14Sandy Cheeks

Sand, sand, everywhere--and I do mean everywhere. Want to get that pesky stuff out of all the kiddos cracks and crevices, as well as your own? Take a bottle of baby powder with you. When you want to de-sand yourself or the kids, simply apply it to the sand covered area and

gently brush it away. It will be gone in seconds.

Want to keep the sand off your feet and inevitably your beach towel? Grab that smaller towel (hand towel size will work), and apply baby powder and brush off your feet. This trick works wonders! I used this recently on my daughter after we went to the beach and she decided the sand she was digging in was best for dumping, right onto herself. The sand was everywhere.

Thankfully I happen to have baby powder with me and in no time flat she was sand free before we headed home.

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