15He Fled A War And Saved His Children’s Future


The conflict in Syria has been on everyone's radar for quite some time now and while everyone is aware that it's tearing a country apart, many don't realize that additionally, it's ripping families apart. Rather than become collateral damage of the troubled nation, on Syrian made the gut-wrenching decision to move his family

out of the place they once called home. In a heartbreaking retelling he says, "When I feel nostalgic about Syria, I remember the smell of jasmine in my back garden. I remember my four best friends. We were always laughing and joking together. On Friday mornings during the summer, we’d wake up early to drive to the lake and swim. In the winter we’d play cards and smoke the water pipe. But I have to remind myself that Syria isn’t there anymore." The friends he speaks of are now scattered in other countries and one has sadly been lost to the fighting, his home is devoid of food and remains an empty reminder of what one was. However, through the tragedy of war, he found clarity and made the choice to follow in the footsteps of his brother-in-law and bring his family to America. There, they would have the freedom they needed to start again and heal from the life they left. Memories don't fade quickly, but the thought of a warm home, hot showers, and the things we so take for granted like a school bus have been enough comfort for them to create a new life. Sometimes a sacrifice comes in the form of uprooting, but a tree can always take to the earth again for better soil.

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