15 Hilarious Snapchats From Kids

Kids seem to love social media more than anyone else these days, and they will post just about anything. They don't know how lucky they are to have all the technology that us millennials didn't have growing up. For us, we had Pogs, Lite Brite, and Super Nintendo.

Now we’re all grown up and are the ones with kids to look after. We’re the ones who have to worry about their every move even if that means stalking the life out of them! Growing up, we didn’t really post anything inappropriate since we had to wait five minutes for our dial-up modems to finish loading the page.

When it comes to Snapchat, the possibilities are endless for our kids. Luckily for parents these days, kids seem to forget that mom and dad have social media accounts as well. Some children post some pretty bad things that their parents usually end up regret seeing.

At times, they are finally able to see just how ungrateful their children are. Other times, moms and dads have to do a double take to make sure they aren’t losing their minds thanks to face swap. There are some things that can really make parents cringe as well. Read on to find out what has parents’ worried!

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15 Umbrellas Are Overrated

Umbrellas are overrated these days apparently. This girl was more worried about her hair getting wet than her laptop. Since it's a MacBook Pro, it's safe to assume that is wasn't something you would just pick up at Walmart for $50. I am sure that if this girl’s parents were to open this Snap, they would have been thrilled to see that their teenage daughter's hair was still in place. It doesn’t even appear to be raining that bad, so maybe her laptop won't be ruined? I give this girl points for creativity, but that is about as far as I will go. Usually, kids only pull a stunt like this when they know their parents will just buy them a new one anyway. Maybe this girl’s parents should think twice before replacing it!

14 I'm A Barbie Girl!

Perhaps this teen wanted to see what she would look like if she was a real-life mermaid? Maybe she really wanted to look like a Barbie doll, so she decided to do a Snapchat face swap with the doll. I know when I send my mom snaps like this she automatically regrets it and then asks, “What in the world is wrong with you!” Yes, I am a millennial, and I still send my mom some face swaps because they are hilarious! At least this mom or dad didn’t open it up and have to see anything shocking. Instead, they just got this hilarious picture of what their daughter might look like the future if she had red hair and blue eyes.

13 Pet iPhone

I sure hope that this girl has a very strong screen protector, because if not then that iPhone is completely done for. It looks as though she is pulling it along by her headphones or a charger, and she obviously knows that she is doing it. It is easy to take things for granted, especially when you do not know how much these items cost because mommy and daddy might have bought it for you. If I were her parents I would tell her that she was not allowed to have another phone until she was able to buy and pay for it by herself. Maybe then she would properly take care of such expensive items. Dogs are for walking - not iPhones!

12 Coloring Book? What Coloring Book?

As a parent, this really makes me laugh. Kids say and do the darndest things alright! I wonder if she freaked out when she realized that not only was the marker not going to come off for a long time but that she made herself look totally hilarious. I feel so bad for the parent who had to deal with the aftermath of this and try to clean it off. I mean I’m stressed out just by looking at it. Side note, has anyone thought about the fact that sharpies have a very strong, somewhat intoxicating scent to them, and this girl was coloring all over her face for God knows how long with it. She had to have been feeling at least a little light headed by the time that she was done.

11 How To Butter A Piece Of Bread

Does this person not realize that the back end of a spoon or fork would have done the same exact job? We can't help but wonder what his parents would say if they say this Snap. Obviously, the card should still work after he cleans the butter off, but we wonder how well the bread actually tasted after being spread with a dirty credit card. Honestly, when I can not find a knife in the kitchen, my first thought is never to go get my credit card. I usually wash off the knife or use something else, so what this kid is doing is kinda hilarious and I am sure that most of you could probably agree with me on that one.

10 When The Kids Feed The Dog

This dog probably has no idea what he/she is about to drink - which could make it potentially dangerous, especially since the dog is so little. The kid who sent this Snap obviously does not know how much harm they can cause this pup, and if I were their parent, I would definitely not approve of this Snapchat. But, believe it or not, there are actually a lot of people out there who give their pets alcohol thinking that it is funny to see how their animals will react to it. In this case, the dog seems to be enjoying the luxury of drinking Parent Perrier Rose. Only the best for the dogs, it seems. And as the hashtag goes - #dogslife!

9 Yellow - Not Green!

This teen is hilarious! I would have been happy just getting a car in general. I definitely would not be complaining on Snapchat about what color the vehicle is as long as it drove and got me from point A to point B. My mom told me she got me a car for my 16th birthday. I went outside, and there was a key taped to a little Matchbox car. I was so disappointed! You know this kid is obviously very well off. He got a Ferrari in green instead of yellow and now he's upset. The best birthday present in the world? We think so. I would not approve of this Snap if my child were to send one like this.

8 Two Little Piggies Went To The Market

Well, if this is not the most hilarious Snapchat face swap that we have ever laid eyes on, then I do not know what is. Try not to look at this one for too long, because it might end up being one of those faces that you start to see every time that you close your eyes. I mean, seriously, pigs are super cute. This is not the type of Snapchat that I would want to receive before going to bed at night, and is it just me or does the original pig face (the one the girl is now wearing) have a little bit of a smile on? That looks like one happy little piggy. The award for best face swap goes to this teen!

7 When You Run Out Of Plates

Ok, seriously, whose bright idea was it to use a couple of iPads in place of a plate? I would much rather eat the pizza directly out of the box, or off of the table (which can be cleaned up afterward) instead of doing this. But when you have a box-full of iPads, why not use them as plates? We can't help but wonder what their parents would think if they saw this. I can just imagine what the grease could do to those screens, or if it were to drip into the charging hole or earbud hole. Wait a minute, why are there forks and knives? They are planning to eat pizza with a fork and knife on top of their iPads... These kids are hilarious

6 How To Hand In Homework

This is apparently the new alternative to paper when there are no more trees. This also happens to be the new way to hand in homework as well. I don’t think I would ever be able to deface an electronic like that. Although, I am an Android fan, so maybe this is kind of acceptable. I know this kid's parents have to look at this and be like, “What is wrong with this kid! They better hope that comes off!” Hopefully, for the parent's sake, it is just eyeliner or a washable marker and not something like a Sharpie. Sure, it may fade over time, but the damage will still be there. They would have been better off writing on their sheets and handing that in. Well, at least this teens teacher will be getting a nice gift this afternoon!

5 At Least The Dog Looks... Happy

It seems this kid is unhappy that his dad got him/her a 4-story house. We totally get it. 4-story houses are just TOO small. Well, at least the dog looks happy to have such a large house to live in. Honestly, if it were me living there, I would hate it simply because of how many floors there are. I mean, imagine having to walk up and down that many steps every day, multiple times a day? At least you would get a good work out in, but you would probably be so sore by the end of the day that you would just decide to sleep on the couch instead of walking all the way to your room.

4 The Awkward Face Swap

It looks like snapchat got all types of messed up in this next face swap. To be honest, it is actually pretty comical, but how in the world did the camera mistake rims for a face?! I bet that these kids were super confused when they first looked at this photo. If anything, I could have seen Snapchat mistaking the face on the taco for an actual face, but not the rims on the tire at all. When you first look at this picture, you will probably be confused as to why her face ended up looking like it did, but once you realize what really happened, you will surely be shaking your head at this mix-up. The more that we look at this, the creepier it gets, so let’s just move on to the next one, shall we?

3 Rich Kid Problems

Okay, right here, you know this child is spoiled. They have a call button for the butler at boarding school - which I am just learning about now - and this kid seems to be complaining because the butler is so 'annoying.' Take it from Stephanie Tanner from Full House, “How rude!” You can see that this call station also has a button that says, “Do not disturb,” “Make up room,” “Lights,” and, “Exit master.” This kid has it made. I don’t know anyone who would complain about a butler, at least this kid has one. He should be grateful for that. I mean, he doesn't even need to clean his own room, there’s a button for that too! Talk about having it made!

2 Daddy Should Have Known Better

This Snap reads: “Daddy let me down today.” There’s a ton of cash there and a brand-new watch. I definitely don’t think I would be saying anyone let me down if they left me all that stuff. I would be very happy if someone would even leave me a five-dollar bill. I hope this teenager’s dad is able to see this Snapchat pic and, like many of the others above, decided that enough is enough. When children are very over-privileged like this teen is. Usually, they turn in to into adults who are not very self-sufficient. They don’t know how to work, they usually don’t know even know how to be nice or humble, and they will forever rely on their parents. Or, in this case, their daddy. Children need to learn the value of a dollar.

1 No Big Deal

What is this person thinking? Are they really planning on wiping their booty with money? That is a total waste! If I were this kids parent, I would cut them off, and they would get the bare minimum! They could get just food, clothes, and shelter. I am sure any parent would open this snap and just think, “This ungrateful little brat!” Kind of what you would hear from all those reality TV star mom’s yelling when their kids start acting like savages. I could definitely use that money this teen is foolishly wasting. My own mother most likely would have cut me off of everything if I had done something like that. I am not quite sure what body part is at the bottom of the screen because you can see that he is facing forward it could be his belly.

Source:pinstake.com, pinterest.caimgur.com

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