15 Snapchat Photos That Capture What It's Like After The Baby Comes

Bringing baby home is a joyous and wonderful time. It brings on a plethora of experiences. Some good, some bad, some gross and some hilarious. Having a good sense of humor will definitely help out during the tough times. I believed things would be pretty much the same. I was young and cool (or so I thought), and this baby was just going to have to adhere to mine and my husband's lives.

Hahaha, I still laugh about that.

The reality was quite different than my expectations. When baby comes home mom's whole world is about the baby. I had a playpen, swing, bouncer seat and a mess of toys all in my living room! My kitchen was over run with bottles. I thought new moms were over dramatic. Always saying how tired they were, and how they couldn't remember stuff due to "mom brain."

"Not for me— it won't be that way for me." I told myself. Once again my reality was so different.

The "mom brain" is totally real, and I think I still have it. By the way, my baby is now 9. The being really tired part is not over dramatized and needs to be stressed more. Moms, there will be tired and then there will be exhaustion. And mom will be exhausted, or tired for the rest of her life.

Just kidding, but new moms will be tired a lot. Every parent has their own expectations vs. reality moments. Thanks to social media, many of these moments are captured and shared with the world. Below are 15 hilarious Snapchats showing what it is really like when mom brings the baby home.

15 The Green Eyed...Dog?

Not only is bringing baby home a big change for the parents. You know, giving up your freedom, only to have your life ruled by a tiny little version of yourself. Sleeping is not on your time, nor is eating or bathing for that matter. Things aren't just different for the people of the house, but for the furry family members as well.

Dogs have a tendency to think of themselves as part of the family, as we do them.

They are used to being the babies, being loved on, walked and fed on a daily basis. Bringing home the new baby is completely disruptive of the dogs world. Goodbye peaceful napping on the rug, hello baby knocking over your food bowl and pulling your tail. Jealousy will rear it's ugly green eyed self through your beloved pooch.

The dog's face says it all in the picture above. I'm sure he thinking, "WTF?  Why is my human is holding and petting on this tiny annoying human?" Poor pooch, sometimes life is ruff.

14 Getting Used To It

It's not enough that you have to get used to your body after having a baby. What with the leaking boobs, painful nether regions, or healing from a c-section. It's a lot. Then you have to get used to your baby, as does baby daddy, and vice versa. There is a whole lot of getting used to it going on.

Expecting to come home and have everyone on the same page; with some sort of routine is a common expectation. It is not the reality, though. Expectations are more like fantasy's, or maybe just wishful thinking.

The reality is much different. Everyone is trying to find their stride, and get on a good routine. This will all come into place, it just takes time. During the time it takes to get used to baby, be sure to keep your phone handy to snap the funny moments that are sure to arise. As pictured above, the baby and the daddy looked horrified, but in a hilarious way!I'm sure this mom was happy she captured this moment.

13 Life Goes On

With parenthood comes great responsibility. You have your normal daily chores, and you have to take care of your new, tiny boss. There are some chores that you can put off and some that you wish you could put off, but can't. It's definitely more fun to play with baby all day, but that's not how shit gets done—unfortunately.

That doesn't mean you have to spend time away from your little one. They make a variety of backpack type carrying apparatus' for babies.  Carry baby with you all day long. Sometimes to get it all done, you have to improvise. Especially if you are the only adult around. Dad's seem to be really good at this, and the results are usually pretty funny.

Need to clean the gutters, strap on the baby and get to work. NO excuses. Unless the safety of your baby is a factor, then some of the chores probably shouldn't be done. The dad above had to shovel some snow and watch his baby. What to do? Zip her up in his jacket and get to work is what he did. With a Snapchat for proof. His wife should very happy and proud.

12 Breastfeed They Said, It Will Be Easy...

Welcome to the wonderful world of breastfeeding. Where you will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner straight from your chest. For days or months, or even years if that's your thing. Breastfeeding is considered to be better than formula feeding and a great way for mom and baby to bond. It all sound good and great, but it can wear on you. By breastfeeding you will never have to worry about your spouse trying to get up in the middle of the night with a crying baby. Nope, all that fun is just for you—mom!

While breastfeeding and bonding with the baby, it's a lot of fun. There is this fun thing called niplash. It is when your baby takes a break from breastfeeding, only to jerk it's little head around, while attached to your nipple! Doesn't that sound like fun? Having leaky boobs is also another perk. It doesn't matter what you're doing. It doesn't matter if you are tired. When you're baby is hungry, you have to hand over the boobs, Basically, your new bundle of joy owns your boobs. And they will never be the same...

11 Crystal...Milk?

There are two kinds of parents. Those with a sense of humor and those without one. Parenting is a whole hell of a lot easier with a sense of humor. Don't take everything so seriously. Shit happens. Both literally and figuratively especially when you bring a new baby home. So be prepared and just learn to laugh. Have fun with being a parent.

Dress your kid up in funny outfits. Take pictures of them doing hilarious and embarrassing things. Then years down the road you can pull out the pictures and embarrass your child in front of their friends!

One funny dad on Snapchat decided to take some pretty adorable photos of his son. Then draw him to look like all sorts of characters from T.V. shows. The funniest one is a drawing on his son to look like Walter White. America's favorite meth maker and dealer. Who wouldn't want to see their baby with a drawn on hazmat hazard outfit?

Of course, with anything on the internet, there was some backlash. Some people (the one's with no sense of humor) found this picture to be offensive. I suppose drawing a meth making outfit around your baby is frowned upon by some. They just need to get over it. Because he makes an adorable little Walter White.

10 The Horror

When becoming a parent there are all kinds of things you want to share with your child. Sharing new experiences with them is always fun. Watching them grow, learning to walk and talk; and helping them learn along the way is one of the greatest parts of being a parent. Introducing them to new foods is always fun.

You never know what their reaction will be, so best to have your phone ready to snap a picture. Giving babies lemons and capturing their reaction has become a very popular thing to do. It might be kind of mean, but parents just want to have fun.

Somethings you introduce your new baby to seem so common you can't imagine them not liking it. Toys, books, swings, bouncy seats and bubbles are all things that have caused hilarious reactions by babies. One mom gave her little one a bath and decided to add some bubbles. Bubbles, those fun, harmless things that float around and make you all sudsy.

While most kids love them, her baby was not amused. Check out the Snapchat above to see the babies look of sheer horror.

9 Do You Remember?

Many new moms think they will be able to resume business as normal, or relatively normal once the baby gets home. A few minutes to yourself here and there, time to shower and put on makeup in the morning. This is not the case, not usually anyway for the first couple of weeks. When you bring the new baby home, it helps to have some help.

Even with help, though, a new mom wants to take care of the baby all on her own. Even if that means showering once every 3 days....ewe. This is how I was, and how many others moms I've talked to were.

New mom Chrissy Teigen has a pretty popular husband and popular Snapchat. She loves posting pictures of her adorable little baby girl. And her Snapchat proves that famous people aren't so different than us. At least when it comes to parenting. She posted a Snapchat with a sparkly filter, that also looks like you have on makeup.

Her caption, " I don't remember what makeup feels like" says it all. Thank goodness for Snapchat, on those days when makeup is not possible, take a selfie. Use one of the many filters and you'll feel a little better. Or maybe you won't. Maybe you will feel a bit depressed because you don't have the time to put on real makeup. I don't know, this isn't a self-help article y'all.

8 Would You Like A Side Of Ranch With That Baby?

A baby is a priceless treasure. You care and provide for him or her. Try to keep them safe and protected from the world. As hard as we try, us parents can't keep baby safe from everything. And sometimes we are the ones they need saving from. Once I set my daughter on a couch. She had only rolled over once before, and I thought I had nothing to worry about.

About the time I turned my back, I hear a cry, and she is on the hardwood floor. I felt like crap. Thankfully it was a small drop and she was just fine. This also happened at a hospital, so I talked to a nurse before I left.

Some stuff we as parents do to our kids are pretty funny. I've seen parents wipe their hands on their babies at the store, parents playing with their baby and accidentally hitting babies head on something. It's amazing any of us make it into adulthood. There are other funny things you can do to your baby, like use its head as a dip bowl.

Babies are pretty versatile and have more uses than just being adorable. Use them as an arm rest.  Sitting on the couch with your baby on your lap, whoops, you drop ranch dip. No worries, just scoop it off and keep eating. Just remember, they're babies. So they won't remember.

7 Living The Life... Of A Stay At Home Mom

While the thought of staying home with the baby seems wonderful, it isn't always so wonderful. You'll be supermom you think. Clean, cook, play and cuddle with the baby— all in a day's work.  It will be fantastic. Your husband will think he is the luckiest guy in the world and your baby will have the best mom.

As a stay at home mom for the past 10 years, I have had plenty of not so wonderful moments. I love being a stay at home mom, but the flip side to the wonderfulness is that there are times when you get bored. Like really bored.

Times when you can't cook, or clean or play any more baby games. Times when you need some adult fun. That's why God made cell phones and social media. To give bored stay at home moms something to do. Especially when the baby is too little and you can't be away from him or her.

Snapchat is one of the best and funniest apps, it has some great filters, and using them on babies has become popular, and has hilarious results. The picture above shows mom and baby as nerds. And they look ridiculously adorable.

6 The Baby Won't Sleep In My bed

A lot of parents swear the new baby will not sleep in their bed. It's hard enough to get a good night's rest once becoming a parent. Why make it harder by letting the baby in your bed? There is always the worry of rolling over on the baby, and just stressing about that is enough to keep you awake at night. It is also a hard habit to break once they get older.

Then because you're so tired from lack of sleep and don't want to fight it, you will have a 13-year-old sleeping in your bed. Hopefully not, but it is a total possibility.

You decide to let the wee little one sleep in your bed. It's going great. No walking down the hall when they fuss at night, and it's sort of fun. Having the family in one bed. Until it's not. When you start waking up with numb body parts and black eyes, you realize you've made a terrible mistake by allowing the baby to sleep in your bed. By then it's too late...

5 Family Portraits

Family pictures are something fun to look forward to. Watching how your family and the baby changes over the years is great. With smartphones and social media, you don't even have to schedule a photo-shoot. Just snap a picture and upload it for the world to see. Yes, everyone and their mother can now enjoy seeing your family.

I mean, who doesn't want to see picture after picture of Jr.? Honestly, lots of people don't care about pictures of our family or kids, but that's what social media is about. Looking and liking all the baby, dog, fur baby, new car, new home....whatever pictures.

Every now and then we got on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and there is a truly great picture. One all will genuinely enjoy;  not just 'like' out of sheer obligation. You know the picture you have to like, because your best friend's, mother's, co-worker daughter's, baby daddy posted it? I'm talking about the real deal here.

A picture of a baby flipping off the person holding him is what we all hope to see when getting online. Not the expectation of the person holding it, or the camera person. But that is life when you bring a baby home, they do whatever they want.

4 Give Them What They Want

Raising children is wonderful and hard. We hope to raise them to be kind and good people. Nobody wants their child to be a jerk or hard to be around. The flip side to that coin is you also want to raise your kid with better than what you had growing up. There is definitely a thin line between spoiling them and giving them more than we had.

You have to remember that kids aren't really ever satisfied. And sometimes it is just SO much easier to give into them than fight. Being a parent definitely, teaches you to pick your battles.

Then you have those days when you give your child what they want. And sometimes what they want, is still not good enough. Sometimes they are too little to understand the concept, that mom gave them a snack, they ate it, and now it's gone. Not understanding why their treat is gone, they start throwing a tantrum.

One would assume by giving them something they want, the child would be happy. That is not how it works my friends. Once you bring your baby home from the hospital, you realize nothing is what you thought, and logic goes right on out the window.

3 Ho Ho Ho

The holidays are always so fun when it's the babies first ones. No matter what their age, a week, a month, 6 moths or a year. Those first holidays are ones that will always be remembered (by the parents). Christmas is an especially fun one. Going and spending way too much money on you baby.

A baby that doesn't know the difference in a Dollar store gift and Toys R Us gift. That's what first Christmas is all about. Going into debt to show your new bundle of joy how much you care. Just kidding, that's not what it is about. But it is hard not to get caught up in buying them a ton of stuff, they will never remember, and taking them to Santa. Which they most like won't remember that either.

We expect them to be as enthused about Christmas as we are. However, they are only babies. Still, it is disappointing. We are so enthused over our family's' first holiday with the new baby. The baby should be as well. If they aren't and they fall asleep— as babies tend to do, just dress them up cute or embarrassing, and take some funny pictures. Or get on Snapchat and draw them a cute costume or outfit.

2 Please, Shut up!

Ah, the bliss that is being a parent. There's sleepless nights, feedings throughout the day and copious amounts of diaper changes. Plus the added expense of diapers, formula and baby gadgets.  It's not all rocking the baby and snuggles while watching Baby Einstein, or whatever baby show is popular these days.

Not that it is all bad, there's some great stuff about being a parent. The look your baby gives you because you are their whole world. That's a pretty amazing feeling, Plus the love you have for your child and the love you get in return.

There are times when your new bundle of joy just won't shut up. You can feed them. You can rock them. You can drive around with them. Sometimes they won't stop crying. And all you want is some freaking peace and quiet and they won't shut up. Then once they grow out of the crying for no reason phase, the learn to talk.

And once again, you want them to shut up sometimes. I know it sounds harsh, but it gets hard to listen to the non-stop crying or babbling of a tiny person who acts like they're drunk.

1 Family Dinner

Going out to dinner is a whole new world of experiences once you have a baby. You can get a babysitter, but only so many times. Eventually, you will want to bring your beloved baby with you. You prepare, diapers-check, wipes-check, bottles-check- snacks-check, toys-check, blankie-check mate bee-otch! You have it all. Except there is just this one thing.

Babies and children in general never do what we want, nay what we expect— or both. No matter how prepared we are for taking the baby to a restaurant we can never be 100 percent prepared.

If only we could control their moods and actions. That would be too easy. It is so much fun to go out to eat not knowing how the little one will behave. Will there be a fit? Food flying across the table? Perhaps a diaper disaster? Just go out to dinner to find out. If you're really lucky, you will get a great photo op, as pictured above. A knife-wielding baby. Perhaps her future career will be a knife thrower.

The reality of being a parent may vary from parent to parent. One thing I'm sure we can agree on is that our expectations are a far cry from the reality. Bringing a new baby home brings on so many changes and challenges. Both good and bad. Bringing baby home, and the surprises that are in store is what memories are made of.

If we all got what expected with parenthood we would be bored. Very well rested, a little bit richer, and less irritated—but overall bored. Late nights, early morning feedings, misplacing your cup of coffee only to find it hours later; a crying baby, a cranky spouse, spit-up in your hair and the baby soaking through another diaper— this is the reality of bringing a new baby home.

This is the reality of becoming a parent. As they grow, we think we know just about everything there is to being a parent. And we are oh so wise. Yet even the oldest child can still throw us curve balls.

Parents have this idea in their heads, what they think life will be like bringing home their new baby. For me, I had visions of a peaceful, tranquil home. Something like out of a movie, with little birds flying around folding my laundry and helping me cook. My husband would come home to a nice hot dinner, and I'd have my hair and makeup done perfectly. And we would we embrace while gazing, lovingly at our new baby sleep.

Now, that just makes me laugh. What it is really like bringing your baby home; well, it is different for everybody. But the messiness, the hard parts, are the best parts. Thank goodness for apps like Snapchat so we can see how it is for others in our shoes.

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