15 Stories About Teen Moms Who Want To Be Understood

These brave young women took charge of their lives when their babies needed them the most. Instead of giving up and dropping out of high school these pregnant teenage mamas stuck it out and graduated. That's a choice that could not have been easy. High school is hard enough without a baby in tow. Pregnancy is draining enough without the stress of high school. Many teenage girls would secretly opt for an abortion and continue on about their business, but these warriors battled their way through high school and pregnancy and graduated as mothers with diplomas.

The teenage mamas who decide to step up and believe in themselves are here with their stories of struggles and success stories. Things may not have always been easy but the rewards were worth the hard work and dedication and will help the moms with their futures and their children's futures.  There were days that were harder than others but these ladies who knew that they could have a child and still successfully graduate deserve to be recognized for their perseverance.  Let's take a look at what these ladies have been through on their way to graduation.

In these Whisper confessions, pregnant teenage girls share what it's really like to have a kid before graduation.

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15 It's Never Easy

I bet she wants to give up sometimes. She has a lot going on at one time and not much life experience yet. Just being a mother is a full-time job. This teen is a mother, has a full-time job, and she attends high school! Is there even enough time in the day for all of that? It makes sense that she feels like it's hard to be a good mom. When does she have the time to even be with the little guy? Although she's struggling, she's doing her best and hanging in there for her own sanity and her baby's well-being. This mama knows that she will be a lot better off after she completes her high school diploma. So, although she wants to give up now, it will all be worth it in the end when she gets to say that she's a graduate!

14 A Mom And A Student

It would be hard to find anyone who would disagree with this young lady's statement that "being a teen mom is not easy." Teens need to think about that before having kids. Let's not sugar coat the reality of being a teenage mother. It's hard! Teenage moms have to make a lot of sacrifices and they will miss out on a lot of things that their peers will have the opportunity to experience. So, while we all agree that graduating high school is a perfectly good choice if one chooses to become a teenage mama, we might not agree on whether or not becoming a teenage mama is a smart choice. Some might say these teens are throwing their lives away. This teen believes that her son is everything she has.

13 Judging Eyes

The people who don't think that she will ever achieve anything in life because she's a teenage mom are probably parents themselves. As parents, we know how hard it is to get anything done with a baby or two by our side. Even getting enough (or any) sleep can be a challenge for some of us. That doesn't mean that teen moms can't make their dreams come true. It doesn't mean that they can't be high achievers and fulfill their goals. It just means that being a teen mom will bring its own set of challenges into this woman's life. If this mama has the willpower to prove the haters wrong, then more power to her. Let's hope that she's determined to follow through and that her statements aren't just empty promises.

12 On The Right Track

Way to go to this teenage mama and her partner who seem to have it all together! She sounds comfortable and confident in her declaration that she is a teenage mom and she is on track to graduate high school. She sees her baby and her relationship as a motivator. The father of her child is sticking by her side and he is equally as passionate about finishing his education and is taking college courses. This couple seems to be making their young family work. It's interesting how she threw that comment in there that "teen parents aren't all bad." She seems to be lifting herself up but putting others down as she's doing it. A more fitting ending to her declaration of pride for teenage parents would have been, "Teen parents can do it all!"

11 Proving Them Wrong

This teen mom set her goals high, is working to achieve them, and is checking them off her list one by one! So many times as mothers we give up pieces of our own dreams and our own personalities so that we can devote ourselves to raising our children. While it is awesome to give our babies tons of love, it is a huge mistake to completely forget who we are in the process. This teen mom is well on her way to her high school graduation. Then she's planning on going to cosmetology school and fulfilling her dream. What's next for this ambitious young woman? Who knows, but we do know that she is setting a great example for her child.

10 The Insensitive Questions

Actually, yes they would ask a 25-year-old that. Once we have a baby inside of us, forever thereafter people who may be complete strangers, acquaintances, friends, or family start asking the most personal, inappropriate questions and do not think twice about it. Strangers ask if they can rub our bellies. People want to know how much weight we have gained. I had twins and people kept asking me if they were conceived naturally. There's just something about pregnancy that makes everyone feel entitled to know everything about your life. So, just be grateful that the father is involved and think of this as one of the many uncomfortable initiations into motherhood. In the meantime, keep focusing that energy on raising that baby and graduating high school. That way any questions about dropping out of high school can be avoided.

9 Teen Moms Can Do It All

This teenage mom and high school graduate decided to turn her life experiences into motivation for other young moms. She overcame a lot of adversity because she chose not to give up and she wanted to share that message - Don't Give Up! It's a powerful message and spreads the idea that we can do anything that we put our minds to. If we believe that we will fail, we will most likely fail. If we believe we will be successful, we are likely to succeed. To be the first high school graduate in one's family is a huge honor. To get up and go to school every day while we are pregnant is an incredible accomplishment. No excuse can be greater than our will to succeed. Think success, get success.

8 Stop And Think

One thing successful teen moms learn quickly is how to stand up and advocate for themselves and their babies. This is no time to hang our heads in shame. It's time to pull ourselves together, say STFU to the haters, and keep on going. We do it because we have a  a baby to raise, a degree to obtain, a job to excel at, and a happy and healthy future to build for our families. The bigger message this young woman is trying to get across is that teen moms can do anything they put their minds to. She's an example of it, she has a community of support that includes other successful single moms, and they are seeking to put an end to negative stereotypes about teen mothers. Go them!

7 The World Has It Wrong

Once we have a kid it's no secret that we have been willing to go all the way in the past. The rumors at school might be flying about how likely we are to put out. We already have one baby to care for after getting home from school. We've learned our lesson first-hand and are taking the challenge head on to graduate from high school and be the best moms we can be. Although these guys are assuming that we may put out, there's only one way to prove them wrong. It's true that we all create reputations for ourselves that are hard to live down but once these guys get rejected, they will see that the mistakes we made in the past don't define who we are in the present.

6 Where's The Love?

There are men out there who want nothing to do with single mothers. There are also good men out there who will love a single mother and her children. This mother is struggling with the realization that the dating world is not the same after having a child. The men we date not only have to love us, they also have to want to be fathers and be willing to love a small child that isn't biologically their own. Finding a teenage boy who is ready to date a teen mom is rough. Most teenagers aren't ready to be fathers. So, take this time to grow as a mother and as a woman. When the time is right. a good man will come along. Being a teen mom may suck but we don't remain teens forever.

5 The Double Standard

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was, "What other people think of you is none of your business." No matter who we are and what we do, other people are going to talk about us. They are going to judge us. People who don't know us judge us based on our appearances. People who think they know us judge us based on their own perception of us. People who do know us judge us. None of it really matters. Sure, it doesn't feel good to have people speaking negatively or thinking the worst about us. It doesn't feel good to be on the receiving end of a double standard. At the end of the day, the baby is in our arms, not the fathers who left. Many people don't even know what he has done or that he is the father.

4 Opposite Feelings

This is an honest confession. Let's face it - there are many parents, not just teens, who feel like their kid has ruined their life. This teen mom is not alone. Life before having a child and life after having a child are totally different. These parents still love their kids. They just hate being parents. Sure it's not the baby's fault for being born but in the end, they are the obstacle that is between many parents and the life they truly want to live. No matter how many times someone tells us that having children changes our lives, there is no way to fully understand that statement until we are parents. Teens have so much of life that they haven't had the opportunity to experience and being a parent may mean that they never will.

3 There's Always A 'But'

Sounds like this mommy needs an occasional break. We all do. We need to remember to take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to take care of others. Our little people will expect a lot from us from the moment they are born. It can leave us feeling depleted if we don't take the time to recharge. Since this mommy loves her daughter and regrets nothing, she has made peace with the fact that she has decided to keep her daughter. She just has those days, like we all do, where we are exhausted and we need to recharge. Maybe she truly feels like giving up on these days and giving her daughter up for adoption. Most likely after a nap and handing her kid to a trusted babysitter she is more than ready to take over her motherly duties. If not, many families would love to adopt that sweet little baby girl.

2 The Financial Burden

Teen moms and single moms may feel this pressure to overdo birthdays, holidays, and things that we see other families making a huge deal about. There is no shame in having a small, affordable celebration for our little ones. Memorable does not have to mean expensive or extravagant. The little ones will not even remember their first few birthdays so there is no need to break the bank trying to make it the best day of their lives. It may be hard for teen moms to find the cash to pay for extravagant things. Teenage moms are just starting out, they are still in school, they are figuring out who they are. Their best is good enough.  They do not need to be so hard on themselves.

1 No One To Turn To

Being a teen mom can be lonely. We can talk to our babies all day but they don't have much to say in return. We can take them out places but need to stand up and leave when they start uncontrollably crying. Our friends may have a fun time holding them for a little while but how are they going to feel when they get spit-up on their new shirt. What about the father of the baby? Will he stick around? He has the option to walk away and never look back at any time. Some of the teenage boys stick around to be fathers, others just aren't ready. It's hard to find peers who are in the same place in life that we are. Other teens don't need to think about nursing, changing diapers, buying baby gear, and finding babysitters when they want to go out. They just make plans and go. That can make life a little isolating.

Source: Whisper.com

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