15 Surprising Things That Will Make The Newborn Cry (And 10 Ways To Fix It)

Newborns start off in this world crying shortly after they are welcomed after birth. They even begin learning how to cry while still inside the womb. It is amazing and beautiful, but yet heart-wrenching, to see an unborn baby cry inside the womb.

So if you think the crying ends there, you were not very well informed about what motherhood would entail. Some moms are lucky enough to have those perfect little ones who only seem to cry when their basic needs are not being met, such as needing a diaper change or when they are hungry. Most moms are not that lucky though, and it may seem like every little thing makes their newborn cry.

Sometimes newborns cry over the funniest of things like certain silly faces or even their own hiccups. While other things may be legitimately scary to them such as Halloween costumes and balloons popping. At times there is no telling what may send a baby into the frenzied tears.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 15 surprising things that will make a newborn cry. We take out the guesswork for you. Plus, as an added bonus, we threw in 10 ways to fix their tears. Continue reading to learn more!

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25 Out Of Pure Boredom

Even adults get bored and restless, so why wouldn’t a baby? Sometimes, just the pure fact that they have nothing going on may be just enough to make a little one cry. If you think this may be the case for your little guy or gal make sure that all of their needs are met and then try some of the amazing ideas on this list to get, your newborn to stop crying. At times, your baby may just need to be stimulated if they are crying and nothing is wrong.

24 Their Own Hiccups

This one may be a bit surprising since newborns even hiccup inside the womb. Hiccuping is a normal part of life, and everyone has done it at some point. It’s almost like farting, even the people who claim they have never farted actually have done it even if it was just in their sleep.

Occasionally, newborns will scare themselves when a hiccup creeps out of their mouth out of nowhere. A hiccup is usually brought on by swallowing too much air, and that is actually very common for a baby when they are drinking milk.

23 Silly Faces

Via: BabyCenter

Most of us tend to think that silly faces always help to get a baby to stop crying, but sometimes it may just make the situation worse causing more tears to form. Some newborns frighten easily, so making those faces to calm down a newborn could honestly scare your little guy or gal.

Sometimes it is better to try other methods to stop a baby from crying just in case your newborn is not the type to get the giggles from those funny faces we tend to make at times.

22 Pets Can Bring On The Tears

This next one doesn’t always just affect newborns because some adults can even get scared of their beloved family pet or even their friend’s pets. Animals, even well-trained pets, are still just animals with wild instincts when they get angry. It’s no wonder some babies are frightened to death of animals at times.

Even more so if a dog was to growl or if a cat would hiss. Just because a newborn sometimes laughs and giggles when around their furry companions does not mean that those same furbabies won't eventually make them cry.

21 And Especially Fireworks!

Have you ever been out and began watching those beautiful bursts of light soar through the air to make brilliant colors in the night sky and heard a baby off crying somewhere in the distance? Or maybe you have actually witnessed it with another child whether it be your own or a friend's?

If so, you shouldn't have been surprised because fireworks make an incredibly loud booming roar that often makes babies and even newborns start to cry out of fear. If this happens to your child, you may want to stay home with him/her until they are old enough to appreciate the beauty of fireworks.

20 When Mom Won’t Share

There are plenty of moms out there who will try to eat while holding their little one, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Moms have to try to fit in the time to eat too. But sometimes babies get a little jealous that mom won’t and can’t share what she is eating with them which may lead to the baby starting to cry. At the newborn stage, babies should not yet be tasting what mom has on her plate.

19 Because They Want To Be Held

This next one is a typical reason for a baby to cry but some moms, especially first time moms, don't always realize that sometimes newborns really do start to cry because they want to be held close to their mothers.

For nine long months, your baby was inside your womb and grew fond of the comforting sound of your heart beating. The rhythmic sounds lulled your little one into a blissful slumber every single day. It's only natural that they would want to be close to you again. A majority of the time newborns really only want to be picked up and held by their mother as well.

18 They Might Even Cry By Proxy

Crying appears to be contagious when it comes to newborns and sometimes babies in general. If you were blessed with two or more babies at once, you most likely realized this very quickly. It seems like when one starts to cry so does the other one. And more of often than not, when you are in or around the nursery at a hospital you will hear more than one newborn cry at a time.

It's like chickenpox when one child gets them usually the rest begin to follow if they have never had them before. So, yes, typically when your newborn hears the cries of another baby you may expect to see their own tears begin to fall or if he/she hasn't started with the tears yet, you will still hear that high pitched wail.

17 Stranger Danger

Have you ever tried to pick up a friend or family members newborn baby and all of a sudden they started crying like you were about take off running with them? It's as if they already knew what “stranger danger” meant.

I know first hand that newborns are not too fond of people they don’t see too often because when I would try to hold my nephew of my friends newborn, they would occasionally start crying shortly after I picked them up. I thought it was me at first until other “strangers” tried to hold them as well.

16 Seeing Grandma Change

This next one if a bit on the funnier side. Sometimes grandparents have false teeth and to try to make the baby laugh, they may take their falsies out. Even as an adult, it grosses me out when they just pop them in and out. This can have one of two outcomes: the baby can either become oddly fascinated or, more often than not, they can start wailing. Usually, it's the latter. As the baby gets older, they may then see grandma's magic act as entertaining.

15 Popping A Balloon By Accident

P!nk with her children

This next one is almost guaranteed to make your newborn cry. The sound of balloons bursting can come off as a very loud popping sound that can easily scare any unsuspecting baby into tears. This one can go hand-in-hand with fireworks, which also happens to be on this list as well. When you think about it, loud sounds can also cause older children to cry. So, why wouldn't it affect an innocent newborn baby who isn't used to all these different sights and sounds?

14 When Mom Or Dad Tries To Sleep Train

Depending on how your little one is, when you try to put him/her down it may cause the tears to start forming. Now, that is not saying that you should never put your baby down. You can look at the tips we offer to help fix their tears that you have found on this list as well. If your baby is really sleepy, you may be able to put him/her down easily, but if not, he/she may really start to cry.

13 When The Pacifier Falls Out

This next one can usually make any little one cry unless they are sleeping or about to fall asleep when it happens. Babies all over love to suck on pacifiers. It usually helps keep them calm and content. The trouble comes when the pacifier falls out.

They are so young that they don’t know what to do to get it back, so they rely on mom, dad, or an older sibling to have it returned to them. Just keep in mind that it's no longer recommend to use those strings that attach the pacifier to a young child due to the risk of them getting caught in it.

12 When Tummy Time Isn’t Wanted

Not all babies are fond of tummy time. That in itself may be enough to make your newborn baby cry. This happened to be the case for my nephew more often than not. Tummy time was a surefire way to make him start crying. Some babies love it, and it’s their first step to learning how to push themselves up and start eventually start crawling as they grow. But other babies just loathe it so much for some reason.

11 Halloween Costumes

If you have other children who like to dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating, you may want them to keep their mask off when the newborn is around. This is because sometimes those scary costumes, and sometimes even the not so scary ones, make babies start with the waterworks. Even some toddlers still get scared of the frightening-looking costumes. So, watch what you and others wear around your newborn, so that you don’t have to worry about the tears.

10 Turning On The Hair Dryer

Via: mytop.fm

Who knew that hair dryers could have another purpose other than to dry hair? Turning on a hair dryer is one genius and sure way to get your little guy or gal to stop crying. There is something about the sound of it that usually, almost always, calms down a baby. It’s a drink that you can use any time you are able to plug in the hairdryer. So, mom, if you don’t have one, I suggest going out and purchasing one as soon as possible. Alternatively, a white noise app can also do the trick.

9 Quick Fix: By Checking His Basic Needs

Via: Today's Parent

When you cannot seem to get your baby to stop crying, the first step to check and make sure that all of their needs are met. You have to make sure that he/she does not need a diaper change, that they are not hungry, that they are not too hot or too cold, and that nothing else is going on. When a baby needs something is the main time that the tears will begin to start forming before anything else.

8 Quick Fix: Remove The Scary Stuff

Since this list was about surprising things that will make your newborn cry, sometimes all you have to do is try – when possible – to remove the scary stuff. If your baby is crying because of things like silly faces went wrong, Halloween costumes, or even grandma’s false teeth it is so easy to make that stuff stop or change to calm your little one down. If it is something that cannot be avoided, continue onto the next fix we have to offer you on this list.

7 Quick Fix: 'Rock-A-Bye Baby'

This next way to help stop a newborn from crying is something that works for almost any baby and is typically very well known. But there is a twist to it to make the baby calm down even more. Try rocking in different directions instead of just side to side or back and forth.

Sometimes the extra movement can help soothe and calm your little one. While rocking your baby, you can try saying, “shh, shh, shh.” Try saying it louder than a whisper, but not loud enough to the point where you would be yelling.

6 Quick Fix: Driving Around The Block

This fix is something parents have been using for years. My own mother used to do this with me when I was a baby and wouldn’t stop crying. Try putting your baby in his/her car seat and going for a drive around the block. The gentle rocking motions from the car are very well known to help calm a baby down and even help put them to sleep. Afterward, all you have to do is bring your sleeping baby back in the house and put him/her to bed.

5 Quick Fix: 'Hush Little Baby'

If you cannot get your baby girl or boy to stop crying, sometimes singing to them will help calm them down. Just reciting a nursery rhyme a few times, making up a silly song, or even reading your newborn a short story can help stop the tears from falling. Since they are so young, it honestly doesn’t matter too much what you read as long as he/she can still hear your soothing and comforting voice. Your baby has been listening to the sound of your voice since they were inside the womb, it’s no wonder it can help calm them down!

4 Quick Fix: An Audio Book

If your baby won’t stop crying and you can’t sing or read to him or her yourself, try putting on an audiobook. Make sure that the person reciting the book has a nice soothing voice. It can be any book as long as your baby is hearing something relaxing. Most babies respond better to a female voice than a male voice, however. That could be because it is gentler sounding. Another option is recording your own voice while reading a book.

3 Quick Fix: Going For A Walk

Via: Daily Mail

At times, a change of scenery is all your little one may need to calm down and stop crying. So, putting your baby in their stroller and heading outside for a walk can sometimes be just enough to calm down a crying newborn. Make sure that the weather is decent, however. You don’t want to take a newborn out during a downpour or a blizzard, and also make sure that your baby is depressed weather appropriately as well. The rocking motion from the stroller and the fresh air can do wonders for an unhappy baby.

2 Quick Fix: Running Water

Via: Mother & Baby

There are some things that can make an adult feel at ease that can also work for a baby. Although, for babies, it is easier because it doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. Adults and older children have been known to calm down or stay relaxed with the sights and sound of running water. For this fix, all you have to actually do to turn on a faucet and sit there with your little one while they watch the running water an amazement. But just like the hair dryer fix-it trick, you can get an app for this one too.

1 Quick Fix: Busting Out The Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? They are not that messy unless you spill them of course, and they are very amusing as well. So, if you are looking for a way to try to get your little one to stop crying, pull out the bubbles and just start blowing them.

Don’t have bubbles? That’s okay, because break out the gum, start chewing, and then blow some bubbles with the gum! It is really the simple things in life that can catch a newborns attention long enough to get them to stop crying!

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