• 15 Pregnant Brides Open Up About Their Wedding

    Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. They pin all their hopes on the one time when they can be the center of attention. Sometimes, they know exactly what they want to wear and envision how they will look on their big day.

    Planning a wedding is stressful enough but imagine how hard it would be to have to plan it all while suffering from morning sickness. Not to mention that shopping for a wedding dress when you have to account for a baby bump would be difficult as well. Not only that, but just about everyone would have an opinion about how and when the ceremony should take place.

    Some brides feel pressured by their fiancé to “do the right thing” and get married when they might not be sure it’s the right thing to do. Other moms-to-be feel robbed of being in the spotlight and resent that they were expecting when they walked down the aisle. There are those who live happily ever after and beat all the odds to have a long healthy marriage with a happy family. Please enjoy this list of 15 Whisper Confessions from pregnant brides-to-be.

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    A Wedding Scandal

    This scandalous Whisper confession was written by a woman who probably should not be wearing a white dress to her own wedding. She admits that her wedding day is the next day and she is 2 months pregnant. That would be juicy enough but then she goes on to drop a bombshell. The baby doesn’t belong to her fiancé.

    I wonder how long she intends to keep up this charade? Even if she has relations with her husband on her honeymoon, he will be able to do the math and figure out that the timing is off for the child to be his. This is quite a way to start a marriage. I give these two until about seven months after the wedding and then the secret will totally be out.

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    Cold Feet

    Here we are introduced to a bride-to-be that has gotten cold feet. Most women back out of their wedding if they are afraid that they don’t really love their fiancé or vice versa. Not so with this bride. She is worried that the wedding is only happening because she is pregnant. I’m sure that this is a very common insecurity that pregnant brides feel.

    It’s understandable that she might question her future husband’s motives as well as her own. Maybe it would better if she didn’t go through with the nuptials. For the rest of their married life, she would wonder if they only went through with it because of the baby. A marriage has to be based on love and trust. These doubts might end up tarnishing their relationship.

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    A Rushed Walk Down The Aisle

    This complicated confession shines a light on what happens when a pregnant bride gives in to the pressures of getting married. She admits to being 3 months pregnant on her wedding day. Her husband was eager to tie the knot, so our bride went along with it. Now, they’re married and both of them know in their hearts that they shouldn’t have gone through with the wedding.

    This has got to be a really hard position to be in. On the one hand, she was lucky that her husband wanted to do the right thing and commit to a life with her and the baby. On the other, if neither of them felt like the timing was right, then they should have waited and had the wedding after the birth.

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    A Happy Ending

    This is a great countdown of this woman’s pregnancy and wedding. The timeline seems pretty intense, if you ask me. She became pregnant one month into dating and found out she was expecting three months later. Four months into their relationship, they got hitched in a courthouse to make things official. Then, after five months, they had a church wedding.

    Even though it seems like this couple might have rushed things a bit, this story actually has a happy ending. These two beat all the odds and have made their marriage last. Now, they are celebrating their baby’s tenth birthday. She sounds so proud of her family and doesn’t seem to have any regrets at all about their situation. I guess that they really are living happily ever after.

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    Shotgun Wedding

    This is yet another example of what can happen when a pregnant bride gets married because the father of the baby wanted to. This woman confesses that she wanted to wait to tie the knot but she agreed to go through with it because she knew that it was important to him. She admits that she loved him and wanted to be with him, so they went for it.

    Now, they’re married and she can totally feel his resentment. I’m sure that deep down inside, he feels jilted because he knows that she only went through with the nuptials to make him happy. A successful marriage takes total trust and commitment. If a couple begins their union with one person wanting it more than the other, it probably won’t last.

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    OK To Wait

    This mom-to-be is feeling pressured by her mom to have a shotgun wedding. She would rather wait until after the little one is born before she gets married. I really don’t blame her. It can’t be easy to plan a ceremony and reception while you’re expecting. For starters, if she was suffering from morning sickness then it would take some of the fun out of the planning.

    Not only that, but it would not be pleasant to wear a wedding gown with a baby bump. I know that some pregnant brides pull it off and look lovely but chances are, she might look like a stuffed sausage by the time she walks down the aisle. This woman should not give in to the demands of her mother and should wait until after the baby arrives to get hitched.

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    Forced Into It

    It seems like most little girls dream about having the perfect wedding one day. They fantasize about being the center of attention and floating down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. This next sad confession was written by a woman who did not get her one special day to be a bride. All of her hopes and dreams of having the perfect wedding were ruined when she found out that she was with child.

    Now, she’s bitter because her mom and dad forced her to have a shotgun wedding. Hopefully, she might be able to renew her vows after the baby arrives so she can finally have the celebration that she had envisioned for herself. Every girl deserves to have her dreams fulfilled so that she can truly enjoy her own special wedding day.

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    Teen Bride

    This next woman was not only pregnant when she got married, but she was just a teenager on her big day. She was a mere 19-years-old and her husband had just turned 18 two weeks before they said their vows. It appears that it was a shotgun wedding for these two. The odds were stacked against them because they were so young, yet it was her husband who caused the end of their marriage.

    The union lasted four years and ended in divorce because he managed to get another woman pregnant. This just goes to show how irresponsible this guy was. Not only did he cheat on his wife but he got his mistress knocked up. That’s totally a new low when it comes to infidelity. He’s a threat to the female race.

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    Before The Baby Arrives

    Is it just me or does this pregnant bride seem really chipper? She starts off commenting on her “Nan”, which I’m assuming is her grandmother. Well, it’s a good thing that this woman can laugh about her predicament. Our confessor admits that she discovered that she was expecting seven months into planning her wedding. Her Nan seems relieved that they’ll be tying the knot before the baby arrives.

    This mom-to-be has a great attitude. She doesn’t seem to worry that her baby bump will ruin the wedding. Not only that, but they’ve already picked out a name for their daughter. Baby Marcy is lucky that she’s going to be born into such a sweet family. It’s always refreshing to come upon a Whisper confession that has a happy ending.

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    Wish Her Luck

    Our next confession introduces us to a bride that is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her monthly visitor. If Aunt Flo doesn’t arrive by the next day, she will totally know that she’s pregnant. To complicate things a bit more, she’s getting married on Thursday. So, she might be feeling a little bit more pre-wedding jitters. As a matter of fact, this woman admits that she’s be more nervous about the baby than the actual wedding.

    I love how she casually throws in a #wishmeluck hashtag asking for support. I can only imagine how scary it would be to find out that you’re expecting right before your wedding. Things are stressful enough on the big day, throw a baby on top of all that and she is going to need all of the luck she can get.

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    Jilted Bride

    I feel so bad for this next confessor. Her fiancé called off the wedding and broke up with her. This would be hard enough to handle but it gets even worse. This woman admits that she is 28 weeks pregnant with his child. Not only that, but he can’t even give her a good reason why he doesn’t want to be with her.

    I guess it would be better to find out that your husband-to-be is a jerk before you actually go through with the wedding. This will totally save her a lot of heartache and money to just go ahead and end things before she got sucked into a nasty divorce. I’m sure that it does not hurt any less though. No one wants to be a jilted bride.

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    Wedding Dress Woes

    This woman confesses to having a problem. It’s not that she’s eight months pregnant and getting married. Her big issue is that she can’t fit into her wedding dress. I applaud this mom-to-be for even attempting to get into a wedding dress at 28 weeks into her pregnancy. I would imagine that her baby bump would be pretty big at that point.

    We don’t need to worry, though. She goes on to inform us that her husband will be home soon. Does this mean that she plans on asking him to help her get into her wedding dress? That would such a sight to behold, I’m sure. I mean, this guy is in their relationship for the long haul, the least he can do is help her squeeze into her gown.

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    They Married For Love

    This is another one of those rare confessions where a person took to Whisper to share some good news. Our confessor admits that she was pregnant on her wedding day. Two months after their nuptials, the happy couple welcomed a son. The best part is that she claims that they got married because they loved each other, not because it was “the right thing to do.”

    So many pregnant brides get married because they feel pressured to do so. It’s actually nice to hear about a couple who tied the knot because they were in love instead of just doing what is expected of them. They sound like a sweet family who are lucky to have each other. I love stumbling upon happy stories on Whisper, because they are few and far between.

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    Courthouse Wedding

    This next confession shows us that even the best laid plans often go awry. Our bride-to-be thought that she was ahead of the game and was just about to start buying stuff for her upcoming wedding. Thinking she was totally on top of things as the ceremony wasn’t even until the next year, this woman was stopped dead in her tracks. Some pretty exciting surprising news came her way.

    She just found out that she’s pregnant. Now, it looks like they’ll be having a courthouse wedding instead. I love how she added an “lol” at the end, as if she’d just delivered the most hilarious news. It’s a good thing that she can have a sense of humor about it all. That will make her courthouse wedding much less stressful.

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    A Unique Ceremony

    What a shock this must have been for this pregnant bride. She found out that she was expecting a week after her engagement. To make the whole thing even more shocking, she was already 7 months into the pregnancy. Yikes! I can’t help but wonder how she had gotten so far without any knowledge that she was growing a baby.

    She didn’t let the news stop her from having a wedding, though. Our confessor got married in her friend’s tattoo shop. What a cool and unexpected place to have the ceremony. This couple obviously likes to do things their own way so I bet that neither of them had a problem with the fact that she was pregnant when they tied the knot. Maybe they got matching “Mr.” and “Mrs.” tattoos.

    Sources: whisper.sh

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