15 Tasks Moms Are Faced With As Soon As The Baby Is Born

Being a mom is hard for any woman, no matter how many children she has or what age her kids are. Each mom has her own individual struggles and achievements, strengths and weaknesses, they are all different and undertake their mothering role in different ways but two things are for sure, 1. moms love their children to the end of the earth, and 2. they work 24/7, with no break, as being a mom comes with a long list of tasks that start from the moment the baby is birthed from a woman's body into the big, wide world.

That's right, you would think that after labor and delivery as a new mother who is recovering you would deserve a break but this is in fact when all the tasks start coming at you, fast and furious as you get thrown in at the deep end and unfortunately there is no instruction manual or training for this, sorry.

So, on this list today we will be going through just some of the tasks that a mom is faced with immediately after the birth of her child/children. Some are on the easier side and fun and others are unpleasant and stressful but are all worth it to get the title of 'mom' which is, of course,e the best job in the world!

So sit back and enjoy reading this article which I am sure some of you will be able to relate to. Here is "15 Tasks Moms Are Faced With As Soon As Baby Is Born".

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15 Picking A Name

You might get to boycott this task if you and your partner - or just yourself, depending on your situation - have decided this before the birth but for those who feel they want to wait or just cannot decide, then it is after the birth that this decision will be made and that is on what the name of your little bundle of joy will be.

Whether you go for a traditional name such as John, Mark or Mary, or go for something unique and eccentric such as Apple, Dream, or Rex, the name of your baby is something everyone wants to know and you yourself will really want to get right, so don't worry if you haven't got a name before, during or after the birth. Just take your time and the right name will come to you.

14 Formula Or Breastmilk

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This next decision I am sorry to say is not one that you can take your time on because immediately after being born, your baby will need to keep their strength up, which means deciding on a feeding method: bottle or breast. Most mothers would have thought about this all through their pregnancy and most likely have had an ear full from everyone they know (or don't know) about what feeding method is best but ultimately it is your decision about whatever is best for you and your baby.

Of course, you don't have to choose one or the other as many mothers choose to do mix feeding or combine-feeding (bottle and breast) and that is perfectly fine too. This decision is sometimes not an option, though; for example, if your body is not producing breast-milk, so just go with the flow and do the best you can. If you are someone supporting the new mother please just be positive and back up their decision because judgment does not help anyone.

13 Time To Feed

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Quickly following on from the last entry on this list, after making the decision on how you are going to feed your baby, you will then be - yes you guessed it - feeding your little one. Whether you have chosen breast, bottle or both, you should be given lots of support and guidance from the nurses, doctors and all other medical staff available to you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask for answers and, of course, picking up your phone to phone your own mom is always a big help.

The first feed is so special and is a moment you will treasure forever so try to enjoy it and take it in and keep the worrying to a minimum. You are doing a great job and make sure that you remember that.

12 Keeping Baby Warm

Midwife holding up a vernix covered newborn just after he was born in the delivery room, being peaceful and serene, still attached with umbilical cord. New life, birth experience concept.

Speaking from personal experience, I remember being very paranoid that my daughter would be cold because I had a fan on me due to my high temperature and so I kept wrapping her in blankets. I was reassured by the staff that she would be fine and just to focus on keeping my temperature down. So as you can see already so soon after the birth of my daughter here is yet another task I faced as a new mother.

Going hand in hand with keeping baby warm is making sure that your little newborn baby does not get too hot when wrapped in those blankets. It is indeed a constant battle in your head and you are constantly checking on them. Don't worry however because as time goes on you will get a hang of this and if you are ever unsure about something, you will have plenty of support.

11 Keeping Hydrated

With all your focus, care and love being on/going to your little bundle of joy, it is easy to neglect yourself and forget vital tasks that you must do to keep yourself strong and healthy. This leads me to the next task that a mother must do almost immediately after giving birth and that is staying hydrated!

It is always important to be hydrated, pregnant or not, but after going through labor and delivery you are sure to be thirsty and you must remember to keep yourself hydrated. You have heard of the saying 'Happy Mom, Happy Baby' right? Well, same goes for hydration, 'Hydrated Mom, Hydrated Baby' especially if you are breastfeeding. Self-care and self-love is vital even when all you want to do is focus on your baby.

10 Comforting The Baby

In your head, when you are going through pregnancy, you often imagine those happy, silent cuddles with your baby and as they grow their adorable babble, but the part of motherhood most fail or avoid to imagine is those times when the baby is just crying, crying, and crying! Not to scare you but these times aren't far ahead after the baby is born as he or she usually enters the world with a big cry (which is a good thing) and the task of comforting your little one is probably the first one you will have to deal with.

Sometimes all it takes is a cuddle, a bit of breastfeeding/bottle feeding or an extra blanket to soothe the little newborn but other times it may be a struggle getting through that when you are probably overwhelmed with emotions and exhaustion following the birth. I promise that you will get through it and it gets easier.

9 Pain Relief

The miracle has happened, what you have worked so hard for and waited for what seems like forever, the time is here as your little baby boy or girl has finally entered the world and you are able to fulfill your dreams and cuddle them in your arms. This moment is euphoric and magical, it can not be compared to any other feeling on the planet. You are now a mother or if you already were, you have now become a mother again and grown your family. That first few moments are so precious and breath-taking... then reality kicks in.

Of course, the reality does not take away from the fact that this is a very special moment but it does show some cracks due to the exhaustion that hits you and the vast amount of pain you are likely to be in after birthing a child, no matter the method. Meaning the next task ahead of you is to get those painkillers because boy, you need them and you need them now! Ouch!

8 Answering Questions

About halfway through now and we are onto the next task that a mother must face soon after giving birth to her baby and that is the many, many, many questions that are asked by the doctors and nurses treating you, which can feel relentless and be very tiring to constantly answer.

Of course, the medical staff is just doing their jobs and making sure that you and your baby are both happy, healthy and are doing well enough to hopefully be discharged from the hospital, so you are not complaining. Still, after the birth when you are not feeling great and just want time to adjust to this big life change, you kind of want to just be alone and not have to tell a stranger when the last time you went to the bathroom was - yes that really is a question you get asked.

7 Remembering Baby's Weight

'How much did they weigh? EXACTLY how much?', is a question I can guarantee you will be asked following your little one's birth. You will be asked this by family, friends and oh yes, strangers will even want to know this early information so you better make sure you remember it. If not for them then for yourself because I am sure you will want to tell your baby when they are older. Do not forget!

Okay, I am being a little bit over dramatic but this is how it can come across as when you are pregnant and right after the birth. My daughter weighed 6lb10 AND a 1/2 and I remember the doctor who delivered her saying to me that I cannot forget that 1/2 a pound as if it was life or death! But if you are too out of it to remember or simply forget, don't worry. There will be a note of it in your newborn's notes from the hospital.

6 Doctor Checks

Linking to one of the previous entries on our list is this next task that mothers are faced with following the labor and delivery of their child or children and that is the checks and tests that are done to make sure that you are okay and healthy as can be. This goes for you and your baby (or babies).

You have answered all the questions but it is time for the temperature checks, the blood pressure test, cervix check and more (including checks and tests for baby).  Not the most pleasant thing to deal with sometimes, as I am sure you just want to go home with your baby but when it comes to being safe and sound it is better to let the checks and tests go ahead and then when the doctor is satisfied, I am sure that they will send you home ASAP.

5 Trying To Sleep

Sleep when the baby is sleeping! I know everyone has said this and some people think it is a cliche and not really advice but oh my goodness it really is the best thing to do because a little baby does not have the same body clock as you and will likely need to be fed during the night, when you really want to nod off and can't.

So after birth - one of the most tiring experiences known to this planet - as much as you want to look and take pictures of your little one, it is really the best idea to catch some shut-eye when you can so that you are well rested to deal with this new life. This may also help with the baby blues, which is, of course, a plus. Enjoy some shut-eye, you more than deserve it after producing the miracle that is pure, innocent life.

4 Phoning Friends And Family

For a little while after birth, it is just you and your baby (and the hospital staff and partner depending on your situation) who are in this experience and know that this miracle has happened, so you may now want to phone some family and friends as I am sure they are desperate to know what is going on and if everything is okay with you and the baby.

But if you are not ready to let the news out, then that is okay too. This is your experience and your moment, as the mother who has brought the child or children into the world you, of course, have the right to privacy if you want it. Just make sure anyone else you are with knows to keep their mouth shut for that little bit longer. Saves you a task so soon after birth too which helps you as you have lots to deal with.

3 Posing For And Taking Pictures

Capture that moment! Pictures are worth a thousand words and you will really appreciate looking back at the shots you managed to take of this special moment when your baby is all grown up, as I am sure they will too. Whether you are the one taking the pictures and videos or you are in them yourself, the task of documenting this life-changing event on camera will be undertaken by someone probably immediately after the birth.

So forget about not looking your best and smile for the camera, because this one moment of your life is one that you are probably going to want to capture and treasure forever. If not, however, that is fine too. Just keep those memories inside your head and they will be only yours forever.

2 Gathering Your Emotions

This is hard to do when hormones are all over the place and you are being taken over by the two demons that are exhaustion and pain right after the birth of your baby (or babies), but gathering your emotions is something that many mothers feel the need to do soon as the baby is born. So if you feel the need to try and wipe those tears away and breathe yourself back to being calm and collected, do it.

Don't be too worried about it however because if there were ever a time where losing your marbles and letting go of your emotions is considered normal, this would be it. Whether in the form of tears, smiles, or laughter, just let it all out as it is only natural and worry about getting yourself together later.

1 Living In The Moment

On to the last entry on our list now and perhaps this is the most important task of all... in fact, it definitely is the most important task of all, which is living in the moment. Put down the camera, ask the doctor to leave for a few minutes, put the lid back on that water bottle, just forget all of the tasks on this list that you feel the need to do and take in this beautiful moment.

Let the love for your child and the pride of what you have achieved flow through your body like water flowing down a river. This moment is so magical and you deserve to soak it up without feeling any pressure or stress to fulfill any other tasks or jobs. Maybe your baby is nameless and you haven't had your painkillers yet but who cares, just give yourself a minute to recognize what has just happened and how your life has now changed for the better. Give your little one a kiss and a cuddle and just be. Perhaps nowadays this is the hardest task of all, but it's oh so wonderful.

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