15 Strangest Ultrasound Photos That Will Give You The Creeps

One of the most exciting times in pregnancy is your first ultrasound. This is often tinged with a little worry or trepidation, hoping to hear that everything is OK for you both but, assuming everything is good, this will be the first time you get to see your baby.

If your scan is in the early portion of pregnancy you may be disappointed to see a small fuzzy blob in the middle of some other general fuzziness, but later scans do, in fact, show what we more traditionally expect a baby in the womb to look like - or do they?

Most first time parents are expecting a clear silhouette, oblique view of a baby curled up like the best Kinder Surprise egg toy ever. What they are not braced for is a picture of a baby who doesn't want to co-operate and is taken from a funny angle at the exact moment the baby moves, producing a picture of part way into their body.

A combination of these fetal movements, odd positions, and generally murky black and white and grayness can create an image that is more mystifying or terrifying than heart warming.

Their horror is our humor.

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15 We Come In Peace

You might have laughed at tales of alien abductions in the middle of the night, but now, finally, there is proof that they are real. The whole anal probe thing was just a distraction or maybe a misdirection, or maybe just a lack of knowledge of women's anatomy.

The aliens have apparently finally worked out where the babies are baked, and the owner of this womb is the proud carrier of an extraterrestrial. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for her sake that this little one doesn’t develop like ET in the movie because trying to push that head out of your hoo haa is going to be even less fun than the average birth.

Alternatively, this could just be the baby captured from above, but where would be the fun in that?

14 I Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Nothing lights up a good horror movie like a tiny child with their eyes wide open, staring sightlessly out at you from the screen. Throw in an open mouth with a non-specific purpose, and you have all of the ingredients for a great nightmare, especially if the creepy child can move towards you in an abnormal or flickering movement.

That is what this ultrasound really is, a still from the kind of horror film that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come. After seeing this, every time bedtime rolls around, you turn off the lights and doze off, that first moment when you briefly tickle consciousness will be flooded with this picture and the sure and certain knowledge that if you open your eyes, this baby will be floating next to your bed, staring at you.

13 Someone's Daddy Will Be Very Proud, Or Intimidated

This picture was taken at an eighteen-week ultrasound after the parents had said: “yes please, we would like to know what the sex of our baby is.”

The primary focus of this image is not, in fact, a giant penis, just an illusion created by the angle of the picture but I bet that didn’t stop dad feeling pretty darn pleased with himself. I can just imagine him walking around at work, waving this picture under his friend's noses and saying “Hey, do you see the size of this? Like father like son.”

Coincidently, this baby was actually a boy, but that information is not in the image above. Let’s hope he’s as normally proportioned as most people or getting diapers to fit him properly is going to be tough.

12 This Is How I Will Swallow Your Soul

It can be lots of fun when you are watching your baby float about on the screen, and if you are lucky, you will get to see fun moments such as a kick of the legs or your child drinking some amniotic fluid.

Imagine this image on the screen with the strange sound of the baby's heartbeat as a backing track. This can look extra cute in real time on the screen but it is considerably less endearing when you see the stills afterward. An image of your baby looking straight at the screen with her mouth wide open and then a second from a few moments later with her mouth closed is not a pair of pictures you will want to display on the wall in your bedroom.

11 I've Got My Nasher's Ready

I don’t know what it is about a baby with teeth, but the thought of a newborn coming out with a full set of pearly whites is petrifying. Maybe it’s just the general ‘unnaturalness’ of it, the thought that somehow this tiny being is much more advanced in age than they seem or perhaps it is just the idea of trying to breastfeed a hungry baby with enough enamel in their mouth to cover a bath tub.

The thing is though, the parents of this little one don’t need to rush out and buy a good supply of toothbrushes and Colgate just yet. Those ‘teeth’ you can see are still tiny little buds growing in the jaw, ready to appear at a more suitable age when breastfeeding has stopped, and you are not at risk from having your nipples nibbled.

10 If Edvard Munch Painted Ultrasounds

Edvard Munch may have painted his famous image in the late nineteenth century, but he is still providing inspiration over a century later in mediums as diverse as digital media, collage and the new and little-known art of fetal ultrasound images.

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

The budding artist/radiologist who produced this little beauty also went on to recreate the Mona Lisa, Michaelangelo's The Last Supper and a stunning rendition of Van Goghs Sunflowers using just her trusty ultrasound machine and that thing they use that looks like a roll on deodorant. Not forgetting, of course, the freezing cold gel that is squirted all over your belly that they claim to try and keep warm but actually keep in a chiller cabinet because they like to see you squirm.

Ok, I made all of that up. Everything except the bit about the gel - I'd swear that's true.

9 In Utero, No One Can Hear You Scream

You have seen Alien and the iconic scene where Kane has an up close and personal experience with the facehugger but appears to be normal afterward. You remember how Ripley and the rest of the crew stood around as John Hurt did his convulsing on the kitchen table, screaming in agony as the alien he had unknowingly gestated in his stomach, exited via his abdominal wall.

Unfortunately for her, that is exactly what this mother faces because that is obviously not a baby in there, that’s the spawn of an alien facehugger. Evidently, the facehugger must have grabbed her and hung on somewhere else entirely, but it still did the job and found somewhere warm and wet for its spawn to develop.

I think someone should call Sigourney Weaver and get her here stat.

8 Who Put That Giant Baby Head In There?

At first glance, there is nothing odd or creepy about this image. You have a dark patch of fluid and a squidgy looking baby floating slightly at the bottom. Baby is still at the stage where only a parent could look and say aww, but we all started out like that so don’t be so judgy.

The WTF factor in this picture becomes apparent when you look to the right of the amniotic sac and see the giant baby's face looking off into the distance. I kid you not.

Take another look and tell me that is not a face staring squinty eyed out from the screen. That is the face of someone who is not happy in the least. Maybe he knows he is on his way to being squeezed out of his space by junior in the sac.

7 Congratulations It's A Sports Car

I have no idea what exactly this picture shows, well a baby, naturally but I don’t know what part of the baby, what angle it is at or the estimated gestation. What I do know is that this actually looks like a nippy little sports car or perhaps an upscale coupe. You know, exactly the kind of motor vehicle you will probably no longer be able to afford or enjoy once your finance sapping bundle of joy gets here.

This image is just one big tease. “Look,” it says “If you weren’t here paying for an ultrasound and saving for all of the medical costs you are going to incur over the next few months, you could afford to buy me.”

The thing is though, babies may not handle corners very well, but they do give better hugs than an Audi so I know which one I’d rather have. Probably.

6 A Little Early For Teenage Rebellion

This kid is going to be trouble with a capital T. The very first time you try to get a good photo of her and what does she do? She covers her face and flips you the bird, that’s what. Any little lady who is this headstrong in the womb is definitely going to be her own woman when she grows up, and her parents are just going to have to hang on as best they can for the ride.

These 3D scans are fabulous when your baby has matured a little and looks like an actual tiny person instead of a large wrinkly tadpole or a giant headed dollop of Jell-O. Our oldest kids were born before these became a thing but for our youngest ones it was fabulous to see their little faces in all their 3D glory.

5 A Holy Protector?

Up until this point, this list of weird and wonderful ultrasound pictures has leaned towards the scary and the funny but now it is time to take a turn towards the touching. The 20-year-old British mom of this baby had had a tough pregnancy. She and her husband had been told, early in the pregnancy that their son might have Downs syndrome. After an anxious wait, they discovered he didn’t, but he was diagnosed with a cleft palate and other possible medical issues.

When they saw this image, they were happy to see their son healthy and sucking his thumb. It was only afterward when they were sharing the picture with their friends and family, did a friend point out what appears to be Jesus in a shroud watching over their baby.

4 Micheal Jackson Is Alive And Well

In 2009, parents Dawn Kelley and William Hickman went along to for a routine 20-week scan of their unborn child, the radiologist was unable to get a clear picture of the baby's stomach or diaphragm, so they were booked to have an additional scan four weeks later at a different hospital with a more powerful scanner.

Thankfully all was well with their little one, but the more detailed picture did throw up a few odd questions such as, why is Michael Jackson in this ultrasound picture? And does this mean that the King of Pop will be born again?

Unfortunately for Jackson fans, the answer to the second question is a definite no. This baby is a daughter, and she won’t be named Micheal, Michelle or any other variant of the name.

3 Aww, Looks Just Like You Already

Most soon to be moms and dads are anxious to see if their little one is going to be a full on mini-me. You might want your baby to have your hair, or your partners' eyes and many of us while away many an hour trying to imagine which of the two parents your child will most resemble.

For example, our youngest daughter has my long red hair and apart from that is nothing like me. This child could be mistaken for her father if you shrunk him down from 6 foot 1in to four foot tall of course and put a ginger wig on him.

The exception to this would be if your ultrasound looked like this, then you might want to hold off on the claims of family resemblance, unless you to look like this, in which case, go ahead knock yourself out and be proud of your mini-me.

2 A Baby With A Bonus Demon

This image is the scary as hell opposite to the baby being watched over by a shrouded Jesus. You might not see it immediately, but once the demonic figure to the right of the baby becomes clear to you, there is no unseeing it.

Complete with a horn atop his head this bare-chested beast is staring down at the unknowing baby, but his intentions are not clear. Is he possibly a black-hearted relative from the past, watching over his descendant as penance for all of his previous wrongdoings? Perhaps it is a wandering soul, doomed to walk the earth for eternity but able to take the occasional rest within a womb burgeoning with new life. Or maybe I read too many fairy stories as a child, and this is just a freak arrangement of light and shadow? You decide.

1 Somebody Watched Too Much Star Wars

Finally, we end on a lighter note if you are not a Star Wars fan and a darker note if you are. For those of you who don't know, the figure on the right with the pale, wrinkled skin and the hooded cloak is Emporer Palpatine, and the baby's face, peeking out from her ultrasound, bears a slightly amusing, passing similarity to the character. End of story.

If you are a Star Wars fan, you will know that this little bundle of joy on the left may now be destined to use cunning and manipulation to rise to the top of the political ladder, reorganize the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire and place herself in charge of everything. Not to mention being Dark Lord of the Sith and turning Jedi Knights to the dark side.

He's found a way back, you have ben warned.

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