15 Stories From Moms Raising Their Kid's Baby

Raising a baby is hard work, and it's a never-ending job no matter how old a child gets. Once a mom turns a certain age they usually decide that they no longer want any more children, or their body is unable to conceive any longer thanks to a little thing called menopause. Most moms can't wait until their last child turns 18-years-old so that they can try to regain some of their freedom after years of cooking, cleaning, and tending to everyone else's needs but their own.

So, what happens when you have a teenage son or daughter who confesses that they are expecting a baby at 13, 14, or 15-years-old? What if they admit that they don't want to or can’t take care of their child? Mom's want what's best for their kids, even if they make mistakes that will forever alter their young lives.

Some moms decide to take on the role of being the guardian or even adopting their own grandbabies to either give their own child a shot at a normal life or even because their son or daughter actually turned out to be the worst parent ever. There are so many different reasons a grandmother could end up the sole caretaker of her grandchildren. So much for being baby free and enjoying their golden years.

If you want to know what would cause a mother - who has already her own children to tend to - take on the role of raising their grandchildren as well, please continue reading!

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15 Grandma Mom

This mom is raising her granddaughter, most likely because her own daughter is just a teenager. This Whisper user confessed that her grandbaby thinks that she is her mother and has been taught to believe that her real mother is only her sister. That has to sting a bit for this woman's teen to know that she gave birth to a baby girl who may never know who her real mother is. She has to watch her own daughter call someone else mommy.

There is a chance that when the little girl gets older that her grandmother and “sister" could possibly set her down and tell her the truth. However, that could disrupt her life and make her think her entire life has been a lie - which would be the truth. There is also the chance that it could turn out well if they ever decide to tell her.

14 Only 11

This mom has yet to start raising her 11-year-old daughters baby - because she is still pregnant. This grandmother-to-be’s pre-teen daughter asked her if she could raise her child when it is born. I wish she would have posted how far along her daughter is because we may be able to decipher if her little girl thought really good and hard about what she wants to do with her baby when he or she is born. It most likely was a difficult decision to ask her mom to take full control and raise her first child.

This Whisper user confessed that she cannot believe her daughter is actually pregnant. She wants her daughter to have a shot at a normal life. Having a baby as a teenager definitely can disrupt a young person's life, that’s for sure. She said that her grandbaby will never know the truth. I don’t know if never telling this child the truth when he or she gets older will work out the way this woman plans. If it does, that’s great! If this child would somehow ever find out, that could be devastating for everyone involved.

13 Teen Mom

This Whisper user is incredibly young to be a grandmother at the young age of 29! She said that she was a teen mom and her daughter obviously followed right in her mother's footsteps because now she is a teen mom as well. This woman said that she never thought she would be having to raise her own grandchild at such a young age. It really makes you wonder how old this mom was when she gave birth as well as her daughter's age.

It really isn’t rare, anymore, to see generations of teen parents within the same family. It seems like kids are having kids younger and younger as the year's progress. I couldn’t even imagine what was running through this woman’s head when she found out her daughter was expecting her first child as a teen - which would probably turn her into one of the youngest grandparents ever.

12 Too Immature

This Whisper user said that she never thought, most likely in her wildest dreams, that she would be raising another child at 45-years-old. Typically, when a woman is this age she starts to get rid of the thoughts of having, or even wanting, another child. They start to think about how they will afford college for their kids or wonder when they are going to flee the coop and start a life of their own. Some women by this age even have children who are grown adults and started a family of their own. I was already 25 by the time my mom was 45-years-old.

This mom confessed that her 14-year-old little girl is not mature enough to raise a baby. This Whisper really doesn’t indicate whether or not her teen already had the baby. It’s crazy to think that kids this age sometimes actually want a baby of their own and purposely try to get pregnant. However, since this grandmother is going to be raising her daughter’s kid, I highly doubt that is the case here.

11 In Treatment

This Whisper user said that her teenage daughter has no idea that she, her own mother, will be filing for custody of her daughter. She may not even realize it for a little while since she is away at rehab. At least this teen is getting the help that she needs - unless she was forced into rehab. If that is the case, there is statistically a high possibility that she will get out and start her bad habits, whatever they were, right back up. This mom and grandmother said that she will raise her granddaughter right.

That last statement makes me wonder if she feels she either failed or messed up raising her daughter and that she is looking at her grandkid as a way to start fresh and do things right this time around. I believe that if her daughter was at least still a good mom, even though she was using substances, and rehab really straightens her out and she stays sober, that she should have the opportunity to try to raise her own daughter the right way.

Plenty of moms go to rehab, clean up, and become amazing mothers with the second chance they are given. We don’t know the whole situation here, so it is hard to say what all the surrounding circumstances are in order to be able to tell if this grandmother would be the right choice to become her grandbaby’s legal guardian.

10 Wouldn’t Give Up Her Social Life

This Whisper user said that three years ago she became a grandmother, and two years ago she became her granddaughter’s legal guardian. This mom confessed that her teenage daughter didn’t want to give up her social life to take care of and raise her own daughter. The sad thing is, that happens all too often and they even put it on MTV’s Teen Mom with Jenelle Evans.

There are a lot of teenagers who think they are grown enough to get into intimate relationships without using proper protection but don’t want to act like a grownup enough to take care of a baby when they get pregnant. This, unfortunately, leaves the child without their biological mother and a great deal of the time, the baby’s father doesn’t even stick around. Plus, more often than not, the teens own parents get stick raising and financially supporting their grandchild.

9 End Of The Rope

This Whisper user describes what it is like for many moms when they end up having to raise their teens baby. This mom confessed that she is at her wit's end because she works - like most of the population has to, she has to do all of the cooking and cleaning, she has to tend to her own children, plus, now she has to take care her grandchild as well.

That is a lot to put on a mom, plus it’s another financial complication and a child that she needs to try to be there for 24/7. There is also a good chance that her grandchild is still a baby, which require a lot of extra care compared to a child who is a bit older.

She admitted that she kicked her daughter out because she would not quit using illegal substances. So, now, this mom appears to be all alone in having to manage her household. I suppose, on the plus side, at least this baby will still grow up with her family instead of strangers since she decided to raise the baby herself instead of giving him or her up for adoption.

8 A Tragic Accident

This Whisper is very devastating and gut-wrenching. This mom said her heart is broken because her grandson will never get to meet his parents, who were just teenagers, because of some kind of tragic accident that took both their lives. The fact that they passed on together makes me believe it was a car wreck. This brave mom said that she is going to raise her grandbaby to know exactly who his parents were. This leads me to believe that even though they were very young, they were still good parents to their baby boy.

I can’t even begin to imagine what this mom is going through. It’s hard enough when a loved one passes away, but when it is your own child there is simply no words that could even begin to express how broken a parent must feel on the inside. Children are not meant to leave this world before their parents. We wish this mom the best of luck and our deepest condolences for her loss.

7 Her Daughter Wants Her Back

This Whisper user said that she has raised her granddaughter ever since she was born, and now she is 7-years-old. Now, her own daughter, who had her baby as a teenager, is barely over 18-years-old and all of a sudden, she wants to play the role of a mother. She decided that she wants to try to get her kid back. This grandmother said, “No way!” and I seriously cannot blame her. If her daughter was absent from her child’s life for seven long years, there is no reason that she has to try to step up now when the hardest parts are over with.

It makes me wonder what the circumstances were that caused her to disappear from her baby’s life in the first place. The way this Whisper is worded makes me believe that this woman's daughter didn’t even reside in the same house as them. Plus, if this 18-year-old would come back now, it would severely confuse the little girl. She probably has even been calling her grandmother ‘mom.’

6 A Heartbroken Mom

Here is another very saddening Whisper confession from a mom who lost a child. This woman said that yesterday, her 16-year-old daughter passed away while giving birth to her baby boy. This mom said that she is broken and heartbroken over the loss of her daughter. She asked how she is supposed to raise her grandson.

She admits that she feels like she has to raise her daughter’s son since he is the only thing she has left of her little girl. If there were another reason that she would have to raise her grandbaby, it seems like maybe she wouldn’t have been able to do it - or wouldn’t want to do it. Every time she looks at her grandson she is going to think of her daughter and she is going to feel deeply hurt for a long time or, at a minimum, until the entire grieving process is over - which is different for everyone. Some people never get over the loss of a child. I wouldn’t be able to - would you?

5 Regret

This Whisper user confessed that she loves her grandson but having to raise another child at her age is too much for her to deal with. She admits that she wishes she would have given her daughter the consent to abort the baby. Even though she loves her grandson, that is kind of harsh.

It is truly a good thing she confessed how she feels on Whisper, where it is completely anonymous, and not somewhere where the child may be able to find it as he gets older. Hearing the person who you love and who raised you saying that they wish you would have been aborted would be crushing for anyone to hear! It is understandable, though, because now she has to take on even more responsibility and go through the whole process of raising another child when she most likely thought she was done with that mess.

4 Double The Trouble

This is a bit of a change from the rest of the Whisper’s being from mom’s who confess about their teenage daughters - this Whisper user confessed about her son. She said that her son and his girlfriend have twins at the very young age of 14. As if one baby wasn’t challenging enough - especially for teens, they had two! She admitted that she is unable to raise both babies. So, unfortunately, she had to give one of the babies to her son’s girlfriend’s mother. Hopefully, they will allow both children to still interact and not to keep them separated. I wonder if the babies grandparents will lie about who their parents are, or if they will be honest? This mom said that her son and his girl were too young for the situation that they landed themselves in.

3 "No Good" Daughter

This mom admitted that she is going to take her “no good” teenage daughter for child support since she is the one raising her granddaughter. I honestly was not even aware that you could take a teen for child support. I suppose it may depend on the situation, such as the teen being emancipated or if they dropped out of school and got a job. In this case, we already know that her daughter does not work for a living.

This mom hopes that her daughter will go to prison for not paying child support. I am not quite sure if this woman had all her facts correct for what she is trying to do. Although, perhaps where she is located at in the world would play a huge role. It seems like maybe this mom is out for vengeance. She appears to be pretty ticked off with her teenage daughter.

2 Behind Bars

Just, wow. This mom is another parent who is not too happy with her teenager. If I had a quarter for every time I heard of a mom being mad at a teen, I would have some big money to play with! Although, this mom definitely has a legitimate reason to be irate with her daughter since she is in prison. The mom doesn’t even want to get started on the reason why. It must be pretty bad. She also seems irritated with the fact that she is “stuck” raising her daughter's little girl. I wonder how old the child is?

If I were this parent, I would be upset too. But in all honesty, it is very apparent that the teen mom is in a bad place in her life and probably doing things that no child should ever have to be around. Perhaps it is a good thing that this grandmother is raising her granddaughter. At least this way, that little girl has a shot at a good life.

1 An Unapproved Relationship

Okay, so what this mom is doing is technically able to be considered as blackmail. She is basically saying that she does not agree with the fact that her teenage daughter got impregnated by an older man, but she should not be telling her daughter that she has to give up her child or else she will press charges against her teen's boyfriend. What is actually pretty messed up as well, is that the daughter actually agreed to give up custody. This whole situation is just so twisted.

There is way more of a backstory going on here that we do not know about. So, I cannot truly say who is wrong and who is right. Blackmail was definitely not a route that should have been taken. She probably should have reported the baby’s father anyway - depending on his age. Now, if her daughter is 16, and her boyfriend is 18 or 19 - that would not be with reporting. If the guy was over 21, then it perhaps should have been considered. I hope this baby girl ends up having a good life for her sake.

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