15 Stories Of Moms Who Were Attacked By Their Kids

15 Horrifying Stories Of Children Attacking Their Mothers.

When I was a child, I was terrified of my parents. I followed the rules, never skipped school, never snuck out of the house and always made it home by curfew. My parents were, by no means, ruling with iron fists, but they put enough fear in me that I was not ever going to cross them. Ever.

I once stayed at my friend's house and she called her mom a "bitch." It was the single most horrifying experience of my youth. I tucked and rolled out of her unicorn bedroom so fast, afraid of the wrath that would ensue from such apparent shots fired.

Not much happened.

But, wait? Kids can be assholes to their parents? Some parents don't bring down the fire of a thousand suns if you talk back? Who knew?

Then, I grew up and became a mother. I joined playgroups and some of my kids are in school. I learned in a quick hurry how different children can be. Some are brown-nosers like I was and some push the envelope. I have seen my friends get punched by their young children and it's not a pretty sight.

However, there are some kids out there who not only not afraid of their parents, they hate them. Well, I mean, everyone hated their parents at some point -- I even screamed it once (only once) at my mom when I was 13. But, there are kids who hate to the point of dreaming of inflicting pain upon their unsuspecting mothers -- and I'm not talking a slap for being told no toys. I'm talking actual physical abuse.

Here are 15 of the worst children we could find who actually had the hatred deep enough to attack their mothers:

15 Teen Axes Mom Over His Cassette Collection

Boy axes his mother over music collection.

Whispers swirled around one Minnesota high school about a boy plotting to kill his Mom and Dad because of not being able to listen to the music he likes. His friends chalked it up to teen angst, but the boy proved them all wrong when he took a giant ax and hacked his entire family with it.

David Brom, 16, had confided in more than one friend that he was going to kill his family. His friends told police they thought it was all a joke until Brom's mother, father, 14 year old sister and nine year old brother were found dead after being hacked violently with an ax.

The police officer who found the ghastly crime scene, is still reeling 20 years later from finding the family's bodies -- the mother and daughter entwined together in death.

"Shocking injuries, I can't describe it any worse than that. It was just amazing," Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Torgerson said.

Brom is currently serving a life sentence in prison. He will be eligible for parole when he turns 20 in the year 2041.

14 Boy Attacks Mom Over Video Game

Boy attempts to rape and then murders mother over a video game.

His mom was attempting to ground him from his favorite video game, but one 13 year old from Iowa had different plans. The boy exploded, shot his unsuspecting mother and attempted to rape her.

After realizing the despicable things he had just done, Noah Crooks called 911 to explain the situation.

“I’m not joking at all. She’s dead. I’m scared. I killed my mom with my .22. I don’t know why I did it," Crooks said in the call.

Crooks's mother had spent the evening making him homemade donuts and had grounded him from Call of Duty due to his poor grades at school. It sent him over the edge in such a bad way that murder wasn't even the end of it.

“I tried to rape her. I tried to rape her but I couldn't do it," Crooks said in the 911 call. “Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now. I just wish it was a dream so I could wake up and I could kiss her and hug her.”

13 Boy Pulls Moms Hair And Punches Her In Waiting Room

Boy Pulls Moms Hair And Punches Her In Waiting Room

Having a problem child is a challenge that many parents have to face. Whether it's outside forces causing your child to act our or they have a chemical imbalance or disorder making them angry and abusive, for a mother who cares for her child it's painful to deal with.

This mother in the video below is, hopefully, at the doctor's waiting room to get her gang-banger young boy some help. Watch until the end to see the escalation rise as the boy pushes, then hits, then punches and pulls his mother's hair.

This woman's exasperation is palpable. She continues time and again to grab her little miscreant by the shirt and arm and keep him seated in his chair. However, the boy keeps storming off and assaulting her.

All our hearts go out to this mom and we hope she got some sort of help with this child.

12 Autistic Teen Boy Brutally Stabs Mother To Death

Autistic teen boy brutally attacks his mother.

For one mother in California, not being able to locate her 13 year old son was especially troublesome. The boy was autistic and missing for days. After posting his picture everywhere, the mother was overjoyed to finally find her son. He, however, was not as excited -- several days after his arrival he brutally stabbed his mother and left her to die in front of their home.

Barbara Scheuer-Souzer spent three days desperately searching for her autistic son who ran away from home. Finally, she located him in a different town, unsure of how he got there or what he had been doing for days.

A few days after his arrival, the boy went into a bloody rage, stabbing Scheuer-Souzer repeatedly and leaving her for dead.

Scheuer-Souzer's mother, Eleanor Watson, the boy's grandmother, said the boy was known to have a temper, but violence hadn't been an issue.

“When he was home, he wanted to skirt the issues, but Barb laid the law down,” Watson said. “He threatened her … but never hurt her, as far I know.”

11 Boy Murders Mother Then Sees A Movie

Boy murders his family and then goes to a movie.

He was described as the "nicest boy in Wolcott" -- but his actions told another story, when, in 1950, he opened fire on his family and then, casually, went to see a movie downtown.

His name was Lowell Lee Andrews and he was a big teenager: measuring over six feet tall and over 250 pounds.

One night, after finishing reading a novel at home. Andrews went in the bathroom, shaved, changed his clothes and grabbed a rifle and pistol and headed into the family room.

He shot his mother six times, killing her instantly. He shot his sister between the eyes. His father, however, did not die from the initial two rifle shots, so Andrews followed him as he attempted to crawl to safety and unloaded two clips of pistol bullets into his father -- 17 shots in total.

Then, Andrews made it appear the home was looted and headed downtown to catch the screening of "Mardi Gras" at the theater.

Andrews then went home and called police, saying his family was murdered. Initially, he stood by his attempts to make it appear he didn't commit the killings. However, when pressured by police he confessed. When officers asked why, he had an ice cold reply.

"I didn't feel anything about it. The time came, and I was doing what I had to do. That's all there was to it," Andrews said.

10 Boy Kicking Mom In Face Caught On Video

Boy caught on camera kicking mom in the face.

The below video shows just how much wrath can ensue when children are a little too spoiled by their parents or grandparents.

Why would a child get so aggressive with his mother? What could possibly be so terrible a woman deserves to be kicked in the face by her son. Well, turns out, this mother merely told her son he couldn't play video games on her phone any longer.

Yes, this is what happens when you're children get too much of what they want. That poor grandmother in the middle is shielding blows so her child doesn't knock her daughter unconscious.

The question I have: if this is how a child act in public what exactly does he do in private? I sure hope this mom nips this in the bud and gets her son the help he needs before he is an adult with anger issues.

We're here with you, Mama.

9 Girl Stabs Mother Over B's On Report Card

Daughter stabs mother over Bs on report card.

A Kansas teen girl felt the crushing expectations of her Chinese immigrant parents, specifically her mother who threatened to sell her piano if she didn't win state competitions and grounded her for a 96% on an exam. One day, the girl snapped, taking a knife to her mother to brutally end her life.

Esmie Tseng was a daughter most would have been proud to have. She was a concert pianist, honor roll student, member of the debate team and athletic clubs. But, for Tseng's mother, it wasn't enough.

"I've been trying... to make them smile, make them feel better, take Esmie off their list of worries and concerns," Tseng wrote in her final diary entry before the slaying.

10 days later, Tseng took a knife and attacked her mother. The assault wasn't over quickly, having happened in several rooms of the family home.

Tseng served over eight years in prison and was released in 2012.

8 Girl Stabs Mother Because Of "Slender Man"

Girl stabs mother because of Slender Man

If you're anything like me, you never even heard of "Slender Man" until two little girls in Wisconsin murdered a little girl as on homage to the mythical ghostly creature. While most sat back in horror, another little girl saw it as just the motivation she needed to try to kill her mother.

This time in Ohio, a 13 year old girl was obsessed with "Slender Man" who is a fictional character created online in 2009. The girl wrote stories about him and even created a fictional world for him in an online video game.

One day, the mother came home to find a horrific sight unfolding.

“I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me. She was wearing a white mask, she had her hood up, and she had her hands covered with the sleeves, and the mask,” the distraught mother said.

Luckily, the mom walked away with injuries to her neck and face and was not murdered as she believes her daughter intended. But, the mom said her daughter was not herself.

“[…] mentioned playing a role, I got the feeling she was playing a role. It didn’t feel like her," the mother said.

7 Young Girl Publicly Beats Mother On Bus

Girl beats her mother repeatedly on public bus.

Being from a small town, it completely blows my mind how people who live in the city do not intervene when strangers need help. As you will see in the below video, no one needed help more than this poor Haitian mother who was being beat senseless by her repugnant teenage daughter while the majority of onlookers merely videoed the assault.

The video is lengthy at six plus minutes, but the agony felt by this defeated mother is palpable. While she screams and cries in pain, her strong daughter grabs her by the hair, appearing to rip it right out of her head and punches her over and over again.

A man attempts to curb the assault by talking to both mother and daughter, trying to convince them they are mom and daughter and should love each other and not beat the ever-loving sin out of each other on the commute home.

No one was listening to the poor man, but kudos to him for giving it a good try.

Perhaps someone should have called the police immediately? Or restrained that brute of a girl? This mom will be lucky if she doesn't have some serious injuries from her savage offspring.

6  Brothers Attempt To Drug Mother

Brothers Attempt To Drug And Murder Mother

It's bad enough, as a mother, to have the hatred of one child. Trying to navigate sour attitudes and work to turn them into upstanding citizens. But, for one Georgia mother, not only did she have two boys who hated her -- they also wanted her dead.

Chrisopher and Cameron Ervin are spending their days serving 20 years in prison after plotting to kill their mom and dad.

The two drugged their parents and then attempted to burn their house down. Christopher attempted to smother the father and mother with a pillow and then the two stabbed their dad and wrapped their mom's head in Saran Wrap.

Despite their vicious attempts, the boys' mother was able to call 911 and get help. She and her husband both survived the attack.

The boys' dad, Zack Ervin, has since forgiven his sons, saying they couldn't be to blame.

"That night, I saw Satan. I knew shortly after that, that what had happened to us wasn't my sons," Ervin said.

5 11 Year Old Tries To Kill Mom After Getting Caught Smoking

One mother in Michigan awoke to quite the sight, her 11 year old daughter crouching in her room with a knife planning to kill her after she was reprimanded for getting caught smoking.

The girl was poised with a butcher knife ready to strike. The mother said her daughter was angry with her after being grounded for smoking so, while the mother slept, she snuck into the bedroom with the knife.

Thankfully, police were able to intervene before the tween turned deadly -- especially considering, once police arrived, the 11 year old admitted to planning to kill her child.

The girl currently faces charges for aggravated assault.

4 High School Student Stabs Mom And Brother

High School Student Stabs Mom And Brother

I'm not sure why, but it appears knives are the weapon of choice when it comes to children attacking their defenseless mothers. One Massachusetts teen was no exception when he sliced his mom and little brother.

16 year old Gust Ramgren stabbed his mother and little brother and then fled the scene. His mother called 911 letting them know her son had attacker her and her child.

The next 911 call came from a neighbor who said Ramgren was there looking for help for his family who had been stabbed.

When police arrived on the scene, the little brother told authorities he felt like he was going to die and kept asking why his brother would do this to him.

Police arrested Ramgren who later gave a video confession to the attempted murders.

3 Daughter Shoots Mom Point Blank

Girl Posts "Love You" After Fatally Shooting Mother

A 15 year old girl from Illinois took to Facebook to write "I love you so much mom" immediately after fatally shooting her mother in the head and burning her house down to hide her crime.

Peggy Schroeder arrived home from work when her daughter, Anna Schroeder, told her to sit in the living room with a towel over her face. Then, Anna shot her mother in the forehead. Afterwards she took a picture of the body and sent it to her friend.

The friend, Rachel Helm, who was another 15 year old girl, came over and tried to help the daughter clean up the crime scene. The girls hauled Peggy's body into her bedroom, covered her in a sheet and then went to Subway for a sandwich.

The girls decided to run away, both dying their hair to hide their identities. Then they lit the mother's body on fire and left the scene.

Helm, however, felt guilty and confessed to her mom what took place.

Anna was arrested, but not before posting a cryptic message on her mother's Facebook page.

"I don't even know if you can see me right now but if you can I just want you to know you were my best friend. There were so many things I wanted to say and do with you. I wasn't always the best daughter and I'm so sorry. I love you so much mom I just want you to know and I'll never forget you," Anna wrote.

2 Teen Kills Her Mother Then Binges On Vampire Movies

Twilight killers stab mother and sister to death and then watch movies.

A 14 year old Britain girl is going down in history as one of the country's youngest double murderers after killing her mother and sister and then spending the evening watching movies.

14 year olds Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were revered as modern day Bonnie and Clyde after stabbing Edwards's mother and sister 10 times while they slept.

After the brutal murders, the young couple shared a bath, watched four Twilight movies as they reminisced over their killing spree.

“They remained downstairs in the house, watching TV and eating food, whilst the bodies were upstairs. They showed no remorse at all when they were eventually found by officers and during their police interviews," said Det Supt Martin Holvey of Lincolnshire police.

1 Three Year Old Attacks His Mother Daily

Toddler beats his mother daily.

If you're wondering what these angry, lethal teens and older children were like as toddlers, it might be like a little three year old from "Supernanny" who was a force from hell.

The video below shows the toddler's debut on "Supernanny" where he can be seen biting, punching and spitting on his mother who is one more punch away from beating the snot out of the little psychopath.

While we hope Supernanny Jo's strict rules for the boy's mother will stick for years to come, it does seem like the wild streak on this little heathen run wild through his bones and let's just pray he continues to be reinforced for good behavior.

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