11Sharing The Record Of World’s Most Premature Baby - James Elgin Gill (1987)

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James Elgin Gill is the oldest known most premature baby who was born in 1987 in Ottawa, Canada, at 21 weeks. He was the most premature baby to survive at the time. The doctors had no hope of his survival and they said even if he lives he will lead a life struggling with disabilities.

However, James was last known to have gone to college in 2006. He is really famous for battling the odds and his example of survival time and again reminds the medical community to give a chance to preemies and resuscitate the babies born before 23 weeks.

James survived in times when the medical facilities were not as advanced as today. Medical practices have evolved and changed in time. Revolutionary breakthroughs in other medical areas have given life to millions around the world. Then, why not preemies?

With examples like James and Frieda, many believe it is time that authorities revise the viability of a premature baby and give support to hospitals to develop expertise in saving little ones coming out early.

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