15 Spot On Disney Memes That Every Mom Gets 100%

What is it about memes that makes them so great? We see them every day, and while many of them might not mean a lot to some people, they can really strike a chord with someone else. They simply take a familiar photograph or image and add a few words on top, and bam, we’re LOLing all over the place.

Parenthood is a situation that is supposed to be beautiful, wondrous, and magical. However, for every amazing moment, there are some that are just downright annoying, frustrating, and comical. Hilarious, even. As parents, we all have our good days and our bad days. At one time or another, every mom or dad has probably scrolled through their social media timeline only to stumble upon a meme that speaks to them by reflecting some silly or absurd scenario from their life right back at them.

There are some Disney memes out there that contain well-loved characters and pertain to parenting. Combined with some of the funnier situations in #momlife, these graphics are bound to get some giggles.

Think about some of the most well-known Disney princesses. Cinderella’s running the household. Snow White is cleaning house and taking care of a bunch of little ones. Maybe Sleeping Beauty just wanted to be left alone. Wait a minute… are these ladies princesses or parents?!

Go ahead. Start clicking through these Disney parenting memes. These cartoons aren’t necessarily for the little ones… But a parent of little ones will understand. And probably laugh her a** off.

15 Coffee Is Magic!

Yes, there are lots of memes and Tweets and .GIFs about moms and their coffee. No, not all moms are Starbucks-obsessed, yoga-pants wearing, Target shoppers… but a lot of us are, so let us have our caffeinated beverage of choice (whether it be a venti, triple shot, nonfat mocha latte or just a big ol’ Diet Coke!) and leave us be.

What is the deal with moms and coffee? A lot of moms just need the caffeine to get through the day. Moms probably spend most of the first 18 years of their kid’s life awake when they should be sleeping. In the early days, she’s dealing with late night feedings, trying to get the baby to sleep through the night, and worrying about everything she has on her plate. Soon she’s dealing with wet beds, nightmares, and kiddos that are scared of the dark. As the little ones grow, she’s worrying about school, grades, behavior, and eventually driving lessons, curfews, and graduation!

14 Let Me Sleep!

What is it about finding a sleeping princess that makes Prince Charming think she actually WANTS to be kissed and woken up? Maybe that sleeping princess is really enjoying her deep, peaceful slumber. Maybe that sleeping princess hasn’t slept a whole night through since the baby was born. Or maybe she finally has a quiet house and a finished to-do list and she’s celebrating with a little nap.

If a new mom is actually sleeping, back off. Don't kiss her, don't snuggle, and definitely don't think you're gettin' any right this second. She's not going to think you're very charming, and she's probably going to be pissed!

And DO NOT, under any circumstances, do not, wake her up to ask her where something is or what you’re having for dinner. Turn her phone to silent, cover her with a blankie, close the door, and make sure the kids stay quiet. Let mama get her rest.

13 She Can Come Clean My House!

I don’t know about you, but when I clean my house, I’m not singing. I don’t even whistle when I work. And there sure as heck aren’t any pretty little bluebirds flitting around and helping me out with my chores. My house might not be the cleanest, but I try to stay on top of things the best I can. That means sweeping up tumbleweeds of cat hair, stashing toddler toys in the toy box and in baskets all over the house, eventually getting the dishes put away, and always dealing with what seems like a never-ending pile of laundry.

So would I just wander into someone else’s house like Snow White does and start cleaning my butt off? And acting happy about it? Hell to the no. Is she crazy? Who wanders into a house full of seven little boys and decides she’s going to start taking care of them and cooking and cleaning for them?

12 Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was well-versed in current events. She knew what was going on in the world of politics as well as what all the hottest fashion trends were each season. She kept up with her celebrity gossip and knew who was dating who, who was next to walk down the aisle, and who was due to have the next celebrity baby with a crazy name. She knew what all the Real Housewives were up to and could even tell all the Kardashians apart. She could easily spend 48 hours binge-watching her favorite show as soon as it hit Netflix. She went to the movies, sporting events, and concerts with regularity, sometimes even at the last minute, and enjoyed getting dressed up to go to such events.

Then that girl had kids. She now has no clue what the Kardashians have been doing, nor does she care. Sometimes she's not even sure what day of the week it is. She would rather catch up on sleep than her favorite show on Netflix. And the only movie she’s seen recently is whatever the latest little kids’ release is.

11 Meet Momerella!

Some moms can totally relate to Cinderella. Just swap out the wicked stepmother and awful stepsisters for a couple of kids, and it’s kind of the same story. Momerella is always cleaning. It seems like the housework is never done. She’s always got laundry to do or something needs to be fixed. She’s the one who puts dinner on the table and then has to clean up afterwards.

Instead of a pumpkin, Momerella drives a minivan. Her clothes might not be in great shape, either because she doesn’t really care what she wears, or because she’d rather spend money on her kids and make sure they’re properly dressed. Speaking of being properly dressed, Momerella spends a lot of time looking for clothes… not just missing glass slippers but things like coats, hats, gloves, and socks.

And Momerella is usually so busy taking care of her family that she doesn’t always get to go out and do fun stuff like her single, kid-less princess friends get to do. Nowadays, Momerella has to arrange for a babysitter if she wants to go to the ball.

10 I'm A Cool Mom!

Maybe you don’t want to be a regular mom; you want to be a cool mom. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s about time you pay your mom friends back and actually host a play date at your house for once. Or, holy moly, maybe you’ve actually decided to let your kid have some friends stay the night at your house for a sleepover. (Godspeed.)

There’s something about having other people’s kids around that turns you into June Cleaver. You really do want to seem like the cool mom. Or at least, the really nice mom. Maybe you want your kid’s friends to think he’s really lucky to have such an awesome mom. Or m aybe you just want your kid’s friends to go home and tell their parents about how great of a mom you are. Whatever it is, you happily prepare yummy snacks, plan fun activities, and let the kids have a blast…

Then when the other kids go home – it’s back to normal!

9 Netflix And Chill?

Sometimes, all a mom wants is some time to herself. A working mom has to deal with coworkers, colleagues, and customers all day. A stay at home mom is surrounded by babies or kids all day and might long for some grown-up interaction or adult conversation…

Sometimes moms just want to put their feet up and relax. Or maybe soak in a bubble bath with a stack of magazines or a good book. Or… if you’re like some moms, you just want to pour a glass of wine, head to the bedroom, and Netflix and Chill.

Wait? That’s not actually what that means?!

No, I really just meant that maybe all some moms want to do is curl up in bed by themselves and catch up on House of Cards or Scandal. Without any interruption. No kids yelling her name or crawling all over her.

Did I mention she just wants to do this alone? By herself.

8 Just Eat It!

There is nothing like sitting down to a home cooked dinner as a family. It is a great way to end the day. The kids are done with their homework, they’ve had time to go out and play, and now dinner is ready. You call everyone to the table, planning to ask everyone how their day at school was and what their favorite part was…

And then one kid informs you that they don’t like what you’ve prepared for dinner.

Maybe it’s a healthy, well-rounded meal with lots of vegetables. Maybe it’s a dish that you’ve spent all afternoon on, or maybe it’s just a simple recipe you make all the time. But your kid that will only eat peanut butter and jelly (or pizza, or chicken nuggets, or hot dogs…) has no decided to protest what is being served for dinner.

Back in our day, we knew our options: Eat this, or you don’t get dessert. (Or maybe you just don't get anything else.)

7 Cheers!

If you’ve heard about moms and their coffee, then you’ve probably heard about moms and their wine, too. No, not all moms need a glass of wine to shut the day down. (Some prefer beer or vodka. To each her own!) And just because a mom enjoys an adult beverage to relax, it doesn’t make her a bad person.

Maybe mom needs a glass of wine because she’s still got an hour to go before the kids’ bedtime and she just needs to chill out. Or maybe she’s FINALLY gotten the kids in bed and wants to celebrate.

Maybe she’s stressed and has been worrying a lot lately and needs a glass of wine to help her relax. What better way to do that than with a nice glass of wine?

Maybe it makes her feel a little more glamorous and sexy… She might be wearing stretched-out yoga pants and an old t-shirt, but she feels a little more alluring as she sips and swirls.

And besides all that, wine is delicious. Bottoms up.

6 Did You Hear That?!

Everyone makes a big deal out of when a baby is supposed to start sleeping through the night. It's one of the questions that new parents will get asked - by everyone - time and time again. "Is the baby sleeping through the night yet?"

But nobody ever asks about mom.

Sure, there are some moms who have no problem whatsoever falling asleep when they have a brand new little one at home. Maybe they're super confident in their momming abilities or maybe they're just so flipping exhausted that they have no choice but to pass right out as soon as their head hits the pillow.

But there are some moms out there that have a LOT of trouble sleeping. In fact, the baby might start sleeping through the night before they do! Maybe it comes from being so uncomfortable at the end of your pregnancy... Or maybe it's getting used to waking up a million times a night to go to the bathroom when you're pregnant. Maybe you're worried that you won't hear the baby if they wake up crying. Or maybe you're worried that if you can't hear them, something is wrong.

For whatever reason, there are some moms that just don't sleep well after baby comes along.

(For those moms, may I suggest a nice glass of wine?)

5 You Got This... Maybe.


Do you ever start your day with a pep talk? Maybe it goes a little something like this.

“All right, mama, you got this. Today we’re going to kick some serious butt. We’re going to get the kids off to school, do the grocery shopping, finish the laundry once and for all, and whip the house into shape. Then we’re going to pick up the kids, take them to soccer practice, and while they’re doing homework, I’ll get dinner on the table. It’ll be tight, but if we can get everybody in and out of the tub fast enough, maybe we can even play a board game or start a craft before bed…”

We often start our days with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the line, things fall apart. (Or at the very least, they start to fray around the edges.) A kid gets frustrated during homework and is near tears trying to figure out a math problem… The little one doesn’t like what’s for dinner… The teenager is sulking…

Oh well. You can always try again tomorrow.

4 The Best Feeling!

You know what’s even better than coffee? Even better than wine?

A fully-stocked fridge.

You know why? Because that means you don’t have to go grocery shopping for awhile! HOORAY!

Maybe you’re a meticulous meal-planner, or maybe you just buy in bulk, but having the grocery shopping all done is a wonderful feeling. Because you don’t have to go again for another week. Maybe two, if you’re lucky.

Some people find grocery shopping relaxing. Some wander through the store, traveling up and down every aisle. If you’re a mom, you’ve probably got your list and you’re hoping to get in and out as quickly as possible. If you’re a mom with a kid in tow, you’re probably trying to keep your kid entertained in the shopping cart while praying in advance that you can survive the checkout line without a meltdown. (From the kid… or you.)

Motherhood is why some genius invented meal subscription boxes.

3 Who Cares?

Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, your work is never done. When we were younger, we used to get all excited when Friday finally rolled around because we knew that once we clocked out at the end of the day, we had two days of freedom and relaxation ahead of us. Weekends were spent having late dinners and dancing in the club. Sundays were for long, boozy brunches.

These days, that’s not the case. A mom’s on the job 24/7. Just because it’s six o’clock on a Friday night, it doesn’t mean a mom’s done with her shift. Even though she might have left the office, mom’s still got work to do. ESPECIALLY on the weekend.

Weekends are usually when most of the housework gets done. And the grocery shopping. And any other errands that need to be done. That’s also when most of the extracurricular activities are. Soccer games and birthday parties. You know what doesn’t really happen on the weekend anymore?

Relaxation. Late dinners. Boozy brunches.


We spend a lot of time trying to raise our kids to be polite, well-behaved, and decent human beings. We try to teach our kids to take turns, share, and be nice. A lot of the time, we think we’re doing a halfway decent job. We’re pleasantly surprised when we get a positive remark from a teacher about behavior. We give ourselves a little pat on the back when we see our kid doing something we’ve taught them to do – without having to ask them to do it.

And then, sure enough, you find yourself in one of those WTF moments where you see your kid doing EXACTLY what you’ve asked (or warned, or directed, or strictly forbidden) them not to do. Picturing your well-behaved little angel doing that ONE THING that you’ve said is not allowed is enough to make your eye twitch. And whether you put the kid in time out, take away privileges, or send him to his room, you’re still mad as heck. Because you just want your kid to do the right thing.

1 Seriously!

When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up. When we played pretend, we were always something grown up – whether we were pretending to be a princess, a teacher, a doctor, a mom, or an actress.

We couldn’t wait to be able to do grown-up things, like staying up late, driving a car, going on a date, going to college, getting a job, buying a house, getting married, and having kids.

And sure – those things are/were great. While we didn’t end up being princesses, and we might not stay up as late as we used to, we’re definitely grown up now.

And sometimes being grown up kind of sucks. Sure, we have the car and the house, but we also have the bills, the mortgage, and the taxes! As grown-ups, we have a lot to worry about. As moms, we have LITTLE PEOPLE to worry about. It’s not easy.

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