15 Stupid Memes Every Pregnant Woman Will Love

Ah, pregnancy. The glow, the joy, the anticipation...the heartburn. No one is denying that moms-to-be aren't over-the-moon to be expecting a baby. This doesn't mean the time leading up to a child's arrival isn't challenging for many women. The first trimester often brings nausea and vomiting, the second is a whirlwind or preparations and a growing belly. The third? It's often a day-to-day struggle just to keep putting one swollen foot in front of the other.

Pregnant women are allowed to admit getting a baby into the world isn't always sunshine and galloping unicorns. In fact, the truth is, pregnancy is often less-than-lovely to say the least. One way to make it through the arduous process of growing a human is by finding the humor in the long days, weeks and months leading up to the arrival of Baby. Hang in there, expecting mothers. You'll look back on this time with fondness, but that doesn't mean you won't be glad it's over.

The following 15 memes are some of the best ever created on the subject of pregnancy. Why? Well, they are pretty much spot-on and will help anyone out there feeling like they are going to be pregnant for-freaking-ever to remember they aren't alone. Countless others have walked the difficult path of pregnancy and survived. All of them know just what those currently in the throes of pregnancy-induced leg cramps and cravings are going through.

It is highly recommended that you enjoy the memes below while you consume your current craving and a kind friend or family member rubs your feet.

15The Butterfly Effect

This one may be spoken with a hint of sarcasm, but the truth is, even if you feel less-than-lovely, pregnant women really do exude a glow. Sure, you may feel uncomfortable and less-than-peppy while pregnant,  especially towards the end, but to everyone else, you are just stunning. Remember that.

Angelina Jolie is known for being aglow with joy and oozing charm and grace while expecting. In fact, she's said of her experiences with pregnancy, "I love it. It makes me feel like a woman…Also I’m fortunate." Yes, she is, and we're going to try really hard not to be jealous.

Angelina continues, "I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy." Even if you don't feel sexy, know that you are one hot mama, and rocking the whole pregnant look like a champion.

14I've Got Swagger

That's right, pregnant ladies. You strut your stuff like you are walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Your waddle is fierce. It's proof that you have a human life growing inside of you. There isn't anything cooler.

I mean, seriously, what accessory is more amazing than a baby bump? You can balance your cereal bowl on it, paint it like a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween or rest your hands on it like a convenient counter top that just happens to be there whenever you need it.

Sure, pregnancy isn't always glamorous, but you rock that waddle, girlfriend. Feeling a little less-than-awesome? Even celebrities have their struggles while expecting. Adele wasn't shy when sharing one of the side effects her pregnancy brought with it. She says, "When I got pregnant, I had so much testosterone in me that I grew a beard. I only cropped it last night. It’s actually true. I’m not telling a joke. I actually have a beard, but I’m proud of it. I call it Larry."

13What Pants? 

Keira Knightley has  shared of her experience with pregnancy, "It’s not pleasant—I never thought that I could actually do it for the amount of time that I’ve done it. Also, I have to say, as a woman, you hate certain parts of your body. You go through those periods where you look in the mirror and you think, Oh, if only I had different legs or arms or whatever."

Many women may feel like Keira. Pregnancy isn't a walk in the park for many. It's hard to struggle with finding a position comfortable enough to get a decent night's sleep. It's hard to see your body changing.

Because of all of this, pregnant women have the right to find joy in life's simple pleasures, one of which is relaxing in a pants-less state while in the comfort of her own home. If a guest comes a-calling, do not for one second feel you have to put pants on. If said visitor gets offended, show him or her the door pronto.

12Where's That Glow? 

Singer and businesswoman Jessica Simpson isn't afraid to tell it like it is. She said of pregnancy, "People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death. I think they just tell pregnant women they’re glowing to make them feel good about themselves."

You may not feel like you have a glow, and maybe you are sweating more than usual, but there is a scientific fact you should be made aware of, if you aren't already. When you're pregnant, your blood volume actually increases, making your cheeks appear rosier and your complexion brighter.

Remember you may be hard on yourself, but others look at you and see the beauty of a mother-to-be sacrificing her body to bring another life into the world. Don't feel that way? Don't worry. Take our word for it. Your pregnant self is breathtaking from head to toe. Promise.

11Not. Bending. Over. 

Actress Amy Poehler, mother of two adorable boys Archie and Abel, dealt with strong emotions while pregnant. During one of her pregnancies, she shared, "Oh, my God, I'm crying at everything lately. I'm watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and I was crying so hard. There's no shame in that. I'm crying at everything. The wind will blow a branch and I'm like, aw, nature."

Many women may be able to relate. Especially as baby's arrival grows nearer and the ability to perform simple, everyday tasks becomes more and more of a challenge. One example? Bending over.

One does not realize how many things involve bending until very great with child. Tying shoes, shaving legs, scratching itches on lower extremities and picking up fallen objects become cause for a huge amount of effort that many exhausted pregnant women just don't have the strength for. Drop something? Find someone to pick it up for you, or leave it there. You have our permission.

10Pregnancy Brain Is Real 

Some experts have concluded that there is no real evidence to support the fact that pregnant women are more forgetful when expecting. Despite this fact, many moms-to-be will attest to the fact that they became a bit absent-minded while a bun was in their oven.

Actress Olivia Wilde is one of these women. She once shared, "Baby brain is real. I should not be permitted to operate heavy equipment including iPhones."

Why do women have a hard time operating on all cylinders when a baby is up in there? Maybe it's the fact that expecting mothers have a lot on their mind, what with a child arriving in their lives in the near future. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, or the strong uppercuts constantly landing on their ribcages that make them lose their train of thought. Whatever the reason...wait, what were we saying?

9No Regrets 

Want another reason to adore Drew Barrymore? The mother of two shared during her second pregnancy with daughter, Frankie, "I just eat everything I want, which isn’t healthy. I’m bigger this time than my first time. My doctor the other day was like, ‘Yeah, so I think maybe pull back. A little bit.’"

She continues, "I was like, really? I thought I was doing great. I still fit into those jeans — they hurt when I wear them — but I still fit into them. I don’t ever pose, ‘I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that.’ I want to enjoy the pasta right now! What’s 10 lbs.?”

Next time you are regretting the high-calorie meal or snack you just consumed, remember not to be so hard on yourself. Eating is one of life's simple pleasures. Many of those pleasures are hard to come by while expecting a baby. Go ahead and have another slice of pie, we won't tell.

8No Shame

While expecting, actress Liv Tyler shared, "Every day I’m like, ‘Oh my, God!’ But then I stop and take a deep breath and just focus on gratitude and how grateful I am for all the opportunities that I have. I’m good’ [but] very tired. It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever!"

It's okay if you aren't a total party animal during your pregnancy. It's completely understandable if you have a strong desire to climb into your bed as soon as freaking possible.

Never apologize for needing a rest. If this is your first baby, get those snoozes in whenever you can. It won't belong before your baby is out and has you up at all hours of the day and night. Already have some little ones and enjoying adding another to your brood? Find a babysitter and get some shut-eye. You need it. You've earned it. You deserve it.

7Let Me Eat Cake

Singer Ashley Simpson confessed, "Being pregnant was the healthiest I've ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes." Sound familiar? Why is cake so wonderful?'s light, it's fluffy, it is usually topped with some sort of icing that only makes it more enjoyable, it goes perfectly with an ice-cold glass of milk and, well, it basically tastes like heaven.

Plus, pregnant women have a list about 50,000 things long of things they aren't allowed to eat, and aren't allowed to do, while expecting. Last time we checked, cake was not on that list. Therefore, if one of the most delicious things ever invented has been deemed alright for pregnant women to enjoy, it only makes sense that these women should have their cake and eat it whenever humanly possible.

Flavors of cake include chocolate, devil's food, strawberry shortcake, red velvet, lemon, carrot and salted caramel. Want some? We don't blame you. And don't feel guilty for one second if you eat the entire thing.

6Just Don't

This one is for the boys. It may be a good idea to print it out, blow it up, laminate it and place it strategically in the center of your refrigerator. These ten words are a warning that may save your partner from a fight he doesn't want to have, from tears he won't need to wipe away, or from a temper tantrum he doesn't want to witness.

Pregnant women are dealing with a lot. One of the things many are struggling with is strong emotions. It's completely normal to feel as if you are riding a rollercoaster of highs and lows during pregnancy, and it may not take much to send you over the edge.

Seriously. More than one pregnant woman has shed tears because the delicious fare she was planning on consuming was taken from her by her partner, who now wishes he had never gone near the leftover casserole or final sleeve of Oreos.

5Still Pregnant 

Kim Kardashian, mom to daughter North and son Saint, has admitted that she hated both or her pregnancies. She said, "The pregnancy, I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone. Anyone. It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all."

Some women love being pregnant and don't suffer any negative side effects. their babies--and are very, very grateful when the experience of being pregnant is finally at an end. This makes the statement, "You're still pregnant!?" more than a bit aggravating for many moms-to-be.

So, to conclude, if conversing with a pregnant woman, it is never a good idea to utter the words, "So, still pregnant, huh?" It will never go well. If a lady still has a baby bump, or is eating cake, it's safe to assume she's still pregnant.

4Sorry Not Sorry 

Dressing a growing belly can be tricky. Especially during the stage when your regular clothes don't quite fit anymore, but maternity clothes are still a bit baggy. One solution? Raid your partner's closet. Guys often own soft, well-worn t-shirts and sweat pants that are secretly every pregnant woman's dream.

Remember, you are bearing his child. You have the right to claim any of his clothing as yours. It's the least he can do. Plus, isn't every boy's fantasy his girl rocking his oversized t-shirt? Not only are you fulfilling his dreams by looking all sexy in his clothes while pregnant, you may be setting the stage for a steamy evening in getting busy...or maybe just watching Netflix.

Reality television star and author Kristin Cavallari shared her thoughts on hanky-panky with her man while expecting. She said, "Sex is funny when you’re pregnant. Guys get weird about it. I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ And he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”

3Sarcasm At Its Finest 

As the baby's due date grows every nearer, friends and family may get anxious to meet the little darling. You may find yourself answering the same questions 30 times a day; everyone you know is just so darn excited for you to give birth.

Sure, you are most likely excited too, but it's also a scary time. There are a lot of unknowns going into the delivery of a baby, especially for first-time moms. You may wish everyone would just stop talking about the fact that you are about to give birth, just to give you a rest from all of the anticipation and anxiety.

Even the effortlessly cool singer Gwen Stefani felt some angst before the birth of her first son, Kingston. She shared, "I [wondered] how I would fit [the baby] into my life? Would I be too self-obsessed to be able to care about him enough? I have a really extraordinary life and I obviously have a lot of passion about the things that I do. So I didn’t know if I could be selfless enough. But obviously I can – it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me."


All we can say about the four memes found above is...yep, exactly, completely and totally. Pregnancy causes your belly to protrude in a way you never thought possible, it wears you the f*** out, a little one living on your bladder makes peeing your full-time job and anything delicious is nearly impossible to resist.

Feeling down? On one of your hardest pregnancy days, just remind yourself that even the great JLo struggled near the end of her pregnancy with her twins Max and Emme.

She shared, "I felt sad and depressed and thought the babies didn’t love me..I actually remember picking up the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting to try to see what was happening to me, and it said how you have this huge hormonal drop about seven to 10 days after you give birth – it’s called the baby blues…But I just thought they didn’t like me."

1Proud Mama 

When your baby finally arrives, you have the right to show your cutie patootie off to everyone and anyone. After all, you did the hard work of getting him or her into the world.

Singer Ciara is currently expecting her second child with husband Russell Wilson and has shared of her pregnancy, "Getting prepared for something like this is so much fun. I feel like a little kid waiting on Christmas for the day I get to meet my baby. It’s so beautiful and it’s something I’ve always looked forward to.”

When you see your little one for the first time, any hardships your pregnancy brought with it will be but a distant memory. You should be  as proud as punch of your little treasured one. On the hardest of pregnancy days, picture yourself strutting down the grocery store aisle with your adorable baby, getting gasps of delight out of every elderly lady you pass, or posting the heck out of that perfect little face all over social media.

Pregnancy is the exciting process that will eventually lead to you giving birth to a baby. Your child. Your flesh and blood. We know for many women pregnancy is pretty much the hardest things they've ever experienced, but we promise it will be worth it.


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