15 Simple Pleasures Only Moms Understand

Mommyhood is bliss. It truly is. Between the adorable smiles, cuddles, and unconditional love, there's so much to cherish. Every day is a unique adventure, full of learning, growing, and tightening the bond that is simply unique to a mother and child. It's magical, and it makes for the most fulfilling and rewarding job possible.

That said, we think we should also mention the drool, spit up, poop, teething, tantrums, clutter, sleep deprivation, and countless other unmentionable aspects of raising tiny humans so as to not be misleading. After all, with every incredible opportunity comes some unfavorable moments, right? Ultimately, it doesn't detract from the beauty of the journey; it just makes appreciating the simple pleasures in life that much easier.

So, just what is a simple pleasure? For the sake of this discussion, they're simple activities that the rest of the general public most likely enjoy on a daily basis without a second thought. It might be as mundane as pouring a cup of coffee without grabby hands pulling on one's pant legs in an attempt to stand. Simple pleasures might also be moments in time that are so rare to a mom, she stops herself and thinks, "Why don't I do this more often?" Because the baby in her care won't allow it, that's why. Now, we're not saying that kids should take over and rule the roost by any means; discipline and structure is also key, but they do have a tendency to monopolize the time and energy of their caregivers. That's exactly why what follows is a list of 15 simple pleasures that only mom will understand:

15 A Day Without Spit Up

Once a woman becomes a mom, she immediately undergoes a desensitization process to anything she may have once considered yucky. Almost immediately, she'll understand why burp cloths and changes of clothes are necessary when dealing with newborns. They tend to spit up often and occasionally in volume. If mom previously considered herself adverse to spit up, there won't be much time to adjust to the fact that she's now one with it. In fact, a lot of the time, she'll be wearing it and simultaneously be too tired to care.

Within a few months, though, the tendency will fade as baby's stomach and digestive system mature. And then, something miraculous will happen. Baby will go a day without spitting up at all, or mom will be so aware of her child, that she'll accurately predict the timing of any potential episodes, and she'll have herself covered. Either way, it's a small victory, and a simple pleasure only mom will understand.

14 Eating A Meal In One Sitting

Babies have a hidden talent which they strengthen from birth with every opportunity. This ability involves knowing, even while in deep sleep, when their mothers are about to attempt eating a warm meal of any kind. They see this scenario as the perfect time to wail uncontrollably in an attempt to strengthen their vocal cords, run maniacally around the house if already mobile, or otherwise cause commotion mom must monitor. All of this means that a woman rarely gets the chance to sit at the table and enjoy her food while its still hot.

Instead, she often has to reheat her food multiple times, or literally eat it while on the move around the house. So, a mom will seriously appreciate the simple pleasure of a meal without kids, where she can eat and hold a dinner conversation that doesn't include requests to stop throwing food on the floor. It's a simple but profound pleasure, and she'll cherish it for many hectic nights to come.

13 Simply Opening Cabinets

Child-proofing becomes a necessity the minute a baby demonstrates the ability to be mobile in any way. Many parents will be proactive in securing cabinets, which may contain dangerous liquids or materials, by installing magnetic locks or zips of some kind. Due to this, there's usually a bit of frustration for mom and dad as they adjust to the extra steps and time involved in getting into said cupboards and drawers. In reality, it only takes a few weeks to adapt to the increased security measures, but when the phase of curious exploration passes for baby, and the locks come off, the difference is seriously appreciated!

Considering parents are often multi-tasking, and attempting to do multiple things with only one hand since they've got a baby in the other, the struggle to open locked cabinets is real. Due to this, the simple pleasure of instantly opening a cabinet with one hand is one moms will definitely understand.

12 Uncluttered Counters

Babies tend to accumulate a lot of gear. Despite parents' best intentions of keeping toys and clutter to a minimum, it just sort of happens gradually over time, until one day, mom wakes up and has trouble recognizing her house for the spacious, organized home it used to be. Everything from sippy cups, to toys, to pint-sized outfits and shoes end up littering kitchen counters.

So, when mom manages to get the mess put away, and the counters are beaming in all their uncluttered glory, the enjoyment is simply indescribable. There's a proven, mental boost to functioning in an organized space, and many women find themselves more at peace in an orderly environment versus a clutter. Now, this isn't to say there's anything wrong with a messy house, because that's just part of life with kids, but we think the simple pleasure found in bare counter tops is extra special for moms everywhere.

11 Drinking Hot Coffee

It might not be a scientific fact, but we're fairly sure that the average mom reheats her coffee approximately 4-5 times throughout the course of an average morning at home. Okay, we might be exaggerating just a bit, but children have an uncanny knack for ramping up their activity in the wee hours of the morning, when mom is most likely looking for her daily java fix.

The good news is, caffeine is just as effective served cold, so many moms won't even bat an eye at finishing a cup of lukewarm or even stone cold coffee. Hey, it does the trick. That said, if the baby decides to nap, or the kids become immersed in play and remain somewhat stationary, and mom has the chance to sip and finish a hot cup, the simple pleasure is indescribable. Chances of the same happening with a second cup... not so good.

10 Locating The Remote Control

With all of the entertaining and developmental toys a baby has to choose from, why is the TV remote control still the most exciting thing in the entire house? Yeah, we don't know either, but the fact is, that thing is a prized possession, and it can end up just about anywhere if baby gets their hands on it. Because of this phenomena, parents typically become accustomed to either hiding these random devices, or they quickly become experts at searching them out from odd places such as under the dog's bed in the other room.

So, deciding to turn on the television, and immediately locating the remote control in an obvious and prominent spot, is a simple pleasure that only moms can truly appreciate. Now, when it comes to actually getting the opportunity to watch anything on that TV that isn't geared toward toddlers, well, there's always tomorrow...

9 A Silent Car Ride

Between blaring nursery rhymes, kid's movies, and sibling rivalries, the average family car ride can take surround sound for mom to a whole other level. Add to this the idea that if mom is in the car with kids, she's generally in prep mode for something. She might be on the way to work, school, a family function, shopping, or social gathering, but she's in full mommy mode, so there's no time to relax and let the mind wander.

That's why a silent, solitary drive is one of the greatest pleasures she might experience in the course of an average day. It's when she's most likely to take a deep breath, even in traffic, and let her thoughts wander. There's something about being in the car, when there's no option or guilt about not multitasking, that allows a person to simply be in the moment and relax for a bit.

8 Slowly Leaving Bed In The Morning

Strangely enough, kids don't wait to start their day until mom has naturally awoken and begun hers. Instead, they jolt awake at a moment's notice, whether the sun has risen or is still hours from doing so, and demand the attention they adorably deserve. While moms are naturally programmed to function on less sleep than their male counterparts, perhaps as mother nature's way of ensuring survival of the species, they still appreciate the ability to sleep in once in a while. At the very least, mom will relish the chance to yawn and stretch a moment before hopping out of bed to tend to baby.

So, if a partner takes morning duty, or the kids stay at grandma and grandpa's for the night, waking naturally and lingering in bed is a simple pleasure unparalleled in the mommy universe. It's almost like winning the lottery, minus the cash.

7 Leaving Hair Down

Why do women with young children cut their hair and rock stylish mom do's? Because, babies tangle, pull, and otherwise yank those precious strands (especially the ones mom's managed to hold onto after the great postpartum shed) from mom's head as soon as they're a few weeks old. Add in the time sensitive nature of the "getting ready" process mentioned above, and it's obvious why short hair cuts, or keeping hair up is the preferred style for so many mommies. The truth of the matter is, while women typically enjoy looking styled and polished, being both functional and hygienic is also high up there on the priority list. At the risk of being spit up on, drooled on, or subjected to any other unsavory baby byproducts, many moms will opt for keeping locks secured.

So, the opportunity to style and wear her hair down is a simple pleasure mom will really enjoy. Maybe it's date night, or maybe baby has learned to limit the hair tugging, but the result will be the same... a happy mama. There's just something inherently feminine and special about leaving those locks down that will put an extra pep in mom's step.

6 A Charged Battery

Kids are particularly savvy when it comes to finagling a parent's technological devices into their own hands. It's common for parents to use children's videos online, apps for kids, or even the internet to entertain little ones on the go. Add up all this screen time, and you have high data use and a quickly fading battery. Despite how much screen time a parent chooses for their children, chances are good that they regularly face the unpleasant surprise of a dead battery if they're allowing their children use of their electronics.

That's why the absence of little fingerprints and a fully charged battery is a simple pleasure only mom can understand. It's one more piece of the daily puzzle that doesn't need solving, and she'll happily drain that battery herself, saving pictures of her little one and finishing that picture perfect scrapbook of last month's cuteness.

5 Detailed Makeup Application

Once a baby makes their grand arrival, mom will find herself adjusting and improvising to accomplish a number of tasks around the house. Instead of removing laundry from the dyer and immediately folding it, she'll find creative storage ideas (like the bassinet she never used) until she gets an opportunity to sort and fold days later. Similarly, the getting ready routine will likely undergo a massive overhaul. Instead of washing, drying, and curling hair in one go, she'll most likely wash at night, sleep on wet hair, and salvage a hairstyle the next morning.

So, when she has the chance to revisit her pre-baby makeup routine, including fine details like liquid liner or face contouring, she'll be amazed. While applying makeup can feel like a hassle for some women, the simple pleasure of being able to do so without a baby on the lap can make it feel like a truly special experience for mom.

4 Wearing A Nice Necklace

If it's shiny, it's game on! That seems to be the motto for the average baby when it comes to exploring and tugging at things around them. It makes sense. Reflective or bright jewelry is meant to draw the eye, and it's exceptionally good at accomplishing this task where little ones are concerned. This habit usually results in mom shelving her more delicate necklaces for future wear.

Since baby doesn't understand the gentleness required when handling these fine designs, it's simply not worth them giving one good tug, and either breaking the chain or causing the necklace to get lost altogether when mom doesn't notice its demise.

So, it's really quite a treat when mom steps out for the night wearing a nice necklace. It might be the added touch she needs to feel that extra boost or confidence, or it could just the sentimental aspect of her jewelry piece of choice. Regardless, jewelry is always a good thing, and this simple pleasure of donning some will be extra appreciated by mom.

3 Not Sniffing A Booty

Moms have a superpower of their own. It comes in the form of a high powered sense of smell, capable of sniffing out a dirty diaper from across the house. Unfortunately, these same moms tend to subject themselves to an actual double-check, in order to confirm their suspicions that baby has in fact gone number two by sniffing baby's bottom. After all, there's no sense in getting all the way to the changing table, and undressing babe for a false alarm.

So, it's a special day if mom goes an entire 12 hours without sniffing a butt. Whether the kids are with grandma, or mom simply doesn't suspect a full diaper, this is a unique treat reserved especially for moms of little ones. In fact, simply not smelling a dirty diaper, period, is a simple pleasure only moms will really understand. Of course, after a while, they do become sort of immune to the stink, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate a day off diaper dooty... or duty, rather.

2 A Long, Uninterrupted Shower

Finding time to shower as a mom with young children is not impossible. It's just that the opportunity generally exists between 10pm and 5am, when mom is most tired and not in the mood to linger and truly enjoy the relaxation a hot shower has to offer. Instead, she shampoos, soaps up, maybe shaves (hey, it's time consuming), and gets the rest of the process over with, so she can finish cleaning up and get to bed at a decent hour. So, when the planets align for whatever reason, and mom has the opportunity to take a shower during regular daylight hours at her own pace, the joy is overwhelming.

She might even consider using a face scrub and deep conditioning hair mask. Seriously though, something as simple as a few extra minutes to linger and relax is special, so any mom will appreciate the fact that she got squeaky clean at her own pace for once.

1 Leaving The House On The First Attempt

How many times does mom return to the house for forgotten items on any given day? Well, it just depends on her exhaustion level, the kid's attitudes, and the day of the week. If it's Soccer Tuesday, probably three. If it's Sunday, maybe twice.

So, if mom has a destination to get to solo, it might feel completely foreign to leave the house sans kids and their accompanying gear. There's no diaper bag, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, jackets, toys, or teethers to remember. There's just a purse and phone. That's not too hard.

This is why getting dressed and actually departing the home on the first attempt is a simple pleasure that only mom can really grasp. For women who are committed to providing just what their children need, the selflessness and devotion runs deep. Taking a trip out, even if it's just for a pedicure and lunch date with girlfriends, is a treat both appreciated and cherished. And, trust us, she'll be thinking of the kids the whole time. That's just how moms work.

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