15 Situations When Coffee Makes It All Better


Coffee. It is my friend and has been my friend since I hit the tender age of 9 years old and had my first sip of the tarmac sealant my father calls coffee. Seriously, the man drinks it so black that it may become a black hole and suck in an entire galaxy. But I liked it. And it got me through a lot of hard times, both in my high school years and beyond.

Coffee can perk mom up when she's tired, and give one energy when they feel down. It can lead to improved moods and can help add to the activity of the person. (Just keep in mind, for some people, coffee also acts like a laxative, so it may send some people to the bathroom after an hour.) It can do a lot of good for a healthy person who just needs a chance to destress. And as moms, our lives are stressful.

From kids running around the house fighting, to kids being sick everywhere, to dealing with messy partners, our lives can get pretty stressful, and so a cup of coffee can come in handy for all those situations where we just need a break. A long break, at a sunny place that has sandy beaches and the ocean at our feet… well, if we can’t have that, then a cup of coffee will have to do.

So grab the coffee pot or a K-cup, get the coffee brewing, sit back, and relax. Here’s 15 times that we moms desperately need our coffee.

15 When Finances Are Stressful

Who hasn’t had those times when finances were just plain hard? I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. And we’ll all make it through those hard times, but sometimes the stress of it can be overwhelming. Sitting back to try and make sense of the bills and how to make ends meet… it’s daunting for anyone.

Add kids to the mix, and there’s a recipe for stress and emotions that may come boiling over if mom isn’t careful enough.

Even when finances are hard, moms should take a moment to take care of herself. Relax in the tub, listen to music, and have a nice cup of hot, relaxing coffee. Sometimes just that moment of escape can help give clarity to a foggy moment.

And if things don’t seem to get better, just remember to look up, and breathe. Things will work out in some way, shape, or form.

14 When The Kids Get Into Stuff

Picture this. Mom falls asleep, while the kids are napping, and doesn’t hear them wake up. She’s in dream land, and all of a sudden, something tells her to get up, now! She does, and rounds the corner to see the kids in the kitchen, flour everywhere, coated head to toe in confectioners sugar and chocolate frosting.

Their reasoning? They wanted to make mommy a surprise. So getting mad at them isn’t an option as much.

That scenario there can make any saintly woman lose her cool, but even through it, mom needs to breathe. Relax. Get some energy from our favorite brown and sweet liquid and take charge. Get the kids to help pick up the mess, and things will be all right in no time.

And next time, keep the baking supplies up high, right up there with the coffee grounds. No one wants their kids into the coffee grounds. That’s sacrilege…

13 When The Kids Demolish The House

It happens every day, in houses all over the world. Mom cleans up the house, kids wreck the house. Mom makes kids clean it back up, kids wreck it again. Like Mufasa said, it’s the circle of life, and it’s not going to change. They may get old enough to pick up their messes, but they won’t stop destroying the place until they're probably around the age of 17 or so. Maybe earlier, give or take.

First off, give those kids some chores. They can clean their own room, put away their own laundry by age 5, and even help with some household chores. I personally like to give my 2 year old a baby wipe, point her at the wall that she’s colored on that I can’t get off, and tell her to scrub at it some, because she made the mess, she can help clean it.

And while the kids are pitching in with their rightful chores, mom can sit back and have a latte, and watch as it implodes all over again.

12 When Kids Are Sick

We’ve all been there before. It starts with a sniffle, a mere little dribble of clear snot. Within the week, the child is hacking up a lung. In fact, I’m there right now, my youngest feels awful. And let me say, coffee has been my best friend this morning. Between her sniffles, the extra grumpiness that comes with the cold, and her general malaise, that extra shot of caffeine is what’s getting me through.

And it’s looking like we’ll be using good ol’ coffee for the next few days too.

Grumpy kids can mean a grumpy mom, and that’s not what kids need when they don’t feel well. Mom should take a few minutes in the day, even if it’s at nap time or something, to kick back and relax with a cup of hot coffee, and gather her bearings. It’s worth the time in order to be more relaxed to help care for the kids with more patience.

11 When No One Took A Nap

When the kids don’t nap, chaos can ensue. Kids run screaming, their cranky levels are through the roof, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. And they can run mom ragged when they’re wired on their second wind. It’s not fun. It’s downright madness. And it never seems to stop, not until the blessed hour known as bedtime finally arises, and the young ones can be placed in their beds to slumber away happily.

When the kids are running on fumes, mom doesn’t need to be doing so too. Keeping iced coffee around for when the tank is running low is a good way to ensure mom has the energy to get through even the longest periods without a nap. Not that anyone ever has to deal with the kids when they haven’t had a nap. I know I don’t… that’s when I tag the husband in to give me a hand if he’s home.

10 When They’re Fighting

There is nothing worse to listen to than the screeching of children of various ages fighting. It’s similar to nails on a chalkboard, with more snot and hitting. And when they won’t break it up, it’ll take whatever energy mom has left to get them to put a stop to the nonsense, now.

And believe me, that first fight is never the only fight of the day. Mom may as well get out the boxing gloves and the bell, because there are days where the battles go on and on and on.

If the kids are being unruly, mom should separate them and gather her thoughts for a few moments before going in to dole out punishments. Grab some coffee and swig it down to replenish the lost energy, and trudge through it. Time to show those little munchkins who is the boss around here. C’mon G.I. Jane, this is a piece of cake!

9 When You Have To Be Up EARLY

Oh dear god, nothing is more depressing than having to get up at the butt crack of dawn for whatever reason. Believe me, I have to do it a lot… it will wear you out by 9am. Then trying to get the tasks of the day done...I’m barely coherent, and these people want me to be able to function? Someone is out of their minds.

And for those early morning car rides, some kid needs to stop kicking the car seat.

Getting up early can leave mom cranky and needing a nap that she just may not have time to take. If mom has to leave the house super early for an errand, stopping for a coffee (with extra espresso, please and thank you) may be just what she needs to perk up. Carrying around a mug of coffee around the house when mom has to be up early for house related things is just as helpful for staying awake too.

8 When School Is Stressful

Moms who have kids in school… ya feel me here, right? (Insert bro fist pump here.) Schools are getting more and more involved in kids’ lives, and as such, the interactions with them are getting more and more stressful, and that’s with a good school that works with the parents.

Some schools give the parent a hard time about things they should NOT be having a hard time helping out with, such as IEP meetings and things of that sort. While parental help and involvement is crucial for a child to succeed, c’mon… I don’t think the school needs me when my daughter rolls her eyes at the ceiling because she was fussed at for kicking a ball in gym.

Coffee can help to relax after a stressful day dealing with the school system. If there’s an upcoming meeting in the school, go in prepared with a coffee, especially if a younger sibling is going to have to attend as well. Coffee can be a huge help in stress relief. And speaking of stress relief…

7 When The Husband Demolishes The House

When it’s not the kids, it’s the other half. He (or she) gets home, and the first thing they do is kick the shoes off at the door, and leave them there. (Glaring at my husband’s shoes right now…)

Then they change into clean clothing, if they have a more manual labor job or have been sweating. They get a shower maybe, grab a snack, and sit in the chair, with their food and cup. A few hours later it’s bed time, and they head to bed, leaving that plate and cup right there. Annoying.

Moms, take a deep breath, we got this. Brew a pot of coffee, and before going about picking these items up, give that other half some hell. They are fully capable of taking care of their own messes, including their food plates. They can at least get them to the sink, they aren’t invalid. Sit back and sip away, mom. He can clean up after himself every so often.

6 When They’re Crying For No Reason

Sometimes, babies and toddlers cry. Often times, there are ways to decipher what their cries are for, such as a bottle, a snack, wet diaper, needing a nap, and so on. But in some cases… babies just cry for no reason at all. And when that happens, it can drive mom right up the wall and make her want to just cry too. It’s ok, mom. This will get better!

Moms, if things get too hard, remember it’s ok to put the baby down and step back for a few minutes. Sometimes babies are inconsolable, and as long as they’re checked up on every 5 minutes, giving mom some air is not a bad thing.

Get a coffee, and try and relax a bit. The baby is ok, and mom needs to be ok too. No matter what, don’t get too upset. Remember, babies cry to communicate, so they have no other way to express themselves, even if they don’t know just what they want.

5 When Mom Was Up All Night

We’ve all had nights where we could not sleep, and the next day was like agony. Before kids, a sleepless night wasn’t a big deal, we could just pop back to bed whenever sleep came. But with kids, nope. Can’t do that, mom has gotta be up to supervise them. This is a time where coffee isn’t just to relax, it’s to add fuel to the tank to get mom through her long, busy day.

It’s to help mom to make it, just by the skin of her fingertips, so that when bedtime hits, she can finally get some sleep.

Insomnia happens, and it sucks. I’ve had it, and there’s nothing to do about it. I especially have bouts of it around the time my period is due, along with dizzy spells. That one cup of coffee gets me through when I just couldn’t get the sleep the natural way.

4 When The Holidays Are Coming

It’s October. Who else knows what that means? That’s right, it’s just about time for everyone’s favorite, and financially challenging, time of the year! There are a mass of holidays for different religions at the end of the year, but all in all, for a good amount of them, it includes gift giving, cooking, and baking.

And for some people that means spending time with people you’d just rather not spend time with, ok thanks. Escaping into an abandoned room while the others are playing with their new toys to have a cup of coffee can help mom keep her sanity. Not just her energy, but her sanity.

The holidays can be a nightmare. There are times where I’d prefer to spend time with Jason Voorhees rather than go to a family get together because of the drama. I always arrive with a LARGE cup of coffee in hand, because that’s what gets me through it. And believe me, my relatives should be happy I bring it.

3 When The Baby Has A MASSIVE Blow Out

If there’s anything worse than a poopy diaper, it’s a blow out diaper. For those moms who have been touched by angels above to have not had to experience this… it’s the epitome of disgusting. Liquefied poop, exploding from every clothing and diaper orifice.

Whatever onesie they were in, throw that in the trash, because it’s stained now and will never be ok anymore. I’ve seen it end up in their SHOES before. Shoes. Not socks, but down in the soles of the shoes, because the kid was outside playing and didn’t want a change. Those shoes saw the garbage that day.

Once that has been cleaned up, it’s time to relax, because nothing can be more draining in a way that leaves you smelling like poo and nauseated from your own scent like a blow out diaper. Grab a mug of coffee and just sit back. Crisis has been taken care of.

2 When A Kid Has Coated Themselves In…Something

It’s bad enough when the kids coat themselves in a known substance. It’s worse when mom is literally scratching her head because she has no idea what the heck is on the kid. Is it vaseline, or did the kid find the naughty toys and dump Astroglide all over their hair? Is that poop or chocolate, and do I want to touch them without having an answer to that question? Pee or water? The list goes on and on.

This is yet another parenting moment that calls for the superhero of the day, coffee! Someone needs to get coffee and a cape at this point, because there are large amounts of situations where coffee can help us relax… coffee needs a medal for that. And some special, fancy creamer. Someone get that drink a fruit basket! Seriously though, once the kid is cleaned and the mystery goop is removed, mom can sit back and relax for just a bit.

1 When Mom Just Can’t Anymore

When is there a better time for coffee? Sometimes, mom just can’t anymore. By that, I mean they’re just done. Quitting at life, needing a vacation, stick a fork in her she’s done. I’ve been there, most moms have been there. These are the times when mom needs some time to herself, or a coffee date with her besties and a good babysitter, and that is ok. Sometimes, we just can’t handle the stress anymore.

Moms, it's ok to take time for yourself to relax without the kids! It’s good to do that every once in awhile! Everyone needs a break on occasion, and admitting that is fine! And people generally speaking, want to help out and give mom a break on occasion. Go get a coffee. Believe me, it’s well deserved!

What moments make BG moms run to grab the coffee pot and brew a pot? Let us know in the comments.

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