15 Smart Baby Products Every Lazy Parent Will Love

Taking care of babies is a tough job in itself. But there are so many excellent hacks out there that can be helpful for moms and dads that are caring for their infants, regardless of what stage of infancy their babies are in. Most mom hacks around boil down to the best products out there that they can use to make their lives much easier.

So many parents make life harder for themselves by having to lug their babies around wherever they go. Like for instance, if mom is cooking and needs to check on how much longer dinner has to be in the oven- she has to lug her baby into the kitchen to do that job. There are so many great and safe products out there that can solve that issue so that mom can go into the kitchen herself without having to take the baby with her. The same goes for laundry, or anything else really.

I can only say that when my kids were babies, there were some good products that I used that were around, but most of the ones that I am about to list did not exist. Therefore, moms to infants these days have a great advantage because there are so many great products around that will make life so much easier. Let's go over 15 products that are must-haves for moms and dads of infants or very young toddlers which will make their parenting experience somewhat easier.

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15 The Nasal Aspirator

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When your baby has a cold and is not able to blow his or her nose, it is a tough thing to watch. You may be inclined to take a tissue and wipe the baby's nose but that doesn't help much. Fret not, there is a nasal aspirator that can easily be used for your baby's stuffed up nose. It is made by NoseFrida. It is a hygienic and dishwasher safe instrument that sucks boogers out of your baby's nose. In fact, one mom said the following about NoseFrida:

My newborn got a cold at only a week old and couldn't breathe through her little nose. I tried bulb syringes, saline nasal spray, humidifiers, etc., and nothing helped and she couldn't sleep. We were all miserable until someone told me about the NoseFrida. I was able to remove all the junk stopping up her nose. It is a miracle device and my child was so much happier.

Even though it may be gross, it is much easier to use than that old school bulb that our moms used for us when we had colds when we were little.

14 Table Topper Disposable Placemat

Table Topper Disposable Placemat

When you are eating out and your baby is old enough to eat table scraps, the last thing you want to see happen is your infant picking up gross germs because of eating pieces of food off of the surface of the table. Neat Solutions has a product called the disposable table topper, and it is an adhesive placemat for this purpose.

This way, when the baby is eating out, all you have to do is place it on the table in front of your baby and your baby won't pick up gross germs by eating off of it. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your baby catching weird bugs. In fact, one mom raved about it and said:

I keep these disposable placemats in my diaper bag for when we eat out! Babies love to throw their placemats (and plates), but these stick in place and also keep away all the germs on the table.

13 Wearable Blankets

Image result for sleepsack

We know that newborns need to be swaddled in order for them to feel secure and warm. We also know that the idea of a loose blanket in the crib with the baby is a scary thought. When babies grow, they start kicking off the blankets that were used to swaddle them and these end up in the crib, which we know can become hazardous.

The manufacturer HALO created a wearable blanket called SleepSack because as babies cannot have loose blankets in the crib, they end up becoming cold and restless. This way, the baby can wear this blanket and there is no worry from the parents about it slipping off. One mom said:

Our newborn kept getting out of her swaddle blanket and would wake herself up. She started sleeping in five- to seven-hour stretches when we got the sleep sack: total lifesaver! They also look like a cute little burrito, so that's an added bonus.

12 Portable Hook-On Chair

hook on chair

Whenever it is meal time, you want your baby to sit at the table with you. However, that is pretty difficult to do when it comes to high chairs. Ingelsina manufactured a hook-on chair so that you can literally hook the chair to the table and your baby can enjoy mealtime with you.

Parents absolutely love this because they can feed the baby while they are sitting and having their own meal instead of having to walk over to the high chair over and over again to feed the baby. They like it too because they can take it to restaurants without having to rely on their uncomfortable high chairs.

One mom said: The hook-on chair is not only cheaper than normal high chairs, but it is a Godsend. It can be taken to restaurants and attached to the table in a minute or less. We always get a ton of questions on where we got it.

11 Pacifier With Plushie Attached To It


This product is an interesting one, manufactured by Wubbanub. While there have been concerns about the safety of this product, the company has made the product to be safe since the stuffed animal part of the pacifier is not near the baby's face. In fact, studies have shown that babies that suck on pacifiers are not as much at risk to succumbing to sudden infant death syndrome.

However, it is easy to worry about the plushie being in the baby's crib at all, even if it is secure. One mom said: It's a stuffed animal with a binky attached. Kids play with it, developing early motor skills, and it’s easier to find than just a binky during a 2 a.m. meltdown.

It may be best to use this toy during the day, while you are watching the baby if you are concerned about it being loose in the crib after the baby falls asleep at night. Parents can always walk into the baby's room and remove it from the crib as well if the baby is sound asleep.

10 Baby Carrier

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There are so many amazing advantages of a baby carrier because you can do your chores around the house while the baby is attached to you. It doesn't matter if you are cooking dinner, doing laundry or having to go on a conference call. Your baby will be attached to you all the time. That means that you don't have to interrupt your chores by having to grab a fussy baby. Tula manufactures a baby carrier that exceeds the safety standards.

One mom raved about the Tula Ergonomic Carrier and said: My daughter was very needy, and became fussy each time we put her down. She was only happy when being held by me. I got a Tula Carrier, and she was finally content. With two free hands and a happy baby, I was able to clean my house, and tend to my toddler.

This is a must-have for parents of fussy babies.

9 The Vulli Teether

Related image

Teething is one of the most difficult phases that babies go through and not all babies like pacifiers. And there have been safety issues with old style teething rings. The French company Vulli manufactured a safe teether that is made of purely natural rubber from the Hevea tree, which is completely safe.

The Sophie the giraffe teether is one product that parents of babies absolutely love because babies like it and it keeps them stimulated while they are soothing their sore gums with it. It is more costly than other teethers but is so worth it. One mom said:

Seems like a lot of money to spend on a toy that doesn’t really do anything, but it’s a lifesaver for a teething baby who doesn’t like pacifiers.

You know the saying that you get what you pay for. It is better to pay more for something that is safe and convenient because you know it will be worth it in the end.

8 The Sound Machine Soother

Sleep Sheep Cloud B Sound Machine Soother

Adults tend to fall asleep better with calming background noise, and the same goes for babies! When my daughter was a baby, I put a radio in her bedroom and always had it on a jazz station. The volume was kept very low and she fell asleep quickly every night.

However, the product Sleep Sheep Cloud B Sound Machine Soother was not around when my kids were babies. This product is a Godsend for parents because it gives off the kind of ambient noise that will calm the baby and get the baby to sleep.

This product is a sound machine that is literally inside of a stuffed sheep which can create up to 45 minutes of ambiance sound like an ocean wave or raindrops. That will be incredibly calming for a baby- and for kids and adults of all ages as well. This is a brilliant product and if you need your baby to go to sleep, give the Sleep Sheep Cloud B Sound Machine Soother a try.

7 Baby Floor Seat

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

The one thing any parent will recommend just because it is so convenient is an infant floor seat. For instance, Fisher-Price has a product that is called the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, and it is there to help your baby sit up and get noticed. The seat pad is removable and you can throw it into the washing machine. It folds for when you are on the go as well as for compact storage.

One particular mom was raving about this product and said: This seriously saved my life between 2 and 6 months. When your baby has some head control, but still can’t sit up on her own, this seat offers enough support and a bit of an incline to prop her up. With the baby sitting by herself, you’re free to make dinner, take a shower, etc. And it’s super lightweight and portable! Life-changing.

You definitely cannot go wrong with this one!

6 A Soothing Baby Sleeper

Rock N Play

You want your baby to be lulled to sleep but you just don't have the time or energy to rock your baby to sleep. Especially if you can place your baby into a chair that can do that all by itself by vibrating. The motion from the vibration will get your baby very sleepy. And Fisher Price has a fantastic product that serves this purpose, and it is called Rock N Play Sleeper. You have a portable place to lay your baby without you being the one to hold your baby if you need to take care of something else.

One mom commented on this product and said: It’s perfect if you want the baby to sleep in your room, but not in your bed. It keeps her close and it’s tilted slightly, which seems to help her sleep. I found all three of my children were very picky about where they slept, and each of them needed something different, but for my daughter, this has been what works best, and many friends have told me it’s the only way they got their babies to sleep those first few months.

5 Baby Bum Brush

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

When you are changing your baby's diaper, you will easily miss those areas that not only need careful cleaning but need to have an application of diaper cream. Otherwise, an uncomfortable diaper rash will end up happening, which is not something you want to happen. Your baby will definitely not be happy with that because that will cause so much crying which will drive the both of you nuts.

You will definitely need to have a baby bum brush, such as the BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush which will help you get to the hard to reach areas when applying diaper cream so that your baby is completely protected from ending up with a horrible rash. One mom said about this product:

It gets diaper cream where your fingers can’t, and keeps your hand clean at the same time. Have you ever tried getting diaper cream out from under your nails while holding a squirming baby?

4 Roll Up Bib

OXO Silicone Roll Up Bib

When you are feeding your baby, you know that an ordinary bib will only prevent leaks from happening on the shirt but the food that is not caught will slide down and fall into the lap! Therefore, your baby still ends up with a big mess. You absolutely need a roll up bib in order to prevent that from happening.

For instance, the OXO Silicone Roll Up Bib is a product that all parents of babies and young toddlers need. It not only prevents big messes from happening, but it is comfortable for your baby to wear. It does not move around either whenever the baby is squirming. Therefore, you can easily clean up the contained area where the mess landed quite easily. Then once it is clean, you can roll it up and easily throw it in the diaper bag if you are going out to visit a friend or family, or are just planning to go to a restaurant.

3 Playard

Pack N Play

One thing that every parent must have is a portable playard or a playpen because you will occasionally need to be in another room without taking your very mobile baby with you. When your baby gets to the crawling stage, a playard will be even more of a must-have. Graco makes excellent ones, especially their Pack N Play.

They are safe, so you don't have to worry about your baby getting injured in them while you have to attend to something else in another room. For instance, if you are making soup or a stew and you need to check on it to see if it needs a stir, it is a very convenient time to put your baby into the playard. This way, you can go to the kitchen and check on how well dinner is cooking, without having to bring your baby with you. Besides, even if you plan on staying in the same room as your baby and you need a break- in the baby goes!

2 Baby Wrap

Image result for baby wrap selfie

Every parent to a baby absolutely must have a baby wrap. It is the best kind of baby carrier around that is free of the buckles and straps and snaps. You can use it for your baby up to when he or she is 18 months old or 35 lbs, and all you have to do is tie the material to your body, put the baby in there and that is it.

Your baby is secure with you and both of you are comfortable. Both of you will be able to move easily, and your baby feels safe and secure being so close to you. Boba makes these wraps and they are popular for a good reason. The fabric is safe and soft, and it provides a custom fit for you and your baby. That means it fits all kinds of body types and you don't need to worry about if you are too big or too small. One mom said:

This wrap puts a colicky baby right to sleep. Leaves your hands free. Ignore anyone who tells you that convenience or comfort items are unnecessary. You don't get extra mommy points for difficulty.

1 Formula Dispenser

Image result for munchkin formula dispenser

This product is a must-have for formula feeding moms or breastfeeding moms that are feeding their babies formula supplements. You do not need to lug around a huge formula container like moms did in the old days. A formula dispenser helps make the preparation a lot easier. Munchkin is one great manufacturer of these excellent tools. You can use these with all types of bottles and formula brands. A single serve also holds 8 ounces, which is ideal if you need to go out quickly with your baby.

It comes with chambers and there is a 3 section dispenser which holds 8 ounces of formula making it ideal for daycare or your home. They are also ideal for traveling so you can pack it up and go where you need to go without worrying about what you will store the bottles in while you are away with your baby. They are also dishwasher safe and are BPA-free which will mean one less huge worry for you. If you are formula feeding your baby, you will need this product.

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