It's not much wonder that kids gravitate towards putting this in their mouth. All the tools really are designed to make it seem like food. There is that dentist kit where you can form teeth from the Play-doh, but even that leads you to the mouth. All signs point

to the mouth. There are a lot of ways to get around letting this happen. You could watch very closely or wait until they understand that it's not to eat. Even then thought, I'm betting that curiosity gets them to try at least one small nibble. Always get nontoxic Play-doh. No, you really don't have to run off and check. That was a joke. All Hasbro Play-doh is nontoxic. It is mainly made of salt, water, and flour. They expect that children are going to taste test it and they have ensured that it's safe. What a relief. We don't want it to turn to a Play-Duh.

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