15 Strict Pregnancy Rules The Kardashians Had To Follow

Pregnancy comes with a lot of dos and don'ts. The minute those two lines appear on the pregnancy test, a woman's life changes and all of a sudden, she is plunged into a world where eating fish could mean a lifetime birth defect for her child and where drinking too much coffee can be problematic. For the Kardashian sisters, life is even stricter than usual during pregnancy.

Monthly doctors appointments come with extra rules that at times can overwhelm a woman, but even with all these rules, she knows what is good for her and her child and even though she may make some mistakes unwillingly.

The rules of pregnancy are hard enough and numerous, but when it comes to the Kardashians, they have extra rules that they have to follow to the letter.

It is probably because their lives are in the limelight and they feel it is their responsibility to act as role models, but it could probably be because they have a reputation to maintain. With their glamorous life and boundless wealth, this bunch is multiplying with new babies every year. They keep us entertained with their endless antics and it would appear that even in pregnancy, there are 15 rules that the Kardashians have to follow.

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15 There Are Strict Baby Name Rules

via: celebrityinsider.org

The naming of the baby is a big deal. Most of us take nine months and beyond looking for the perfect baby name and even after the baby is born, some of us have no idea which is the better name between the one or five that we have selected. The one thing that the Kardashian children have that is unique and out of this world are names. Some of the names are quite crazy and bizarre, but we have to admit they are quite interesting.

The only person in this family whose babies have normal names is Kourtney, having chosen to name her first two kids Penelope and Mason. Kim and Kanye West named their child North, which seems like something on top of a compass. The second one, of course, came with a name for the other end of the compass and we were all left wondering what the big idea was, and to top it off with their last child being named Chicago.

According to Bustle, Kim said, “We were gonna name her Jo, because of my grandma, Mary Jo, or we were gonna go with Grace. And then it was Chicago. We ended up with Chicago."

To keep the trend going, Kylie came up with Stormi for her daughter and we are now waiting anxiously to see what Khloe will come up with. With all these rules, the Kardashians make their pregnancy journey interesting and quite smooth.

14 Eating For 2 Is Forbidden

Via: Wetpaint

Every pregnant woman knows that she needs to maintain a healthy diet. This is the first rule that every doctor gives the pregnant woman the very first day she discovers that she is pregnant. According to Eat Smart, when a woman is pregnant she is vulnerable to a lot of complications like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, all of which can be prevented through a healthy diet.

The Kardashians are aware of this fact and even though Kim ballooned a lot when she was pregnant with her first child, this rule seems to have been put in place after this.

Kourtney is one of the people who propagate this rule by insisting that her food has to be dairy free, gluten free and to some extent sugar-free.

Even when they are not the ones pregnant, these rules are still put in place as was witnessed when Kim insisted that her surrogate could not eat raw fish, nor could she have any caffeine.

These are good rules as eating raw fish for pregnant women has been linked with some baby birth defects and so has caffeine. Pregnant women are advised to eat only fish that is low in mercury like tilapia or salmon.

13 Keep Fans Guessing The Gender

The most interesting and exciting time in a woman's life is the gender reveal. When a woman is pregnant, there is much speculation as to the gender of the baby with some saying that if she is carrying low, it’s a boy, she likes pineapples it’s a boy, she loves sweets, it must be a girl. All these old wives tales are peddled until the great gender reveal. Some women choose to go for the surprise when the baby is born, while others prefer to go for a scan and have the doctors announce it or keep it secret until the gender party and get surprised together with the guests. For the Kardashians, things take a somewhat different route.

For Kim, dressing in pink is a no-no as it has emerged that Kanye abhors the color, but for Khloe, she kept her fans on the edge of their seats with numerous hints as to her baby's gender by appearing in blue and then in pink, which only served to fuel the fans’ imagination.

She would, however, make a much stronger statement by posting pictures of pink flowers and balloons before finally announcing that she was having a baby girl on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

12 Baggy Clothing Is Encouraged

Via: The Mirror

The price of keeping a secret for this family that loves to flaunt their curves is pretty high. A Kardashian pregnancy announcement has to be well-timed and it has to cost a buck or two. So when they have a bun in the oven, this is a pretty huge thing and it elicits a lot of public interest because let's face it, we love to hate them and complain about their irritating ways. But the truth is, we love these people. They are the personification of what we wish our lives could be like.

For all the women, we love to sit and envy Kims wide behind and Khloe's mane. When the teenagers see Kylie, her outfits, and her looks, all they want is to be her.

They are a brand in themselves, that is why we all find it curious when they step out in baggy clothes. Before they eventually make an announcement, the Kardashians always have to ensure that they do not accidentally give the public a glimpse of their baby bump.

They have perfected this art and on numerous occasions, the sisters have been photographed in baggy clothing fueling the rumors that a baby is on the way. Even when they are truly pregnant, they insist on keeping it under wraps and keep the public guessing until they are ready to ‘announce’ the good news.

11 Must Maintain A Rigorous Workout

The Kardashians have nice bodies and even the critics have to admit that this family are very attractive people who fight a lot to get the bodies they have. For those of us who watch revenge body with Khloe and Kourtney, the 13 minutes of workout leave us feeling like lazy people who deserve the crappy bodies we have.

These sisters have the most intense workout that has sculptured their bodies to perfection. It appears that their bodies seem to know exactly what they need to do and follow the rules.

Most of us need to put in a lot of effort to get what we want and the Kardashians seem to have the perfect kinds of genes that allows them to sculpt their bodies just right with minimal effort.

The other rule for them is not to slack off because they are pregnant. Rather, they are expected to follow a safe and fun workout that does not strain them. Kim Kardashian, in one of their shows, gave Khloe some amazing tips for a workout since she was pregnant. She advised her to work out when she needs to but to remember to slow down as she is growing a life and safety at this time is paramount.

10 All Out Baby Showers Or Nothing

via: youtube.com

A normal woman has a simple baby shower with a fondant cake with tiny booties in either blue or pink, surrounded by a few friends who bring little outfits as gifts for our child in blue or pink. When you add a few beers and a bottle of wine with some snacks, then this, for a normal household is a rocking baby shower.

For a Kardashian, a baby shower is the event of the year. The A-list party of the year is always the one the Kardashians are throwing.

A Kardashian party rocks all night long so when they throw a baby shower, we expect nothing but fabulous. Kylie Jenner had a grand baby shower during her secretive pregnancy and she made a post-pregnancy reveal of the party, which was decorated with a wall of roses and amazing décor all in pink. The guests wore pink and almost everything was in pink. The pink-themed party was so much fun and it even depicts Kim playing games with her daughter North. For a family that likes to keep their pregnancies secret, the baby shower always screams “Show off!” but it is still something for us normal people to admire and envy.

9 Pregnancy Photoshoots Are Required

Khloe Kardashian https://www.instagram.com/p/BdjdofkFGUq/?taken-by=khloekardashian Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram[/caption]

The trend these days is for women to have a pregnancy shoot. From Eva Longoria to Beyonce, the pregnancy photo shoot is what every woman looks forward to. The Kardashian women have the best photoshoots.

The Kardashians have amazing photoshoots even when they are not pregnant and a magazine with a Kardashian on the cover is hot cakes in the market.

When a pregnant Kardashian is on the cover, the magazine hardly hits the ground before it is whisked away and purchased. A pregnant Kourtney in 2014 appeared naked on the cover of DuJour Magazine. She looked sensational, displaying her baby bump and looked nothing like her 38 years. Khloe has also been quite brazen in displaying her bump on her Instagram page, which she started doing immediately after her great pregnancy announcement.

Kylie though strategically hid her pregnancy behind blankets in the Calvin Klein photo shoot that depicted all of the Kardashian sisters. Even though she was successful in hiding the bump, her fans' curiosity was fueled further, but the comments were nothing but flattering for the sisters. Whatever they’re doing, be it an ordinary photo shoot or a pregnancy photo shoot, the Kardashians rock in their glamour and we love to hate them.

8 Can't Show The Baby's Face Right Away

Via: lehren.com

We all love the Kardashian babies and we are all curious to see what they look like as evidenced by the Internet frenzy each time one of them is born. We wait with bated breath to see what the new addition will be like and we all sit curiously waiting for the name. The Kardashians though know how to keep the interest alive and to ride on the anticipation.

They keep the identity of their babies private until they are completely ready to share it with their fans. We all wait for them to share at least a picture of the baby so that we can assuage our curiosity, but the truth is, a Kardashian baby picture is a whole business in itself.

Kim showed off the face of her cuddly baby for the first time on the cover of People magazine and she is reported to have turned down a deal for $5 million for the photos of her baby Chicago.

Kylie on the other hand, after nine months of media silence on things pregnancy, posted a video to announce the addition of a new Kardashian by the name Stormi, where she only showed the back of her head. This made us even more curious. Later on, she posted adorable baby pictures of Stormi for us to gawk over. For a family that has to look for ways to remain relevant, this is a pretty neat trick.

7 Must Rock The Bump Like They're On The Runway

via: huffingtonpost.com

When a woman has a few dollars, the first thing that comes to mind is shopping. Clothes, shoes, and purses make a woman's existence that much more wonderful. Women love to dress up and it is only a limit in resources that stop them from shopping. The one thing the Kardashian sisters know how to do is impress in their dressing. The sisters look their best at all times and they are at the top of the hierarchy as far as dressing is concerned.

Their stylish designer outfits leave most of us reeling with envy and we have to admit, these women are trendsetters in this game with a designer clothing line of their own.

When it comes to pregnancy, these women do not shy from their rocking ways and they have no problem rocking their baby bump. Kim was always in classy clingy clothing when she was pregnant and even her ballooning weight did not stop her from rocking pregnancy.

Khloe's pregnancy look is amazing and her flamboyant outfits in her pregnancy make her one of the most stylish pregnant women yet. Her posts on Instagram in very nice looking outfits has reinforced our resolve that this is certainly a better look than the baggy clothes.

6 The Strict Social Media Rule

Via: Capital FM

The Kardashians have a heavy presence on social media and they ensure that everyone knows what they are up to. From their Twitter feeds to their Instagram and Facebook pages to Snapchat, this clan is everywhere doing everything.

Their private life is private as long as it is not online. For the Kardashians, nothing is sacred and they air it all out there for everyone to see.

They give a step by step update on what they are doing and not doing, but when it comes to their pregnancies, the Kardashians keep off the Internet. This must be stressful for them, but in their case, they do not post pictures of themselves. This is when they avoid the paparazzi and stick to the house and when they do go out, they wear bump concealing clothing.

The idea here is to keep the pregnancy secret for as long as possible so that when the announcement is finally made, it is an explosive secret. The Kardashians want to remain relevant and keeping people busy with speculation raises their profile. That is why Kylie kept people in suspense throughout her pregnancy, posting bits or things she was doing with throwback photos of herself, keeping people waiting to see a glimpse of her.

5 Avoid The Paparazzi At All Costs

For a family that cannot go a minute without taking a selfie or ‘accidentally’ getting photographed, it’s ironic that they would go out of their way to keep away from the paparazzi. They have this crazy rule to avoid the paparazzi during their first stages of pregnancy. This is not because they are superstitious; rather it is in an attempt to keep their secret, a secret! Kylie Jenner perfected this art and she was able to go through her entire pregnancy in private.

She was so good at it that there are very few photos of her out there pregnant. That's a great feat for a Kardashian considering that this is a family that has no qualms about airing their dirty linen in public.

They have also made a multi-million dollar business out of their private business. Khloe also claimed to have had a hard time keeping her pregnancy secret.

The only time these people want their secrets out there is when they divulge them. According to The Talko, Jayden Seyfarth, who is a celebrity photographer, divulged to Fairfax Media that the Kardashians have a deal with the paparazzi where they give them tips on their whereabouts. Once the paparazzi take the photos, they are selected and photoshopped to their desired outcome before publishing.

4 Documenting The Pregnancy Might Be Required

The Kardashian women have made a name for themselves by airing their life in public.

From Kims infamous tape to Bruce Jenner's unexpected gender change to snapshot marriages and divorces, as well as confusing relationships to heartwarming family moments, theirs is a life that is constantly in the limelight.

Over the years though, they have become conservative in relation to years past. Documenting their life on the Keeping up with the Kardashians is a normal thing they seem to enjoy as it is what butters their bread. In the past, Kourtney Kardashian documented the entire journey of her pregnancy on the show, even going as far as to have a film crew present during the birth of her first and second child, Penelope and Mason.

Kim also had her two pregnancies with baby North and Saint documented on the show and she even shared her health issues during the course of her pregnancies.

It was a welcome relief to see Kylie Jenner keep her pregnancy under wraps, choosing instead to keep that intimate private moment between her and her family. Even though we were curious to see what she looked like and we had a lot of speculation, we fully supported her decision.

3 Keep It A Secret If Needed

The Kardashians business is the media business and peddling juicy stories is what brings in the dough. The more illicit their personal business is, the higher their ratings and nothing makes their show more popular than having the world glued to their TV. With the baby boom in place, the whole world is curious to see who else is expecting a baby and who will be separating from their other half.

The Kardashians do not reveal that they are pregnant even though the media hints at it relentlessly. The Kardashians never admit to their pregnancies until they are close to or past the 20-week mark.

The only time the sisters confess to their pregnancies is through the media and on their show. Previously, Kim and Kourtney have made the great reveal on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and to keep the tradition going, Khloe also made her big announcement there. This was after months of hints and speculation without her admitting to it publicly.

This was the most popular episode and so were the subsequent revelations in which she whined over the fact that the media had revealed her news. She may have been upset by that, but we think the only reason it was so frustrating for her was that she had hoped to keep the shows rating a bit higher for a while.

2 Buy, Buy, Buy, Even When Not Needed

via: racked.com

The Kardashians are big spenders. The luxury items they have can feed a small village for years without requiring external donations. When a Kardashian baby is born, it is a big deal and its gifts galore for the little munchkin. Most of us buy normal stuff for our kids, a teddy that costs a $1.99 at the department store, and some little knick knacks here and there.

The most expensive item new parents buy is probably the baby crib. When Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West had a baby through surrogate La Reina Haines, on 15th January 2018, the pair paid the surrogate a pretty penny with a lot more perks.

They got their little girl a cute cuddly teddy bear, which is every little girl’s desire. While most teddys can even be bought at the gas station at a small cost, the pair went completely overboard and gave their girl a Steiff Louis Vuitton cuddly teddy bear. It came at a cost of a whopping $200,000.

Having set this precedence, even the people who came to welcome the little munchkin new to follow suit and only gift the baby with designer items that cost quite a few pretty pennies. Even the baby crib, according to The Richest cost $40,000!

1 Don't Ask For Advice

Via: E!

This family is quite close-knit and especially since there are a lot more women in the family than men. This matriarchal family is perfect for a pregnant woman who needs a lot of emotional support. First-time moms especially need a lot more support and guidance than repeat moms.

The ‘my stomach has a black line in the middle’ questions need to be answered and what better person to reassure a freaking pregnant woman than a sister or mother?

According to the Daily Mail, Khloe said in an episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, “We are sisters by blood, but best friends by choice.” The Kardashians are many and if one doesn’t like the advise from one there is always the second and third opinion to consider. Kim had an easy time relying on the advice and opinion of her big sister Kourtney, who has several children of her own. Luckily for Kylie and Khloe, there are a lot more sisters with babies or are pregnant and they can now share their experiences amongst themselves.

While most of us wish we could get someone to at least ask questions who has been there and is not a doctor, someone to at least hold our hand during the difficult journey, the Kardashians do not have this problem. Theirs is a full house and support is in every corner.

References: TheTalko, EatSmartBlog, Bustle, DailyMail, TheRichest

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