15 Stories From Step-Moms

Being a mother comes naturally for most of us, but being a stepmother is a whole different ball game. When a woman has her own child, she watches it grow inside of her own body and from the moment she gives birth, she instantly falls in love. This is a natural love, but when you become a stepmother you have to love a child that isn’t yours.

For many stepmothers, loving another child is very easy and they treat them as their own. This isn’t the case for every stepmother. Some stepmothers have stepchildren that are older and the children may have negative feelings towards them because they want their parents to be with each other. In these situations, no matter how great of a person the stepmother is, they will always be the enemy in the child’s eyes.

When the stepmother is considered the enemy, it may feel impossible for them to love them as their own. You should always try to remember when your a stepparent, they are still children and they should be treated as such. The relationship will never work out if the adult continues a toxic relationship. If you remain positive and loving, the child may come around eventually and love you back.

There are some evil stepmothers that will try to make the child’s life horrendous, for many different reasons. The evil stepmother in fairy tales can be true for some families. Keep reading to find out about some of the craziest things stepmothers have confessed on Whisper.

15 Twisted Revenge

This stepmother earns the title “The worst stepmother of the year,” maybe even the worst stepmother of all time. This is the most disgusting Whisper confession I have ever read. I don't understand where this woman’s logic comes from. She's upset that her stepdaughter is still living in her house and takes up her husband’s time. Does she not realize that a parent is supposed to spend time with their children, even if they are older? She slept with her boyfriend to get back at her. I guess that's her twisted way of getting revenge. I hope her husband found out and divorced her in a heartbeat. What in the world would even give her the idea to sleep with her step-daughter's boyfriend because of her spending time with her dad? I can only assume she wanted to take up her time with her boyfriend, but she could have found a better way to go about it; anything would have been better than what she did.

14 I’m In Love

This is a very odd situation to be in. This stepmother had some drinks with her stepson and, “One thing led to another.” She thinks she’s in love with him, which is insane, considering the fact that she’s married to his father. A relationship like that is not only morally wrong and gross, but it would never work out. If they did end up being together, which I highly doubt, I’m sure it ended quickly. I would not want to be that woman and have to tell my husband that I’m in love with his son. Could you imagine how horrible that would be? I read some of the comments on this Whisper confession and there were surprisingly pretty many people rooting for her and her stepson to be together. I guess there are more weird people that would do something like this. I seriously hope this woman didn’t help raise him since he was younger because that would be almost as bad as her falling in love with her own son. I can’t help but wonder if her stepson has the same feelings for her.

13 Karma

This is another crazy Whisper confession about a woman who has been in a relationship with the father and the son. Her high school sweetheart cheated on her and now, years later, she is his stepmother. She’s only a few months older than he is and he sees her as his dad’s “Child bride.” I can't really say that I blame him. I couldn’t imagine ever being with my ex’s father, let alone marrying him. That would be one awkward table to sit at on holidays. I really hope she didn’t have any children with her ex-boyfriend because that would take the situation to a whole different level, especially if she ended up having children by her husband. One child would be her husband’s child and the other would be his grandchild. This is one messed up family situation, but to each their own.

12 More Than Friends

I had to reread this one at first, just to make sure I was understanding it correctly. Apparently, this woman became best friends with her stepdaughter’s mother, which is not something you hear of everyday. They became so close that she fell in love with her and can’t picture her life without her in it. I can’t help but wonder if her stepdaughter’s mother knows how she feels or if she just thinks of her as her best friend. It would be devastating to fall in love with someone and build up the courage to tell them how you really feel, to only find out they don’t have the same feelings for you. This situation would also be terrible for her husband. Could you imagine finding out that your wife is in love with your ex-wife? That poor guy is probably feeling like he is the luckiest man, to be able to have his wife and ex-wife get along so well. Little does he know, they get along a little too well.

11 Worst Stepmom Ever

This Whisper confession is so revolting that there is almost no words, or at least there are no nice words to be said. This stepmother found out that her husband was cheating on her and she was really hurt by it, which is completely understandable. What is not understandable is what she did to get her revenge back on her husband. What she did was way worse than what her husband did. This demented woman decided to wait until her stepson turned 18-years-old and then seduced him. She succeeded in her sick and twisted plan. What’s even worse is she said her stepson now thinks she’s, “The best stepmom ever.” She is severely mistaken, she is the worst stepmom ever! Many husbands cheat on their wives, it happens everyday, all over the world. It hurts tremendously to be cheated on, but most people would not stoop this low to seek out revenge.

10 Let The Games Begin

I couldn't help but laugh at this one. This woman’s stepdaughter put laxatives in her drink and she plans on getting her back for it. I really wish there was more to this confession. I know there had to have been way more to the story and I bet it was hilarious. I would love to know where she was when it happened and if anyone else realized what was going on. I’m sure she was probably running back and forth to the bathroom, if she even made it to the bathroom in time. This stepmother is not going to let this one slide. She even said, “Two can play at this game!” She doesn't want her husband to find out, but if they keep playing tricks on each other, he is bound to find out sooner or later. Hopefully, whatever this stepmother decides to do is just funny and innocent and she doesn't do anything that will haunt her stepdaughter for life.

9 The Pretender

This stepmother never wanted to have any kids and it’s probably in everyone's best interest that she doesn't ever have any. She didn’t think being a stepmother would be so hard, but that doesn't excuse her for neglecting them. She’s living a lie, which will catch up to her one day. She tries to ignore them and she pretends to like them. I can’t seem to decide what is worse, but either way, this woman needs some therapy. She should just divorce her husband now and save them both the time and trouble. I couldn’t imagine trying to pretend to like children that I live with. They probably sense the fact that she doesn’t like them. There is no way anyone can really dislike someone that much and go on pretending that they like them on a daily basis. Hopefully her husband realizes it before it's too late.

8 Blow Out The Candles

This stepmother can’t wait until her stepchildren turn 18-years-old so they can move out. She doesn't want anything to do with them, but it's a little bit too late for that. She should have thought about that before marrying a man that has children. I don’t understand why someone would marry someone who has children if they don’t like children or if they didn't want any children. Being a stepparent is similar to being an actual parent. You should still love your stepchildren and care for them, just like you would for your own children. It seems like she’s counting down the days until they turn 18-years-old. Once they blow out their birthday candles she can hand over their bag and send them on their way. Hopefully, her dream of them leaving so soon backfires and they stay living at home for a few more years to torment her some more.

7 It’s Me Or Them

This stepmother does not hold back her feelings at all. She admits that she hates her stepchildren. I wonder if she's being dramatic or if she has really bad stepchildren that drive her bonkers. Kids will be kids and all kids get a little crazy from time to time, so I’m assuming she’s being dramatic. Chances are they are not bad enough for her to want to give her husband the ultimatum of choosing them or her. No one should ever ask a parent to choose them over their children and if they did, no parent in the right mind would choose anyone over their children. This stepmother is going to have to get over it and deal with it, or just go file for divorce. I read some of the comments on this Whisper confession and just about everyone was on the same page as me; this woman is crazy for even thinking of asking her husband to choose.

6 Rather Be A Babysitter

This stepmother is really stressed out and doesn’t even feel like she’s a stepmother. She’s starting to question if she even wants to be a stepmother and she just wants to be a babysitter. It sounds like she’s probably a new stepmother and she’s most likely just overwhelmed with all of the changes. Being a stepparent can be very stressful for countless reasons. I believe there is still hope for this stepmother. Her Whisper confession isn’t as terrible as some of the other confessions. There is no turning back for many of the stepmothers on this horrendous list, so there’s still a glimmer of hope for this stressed out stepmother. I really hope she can sort out her feelings and end up loving her stepchildren, but for all we know, her situation could have worsened and one of these other confessions are from her as well. We will never know.

5 The Ugly Truth

This stepmother is another pretender. She puts on a show for the world and everyone must be buying it because they all think she’s a great stepmother. Apparently her husband knows the truth and allows the madness to continue. She wishes her husband didn’t have a child. I can’t believe her husband is okay with knowing how she feels about his child and he doesn’t mind. How would you even bring up a topic like that with your husband? Do they just lay in bed at night and talk about what life would be like if he were childless? It’s bad enough that this stepmother feels this way, but it’s even worse that the father doesn’t care at all. I know for a fact I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t like my children, let alone someone who wishes I didn’t have children.

4 Payback

This stepmother has a plan to get payback, but I don’t think it’s going to work out in her favor. Her stepchildren’s mother talks bad about her all of the time, so she came up with a twisted plan to plot her revenge. She wants to win over her stepchildren’s hearts and make them love her. Getting her stepchildren to love her might not be so hard, especially if they are younger. That part of her plan will probably be an easy task, but I doubt the rest of her plan will fall into place. After she gets her stepchildren to love her, she wants to get them to hate their own mother. I don’t know how she’s going to accomplish that task, but I think she’s going to be let down when she realizes that's not going to happen. It would be nearly impossible to get a child to hate their own mother, especially if they had a caring and loving mother. Who in their right mind would even want to do that to a child, well besides this crazy lady.

3 Doesn’t Have A Clue

This stepmother seems to have no idea what she’s doing. She’s drinking at noon and claims it’s not because she’s an alcoholic, it’s because she’s taking care of three kids. This woman’s common sense is long gone. I don’t know where she got her Parenting 101 lesson from, but I don’t recall there being anything that said you need to drink at noon because you're taking care of children. She must have misunderstood because from my understanding I thought you shouldn’t be getting intoxicated while caring for children. She thinks her actions are justified because she's only the stepmother. Luckily, for these children, she is only the stepmother. I really hope their parents have more common sense than this woman does. I will give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she's just having one drink and that’s it, but that's not the vibe I get from her confession.

2 Going Crazy

This stepmother is losing her mind. Her stepchildren drive her so crazy, to the point where she wants to lock them in their room all day. She would probably do it, but she doesn't because she doubts her husband would approve of her actions. The only thing that she said that makes any sense is that her husband wouldn't approve. I don't think anyone would approve locking their children in their room all day. I will admit, when my children drive me crazy, I think about locking myself in my own room all day just for some peace and quiet. Hopefully her stepchildren don't have any locks on their bedroom doors or this stepmother might actually get tempted to do it one day. It’s natural to become overwhelmed when parenting, children do tend to get a little rambunctious, but they are children; that’s what they do.

1 Wicked Stepmother

When I first started to read this I felt bad for the stepmother, but she quickly changed my feelings. She feels like no matter what she does her stepchildren will always see her as the “Evil wicked stepmother.” This does happen in many situations, especially if the children are older or they want their parents to be with each other. This is what made me feel bad for her. Her situation is a tough predicament to be in, but she's going to make the situation even worse. She says, “I've learned to play the role very well,” which leads me to believe she is being mean and horrible to them since she thinks they will never like her anyways. This is a horrible thing to do, it makes me wonder who is really the adult in their situation. She better be careful or she may end up with laxatives in her drink too.

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