15 Stories From Single Moms

More and more these days we're seeing social acceptance of single mothers, but a lot of people still think it's a good idea to shame them. I'd say that they have a ton of responsibility and should be given a lot of respect for taking care of kids without the help of someone else at home. I think some of that respect should come in the form of letting these lovely ladies get out and about town, have a little fun, and maybe make some mistakes. They are human too, after all.

There are a lot of things that these single moms get up to. I didn't realize that they would have the time for some of the things they do. That being said, there are also some pretty awful things that they have done, not to mention awful things that they have thought and said as well.

Imagine saying that you actually hate your children! Or that you did the not-so-innocent with their teacher on his desk during a parent/teacher interview. Then there's always the time-honored admission that you use your kids to deliver the pot that you deal. Yes, single moms are a force in the world, and here are some truly amazing confessions they've made.

15 A Fear Come True

First of all, let me just say that whoever was with this woman is a complete f*ckhead. There's no other way to put it really. Well, there are many ways to put it, but I prefer this way. Regardless, to leave your wife after she gives birth because you don't think she's hot anymore is pretty f*cking awful. But I have to think that she must be better off. First, because he would leave her just because he thinks she's not hot anymore, but secondly because he must be dumb as a post. Did he not notice this change throughout the process of the pregnancy? Did he only just realize that she was much bigger only when there was suddenly a baby in the picture? I'm sorry, but this woman is definitely better off as a single mother, and I bet plenty of guys will find her hot because of that!

14 Red Flag!

This isn't a single mother's confession, but I think that since it's a pretty racy confession from the daughter of a single mom, it fits on this list. And I think it's funny that the daughter doesn't think that her mom would try and sleep with her boyfriend, but she still keeps her boy toy away from mom. I'm pretty sure she knows that mom would definitely bang her boyfriend. That's the reason she tries to keep them apart. And what's more? I bet that her boyfriend would probably love nothing more than a shot at her mom. For no other reason than to be able to say that he nailed both the daughter and the mother. There are so many guys who would love nothing more than to be able to brag about these sorts of things.

13 The Brutal Truth

That's just really sad to hear about. It makes me sweat just stressing out for the kid that this single mom has. I mean, I know that I was a mistake, but that's simply because I wasn't planned. It's not like my parents don't love me. And I'm the youngest so it's not like they just hated parenting and thought it was entirely a mistake. So, there's that. Just imagine thinking that being a parent is the biggest mistake you'd ever made. I'll be honest...if I did have a kid right now...I would probably think the same thing. But I'm also not an idiot so I don't go out of my way to knock up people I'm with. And she makes it sound like she decided to be a mom...and then instantly regretted it. It's not like she didn't have months of preparation to get used to discomfort.

12 Not Once But Five Times

I'm sorry, but this has got to be a single mom that every teacher wishes was the parent of one of their students. No? I'm sure most of you wish that you would have a chance with such a single mom. Even though many of you may yourselves still be students. In that case, maybe you will end up seeing her after class...seeing a lot of her after class if you know what I mean. Or, maybe some of you readers are both single as well as teachers and you can have your share of the single moms who bring their kids to your school. Though I'm willing to bet that the single mom in question here wasn't hooking up with a single teacher. I'm willing to bet that she was totally scoring with a married teacher while scoring her kid some mighty good grades.

11 The Definition Of Ambitious

I think I know why this woman just wants to be a hot mom with a Range Rover. This is the only way that she's going to be able to pick up the young guys. They don't all want to be with a mom. Something about kids running around and all that. But hopping into a Range Rover and getting their rocks off with a hot single mom...well, that sounds like a pretty damn good idea. Of course, it won't be as awesome if she ends up driving you all the way to daycare so she can pick up her kid before she takes you home with them. So make sure you're careful. Otherwise, you might end up in some pretty nasty situations. Though, to be fair, some of those nasty situations are probably really really fun! Just make sure you want it first.

10 The Revelation

I think it's pretty awesome that this single mom compares herself to a superhero. First of all, she pretty well is. I can't imagine juggling all the sh*t you'd need to in order to have a kid, take care of it, hold down a job, have a social life, and get all the housework done. That requires some super powers for sure. That being said, it's way more awesome that this single mom compares herself to Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Super Woman. Why? Because they're all super confident and happy to remain single while getting all the important stuff done. And wouldn't you love to hook up with a single mom who dressed like one of those heroes?

9 Bad Mama

I'm pretty sure this is awesome. Does anyone else think this is kind of awesome? I mean, you might be a little thrown off of your rhythm if suddenly you heard a chorus of kids crying in the room down the hall. That might mess with your head a bit, but if you were just in and out and didn't have to worry about dealing with the kids because she just wanted a piece of the action and no new daddy...I think you might say that was a pretty big win. Not that you'd know because as far as you would know, she didn't have any kids and you just had a great night. You must consider that a win. I'm sure there are some of you sitting in your parents' basement right now just wishing you had an action of that kind. So, of course, this would be a great time for you.

8 The Regret Is Real

This is pretty crazy. I get that being a single mom is hard...but when you actually get to the point of hating your kid...all I can say is that I hope her kids are like from Village of the Damned or Children of the Corn. Otherwise, they can't be all that bad, can they? Maybe she's just not meant to be a mother. In which case, depending on the age of her kids...couldn't she still put them up for adoption? I don't really understand what this woman's dilemma is. If she truly hates them that much, then give them to someone who will give them a proper upbringing. That, or suck it up and get the job done. We're only on this Earth for two purposes anyway. making babies and raising them so they can do the same damn thing. Oh, and maybe this single mother's real mistake is that she gives her kids everything they ask for. Teach those little sh*ts some limits!

7 Ummmmmm

I have to be honest here that a single mother doing something like this has got to be a real pain for her daughter. But she does do it out of love. So there's that. However, that single mom better be careful. One of these days there's going to be a guy who is into her daughter and into some sort of breastfeeding fetish. And that's going to make things very awkward for every single person involved in that little triangle. I mean, maybe the guy can luck out with a bit of a Mrs. Robinson situation, but then he's still going to have the problem of trying to win the daughter in the end. And I'm not sure which woman would be more disgusted or interested. I mean, if the guy is into a "mommy" fetish...well, you just never know.

6 How To Mend A Broken Heart

There are fetishes for every kind of person in the world. How do you think there are so many damn people? We're not all mistakes. Some people are actually attracted to others and share some very special time together. In the case of this single mother, it seems like she must either be smoking hot or lives in an area where Tinder guys really badly want to nail a single mom. Or both...or they just don't care that she has kids because they just want to have a bit of "Netflix and chill" and then move on. Either way, if the guy did the dumping and she is thinking that she's not adequate...then she should definitely look at making a move forward. The guy sounds like an *ss, and maybe someone else will treat her better.

5 #AwkoTaco

This is definitely something that a lot of men really want to know more about. A single mom on the prowl...that could be a very good thing or a very questionable thing. And I'm sure that's no shock to any guy reading this anyway. You see, a single mom on the prowl could mean something very good like a woman who hasn't had any in a long time and is just ready to have a whole lot of fun. But it could also mean a single woman out there who might be looking in all the wrong places for someone to take home for her kids to call daddy. That is a terrifying thing to a lot of guys, and will no doubt end badly for the woman and her children as well. Sure, there are some out there sitting at a bar who just wish they could be and would be a great father... but a lot of those guys just really shouldn't be fathers to begin with.

4 The Bad Magnet

This is a pretty sad and frequent thing with single moms, I think. They end up getting entangled with some really awful guys. Like this one says: brainless, heartless, and cowardly. To be fair, she might just think that the guy is a coward because he doesn't want to be involved in the kid's life...but he should probably have mentioned that when they first started hooking up. Brainless guys can't really do much about that. It's not entirely their fault that they're daft. Maybe they had an easy time at school because their single mother was banging their teachers? As for the heartless. Well, it's not like they're going to care about telling a single mom that when they're getting what they want. So yeah, it seems like single moms might be a lot like Dorothy...sort of.

3 *Awkward Pause*

I couldn't imagine my doctor asking me if I was sexually active and having to tell him not only no, but also that I don't even have a social life. I mean, I don't have much of a social life, but that's beside the point. I think it's kind of hilarious that this single mom decided to bring her mom with her to the doctor. That could very well mean that this single mom is still in school, or not too far out of it. Either way, I think this must make some guys wish they knew who this single mom was. If for no other reason than to give her a bit more activity. Both social and the other, more naughty type of activity. How many of you guys definitely want to be able to say you've nailed a MILF? I'm almost certain that it's most of you. Nothing to be ashamed of.

2 #TheDatingStruggle

How many of you have had a good solid night of "Netflix and chill"? I know I have. I know some of you are hiding out in the basement of your parents' place right now, but I'm sure you've at least heard or dreamt of "Netflix and chill". Who knew that this is apparently, a way of ending up as a single mother? I'm really glad that I'm a man. I couldn't imagine being a single mother. I don't think "Netflix and chill" on Tinder is the reason these girls got pregnant, but the unfortunate choices of both parties afterward...though I'm sure you still wouldn't mind everything leading up to that.

1 A Family Business

Alright, this is pretty f*cked up, I have to be totally honest here. I mean, it's bad enough being a pot dealer. But you never know. Maybe she needs it in order to help cover costs for her kids. But the crazy thing is that she thinks no one knows that their dealer is a single mother. That's not entirely true. After all, she has to get the weed from someone in order to sell it. So, I guess the people she sells to at least don't know that she's a single mom, but certainly, her suppliers do. She better run an awfully tight ship or else it seems that she's a fairly underqualified single mom. I mean, I guess she's already a pretty awful mother considering that she sends her kids out to do her pot dealing for her. That's pretty pathetic. But I guess you gotta earn a living.

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