15 Supercute Photoshoots By Geeky Parents

Across the pond, in Europe, the word, which had evolved from the old Scottish/German word geck meaning "idiot" was still only used in its original form, as an insult. Then the word slowly fell out of use across the world until the mid-20th century.

In the USA, during the early 20th century, a geek was a particular kind of circus or sideshow performer who would gross people out by performing horrifying acts such as biting the heads off of live animals. 

At this point, geek was once again an insult to people, mostly directed towards sci-fi and technology fans, who were all considered outside of the mainstream. Then, towards the end of the century, sci-fi and technology became mainstream, geeks were valued for their knowledge and the term broadened to include anyone who is a specialist or expert in pretty much any kind of subculture.

Today it is, generally, no longer an insult to be called a geek, and for many, it is a badge of honor that they wear with pride. These parents definitely fall into the proud geek category. They have chosen to celebrate their area of passion and expertise alongside the new obsession in their life, their baby.

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15 Potty For Potter

J.K. Rowling originally wrote the Harry Potter books with tweens and teens in mind and was surprised to discover just how passionately fans of all ages, genders, and cultures embraced the universe she created between the covers of her books. These members of the Harry Potter fandom are often referred to as “Potterheads,” and there is a vibrant, international Potterhead culture, both online and through a myriad of in-person events and activities. With a wealth of conventions, festivals, musicals, wizard rock concerts, fandom sites and more, it is little wonder there is a growing demand for Potter-themed newborn photo shoots.

This little cutie looks made for the lead role, although there is the glaring omission of his forehead mark. Personally, I would have whipped out the eyeliner and put in that last important detail!

14 Laughs Do More Than Screams

Although this photo set-up is little more than a pair of cuddly toys and a knitted hat, it does not detract from the fact that somebody has arrived at a home that loves Monsters Inc. We still have exactly the same Sulley toy as the one in this picture, which we bought for our oldest son when he was little, back in 2002.

Being the kind of detail-obsessed geek I am, personally, I would have to call this a Monsters University photoshoot because of Mike Wazowski's hat. I would have also liked to have seen, sticking with the original Monsters Inc theme, a replica of Bo’s door in the background. It wouldn’t have to be after it was (spoiler alert!) shredded and reassembled; the pre-mashed up version would do for me.

13 It's A Me, Mario

My first gaming system was the Super Nintendo, but I still recognize an original Nintendo Gaming System when I see one. The gloriously massive brick of an 8-bit gaming system revolutionized the video game industry and brought us one of the most beloved franchises, Super Mario Bros.

This little fella is the perfect Mario, complete with that darling mustache. I love how he is in short dungarees, instead of Mario's standard long ones, so you can see those cute little legs, dimpled knees and curled up toes.

It is also the perfect irony photo. At one time you would have sat up all night on the Nintendo, playing Super Mario Bros, or Super Mario Bros 2 or 3, forcing yourself to stay awake for “just one more level”. Now you have a baby to keep you awake all night, and there is no way to unplug or reboot, even if you want to, and you have no control over when you move up to the next level.

12 The Force Is Strong In This One

No matter what photograph this little girl was in, she would have lit it up with that gorgeous expression. Look at that cute little smile! Couldn’t you just scoop her up and give her a big squeeze?

Well, maybe, maybe not. This cutie has an impressive cast of supporters who would be more than happy to defend her, not that she would need it. Princess Leia is a fiesty butt-kicking soldier who can more than hold her own in a battle with the dark side. That’s why she is chuckling. The stormtrooper and Darth are laying there all cuddly and relaxed, unaware that they are in danger from the bun-topped warrior.

Or maybe it is the knowledge that she doesn’t need rescuing at all, but that she is the one who will do the rescuing when Han is captured by Jabba the Hutt.

11 The Baby Named Clark

Created in 1933, by a pair of Ohio high school students, Superman is perhaps the most famous and enduring of the superheroes we still love today. Revealed to the world in June 1938, on the cover of DC Comics' Action Comics #1, Superman has since appeared on TV, radio, and the big screen, as well as in books, graphic novels and newspaper comic strips.

Sleeping soundly in this photograph, our little star has had his disguise as the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent compromised, and is revealing the true identity that he keeps hidden from the world.

I am left wondering though, what kind of catastrophe was unfolding to cause Clark to decide to slip away and discard his disguise? What happened to all of the people involved when the newborn Kent was overcome with such an urge to sleep, that he dozed off part-way through his transformation?

10 A Wondrous Choice

Another DC Comics superhero, Wonder Woman, is a founding member of the Justice League, daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, and the princess of her homeland, the island of Themyscira. With the full title of Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, she wisely goes by the name Diana Prince to keep a low profile in the world of us mere humans.

The original DC Comics background for Wonder Woman said that she was sculpted from clay by her mother, given life by Aphrodite and then gifted superhuman powers by the Greek gods, although this morphed over the years to the backstory that she has now. I'm sure that this little tot is exactly as powerful and full of love as her costume implies.

9 The Logical Choice

In the world of sci-fi, people were divided into Star Wars or Star Trek fans. Fans of Star Trek used to be referred to as Trekkies (but serious fans now prefer Trekkers), and this label was said by Leonard Nimoy to be the correct term.

Despite being a fan of The Next Generation rather than the original Star Trek myself, I can still understand the enduring appeal of Spock. The Vulcan powered by logic is an iconic character who has become well-known to people outside of the sci-fi community.

Leonard Nimoy would have loved this photo, I am sure. He was a big supporter of fans and fan-culture as well as an accomplished professional photographer in his own right. It would not take a Vulcan mindmeld to work out this combination of his two great passions would have earned a Vulcan salute and a "Dif-tor heh smusma" blessing. Oh, Sorry, for all you non-Trekkers out there, that’s “live long and prosper”.

8 Who You Gonna Call?

It is always pretty easy to go for the good guy in a franchise, but it is a bold parent who would dress their child as the incarnation of an evil Sumerian god, even if it was the deceptively soft and fluffy Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Dan Aykroyd created the character and said of the giant sugary confection "it seems harmless and puffy and cute—but given the right circumstances, everything can be turned black and become evil."

Apart from maybe the “evil” part, Aykroyd could almost be describing babies. One minute they are these cute and cuddly little bundles of vulnerability and the next, they are terrifying whirlwinds of anger and noise. They are highly-skilled at torture through sleep deprivation and bombarding you with constant sound, and they lull you into a false sense of security before launching their onslaught. Now that I come to think of it, this is the perfect costume for a baby.

7 Babies, The Ultimate N00bs

If you are not into gaming, if you use the words newbie or noob you probably use them interchangeably. This has become common in the same way that geek and nerd are now often used to mean the same thing but have subtle differences.

A newbie is, generally speaking, someone who is new to something and makes mistakes, but is willing and trying to learn. A noob is a person who is either new or really bad at something. The difference is that noobs are seemingly uninterested in learning, and often act disrespectfully. Sounds just like a baby eh?

In gaming, it is still used, especially in online first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty where grenade launchers are often referred to as “noob tubes” because they are easy to use and noobs often fire them indiscriminately.

6 It's A Dark Knight

Now for a bit of controversy - is Batman really a superhero if he doesn’t have any superpowers? Can a man who is highly driven with a strong sense of justice be placed in the same class as humanoid aliens and the daughter of gods? Can a genius intellect and an unlimited supply of money and know-how make up for not having other-worldly skills?

Superhero or not, this baby batman is a superstar in this newborn photo shoot. Complete with a tiny Batmobile, I love how this shot has stayed true to the dark and brooding feel of Batman, with the monochromatic background and the bat-symbol's yellow being the only splash of color.

5 I. Am. Groot.

It might be hard to imagine when you see the strangely endearing sentient tree in Guardians of the Galaxy, but Groot was originally an intergalactic invader who came to Earth with the intention of capturing humans for experimentation. This appearance in the 1960s was followed by a reappearance in 1976, when he joined five other Marvel horror characters in The Incredible Hulk Annual. Groot wasn’t seen again until he popped up in a Peter Parker nightmare in the late 1990s

Fortunately for us all, Groot discovered his good side and joined The Guardians of the Galaxy in 2008, and was brought to the big screen and the hearts of millions of kids. It is an excellent choice for a newborn shoot because you could have your little one grow into Groot in a series of pictures over the years. You could also have four other children to complete your set of Guardians, but perhaps that would be going a little too far.

4 Two Worlds Collide - Mind Blown

There was a time, way before being a geek was considered mainstream, when if you were a comic book reader you were either a Marvel or a DC Comics supporter. These two camps of fans each were extremely passionate about their franchises, with debate raging about the pros and cons of the superheroes on each “side” and the universes in which their stories unfolded. Today, many fans have never picked up a comic book but have experienced the world of DC Comics and Marvel Comics through TV shows and movies, and there is an entirely new generation of fans who are either Marvel or DC.

It is good to see that the parents of this little superhero-in-training have rejected the divide that some people hold onto and have embraced the world of superheroes in its entirety. There indeed is hope for the future after all!

3 Wendy And A Shadow

Few people know that Peter Pan started out as a character in a novel for adults before the chapters in which he was featured were pulled out and published as a separate novel. The success of this book, “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens,” inspired the author J.M.Barrie to reprise the character for a stage play he wrote entitled “The Boy Who Never Grew Up.” The play was later turned into a novel called “Peter Pan and Wendy.”

Peter Pan was based on J.M.Barrie’s older brother who died in an ice-skating accident when he was 13, and became known as the “forever boy” in their family.

It is hinted to in the book that Wendy has feelings for Peter, but he is unable to love her, or anyone, back. He later becomes friends with Wendy’s daughter and subsequently her grand-daughter, so the tiny lady in this photo could be any three of the girls mentioned in the book.

2 You've Got A Friend In Me

bayi berkostum lucu

This looks like a photo that is a homage to Toy Story and it sort of is, but do you know which Toy Story movie specifically this image alludes to? If you said Toy Story 3, then congratulations you qualify as a bit of a Toy Story geek! Either that or you have a child who is a fan, and you have been forced to watch the movies so frequently that it feels like Randy Newman plays the soundtrack to your life.

I love the details in this one. The wooden bricks that subtly spell out “Skylar” in the bottom right-hand corner are easy to miss. Meanwhile, the decision to use the “Sunnyside” box as a prop for the baby to lay in is genius. What better place to put your newborn in a Toy Story photo-shoot than the donations box in which the much-loved characters were accidentally placed?

1 Gotta Catch 'Em All

Last, but by no means least is this little Pokemon gem. The little Pokeball looks so snug and comfortable, I could almost doze off myself. Flanked by Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur with a spare pair of pokeballs on hand, this little trainer is all set for days capturing, training and battling his or her Pokemon.

I just hope that unlike the Superman baby's parents, the people who produced this little human didn’t name them after a character. I cannot imagine going through life as Palkia Wilson or Pikachu Jones. My husband and I are often considered having called our youngest daughter Evey after a Pokemon which is just silly. The Pokemon is spelled Eevee, and we wouldn’t be so frivolous as to name our daughter that. No, she was named after a character in the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” instead!

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