15 Bombshell Moms Who Look Younger Than Their Daughters

The beauty industry has become a lucrative venture so far this year, with women being the primary target, particularly mothers who have come past their youthful years. It’s understandable — nobody wants that saggy, wrinkly skin that we all may get in time. And this is the exact reason a lot of moms, even at their busiest, would take time and invest in keeping their youthful glow as long as possible.

So many cards are at play here. There are tons of cosmetics and plastic surgeries available everywhere, in the palm of our hands. Lifestyle and personality influence can also help as much — a happier person tends to become less stressed, a great help in making her less of an uggo — but the ace of it all would be genetics.

Nothing is as comparable as this biological makeup which dictates whether we would look too young or, unfortunately, old for our age. While most of the population are just on track and there are others who mature as quick as lightning, there are a few blessed women who age like a fine wine.

These women appear like they have really found the fountain of youth — so much so that they look as young (or even younger!) as their own daughters. Whether it’s the genes or the doctor they have to thank, these women will have you think twice and wonder who really the mom is. Check them out and see how many items you’ll end up correctly guessing!

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15 Yasmin Le Bon And Her Daughter Amber

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 23: Amber Le Bon (L) and Yasmin Le Bon attend the Creative London party hosted by the British Fashion Council and BPI at Spencer House on February 23, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images)

Considering the looks and career choice, this mother and daughter duo prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. UK-born Amber is very much just like her mother, Yasmin, as they are both prominent names in the modeling industry. Yasmin and husband Simon Le Bon — the famous frontman for Duran Duran — share two other children, Amber being the eldest. The 28-year-old has made the name in the catwalk just like her mother and was even heralded as the “World’s Hottest Celebrity Daughter” according to Zoo Weekly. But despite Yasmin being her “partner-in-crime,” Amber likes not to be just an off-shoot of her mother and prefers to make a name without any reference from her parents. Yasmin, meanwhile, shared that her greatest beauty elixir is laughter because “it is a joy shared” and for her, “nothing is more beautiful” than it.

14 Can You Spot The Mom?

Prominent Taiwanese sisters, Lure, Sharon, and Fayfay have gained reputation from their youthful looks and it runs in the blood, indeed. The three sisters, whose ages are clearly way off the calendar, owe their teenage-like appearance from their mother, May. According to Lure, 41, the got their youthful looks from their mother although their dad is also looking fine for his age. “When our mother was young, she was incredible youthful looking. Now she still looks great,” Lure told Daily Mail. While the Hsu matriarch’s secret to keeping young and fresh remains a question, Lure, a mom of two that looks only half her age, shared that she just drink plenty of water and eat vegetables every day. She also makes it a point to eat on time, get enough sleep and maintain a light diet.

13 Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Ava

There’s no denying that Reese Witherspoon is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. Fortunately, all thanks to genetics, her beauty was passed on for posterity through her daughter Ava. The duo has shocked Hollywood just months ago when they came out together looking like clones. During the launch of Reese’s latest movie, Home Again, the pair stunned and baffled the crowd as to who really was the “Legally Blonde” actress we have come to love. At 41, Reese barely had any fine lines that reveal her true age. The actress also isn’t a really fan of plastic surgeries, she earlier revealed through US Magazine, although she doesn’t judge people who turn to it. “I’m not for it. I’m not against it. I have plenty of friends who do stuff and if it makes you feel good, great,” she said.

12 Georgie Smedley And Her Daughter Jazz

When you resemble, stand nearly as tall and fits into same clothing size as your mom, it’s not impossible that she’ll be first thought as your twin and not your mother. It may be weird but for Georgie, it’s a compliment that she gets every single time. Georgie, owner of a nail company in the United Kingdom — the Nail Harmony — may be used to it but admits that her daughter, Jazz, gets a little bit bothersome.

“We get told we look like sisters all the time - to the point where I get embarrassed,” the 44-year-old mom said. “It’s nice for me, but because it happens so often, it must get a bit annoying for Jazz.”

The ladies share a wardrobe as they are both size 8. Although there’s a bit of difference between them — Geordie has reddish locks and stands 5’2” while strawberry-blonde Jazz is 5’3” — their resemblance is uncanny.

11 Demi Moore And Her Daughter Rumer

REDONDO BEACH, CA - NOVEMBER 07: Actresses Demi Moore and Rumer Willis attend the Freedom Awards and Freedom Rocks Event at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on November 7, 2010 in Redondo Beach, California. (Photo by Amy Graves/WireImage)

If there’s one woman in Hollywood that can pass as a true-life vampire (for not aging!) then it’s clearly Demi Moore! Women of her age are expected to be filled with wrinkles and skin imperfections but not for the “Ghost” actress. In fact, her beauty seems so ageless that in some angles, she’s even more beautiful than her own daughter. Sorry, Rumer, no lies here! Apparently, Demi’s elixir of youth is a moisturizer. She told Marie Claire years back that she always makes it a point to moisturize. “No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup,” Demi said.

10 Are They Sisters?

Source: Facebook

At first glance, you’ll think Cheryl and Jenny are just mere sisters but when you get to know the truth, you’ll realize that one of them has given birth 26 years ago. It doesn’t really look obvious but Jenny, pictured in right, is a stunning mom to this equally gorgeous Marketing Strategist based in Singapore. According to her daughter, Jenny beauty secret is that she’s just self-conscious. “She's just really diligent at looking after herself, especially her skin; drinking lots of water, getting sufficient sleep, keeping up her skincare regime every night and always apply sunblock if she's under the sun,” the 26-year-old said. If it also helps, Cheryl added that her mom luckily works for her dad, hence the burden of stress is lighter for the 49-year-old mom. Although working with her husband can have a downside, the good thing is that Cheryl’s father is lenient towards Jenny when it comes to working.

9 Jerry Hall And Her Daughter Lizzy

Model Jerry Hall hasn’t really been in front of the cameras for a while now but she can easily catch the spotlight with her beauty and grace. With a seemingly time-frozen charm, it’s hard to imagine that she has already reached her senior years. At one point, when Jerry posted a picture of her and her daughter, Lizzy, it’s as if Jerry’s age melted away as they only looked like sisters. Instagrammers were quick to note that they look more like twins.

The famous Texan supermodel may soon take her bow but her footsteps are being immediately followed by her equally attractive daughter. The 32-year-old actress and model, Jerry and the legendary Mick Jagger’s love child, has already made her mark in the modeling industry just like her mother.

8 Are They Triplets?

Source: Twitter

If choosing between two doesn’t give you any challenge then try this. Sisters Kaylan and Kyla may have been twins but it appears that they are really triplets when their mom jives in the picture. The threesome has been giving people a hard time guessing who mom is since last year and according to Tina — pictured far left — she never thought their picture would be viral. The Twitter-famous pic just started out as an innocent photo after picking up the girls from school and now, it’s reached different parts of the globe. When asked of her regimen in remaining as fresh as her girls, she said there are things that should remain a secret. She, however, made a point in washing her face with just plain water and exfoliating just once a week.

Source: Instagram

7 Sunshine Cruz And Her Daughter Angelina

Source: Instagram

Filipina Sunshine Cruz is most prominent as an actress and singer in her country and aside from her impeccable skills on stage, she is also known for her enviable beauty that doesn’t seem to age. Although she looks like she’s only in her 20s, Sunshine is in fact aged 40 and blessed with three gorgeous daughters who look like her. As for her beauty secrets, she shared that she makes sure to eat enough. With a vital statistics of 34-25-34, you wouldn’t believe she’s eating rice three times a day. But of course, she complements her meal with vegetables and regular exercise. Aside from a proper diet and regular exercise, the mom-of-three shared that Omega-6 works wonders for the skin as it is called the “workhorse of moisturizers.”

Source: Instagram

6 Jill Weinstein And Her Daughter Jen

Who says mamas can’t be ripped? If Jen has found love in gym workouts and healthy lifestyle, then the same goes for her mother, Jill. The mom-of-two based in the United States is a fitness junkie just like her daughter. And as much as she’s a proud mama, she’s proud of her crazy abs! If you could check Jill’s Instagram account, you'll see her donning a bikini-perfect body that looks like that of her daughter’s. But no — scrolling through will make you realize that this is a figure owned by a 48-year-old mama. While Jill can take all the credit for the body she has achieved, she says that her inspiration comes from her very own daughter who is a fitness coach. Jill said that her daughters, Jen and (equally ripped) Steph, are the ones who keep her motivated every single day.

5 Masako Mizutani And Her 20-Year-Old Daughter

Touted as Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth, Masako makes it disheartening to accept that she isn’t a woman at her 20s. In fact, Masako has reached already her golden years and true enough, her face can be easily considered gold considering she’s 50 years old. Although it’s not really obvious, Masako is a mom to two children and she wowed the Internet when she shared a proof of it. Masako posted a picture of her and her 20-year-old daughter and the age difference can’t really be recognized. Unlike other moms who tried freezing their youthfulness through plastic surgeries, Masako shared that she owes her time-frozen beauty through hard work and clean living. Her skin ritual even lasts for a tedious five hours long. Aside from her skincare regimen, she made it a point to maintain a fit body through regular workouts, drinking plenty of water and eating only healthy kinds of food. Applying the right makeup helps create a youthful illusion, she added, especially if done right.

4 Svetlana Maximova And Her Daughter Polina

Source: Instagram

Polina is an actress based in USSR is noted for her several local Russian films, but aside from her movies, she can be remembered as the woman who had an equally youthful mom. The actress really resembles her mother so much, starting with her gorgeous blonde locks down to her charming smile. When it comes to her physique, it’s safe to say the Svetlana still got her game on despite her age. Svetlana’s daughter revealed that she has always been a mama’s girl. In one of her Instagram posts, she referred to her mother as her “fire” while she greeted Svetlana during her birthday. The attached picture — Svetlana in a jaw-dropping bikini — made fans confused as they weren’t able to realize that it’s actually Polina’s mother, not her. Svelte-lana? Yes.

Source: Instagram

3 Which One Is The Daughter?

Looking at Aissaule and Bayan’s photo will really confuse anyone as to who looks 40 here. And if you think Bayan is the one on the left then you’re completely wrong. The one with piercing green eyes is Bayan and clearly, in this picture, she looked so much younger than her own daughter! The mother and daughter pair hail from Kazakhstan and they have been quite famous in their country. Bayan is a renowned journalist, actress, and singer. Her career skyrocketed in 1993 when she starred in a local drama series and after which, she became a producer for Kazakh musical groups. Aside from that, she’s probably her one of her country’s icon of timeless beauty. In an Instagram post, she shared that her beauty secrets include hydrophilic oils, serums with gold particles and even stem cell-infused creams.

Source: Instagram

2 Yolanda Hadid And Her Supermodel Daughters

There’s no way a person couldn’t recognize Gigi and Bella’s gorgeous faces as they are everywhere, but in case you’re living under a rock, the Hadid sisters are supermodels whose mother is the famous Yolanda Hadid. It’s not rocket science as to where these two sisters got their beautiful looks. Yolanda, herself, has been a remarkable face in the beauty industry and this is what Gigi and Bella have been accustomed to. Hence, they went on and grow up as attractive as their mother.

But while Yolanda is already 53, it doesn’t really show as much because, arguably, she just looks like Bella and Gigi’s eldest sister! As to her beauty go-to, it’s not really much of a secret: she just drinks water, literally for everything. Apparently, it’s the same beauty tip that her daughters swear by in keeping a smooth skin.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 08: Yolanda Hadid poses during the Channel Nine Up fronts at The Star on November 8, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (photo by El Pics/ Getty Images)

1 Natalie Wardell And Her Daughter Jazmyne

Source: Instagram

It’s hard to think that one of these women gave birth to an actual grown up but let that sink in because it’s true — Natalie, wearing the red dress, is indeed Jazmyne’s doting mother. As much as it’s hard to accept that they aren’t of the same age, it’s even more astonishing to find out that Natalie had two other daughters who also look as young as her!

Just like Jazmyne, Natalie is into fitness and modeling which explain their affinity for flaunting their beautiful faces and bodies. Aside from being a model, mom and wife and a gym junkie, Natalie is also a nurse. The Wardell family lives happily in Australia, judging from their ‘grams. Natalie and the rest of her girls love dressing up and partying, and luckily, they have a supportive patriarch whom Natalie called in her Instagram as “soulmate.”

Source: Instagram

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