15Mom Hasn’t Eaten Yet

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Another reason the baby is probably not kicking or kicks less is that the mom hasn’t had anything to drink or eat for a while. You’re probably having a busy day, been up and about and forgot your lunch time!

At this point, you’re either thirsty or hungry and

your baby has probably exhausted his reservoir. Dehydration is even worse and can be fatal for both the mom and the baby. This is why doctors recommend a mom to drink a sweet drink either apple or orange juice if they notice that the baby isn’t moving. The sugar in the drink will give both the baby and mom a boost.

The juice will help and get your baby up and moving in half an hour, even before the mom eats something. However, once a mom has food and lies still, there will be increased kicks and movement. A mom could also try massaging her stomach gently, which could get the baby to move.

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