15 Teen Moms We Love To Hate

Not all teen moms wind up on a popular reality TV show, and not all are awful parents. But plenty of them are, but being young isn’t an excuse for being a neglectful or lazy parent. Between MTV’s Teen Mom show and shady moms in the news for all kinds of crimes against their own children, there’s no shortage of bad parenting examples out there, teens or not.

When it comes to teen moms, there’s this attitude that they’ll all be terrible in some way. Either neglecting their kids, being promiscuous in front of the children, not providing for their families, or straight up not caring what happens to the kids at all. But we know there are tons of moms who happen to be teens and are amazing parents. So we seriously hate the teen moms who give all the rest a bad reputation.

Between navigating their journey toward adulthood, plus mastering the art of keeping kids alive, fed, and entertained, we give props to the teen moms who get it all done. That’s why we bag so hard on the terrible teen moms here- they’re making other teen moms who take care of business look bad by association!

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15 Farrah The Train Wreck


This train-wreck of a teen mom has never impressed us, but the older her daughter, Sophia, gets, the worse her parenting seems to get. She had plastic surgery when Sophia was just a baby, so grandma had to take care of them both while Farrah recovered. She left Sophia to attend culinary school, but later decided that making a porno was a better career choice. Sofia tagged along to the meeting where Farrah made the porno deal…

As if that isn’t enough reason to dislike Farrah, she’s also admitted to plucking Sophia’s eyebrows, since apparently her little girl didn’t meet mom’s excessive beauty standards. Then there’s the fact that Farrah has dressed Sophia in grownup outfits for risqué photo shoots. There’s plenty negative to say about Farrah, but we’ll stop there.

14 Throwing Punches


We know Amber struggled with depression after filming the Teen Mom series, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she got mad at her then-boyfriend, Gary, and started punching him as the MTV cameras rolled. Later Amber went to jail over the altercation, and wasn’t part of daughter Leah’s life due to that and ongoing drug issues.

Amber has always gone from one extreme to another, so it’s no surprise that she’s now engaged to be married and pledges to be involved in her daughter’s life again. Unfortunately, part of her life goals apparently includes selling an adult film of her and her fiancé. Not exactly the kid-friendly personality we hoped she’d have after missing all that time with Leah. But what did we really expect from a mom who started wailing on her boyfriend in front of their toddler daughter?

13 Adoption Regret


From day one, viewers of Teen Mom rooted for Catelynn and Tyler. The beloved teen couple were surprisingly level-headed about the pregnancy, and while they seemed mature enough to handle raising their baby, they decided to give her up for adoption. I was one of the viewers screaming at the TV as their adoption story aired, and was so sad that their parents’ terrible lifestyle decisions were the reason Catelynn and Tyler felt they couldn’t raise Carly.

Fast forward a few years later, and thanks to the paychecks from MTV, Catelynn and Tyler had their own house and nice cars. Then they got pregnant again. Now the couple is married and raising baby Novalee, and have commented on the fact that Carly’s adoptive parents have become distant. We hate that they gave Carly up, and that they’re only second guessing their decision now that they’re raising the baby they kept.

12 Overwhelmed And Indecisive


Leah Messer has not only been accused of neglecting her twin girls, but cheating rumors also swirl during every relationship she enters! She got pregnant with the twins super early on in her relationship with their dad, then impulsively married him even though things were rocky.

Then came the accusation that she was cheating on Corey with her ex-boyfriend, who she had previously invited over to meet the twins. If that wasn’t weird enough, she seemed to hang onto this guy through her next relationship too. She later married Jeremy Calvert, but they ended up divorced too. Leah was also slammed for having what looks like a lit cigarette in her hand while driving with her kids in the car. Between her three kids and all her ex-husband drama, she must need that fix more than her kids need fresh air.

11 Serial Cheater?


We loved Kailyn for her support of breastfeeding moms, and we were rooting for her when she married now-ex Javi, since they seemed so sweet together! But we’re not impressed with the way she handled her separation from her first son’s dad. She lived in Jo’s basement so that they could both be part of Isaac’s life, then Kail started dating a guy she was working with. Jo and his parents found out through social media- so not cool.

Kailyn and Javi’s marriage blew up right after Javi returned from deployment, and she was crazy rude to him in the footage of their meeting that day. Javi blamed their separation on Kailyn cheating on him while he was gone, and honestly, we’re inclined to believe him since her track record isn’t that great. Plus, she totally disregarded her children’s feelings, especially Isaac, who considered Javi to be his second dad.

10 Mistake After Mistake


It’s no surprise that Jenelle makes our list, because come on, she hardly gave her first baby any attention the first few years of his life. She fought with her mom constantly, which wasn’t surprising, given that Barbara wanted Jenelle to grow up and be responsible for her baby. Instead, Jenelle went out every chance she got, or invited various unsavory friends and boyfriends around the house.

Now that Jenelle’s out on her own, we’re not sure she’s changed much. After her third baby with a third guy, we don’t have much hope for her getting Jace back from Barbara. We’re not sure she cares much anyway, since she doesn’t seem to have made Jace a priority. Based on what we’ve seen on the Teen Mom shows, Jenelle’s parenting doesn’t impress us.

9 Unchaste Southern Belle


There’s nothing wrong with being super religious and preaching abstinence before marriage. What’s wrong with this view point is spouting off to people about staying pure, and having children out of wedlock. It’s also immature and irresponsible to not take birth control because you’re worried it will make you fat, which is exactly how MTV Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee got pregnant.

Mackenzie also cheated on her now-husband with another “boy” outside of MTV’s filming. She also seemed to be irresponsible about managing her diabetes, and blamed a car crash she was involved in on her blood sugar going too low. We’re not fooled by her peppy cheerleader persona- she’s seriously not a teen mom to look up to. Beyond cheating and her questionable choices about birth control, it seems like Mackenzie cares more about looks than anything else, which is not healthy for her kids or for her.

8 Twelve-Year-Old Dad


This teenage mom is a real winner. At fifteen, she had sex with her 11-year-old neighbor. As horrifying as this is, she got pregnant as a result, derailing both of their lives. By the time the boy turned 12, he was a dad. While his home life could be blamed for how he ended up having sex at the age of 11 (his mom had seven kids with three different guys at the time), how does a fifteen-year-old girl zero on in an 11-year-old as an ideal sex partner?

This not only grosses us out, but we also want to know why the media took such a soft angle against the teen mom. After the 12-year-old dad skipped town in his early teens, he later ended up in prison. The former teen mom married some guy, got a house, and had a few more children.

7 Baby-Faced Baby Daddy


Another case of a teen mom making poor decisions before and after pregnancy. Then 15, teen mom Chantelle reportedly entertained lots of neighborhood boys regularly in her bedroom. When she got pregnant, she claimed that then-13-year-old Alfie was the father of her baby. Media reports stated that Alfie claimed the two had been in a relationship for two years, so he had to be the dad.

Soon after tabloids started reporting on the baby-faced dad, Alfie, multiple other boys came forward claiming that the baby might belong to them. DNA testing proved that then-14-year-old Tyler was the father, much to both Chantelle and Alfie’s families’ embarrassment. The fact that the teen mother was willing to lie and claim Alfie was the father, knowing that she had slept with multiple partners around the time of conception, really makes us dislike her.

6 Abstinence Only (Just Kidding)


Bristol Palin made headlines when she was seventeen and pregnant as her mom was in the political spotlight at the time. And yet, after her baby was born, Bristol went on to host talks about abstinence, and the importance of being pure and whatnot.

Was her pregnancy the result of immaculate conception or something? We’re not sure why she went on to be so judgmental of other teens who made the same decisions she did. Whether teens decide to have sex or not, Bristol shouldn’t be all up in their business with her bad example of adhering to abstinence. Besides, she didn’t even stay with the father of her baby, and married some other dude later on. But first, she had premarital sex again, and had her second child. At least she waited until she was married to have the third, right?

5 Trash Compactor Baby


As far as bad judgment goes, this teen mom has the worst. After giving birth to her baby boy, she left him in the trash compactor of her apartment complex. Right before the baby would have been crushed to death, neighbors heard crying and went to investigate. Luckily they rescued the baby, and the teenage mother was later arrested.

Any woman with an ounce of motherly instinct wouldn’t do this to her newborn, so why did this teen mom try to dispose of her child? She’s given no public explanation, but the court must think she had a good reason, since a judge is allowing her supervised visits with the infant. She may even regain custody one day, but we seriously hope that doesn’t happen, since she evidently didn’t think the poor child deserved to live in the first place.

4 Shoplifting Teen Denies Killing Baby


17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez ended up in prison after a shoplifting attempt went wrong, and police found the dead body of her newborn son in a Victoria’s Secret bag. This was the teen’s third pregnancy, her first resulting in a son when she was 14. The second pregnancy presumably ended in a later-term miscarriage, and prosecutors in the case of the third baby’s death point to text messages between Tiona and a friend about the fetus’ burial over how they were going to visit IHOP afterwards.

The teen mom denied killing the eight pound baby, stating that he was stillborn, but that doesn’t explain why she was carrying the dead child around in a shopping bag while attempting to shoplift. We hope she stays in prison, because at least there she’ll get some help for whatever issues she’s dealing with that make her unemotional about carrying around her dead baby’s body.

3 Throws Newborn Out The Window


Another horrifying case of a shocked teen killing her baby. 16-year-old Antonia Lopez apprently didn’t know how to handle labor, and once she gave birth at home, she panicked and threw the newborn baby out the window. Her family lived on the second floor, and the baby did not survive the fall. Antonia’s mother performed CPR on the infant until paramedics arrived, so at least one person in that household isn’t nuts.

The issue here goes beyond this teen’s insane reaction to giving birth. The penalty for her crime isn’t even jail time, because she was tried in juvenile court. The teen has to live in a group home, attend therapy, perform community service, and delete her Facebook account. Way harsh for killing her own child, right? Way to go judge, now all the angry commenters won’t be able to carry out vigilante justice.

2 Fake Excitement For Facebook


A seventeen-year-old mom faced charges of murder and child abuse after beating her 26-day-old son. Leading up to his birth, the teen mom posted on Facebook with her growing bump, and frequently wrote about how excited she was to meet her baby. Fast forward a few months, and she beat him so severely that he later died.

Moms who hurt their own children are already the most disgusting human beings there are, but it’s made worse by the fact that this mom knew she was pregnant and seemed to be excited about having a baby. Then as he grew she somehow didn’t want him anymore, and rather than ask someone for help, she just decided to beat him to death. It’s unfathomable how she could do that to her own child, and we hope she rots in prison.

1 Another Hot Car Death


Teen mom of two girls, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, Amanda Hawkins was more interested in hanging with friends than taking care of her children. The mom left her two daughters unattended in her vehicle for 15 hours- overnight- while she was inside a house with friends. By the time she came back to check on the girls, it was around noon the next day. Rather than take the poor children to the hospital immediately, the mother gave the girls a bath to try and revive them.

By the time the teen took the children to the hospital, it was too late. They both died the following day. According to news reports about the case, Amanda and her estranged husband were investigated by CPS the year before the girls’ deaths. We sincerely hope that she never gets out of prison.

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