misplaces it, she’ll have to replace it.

Thanks to digital downloads, reading up on pregnancy-related literature has never been easier. Mamas can purchase a copy of an eBook and download it to their favorite devices. They’ll have all of the information they need right in the palm of their hand, and there’s no need to worry about lugging around heavy books or incurring late fees.

2 Trade In Heels For Flats

A woman’s body goes through so many changes when she is pregnant, including her feet.

During pregnancy, feet can swell and they can even get bigger! The horror!

Fluid retention and the added stress of the extra weight her body is supporting can make an expectant mama’s feet balloon, or at least get a little bigger. For many mamas, wearing heels is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. Given the fact that the center of gravity is totally shifted during pregnancy, it can make even the most skilled heel wearer wobble and stumble.

To avoid being uncomfortable and potentially falling, expectant mamas should trade in their heels for flats. They’re way more comfortable and provide better stability. There are tons of great styles, so even the biggest shoe fanatic will be able to find flats that will suit her style.

1 Stock Up On Nursing Bras

The waistline isn’t the only thing that expands on a pregnant woman! Her chest expands, too. For many women, the breasts will start to get bigger as early as the first trimester! And they’ll continue to grow as her pregnancy progresses.

As the chest starts to get bigger, an expectant mama’s bra usually starts to feel tight and restricting. Not to mention uncomfortable. To accommodate her bigger girls and get some much-needed comfort, she’s naturally going to want to get some new bras.

Instead of buying a bigger-sized traditional bra, a better idea is to buy some nursing bras. It’s a wise investment because she’s going to need them when she delivers the baby, so why not purchase them when her girls start growing when she’s pregnant? To get the right fit, getting measured is highly recommended. With a new supply of nursing bras, she’ll have one less thing to worry about when the baby arrives.

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