14When The Kids Get Into Stuff

Picture this. Mom falls asleep, while the kids are napping, and doesn’t hear them wake up. She’s in dream land, and all of a sudden, something tells her to get up, now! She does, and rounds the corner to see the kids in the kitchen, flour everywhere, coated head to

toe in confectioners sugar and chocolate frosting.

Their reasoning? They wanted to make mommy a surprise. So getting mad at them isn’t an option as much.

That scenario there can make any saintly woman lose her cool, but even through it, mom needs to breathe. Relax. Get some energy from our favorite brown and sweet liquid and take charge. Get the kids to help pick up the mess, and things will be all right in no time.

And next time, keep the baking supplies up high, right up there with the coffee grounds. No one wants their kids into the coffee grounds. That’s sacrilege…

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