15 Stories About Dads Who Took A Night Off From Parenting

Everyone looks forward to having days off, and for moms and dads, that time is often spent spending time with each other and with their children and maybe getting caught up in household chores together.

However, not everyone feels like family time is all that important, and believe it or not, some people don’t look forward to that time at all, and they avoid each other like the plague. Some dads cannot wait to get home from work to play with their children and spend time with their wives. And they especially can’t wait for their time off to spend even more time with them, but there are some dads who do everything on their days off, except be with their family.

Sadly enough there are quite a number of dads who seem to become a whole other person as soon as they are off the clock, and then it’s like their other personality kicks in. Listed here are some of the horrible things that some dads do, when they should be with their family. I am so thankful that my own dad was always there for me because so many children don’t have that.

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15 The Ex-Wife

This man confessed to spending his nights off with his ex-wife. It is not hard to imagine why his other marriage did not last, but if things were that bad when he was with her, why then is he spending time with her now when he supposed to be in love with someone else, someone he made vows to.

I think too many people rush to get married, and also, on the other hand, too many couples make hasty decisions to get divorced when underneath all of the anger and irrational thinking they still have feelings for each other. It takes being apart for a while to realize it.It is probably better to have a trial separation first, instead of making decisions out of anger with one another.

14 On A Video Call

Some men like to spend a lot of time in their dens or man caves. This man admits that on his nights off he tells his wife he will be in the den working, when in reality, he goes in there and starts video dating. Now I have got to give it to him at least for not going out and meeting women, or bring them home, but that really doesn’t soften the blow at all.

Who knows what this man is doing while he is talking to these women. Considering he has to be locked away in his den with orders not to disturb, yeah, something is not right. I hope the door to the den locks, because I would hate for his child or children to walk in on him doing whatever he is doing in there.

13 Car Napping

I have heard a lot of Whispers from men and so many cheating stories, but this one particular story just seems so heartbreaking to me. This husband and dad says that on his nights off he sleeps in his car, just to avoid being with his wife and kids. I can understand the great conflict between a husband and wife, but what could he possibly have against his own children?

It almost sounds to me like this man may have some deep-rooted mental issues. I feel so sorry for these poor children. So many innocent children are pushed away by the very people that are supposed to protect them and love them unconditionally. Some men should never have children. They should use multiple forms of protection to keep it from happening or get neutered at a young age.

12 The Imposter

Wow, this here guy has a very colorful side of himself when the sun goes down. He says that when he has days off, he acts as a female impersonator. I wonder if his wife shares her old clothes with him. I hope his wife finds out about it and takes his kids to wherever it is he is going and shows the kids, hey look, see that woman, it’s daddy. Now that would be funny.

Ok, only the thought of it is funny. In reality, it would scar the children. I know that if that were my dad, I wouldn’t even want to know him, and I wouldn’t want anyone to know that we are related. That may sound harsh, but that's only my opinion. To each his own, I guess.

11 The Fake Business Trip

Some men are away all the time on business, and so their wives don’t have the slightest clues as to what their husbands are doing at night. These women are at home resting in bed, thinking about the husband they miss so much, while he is doing who knows what.

This Whisperer admitted that on his days off, he would tell his wife he had to go away on business like he always does anyway, but on these particular nights he was headed off for an affair. I cannot understand how any man can do this to the woman he said he would love until death does them part. But as we know, this sort of thing is all too common, what's less common are strong marriages that last through the years.

10 The Babysitter

When most people choose a babysitter they usually don’t take the first person that comes along. A good parent will check out a few people before making a decision. You want your children to be safe above all else, that is more important than anything.

What if it’s not only the babysitter that cannot be trusted? Here is one such situation. This man admits that whenever he has time off, he spends it with the babysitter. It is not clear where the wife is at this time, if the husband is having the sitter over on those nights or if he is meeting up with her outside of the home. Either way you look at it, you really need a shorter leash for him. Or maybe a choker chain would be more like it.

9 Casino Nights

This man confesses that he likes to spend his days off in the casino, while his wife thinks that he is at work. He must have a very trusting wife since she apparently doesn’t check up on him. It is such a bad thing to take advantage of the trust that your spouse has in you.

There are many things that he could be doing that would be far worse, but there are two things wrong with what this man is doing. For one thing, he is more than likely spending money that should be spent on his family, and for another thing, he is robbing his family of something very precious, his time. A time that you can never get back again. That time is needed to nurture a marriage and it is something that children really need from both parents.

8 The Encounter

Ok, I don’t know who this man confided in, but maybe he should have kept this one to himself. This guy confessed to someone that on one of his few nights off, he slept with another man. Well, at least if the wife finds out, she doesn’t have to go through being jealous of the other woman, but I suppose it would be no less painful with it being a man; cheating is cheating.

If this guy is going home and still sleeping with his wife in that way, I sure hope he has been using protection. It is such a shame when some innocent person ends up with an STD all because of an unfaithful spouse. Not to mention if he comes home and kisses her, who knows what she is really kissing.

7 Drinking Buddies

Some women really don’t keep up with their husband’s job, when he works, when he has a day off, as long as there is a paycheck coming in. For this Whisperer, his wife had no idea when he was working, because he admitted that he spends his days off hanging out and drinking with buddies.

There are a lot of men who like to wind down after work with buddies, but the fact that this man spends all of his free time with them tells me that he really does not care about his wife and child or children. To choose to be drinking, rather than being with your family really says that you have a problem, and I hope you seek help before you lose everything. It’s good that it’s with buddies and not women, but it can still be a dagger in the heart of the family unit.

6 Double Life, Double Wife

Ok, I guess polygamy is still going strong. This man says that he has another family he goes to on his nights off, so just where does the first wife think he is when he has off? I have heard of burning the candle at both ends before, but he went ahead and married both ends.

I would hate to be in the middle of that candle when both end finally meet. He never said if he has children with the second wife but if he does, I hope he can afford to pay double the child support. And depending on where he lives, maybe even alimony. Then again, who knows, maybe they will all be one big happy family. The partridge family times two. Well, he is going to get old fast.

5 Comunity Poker

This is a very strange Whisper, because this man admits that when he has time off from work and diaper duty, he spends the nights playing strip poker with different men and women. The part of this Whisper that I find strange is, why doesn’t he just ask his wife to join in - maybe she would enjoy it.

One thing I know though is that strip poker always goes a little further, and so that is one good reason it would be better if the wife was involved. Strip usually ends with poke, along with some other things that we will leave to the imagination. It could be worse, it could have been naked twister, which would also end with a pretty wild night, and would be, in my opinion, much more enjoyable.

4  Adult's Play

So this man apparently works a lot of overtime, because he claimed that on his one night off in a long time, he was hanging out at a strip joint. I am sure his loving family would appreciate him using his day off in such a thoughtful and meaningful way.

I think in a case like this, he should just go home with one of the dancers and not return. Most of us have heard the saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a noise.” Well, even if your family is not there to see what you are doing, it is still hurting them in one way or another. When a woman finds out that she has been scorned behind her back, that is one household I would not want to be in.

3  The Sister-In-Law

Ouch, talk about painful sibling rivalry. This guy confessed that every night he has off, and his unsuspecting wife is sleeping, he slips away and spends time with her sister. This sounds like something a couple of high school kids would do, not grown adults.

Well, I guess love, or should I say lust, does not care about your age, race, or gender. It just is. He is not only hurting his wife but his children. I mean this is their aunt. If this gets around to his wife, how is it going to affect the children? They probably love their aunt, but I don’t know if that would last if they found out the truth. No one tears families apart like other family members. We do tend to treat others better than we do our own families sometimes.

2 Dance, Dance

This Whisperer admits that on his only night off for the week, he works as a male stripper. Ok, this isn’t as bad as some confessions I have heard. For one thing, he is not going to bring home an STD. Instead, he is going to be bringing a good amount of money home.

I understand that probably no self-respecting man would be doing this while his wife and children are at home sleeping totally unaware of what daddy is up to. I can’t help but wonder if he dances for his wife or if all dancing stops at the club. Maybe if she puts some money in his briefs, he would shake it a little for her. I know I wouldn’t want to be handling the money he brings home.

1 BFFs

Do you really know who you can trust these days? Well, apparently this wife cannot trust her best friend because her husband confessed in a Whisper that on nights when he is off of work, his wife’s supposed best friend comes over for a visit while she is in bed, sleeping. Talk about taking risks. It would be hard enough sneaking out at night to meet up with someone, but it’s a whole other ballgame to have this other woman coming into the house while your wife is sleeping.

I wonder if maybe there is a part of him that actually wants to get caught. Maybe he wants to end the marriage but cannot just come right out and say it. So he is trying to give his wife a reason to be the one to end it.

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